The Real Streets of Morocco (Casablanca)

The Real Streets of Morocco  (Casablanca)

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how much are your dates dut  dut how much uh what is the   name bro Apple yes Apple okay can I  do oh mini peaches oh okay um can I do what's your dream in future yeah I  want to leave morocc you want to leave   Morocco to another country where  Paris FR I mean France Italy for   me Europe Europe any any place  in Europe Cheers Cheers oh Z Zim okay what's up everybody welcome back to  another beautiful day here in Morocco now right   now I'm talking to you guys from Casablanca and  we're actually staying what's up bro right now   we're actually staying near the Hassan 2 mosque  but I'm actually near the Medina right now and I   think I have found the craziest Market in the  entire city so right now we're actually about   to jump on in and start doing some shopping the  street that I'm on is well this one right here   I'm not sure exactly where we are but this is the  market that I have noticed looks incredibly active   so we're about to jump on in there and start doing  some serious shopping now uh I am with glattus   hello guys she's going to be joining me in this  video of course you guys see her quite often she's   going to be helping me hold all of the all of the  unnecessary purchases that we make and of course   help me with any other problems that we might  come across along the way um that usually you   guys don't really see behind the camera but  like holding the camera helping me with the   bags things like that we help each other out  we're a great team so um join us as we explore   the craziest markets in Casa Blanca all right  I'm excited so right now it is actually like   middle of the day and there is a lot of movement  out here on the streets it is extremely active   and the market that we're jumping on to  is this one right here in front of us   this is the craziest streets that we've walked  down so far we've been in Casablanca for a day   and a half now and the city's incredibly beautiful  incredibly vibrant we went to a super luxurious   mall yesterday uh spent the evening there man  the city is impressive I got to show you guys   the modern side as well but of course I travel  to visit places like this wow look at all these   mixed nuts hello Salam how are you how are you  very good very good how much are your dates   dut D how much okay I do one please one Kil yes  um half kilo half kilo half kilo half kilo please   wow those dates look amazing Moroccan dates very  good and then right here he has almonds walnuts   more dates pistach pistachios raisins raisins  all kinds of good stuff how do you say this in   in French in France uh France France Walnut name  France Fran no no no I don't think I said that right hopefully he has some change oh man  that's a lot of dates huh glattus is super   excited right now she's like I'm going to destroy  these but when you say j mapel j mapel this isn't   jet mapel mean like name yeah what's my  like my name is Christopher I'm going try this okay okay and this Moran okay tun okay Elia wow so many different types of  dates Shan many different types of dates   I didn't realize you could buy some many dates  wow this is heavy this is nice what a lovely guy huh man what a beautiful shop and it's a  beautiful day here in Morocco Casablanca   is such a lovely place and the weather is so  nice compared to Marakesh where we were just at   here you get a nice breeze coming in Shan thank you have a nice day okay lovely  people man I didn't know I didn't realize you   could buy so many dates but so many different  kinds huh he throw you a kiss oh did he here   it's popular right like they yeah it's lovely  it's like a a shine of respect and I love it   but yeah look there's a lot of clothing to be  bought here in this area food man this Market   is awesome and I have a feeling that on the  weekends it probably gets a lot crazier right   now it's middle of the day so yeah there's not  much action going on but it makes for a great   place to walk around wow these hats are nice  I want one of those Moroccan hats actually I   don't know where the vendor is for this standal  hello sir how much the Moroccan hats oh 40 okay   can I try thank you here I'll give you that one  I need a haircut but let's try the Hat oh man   that one's very nice I like that oh this one's  two two models okay this one has the flag what   is this sir oh that one's just a Moroccan one  look he even has a United States Navy hat BMW   hats what's the difference in these two oh this  one has the flag on it okay so there's quite   a bit of options oh this one says morocc on the  back what is what is this this what is this this name okay that's the one that doesn't have it I  think I like that one better okay three models   man it's hard to choose from you know what I  like this one the one that says Morocco very nice oh I get to go into the barber shop Salam   oh man this is nice wow beautiful shop what  what time you open what time you what time   you close maybe I come back for haircuts inshah  thank you oh man I like this one this one's good   okay you know what I'm buying it I'm buying  my Moroccan hat you know