The Palestinian Refugee Problem Explained (Nakba and the Arab narrative)

The Palestinian Refugee Problem Explained (Nakba and the  Arab narrative)

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The Zionists stole the Palestinians’  land, massacred them, and kicked them   out of their homes. That is what you hear  from the Palestinians and their supporters.  In this video, I will be discussing  the Nakba, which is the Arab name for   the Palestinian disaster of 1948, and  I will be covering the partition plan,   Plan Dalet, Deir Yassin, and much more. But this time my approach will be to take   a video by Vox Media Group that talks about the  same subject but from a Palestinian point of view,   and then we can dismantle it together. Just so you  know: Vox is an American, progressive media group  

that was founded by Ezra Klein, an American Jew. I chose this video because it was carefully   crafted to show the Palestinian narrative. Let’s start as there is a lot to unpack. I’ve   added time stamps so that you can jump  to Deir Yassin or Plan Dalet and I’ve   also left a link to the full Vox video below. That History has been carefully concealed and,  

in the West, largely forgotten. This is a good one. I like the   effect of having the Hebrew document and all  the lines crossed out in black. As if they’re   on to a really big secret. Really? Concealed and  forgotten in the West? Deir Yassin has probably   had more articles and papers written about  it than any other event in the war of 1948.   The number of dead was around 100. There are not  many events with such a low number of casualties   that have gotten so much attention. I will be  coming back to this toward the end of the video. 

0:43 The massacre in this village was one of many. in a series of catastrophic events... Really? Then why is Deir Yassin always   the example given? It’s like when you only  have one example, so you just say et cetera. 0:50 When hundreds of thousands  of Palestinians were violently   displaced from their homeland… in  order to create the state of Israel. 

This is key to understanding the  false Palestinian narrative. No,   this is not what happened. The Palestinians were  offered a state, they rejected it, they started   to kill Jewish civilians and then lost the war  that they had started. More about that shortly. The borders of Palestine have been changed forcefully over time. But historically this region has  been home to Palestinians for centuries.  I’ve said this many times before in different  videos but I’m happy to repeat it again here. No,  

not true. Until the beginning of the 20th century,  there was no such thing as a Palestinian people.   Thousands of pilgrims visited the Land of Israel  in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Not a   single one of them saw or met a Palestinian.  At the time of the Ottoman Empire, which used   to control the region, there were Muslims, Arabs,  Bedouins, Christians, Jews, Druze, Circassians...  

All peoples have the right to self-determination,  but you don’t have the right to reinvent history. 4:36 The migration helped the Zionist movement  gain steam. And a slogan took off. “A land   without people for a people without land.” And  it sends a message to Western leaders… that   the people who had been living in Palestine for  generations… could just be easily moved elsewhere. 

Here we have just four sentences and yet Vox  manages to squeeze so much misinformation   into them. Vox wants to show you that the Jews  planned the transfer of the Arabs. The thing is   that in all Zionist documents, from the first  Zionist congress to the Israeli Declaration   of Independence, there is absolutely nothing  to support this theory. They actually state   the opposite: that all people will enjoy  equal rights. The slogan “A land without   people for a people without land” was said by  Israel Zangvill at the end of the 19th century   in Britain. At that time the Land of Israel  was a neglected part of the Ottoman Empire.  So to take a sentence that was said in Britain  about 30 years before the collapse of the Ottoman   Empire and to claim that that was the policy in  the 1930s is pure manipulation. It is claimed  

in the video that ‘it sends a message to the  West’ that the people could be easily removed.   Who sends a message? The Zionist movement never  said anything about removing non-Jews from the   land. On the contrary, the Zionist movement  said very clearly that all people from all   religions would be granted their human rights. Now the next sentence is a true masterpiece   of misinformation. I will say that when you talk  about any subject there will probably be different  

opinions and it is hard to know all the details  and you might forget those facts that are not   in your favor, but this next sentence shows that  they do know the facts but just turn them around:  Violence broke out,  rooted in tensions over land.  Violence broke out? Just out of the  blue? This is like saying: In 1939,   violence broke out in Europe and the British  bombed Germany. Or: In 1941, violence broke   out and the Americans bombed Japanese cities. And now for the truth: In 1920, 1921, 1929 and   from 1936 to 1939, Arabs attacked the Jews.  There were brutal attacks and pogroms against   Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Galilee and Hebron.  And in Gaza. Even Israelis don’t know this but   until 1929 there were Jews in Gaza. Many ancient  Jewish communities, a lot of which had nothing  

to do with Zionism, were wiped out. The bottom  line is very clear: Arabs attacked the Jews,   destroyed ancient communities, burnt Jewish  villages to the ground, and killed Jews   living in Jewish settlements. In one of my latest  videos, I showed the names of some of the Jewish   settlements that were destroyed by Arabs. I will  show it again. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s,   before any Arab left his home for reasons I will  be coming back to, Jews were being attacked,   ancient communities were being destroyed, and  Jewish settlements were having to be abandoned.  

