The Real Stig Ireland - Behind The Scenes

The Real Stig Ireland - Behind The Scenes

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- You know, I'm gonna get some. - I'm gonna let you in a little fast. (upbeat music) - It's finally happening.

It's been a dream for the last two years to make this project happen again. And I started planning it about five months ago. And today marks the day that it's gonna happen. Nine o'clock in the morning. I'm gonna head to Kubus grab some kites and then head to dealer to get the Jeep, to get the Wrangler.

you have to show the back of the car At two o'clock we have to take the ferry to England and start our journey to Ireland. - Yeah, let me take you along. Welcome in the behind the scenes. Who's this guy? Who's this guy? He's always behind the camera. Never in front.

We still have four and a half hours to kill So, Stig, what are we doing here? We're improvising. So, we were desperately looking for a hotel room for about two hours because the previous i booked got canceled. Now they only have one room available, but they have one double bed.

But luckily it's a box spring. So we figured that the bottom of the box spring is comfy and off to sleep for a couple hours because we only need to cover it in five hours. Four hours. And we only have a bed, lt self Improvising. Max. He did not forget the handbrake.

What's the wind doing? What's the wind doing? This is scripted. This is scripted. We're doing a redo on this. Yeah, we already checked the wind, but it's fucking nuking.

So, check this out. Check this out. So, you're making a little plan. Yeah. We took a gamble on the forecast like a couple of three, four days out. So, it's a bit enthusiastic when we booked a trip, but we decided right.

We made the right plan. We made the right choice. We have way more wind than I was ever dreaming of having. So, if the conditions are going to deliver as the forecast is promising. Yeah, it's going to be sick.

You guys are in for a treat. This is insane. Look at this. Stroop, stroop, wafels. All right.

sooo I'm downwinding currently. This beautiful landscape. And I'm going to enter the river. There's a lot of rocks so I have to be careful.

So I'm going to wait there for like 10 seconds, 20 seconds, for the camera crew to be ready. And then I'm going to enter this little river over here. Wish me luck. All right. I'm going to hide you guys.

I'll see you in a bit. Welcome, Kiamile Francois , which means not one, not two, not three, not five, but 100,000 welcome. This is achill Island, the west coast of Ireland, the most wonderful and the sunniest and the wettest and everything.

But anyway, we are witnessing something extremely incredibly unique. We have the Dutchman, the flying Dutchman, stig hoefnagel , like the Waffle, I don't know. But anyway, experimenting, one of the latest spots, the most hardcore spots you can see that we are on the largest Island of the west coast of Ireland, just near the quite big Atlantic Ocean. Plenty of space on these oceans. But stig , rather than going in this huge pool, he is actually going in the tiniest, maybe the smallest, yet also the most dangerous river.

We can see him evolving in that river, which is full of very, very dangerous creature. He's going at the speed of about 25 knots. Now he's jumping over a fantastic sheep. Two, three, four, sheep that's what we are doing.

We are jumping over the sheep He's doing one turn, the second turn. He's splashing at the four turn . A couple of snails there, going through a couple of cows, as I can see. One tail grab, which is lovely, and it is very famous for that. And yes, this is once again the Dutchman in action. It is very impressive.

I'm nearly going to cry looking at that, because it's not every day that we see a world champion. One of the stars evolving in this area. I am sure that the fishes and the sheep in this river will agree with me. This is a wonderful moment.

And yes, I'm actually crying. Well done. This was stig hoefnagel directly here in the achill Islands.

That's OKAY, like that, yeah? It's rainy. It's cold. Couldn't be a better day to dry-- to dry a wet-- to wear a dry robe. yes, they are coming How's the weather? It's lovely. We're going on a photo shoot. Where did she bring us? The lovely Ireland.

Changes from the one minute into the next. jezus What? he stopped there. yea this is nice.

he is sitting with the sheeps they are walking now Oh, yo! did you get that? Yeah Oh, my god, this shot. all wet sheeps the Irish news goos viral tonight because she send them that video She's like, I'll make a quick video. I think I've been talking to her for, what, like 20 minutes? She's like, I'll explain, I'll let him explain. And then I started saying one sentence and she would go on. And then I would be quiet for five minutes. Say the next word, quiet for five minutes.

But lovely, because otherwise without her we would have been stuck forever. Thank you Geraldine. Thank you Geraldine.