what um thank you man his shop is super nice huh like he  sells socks all kinds of things CH wow   very beautiful can you give me a hand  there glattus let's see where the money is you have change yes thank you it's  we got to break the big bills because   that's how you able to buy things from  other vendors but man I'm happy with my   purchase to be honest you know I don't use a  lot of souvenirs but this one here this one's   nice and guys with the sun like I really got  to start taking care of my face and like hiding out it's okay for you okay thank you brother thank  you I wish you good business thank you thank you   bye see you inshah I'll be back for a haircut I  need a haircut guys I would hello how are you bro   doing good yeah I want to get a haircut glattus we  should definitely make that happen huh of course   what do you want to do you've been on the hunt for  a beauty salon I want to get a hamam she wants to   go to the hamam later I want to go to the hamam  too we'll see and everything Salam huh name my   channel name yeah travel with Chris bro Facebook  or YouTube both both travel with Chris yeah both   Facebook and YouTube travel with Chris here I  show you we need all the Moroccan people people to subscribe let me show you bro are you  from Casablanca yeah beautiful city   man this is my old city it's beautiful bro very nice oh you sell cell phones nice I don't  need a cell phone right now though nice   meeting you okay nice meeting you nice meeting  you man Moroccan people are lovely oh wow these   look nice look tangerines oranges those look  super nice the onions look good all of the   produce looks incredibly good huh delicious  yeah actually um out front of our out front   of our uh Airbnb that we're staying at there's  actually a guy who stands there with all kinds   of produce he sells like fresh bananas avocados  what else did we buy last night onions apples um   no we bought um avocados bananas from him last  night yeah yeah that's it actually but we'll   be back to visit him again soon oh look at all  the little birdies oh my God gladus loves the birds oh man they're beautiful very beautiful  hello sir how are you how are you Salam alikum   wow you're soell Moroccan Moroccan snack  okay um can I buy by um maybe 20 Dam um the best snacks the best okay can you help  me with uh just a mix yeah whichever ons yeah   mhm thank you thank fam in Morocco are they  well that I was reading and I found a lot of   um pastry shops where they sell cookies some  people go to buy cookies they love it okay   well I guess we're trying the famous Moroccan  cookies right now man this Bakery is beautiful   too guys look they got fresh croissants back  there fresh breads very nice the food here in   Morocco is incredible by far my favorite is  the tajine and the couscous but all of the   snacks are incredibly good as well Morocco's  very good thank you brother oh thank you   here you go let's try these let's try some  famous Moroccan snacks this is a stuff with something you have no idea what it is maybe  Elm some sort of nuts it's not chocolate wow   man he's loading me up quite a bit wow crazy  oh that is that is delicious and it's not it's   almond it's almond yeah it's not crazy sweet  Nether no delicious that is good wow look at   these down here too what are these called  guys I love hearing all the birds too it   feels like we're surrounded by Nature even  though we're not we are like in the middle   of the city in the Heart of the City oh man guys  it's unbelievable how many cookies I just got for $2 the problem is is I don't think I should  be eating that many cookies definitely not   definitely not huh thank you thank you have  a nice day Shan oh man now we got a bunch of   guys I cannot believe how much we just picked up  that is unbelievable oh wow and look right here   we got fresh mangoes hello sir Salam Moroccan  mango no Sagal Sagal mango wow I've never had   a mango from Sagal um how much damam six  Dam let me do two piece can I see oh man um oh that one looks nice let me try  this one oh okay this one and and and   this one we'll do one one sh Sagal  mango everyday everyday Sagal mango here but all Africa no span  no SP spun weed wow okay um see but I I I few more thank you bro all  right thank you brother thank you man this   is amazing Sagal mangoes you know me and  Glades go crazy for mangoes because in her   country well they're obviously found everywhere  like mangoes are pretty much free like they're   everywhere right yeah it's like the Palm dates  here in Morocco there you see Palm dates almost   everywhere same happens in Venezuela you see  mango trees everywhere to be honest I want to   open one of these up should I I don't think  so I think cuz then I'm going to make a mess   huh exactly all right we'll save the mangoes  for later but man they they seem incredibly   ripe and what I found interesting about those  sagon mangoes right now is that they were um   you notice that one was very very green where  we come from like a Green Mango it's not ready   to eat but yeah but people also eat with salt  and really the Green Mango yeah in Venezuela   they eat uh Green Mango with salt and vinegar  so maybe here they eat Green Mango