This is not the odd bout of violence. This is  continuous violence being perpetrated against the   Jews by the Arabs, so it’s not like violence just  broke out in 1948, as Vox would have us believe.  Let’s continue. The next one is also a big one. And the British began training   and arming Zionist militias. to suppress the rebellion. So the British trained the Jews.  

What can I say? It is true. But Vox has forgotten  to mention two important points. First of all,   they trained Arabs as well. Both Jews  and Arabs worked for the British,   also as armed forces. And second, they  forgot to tell you that in World War 2,   the British trained the Jews because the Arabs  had already made a pact with the Nazis. Silly Vox,  

they forgot about that. This topic deserves its  own video, but here is a brief summary of what   happened. The leader of the Palestinians, Amin  al-Husseini, lived in Nazi Berlin for three years   during the war. He met with Hitler and other  high-ranking S.S. officials. The plan was that   when Rommel conquered the Middle East, a death  camp would be set up in the Dotan Valley and run   by the Arabs. Rommel was stopped by Montgomery  in El Alamein. But there was another Nazi-Arab  

plan called Operation Atlas. The plan was  that a few Arabs and Germans would arrive   by air and poison the drinking water of Tel  Aviv. The British managed to put a stop to it.   You’ve never heard about this Nazi-Palestinian  connection? I don’t blame you. The mainstream   media doesn’t talk about it. Don’t believe me?  Google Operation Atlas. It is all documented.  So yes, the British did arm the Jews against  the German Nazis and against the Arab Nazis. 

Let’s continue. A UN special committee proposed the   land be divided into two states… a Jewish state  and an Arab state It was called the Partition  Plan of 1947. We   could not accept the partition plan because at  that time the population was almost 2 to 1. But   the plan proposed giving over half the land and  often the most fertile areas to the Jewish state.   From a purely pragmatic perspective… the partition  plan didn't make much sense for Palestinian Arabs. 

Vox should really get an award here – an award  for choosing the most misleading words ever.   The partition plan didn’t make much sense for  Palestinian Arabs. Could it be that by this   sentence, you meant: the Arabs didn’t accept the  partition plan, and so they started shooting at   Jewish civilians? Let’s unpack this. So the  British had enough problems at home and their   empire was collapsing. They told the UN to take  care of this Jewish-Arab problem. The UN looked  

into it and decided to split the land into a  Jewish state and an Arab state. Neither Jews   nor Arabs liked it. However the Jews were willing  to compromise, and the Arabs weren’t. Instead they   started killing Jewish civilians. Well, they  didn’t start, as they had already started in   1920… they continued. This is extremely important  to understand, so it bears repeating: In 1947,   the Arabs had the possibility of establishing  a Palestinian state, and they said no. 

And as for the claim that the Jews were given  more, even though they were fewer in number.   Of the land of the British Mandate, the Arabs  also got Jordan. Now I have nothing against   the Jordanians, but the Jordanians and the  Palestinians are the same people. Both are   entities that were simply made up by the British.  There was no difference between the Arabs who were   living on the eastern side and the western side  of the Jordan River. But the point I want to make  

is that the Arabs had already gotten hold of a  large part of the British Mandate land. And if   you take Jordan’s territories into account as  well, the Jews actually got the smaller part.  And the claim that the Jews got the most  fertile land is a lie. The biggest chunk   of land that the Jews got was the desert. And now  I want to show you an amazing map. On the left,   you can see the map of the partition plan and  on the right you can see a map of the areas   infected with malaria. So the Jews were  given the desert and the swamps and malaria.

On March 10th, a couple of months before  the British mandate would end, the Haganah   adopted what was called Plan Dalet Or Plan D.  On paper, the main goal was to gain control of   the Jewish state as laid out in the partition  plan, while also defending Jewish settlements   outside of the borders. Now let’s talk about ‘Tokhnit dalet’ or  Plan D. The pro-Palestinian side doesn’t   have many cards to play, so they play this Plan  D card a lot. But as you will soon understand,   this is actually a very weak card. So on the  29th of November, 1947, the Jews accepted the  

partition plan whereas the Arabs said no and  started killing Jews. Their first act was an   attack on a bus. In response to that, the  Jews started to move in convoys. They added   metal plates to the tracks and had some armed  guards. In response to that, the Arabs started   blocking the roads and shooting at the convoys.  The biggest problem was in Jerusalem. Jerusalem   was the biggest Jewish city, home to 100,000  Jews, and the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem   was in a valley that had Arab villages on the  mountains on both sides. Deir Yassin was one   of them. In March of 1948, so four months after  the Arabs had started shooting at Jewish cars,  

there were three disasters for the Jews. Three convoys were wiped out by the Arabs,   two of them on their way to the besieged city  of Jerusalem. More than a hundred Jews carrying   supplies were killed. If Jerusalem fell, that  would be the end of Israel before it had even  

been established. Let me remind you that as of  March 1948, 1,200 Jews had been murdered by Arabs,   and no Jew who fell into Arab hands had  been left alive. So if Jerusalem had fallen,   you can guess what would have happened. Very  scary. So this is the context in which Plan  