If you're watching, you'll be watching. She had soap with her. She had a can of soap.

She said, yes, I was on my way to the bathroom, but then I heard this story about the car and I somehow it fell into my jacket. And this thing was disgusting. And now it smells quite nice. what is going on? this uhmmm construction will soon be jumped by stig it's a little shallow you can see it over there and he shouldn't hit the polls there he comes maybe a little sketchier then he thought yeaaa... Holy shit! During this whole shoot I've been using the Pivot and Nvision. It's the new Pivot made out of Aluula.

Besides the standard Pivot, we now have an Aluula Pivot as well. And it's basically a Pivot on steroids. It gives me all the confidence I need when I'm jumping crazy gaps. Or when the wind's super gusty. Yeah, it really makes me feel one with the kite. I'm super, super happy that Nash is producing a Pivot out of Aluula.

And that they are heading into the future. Which is, in my opinion, Aluula. It's really working well. And, yeah. I'm loving it. Thanks. for putting it in. for getting it stuck.

So he got the car stuck pretty badly, as you saw. Now he has to clean the car. in his underwear So, dressed as a official, we're going to make the epic drone shot. Let's do this.

Okay. here is still clear so now you could go? yea here is no one GO, GO, GO, GO okay, there is a car coming. i'll stop it all right, that was fucking sick i'm stig hoefnagel we are recording a movie with that car and uhhh yea super bussy all day all the shots are done this is the assistent assistent stig uhhh.. rover hoefnagel

rover hoefnagel It's so exhausting if you don't have a harness So there is one thing. My wetsuits are identical. And the camera guy is now kiting in the second wetsuit I used. You took a piss.

I took a piss in the wetsuit. But he doesn't know. So when he comes out, the water we will tell him give him a Guinness first so we give him a Guinness and then we will tell him kite loop lekker he loves that kite already I learned Matthijs how to kite about four years ago. and now he's jumping. rovers head food and beer Still working.

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. early morning the fourth day and i'm here washing the car again for the f.... the fourth time the boys are still sleeping. woke up early to clean this baby and then yeah we're on to the last day feels good so it's day number four I just finished cleaning cleaning the car and did some groceries for the team to have some snacks for later on so the cars all shiny and fresh beautiful background behind me and now I'm gonna scout quickly where we are shooting the intro shot where I'm jumping on the cliff hopefully fingers crossed let's see that happens wind looks perfect for today so I'm gonna walk up there behind me and yea gonna check where from where I'm gonna jump it's pretty high so let's see, come with me so I'm about halfway it's quite the climb so for a lot of the shots I've been making recently I've been using this insta 360 it's x3 and it's a very special camera because it is a 360 camera so what it does it has a lens on each side and many of you always wonder what happens to the pole that's behind me or like that I attached it to but there is exact stitching line at the height of the of the pole so I'm mounting it like this and because there's a lens on each side the pole disappears so it doesn't look like there's a there's anything holding it which gives a very unique effect it almost looks like a drone is following you or it's like a character in a video game and yeah it gives me the opportunity to make some really cool content just by myself because I don't need anybody I can just turn on the camera press record put the thing onto my back clip it in and you're free to go and it has quite a bit of space for my harness as well so it doesn't bother me you only have to be kind of careful sometimes for crashing because if you crash really hard it bounces a little bit but besides this it gives me all the freedom I need to to kite and do my crazy stuff while capturing it so yeah big thanks to sailvideosystems for creating such a nice little mount and for Insta360 for the crazy crazy cameras that they're producing these days so thanks guys gives me the opportunity to make some cool content for you chilling we tried euhhh I jumped it the first time. without the board was super easy. And then I figured, we'll do it again with the board.

But, stupid me, I forgot the handle. So I have to grab the rail of the board, which is very tricky. And it almost went wrong just now So I'm gonna give it one more try see if we can make it happen. if not then unfortunately we have to do it without.

- Yeah. adrenaline is like here confidence is like here but i think i can do this if you thought this morning was crazy. not so windy not windy enough? not windy enough for him he is completely crazy two seconds - Yeah? stig what are you doing? i'm going to fly I'm gonna make my kite jump look like nothing But I can't even fucking go backwards. what are you doing? everything on this side of the table everything on this side of the table he guys what on earth are we doing? This is the moment of glory. Will he make it? so now you lost! a so now i lost again Okay, let's draw.

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