as well   with something else I don't know interesting okay  let us know in the comments I didn't know that oh   my God look at this lce the coffee stand carts  just what I need because I didn't drink coffee   today and you need one for your uh for your  cookies that we just bought let's see if the   coffee is open I hope the coffee Shop's open  it says welcome welcome coffee shop derb hell hello no Salam how are you bro  Salam good speak English how are   you bro Salam what do we need Micha can  we get um one latte more latte or you do Americano and coffee yeah yeah yeaha  Cafe Cafe yeah can I come can I come   see can I come see yes you can yeah thank you  what's up bro how are you guys my friend Viva Morocco um America Venezuela ah you are from  venezuel Venezuela America amerce to meet nice   to meet you bro Chris huh Chris you want to  to drink it here or we drink it here yeah we   drink in here what's your name of your uh travel  with Chris travel withis travel withis famous all   over the world bro famous in Morocco you are  your name is Chris my name is Chris my friend   can talk English what's up bro hi what's up  bro how are you yeah the channel my channel   is travel with Chris man I got I got many I  got TR travel with Chris travel with Chris   yeah many videos from Morocco oh how milon  you have in your channel uh half a million   half million five 500 500,000 and on Facebook  1 million oh have Tock the name I don't have   internet but look take a picture same name  on Facebook and Instagram I mean and you and YouTube Cafe with travel with chrisel are you guys from Casablanca Yes Man  Good Vibes in kasablanca bro yeah that's me bro   you have 1 million video video coming soon  bro video coming next week how many of the   sugar um one sugar yeah one piece in Morocco you  guys put three pieces huh wait I I I guess four   piece four pieces in the mares you went to mares  yeah yeah yeah many times I saw some videos okay   thank you drinking tea yeah bro thank you thank  you what was your name nice to meet you Al Al   nice to meet you bro Chris it's champion  in you know like you know it's sport on   Romanian Romanian sport Romanian Sports you  play he's the champion okay I need to try that we can sit all right come on come on gladus  let's sit down for a bit thank you thank you what a lovely coffee shop you have a nice  coffee shop nice coffee thank you brother   my friend also live in in in USA where uh  Minnesota Minnesota wow there's nothing   there nothing in Minnesota nothing just just  work and sleep dud just work just work sleep   and cows oh lots of cows lots of cows bro yeah  and in the past he lives in in New York in New   York it's so expensive bro it's so expensive  man California expensive too in California   I'm in California oh yeah so expensive she's  from karakas Venezuela venez Venezuela you   know I know vene okay I watch America in in the  summer watch America America bro Morocco I like   man you like Morocco second round World Cup man  next next World Cup Morocco number one inshah who's the best player in in Morocco hakeim  or Z for me yeah it's bu you know bu no no   no he's more scaler than and and he he he  didn't play in big okay like minor league   minor league in the and in French but  now we play he play in Qatar inar wow   for are you going in with the cookies of  course this is how I eat the cookies and   coffee look I how did you say I you like to dip  the cookies I dip the cookie into the [Music] coffee enjoy your CH thank you bro thank you  man what was your name bro my name is glattus   GL your wife that's my my my future wife my your  future wife my future wife inshah I need the ring   first the ring bro I got to I got to I got to work  hard man I got to save money you want expensive R   course yes yes deserve she deserve it bro hey  she's a woman that knows what she wants no no   no here here the man give woman expensive  ring here woman like expensive R for for   us it's expensive but I take for American  people it's not expensive like 500 500 uh   uh doar and 600 oh that's expensive bro but  for for us it's very expensive yeah yeah yeah   understand the the cost of uh the cost of living  living bro your English is Bomb it's really good   man I think it's silver where where you learn  your English just in the in the boooks and the   fs and watching TV Netflix dang his English  is b super good yeah you learn by yourself   just with myself in the past in in the school  sometimes how old are you I am 27 hey I'm 29 wow   very very close him but no beard no beard no beard  you just got the the the chin I have no if he take   us if he takes off the beer he would look like  25 yeah if I if every man every yeah every man   true how much is the the coffee bro for free no  for free here hey bro here here hey it's for free   it's for free but look share this share this with  you and and him please please bro please you're   hey you're good next time all right all right next  time insh another one another CH okay all right   dear deal thank you brother man that's moraca love  right there nothing but love in Morocco welome   thank you bro you guys open every day here every  every day what's your uh you have to say we stay   here