D needs to be viewed. However, if you want to  distort reality, you just leave out the context,   as Vox does here. The Jews decided to change their  strategy, and instead of thinking defensively,   they started to think offensively. The idea was  to gain control of all the areas along the road  

to Jerusalem. Plan D proposed that this would be  done by first surrounding the Arab villages. If   the inhabitants cooperated, there would be a check  to see if there were any weapons in the village,   and if there weren’t any, then everybody could get  on with their lives. If the inhabitants resisted,   there would be a fight for control of the  village and the people would be deported   a few kilometers from there to the area  that was supposed to be the Arab state. Pro-Palestinian organizations hold up  this Plan D as proof that the Israelis   deported Arabs. They completely ignore the  fact that it was a local military plan,   and that the Arabs murdered hundreds of Jewish  civilians, and that those Arabs who didn’t fight   the Jews were allowed to keep on living in their  villages. Actually tens of thousands of Arabs who   didn’t fight the Jews remained in their villages  and cities, whereas not a single Jew was left   alive in areas conquered by Arabs. So what happened in Deir Yassin?

One of the most widely publicized village  massacres happened here in Deir Yassin. So at the beginning of the video, they said that   history had been carefully concealed in the West  and largely forgotten. And now they’re saying   that this is the most widely publicized village  massacre. So Vox, you’ve decided you want to lie?   Great, you’re very good at it! But at least be  a little consistent in your lying and don’t say   two opposing things in the same video. So what did happen in Deir Yassin?  As they said, there was a local peace pact,  but the people of Deir Yassin broke that pact   when they shot at Jewish vehicles and let Arab  fighters into the village. By the start of 1948,   it was clear to both sides that the  local peace pact was no longer relevant. 

At the beginning of the battle, the Jewish  forces used loudspeakers to give the women,   children and elderly time to evacuate. Think  about it: basically the Jews voluntarily gave   up the element of surprise, which is crucial  in a battle, so that the civilians would   have sufficient time to run away. Do you think  that the Arabs ever gave Jewish civilians time   to run away before they attacked? Never. Not  from 1920 to the 7th of October 2023. Never.  The Jewish forces that attacked the village  were from the Etzel and the Lehi, which were   right-wing paramilitary groups. They didn’t have  much military experience and as the battle went  

on they started blowing up the houses. Some of  the houses held civilians that hadn’t evacuated.   In the aftermath of the battle, there were five  Jewish dead and about 100 Arabs dead. Of those   Arabs who died, many were fighters, but some  were civilians who had hidden in their houses,   and there were about ten to twenty civilians who  had been shot by Lechi and Etzel members after   they had surrendered. The Deir Yassin battle was  small, poorly planned and poorly executed. A few   dozen civilians died during the fighting and  at most, if you take the highest estimation,   40 civilians were shot after they had  surrendered. It is a fact that a tragedy   occurred in Deir Yassin and it is fair that the  Jews take their share of the responsibility,   but it is also fair to mention the context, to  have a sense of proportion, and to understand   that it went both ways. And in fact the  Jews took their share of the responsibility:  

after the event, the Jewish Agency sent a letter  to Abdullah, king of Jordan, condemning the   attack, saying it had been carried out by Jewish  extremists and that it contradicted Jewish values.  And this, my friends, is the  true story of Deir Yassin.  A few days after the battle of Deir Yassin, a  convoy to the hospital in Jerusalem was attacked   by the Arabs. 80 doctors and nurses were murdered.  Vox hasn’t dedicated a video to them. Or to the   130 Jewish civilians who were massacred in Kfar  Etzion, a month after the battle in Deir Yassin. The Zionist   militias used it as a propaganda tool  to tell people about it everywhere. The   idea was that if you don't leave… we will  do to you what happened in Deir Yassin. 

No, not true. No Jewish military or political  leader ever used the Deir Yassin battle to urge   the Palestinians to leave their homes. As  I just said, it was the Arabs who used the   story of Deir Yassin to motivate other Arabs to  fight. It was Hussein Khalide, the former mayor   of Jerusalem and a representative of the Arab  Higher Committee, who persuaded the Arabs of   Deir Yassin to say that there had been more death  and rape and that the Jews had used tanks and   other things that never happened. The aim was to  motivate the Arabs to fight the Jews, but instead   of doing that, it motivated them to flee.