three days three days just three days man  just three days man I come back tomorrow one more   coffee all right if you if you come inshah you'll  be here you'll be here every every day in okay oh   is this your shop you work here not my shop it's  my friend's shop oh okay I'm just oh okay helping   him okay what do you want to do what's your dream  in the future yeah I want to live my life you want   to leave Morocco another country where Paris FR I  mean France Italy for me Europe Europe any place   in Europe yeah and USA is good for me yeah USA  is good man a lot of Moroccan people in USA and   Canada in Canada yeah Morocco is beautiful country  but hard to live huh hard to live very hard to   live it's like my country Venezuela beautiful  but very hard to I see some uh some uh uh videos   of Venezuela in National Geographic yes yes it's  beautiful it's beautiful but the salary is very   low man and but but good people just like here  man thank you cuz Moroccan people even if you   don't have a lot of money you still smile you  still like to talk hang out smil yeah you have   to smile hey bro you're the you're the champion  what sport do you play I play Greg Roman rley wow   that's very popular in Morocco no not much because  uh wrestling it's not your favorite sport in this   area yeah how did you learn that uh my parents  oh okay my my dad is old champion and my uh my   uncle uh coach of morocc okay okay I grow up  with the mentality of sports yeah yeah yeah   but but in Morocco school people try to to to  kick you and plus to defend yeah yeah yeah and   so that's make me make me choose man that's cool  bro but Morocco number one sport football people   love football huh it's the number one in the world  lot of tented player there really but they didn't   play in they haven't they didn't have the chance  I got a question it's hard it's hard to to find   opportunity to to play for big teams so I got  a question hakeim hakeim is Moroccan but was he   born in Morocco no man that's the problem all  the good players they're Moroccan but born in   Europe huh man what's up Salam bro how are you  are are you the good you're the best football player you're the you're hakeim you're you're  better than hakeim wait wait no this is better   than yeah I was wondering every wel to thank  you brother thank you bro I know yeah but I was   noticing that all the best players from Morocco  they weren't born in Morocco that's why they play   for the big team because they played in Spain and  France huh Street in the street here in moral bus   a lot of talent huh but no money to play for  the big team must you try to work to support   your family I know you must uh must you must  go to school it's a lot of things so difficult   it's a difficult life bro yeah it's hard yeah in  my country same thing in America everybody that   everybody that plays NBA baseball they all come  from families with money like sports is expensive   man you have to play with the the university  and after and then you go you go to not like   but you know in order to play for University team  you have to have money to play basketball your   whole life you know say that we say the the the  poor people who who play basketball yeah I believe   I believe it happens sometimes but to be the best  you got to have a lot of you got to have money to   have the best coach the best training yeah you  have you have to you have to invest your yeah   you have to I always wanted to play sports  but I grew up with no dad only my mom so my   mom could never pay for me to go play sports  impossible the theost in is it's very expensive   man yeah to play basket if you want to play  basketball even in high school you you got to   pay for your your your clothes your shoes is  expensive anyway everything is expensive in   America bro and but you make good money but  I tell you what the people are not happy I   know the people are not happy man everybody  works goes home depressed complains about   everything they don't know happiness not like  you guys like you guys are happy people man like because of not we know we know this uh this  life it's short next life is better work must work   to play to in the have a good uh relationship  with you you pay for uh poor people if you if   you are a poor you must pay wow yeah man it's  something meaningful it's something meaningful   yeah and in Islam yeah you guys you guys believe  that the next life is going to be even better yes   yeah the next life is going to be better yeah  my my English it's not bro your guys is English   is Bomb very good we don't communicate with the  with a lot of people we have we have to to to no   tourist come here no it's not no tourist come  here but we have not contacted they don't talk   yes okay like you you talk a lot yeah I talk I  talk with everybody yeah glad I'll give you this   one I can't I can't see Str people and I go to  to to talk with them yeah yeah yeah you're like   me same same I can't but if if they talk to you  I can't here Moroccan people like to talk with   the tourist yeah of course we like we like like  Moroccan people like to talk are so huge and and   good good Hearts good heart yeah I appreciate  you bro let me leave you with this please what   no it's okay well let me let me contribute let me  let let me leave it that way that way you buy some   coffee for tomorrow okay me all right all right  they won't accept it they won't accept it okay thank you brother thank you  hey I come back tomorrow okay what's up bro wait what's up wait Facebook  Facebook Facebook I got you what's up bro and   you guys are the football team no he said you  he said you guys are the best football he said   you're better than Hakimi hakeim you're  good damn nice okay nice to meet you bro   nice to meet you guys okay nice to meet you nice  to meet you bro oh man cat's about to go crazy   nice to meet you take care okay guys hey I come  back tomorrow all right see you next time all   right see you inshah man such lovely guys wow man  so I I know you know when when someone invites you   to coffee and stuff they don't like to accept tips  and I wasn't going to give them a tip for that   reason guys so don't leave any bad comments it's  just that man I respect the hustle and the grind   man like you know I would like to contribute to  their shop getting better like man it's they're   so they're so kind and like man where we come  from we that that stuff's pretty much gone like   you don't come across that guys like everybody's  worried about their money worried about you know   their time you you buy yeah their time you got  to buy something then move on your way to the   next spots like oh man that's what I'm trying to  tell you guys like you guys hopefully for all of   you guys watching from the United States from  Europe all of you that think that your life is   hard that you're going through tough times man  hopefully these videos open up your eyes and   put a smile on your face because you know what  I'm also incredibly best and I'd be lying if I   told you guys that I don't feel that way sometimes  because I absolutely do some days I feel depressed   unmotivated but then I I snap out of it real fast  I you know usually last a day and I snap out of   it because man I realize like all the blessings  that I do have and like our lives are great even   if we're going through tough times I mean like is  good and those guys are perfect examples of you   know doesn't matter if you're living in a struggle  you can think positive and um look forward to the   future so uh with that being said how many minutes  deep are we inside of this video oh man it's been   a good run so far I you should explain about the  coffee because we ordered one coffee they gave us   they gave us two but I couldn't drink it they  gave me jerk yeah actually good explanation we   we've been doing this too long that we know about  the comment section but I think I've told you guys   I cannot drink coffee um I'm allergic to the  cof uh not allergic but I cannot drink caffeine   anymore I can't drink tea I can't drink coffee  the doctor told me to stay away from it every   time I drink it I am puking all day long I'm sorry  I'm going to get into the details I'm stuck on the   toilet and it really ruins my time like it it's it  gets very bad it gets very bad and then you know I   can't even yeah I can't even function you you feel  bad I feel I feel terrible so yeah guys that's the   reasoning behind that'ss wow I wonder what these  are these are like mini apples mini apples I want   to try these I wonder if the if the seller is  this guy right here they're fixing a light right   now seems like mini app is this yours yes yes  yes welcome thank you bro thank you what is the name what is the name bro apple apple okay  can I do oh mini peaches oh okay um can I do okay uh two SK SK uhhuh no no no um I delicious yes welcome to thank you brother  thank you okay that's good that's good that's   good that's good5 $5 two kilo okay but that's  that's okay that's a lot one more one more one   more yeah one that's it yeah one one kilo  one kilo okay me thank you thank you okay yes where your English um yes English  Venezuela America America no English   Venezuela caras Venezuela kakas yes  and you area Blanca um okay one more   one more one Kil one kilo more I buy  you one kilo okay one Kil I got one for you no but I want one more one more kilo for you   yes no no you don't want thank you no thank  you thank you y juice juice yes okay let me see how much how much the juice what kind yes  no babe okay okay one one juice thank you man   lovely people all right we're going  to about to drink a juice right here   beautiful Casablanca very nice very nice  good people Moroccan people good people   H you speak very white English  you speak French no French no French youf yes nice to meet you bro it's beautiful those those  peaches you got them I hope you   don't mind I gave them you gave the  peaches away yeah to who sorry I can   buy you no who did you give them to I'm  no lady that was asking the guy for PES   oh okay okay okay all right so I think I  was sitting here I'm going to drink one juice no it's okay it's okay we'll buy some  later um small half half yes yes only only   half only a little bit yes thank you man  this is what's ins many fruits yes very fruits Cheers Cheers that's right here right here  thank you wow very nice that is very   good it's like fruit punch wow that is  good banana it's a smoothie M banana P let me no thank you thank you thank  you welcome welcome to Morocco thank you   thank you you're American Chicago Los Angeles Los  Angeles California Oh California kakas oh yeah Caracas thank you brother thank you  have a nice day okay oh man guys that's   smoothie was bomb delici was BM he invite you  unbelievable this is what I'm telling you guys   when you're in Morocco you have to you have to  leave those places like the square in mesh you   got to go out and experience the country for  what it is which is a great country with great   hospitality and you're going to find nothing  but love but wow unbelievable way you live a   truly local Adventure yeah and you you know you  experience Morocco for the beauty that it is I   think this is the entrance to the Medina to  the Medina huh man it is beautiful down here   it is incredible look at all this fresh bread  and produce wow this spot is it's active in   here huh I like it okay now I'm not I'm not  too familiar with Casablanca um I didn't do   a whole lot of research but to be quite honest  with you I haven't seen much tourist have you   no me neither we haven't seen much in the last  day and a half maybe they go to the coastline   where between the m and the mall I don't know  oh maybe that yeah maybe that is huh we'll have   to we'll have to see okay so it looks like now  we're diving on definitely diving on into the Medina a lot of shoes [Music] clothing  sandals oh man this cover is beautiful   huh it's beautiful the lamps the lamps  yeah man absolutely gorgeous wow look   at these shoes for 20 that's an absolute  deal you don't want a pair oh my God for   20 let's buy a pair why not wow  these are clean right here those are nice let's actually see maybe we'll be able  to buy some okay maybe it's maybe maybe he's   not here right now okay I wanted some of  those but dude for 20 that was an absolute   steal those were $2 I bought some the other  day for 120 but those one are leather okay   yeah true those are leather those are  leather be a good price I still think   a good price and it was a good price for being  in the um in the Medina but this ones are great glad said those are good so you don't  waste uh the good pair you know I agree with   her well you know what guys let's see how  far in we're in right now okay 37 minutes   I know you guys probably want me to continue  so you know what let's continue just a bit   more let's see what else we come across to  be honest I'm not sure what else I need to   be honest my heart is full right now with all  the experiences we had I mean the smoothies   were incredible everything was just man  unbelievable unbelievable you can't plan   a trip like that Salam alikum how much  uh the Morocco flag this yeah is that hakeim no this one right here  is that hakeim or no no Hakimi let's see let's see who's on here oh yeah  hakeim is there man that's clean okay so   who who is this jel jel no this is no  that's hakeim hakeim who's who's this one this is and who it is ohim okay and oh okay okay how many how much for this  one 50 50 okay all right well you know what   I don't think I'm going to bargain with  that one that's a deal let's take it why not thank you bro thank you so now we got a big  a big flag with hakim's face on it whoa who's [Music] this uh SE SE okay so he's the leader  of the Morocco team next next World Cup Morocco   number one in okay thank you bro thank you take  care okay thank you bro good luck thank you thank   thank you brother thank you man lovely people all  right well you know what guys I think with that um   with the scarf I think that's going to conclude  our little adventure around the craziest Market   in Casa Blanca and man you know I had plans on  absolutely going crazy and buying all kinds of   things but to be honest with you the video came  out perfect yeah it was amazing perfect I mean   you guys know that's what I love to do is Showcase  the world for what it is Showcase the people and   obviously um you run in the medinas in the very  touristic medas like in Fez and Marakesh man it's   hard to find authenticity nowadays especially  because all of the tourists and that happens in   places everywhere around the world but I recommend  that you guys get out of those areas um experience   other cities around the country not saying that  they're marash is incredible Fez is incredible   go spend time there they're beautiful places but  um you have to go to them but I promise you in   the Medina you know they turn to be like really  hustle and bustle kind of places not authentic   and um super calm and welcoming like like what we  just experienced together so um with that being   said I'm going to put away my scarf and I'll see  you guys on the next one thank you for joining   me glattus and thank you for helping me thank you  thank you for letting me live this experience with   you of course all right guys we'll see you again  for another one check out gl's channel the link   will be down below and she is filming so many  incredible videos here as well later guys you always I was the one to take I remember how we started

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