After taking Deir  Yassin, Zionist paramilitary groups cleared   major cities including Haifa and Jaffa. Now Vox made a big mistake here when they   used Haifa as an example. Unlike other  misleading information in this video,   where they intentionally twisted the facts, here  they dug a deep hole for themselves and I am going   to let them fall right into it. The battle  of Haifa is the best example of what really   happened to the Arabs in the war and how they  came to be refugees. So Haifa was a mixed city,  

half Jews and half Arabs. The Arabs started to  shoot at Jewish cars entering Haifa, which led to   fighting between the Jewish neighborhood and the  Arabs. Now Haifa was one of the biggest centers of   Arab leadership, and what did the Arab leadership  do? It ran away. Arab gangs started to fight among   themselves and rob the local Arabs. The Jewish  mayor of Haifa, Moshe Carmel, told the Arabs   they could stay and that they would not be hurt.  The Arabs asked the Mufti of Amin al-Husseini,   the head of the Arab high committee, what to  do, and he said: Don’t surrender to the Jews   and don’t cooperate with them. Run away and in a  few weeks the Arab armies will conquer Haifa and  

you will be able to go back. This is something  Vox will not tell you, that the Arab leaders were   the first to run away, and that the others  were told to run away just for a few weeks.  And by the way, not a single Jew was  able to live in areas conquered by Arabs,   but 160,000 Arabs who didn’t run away  were able to become Israeli citizens.

Plan D became the blueprint for   carrying out the ethnic cleansing of historic  Palestine to make room for a new state.  No. Deir Yassin is an extreme event that  by no means represents the war. And the   fact that Deir Yassin is the only example that  pro-Palestinians use just goes to show that it   wasn’t the norm and it wasn’t the blueprint.  Only a few were forced to flee. The majority   chose to flee in the hope that they  would be able to come back once the   Arab armies had defeated Israel. Haifa was the  blueprint: the Arabs shot at Jewish civilians,   the Arab leadership cowardly ran away, Arab  gangs fought each other, and many Arabs ran   away thinking that after the Arab armies had  eliminated Israel, they would be able to go back. Neighboring Arab countries that  were overwhelmed by Palestinian refugees   immediately went to war with Israel.

So the Arab countries attacked Israel in order to  help the Palestinian refugees? No. Sorry   to disappoint you, but their motive was not  to fight for the Palestinian refugees. Rather,   their motive was to wipe out Israel.The second  the British left, on the 14th of May 1948,  

five Arab armies invaded Israel to do  one thing only. To destroy Israel and   kill all the Jews. Luckily for us, we won. Turning 6 million Palestinians into   refugees without a homeland. This is an interesting one. If  

about 700,000 left their homes, why are there 6  million refugees? What I am going to say now will   blow your mind. And the fact that you weren’t  aware of it until now will make you realize   how deeply entrenched the Palestinian narrative,  or propaganda, really is. So what is a refugee?   There are two legal definitions. One that refers  to all the refugees in the world, which is someone   who has had to leave their home due to war or  crisis, and there have been hundreds of millions   of refugees since 1945. And there is another,  separate definition for the most privileged   refugees in the world – the Palestinans. And the  difference is that the Palestinians are the only   group in the world who pass this title of being  refugees on to their children and grandchildren   and so on. I don’t want you to just take my word  for it on this one. Check it out for yourselves.

For them, the Nakba isn't just a  moment in history. It's a catastrophe   that never really ended. Their catastrophe never   ended for two reasons. First, they never took  responsibility for their wrongdoing. Second,   they keep on trying to wipe out Israel.  They said no to a Palestinian state in 1937,   they said no again in 1947. From 1948  till 1967, they could have established a   Palestinian state - those areas were under  Jordanian and Egyptian control – but they   didn’t. Yasser Arafat and Abu Mazen also had  plenty of chances, but they kept saying no.

Golda Meir once said: Peace will come  when the Arabs love their children more   than they hate us. Sadly, the Palestinians  still bring their children up to hate us. Before I conclude this video, I want to zoom  out for a second. I want to show you a map that   I really like. Here you can see the world. Which  is a really big place. It is bigger than Israel.  

After every world war, the first, the second and,  to some degree, also the Cold War, there has been   a new world order. After World War Two, a wave  of new countries was established. Here is a quick   list: Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Israel,  Jordan, Syria, East and West Germany. From 1945   to 1949, the creation of most of these states,  and of the new borders in eastern Europe, with   Poland being moved to the west, was accompanied by  the movements of tens of millions of people. And   as you can imagine, the forced movement of tens of  millions of people – Germans from the east, Hindus   to India, Muslims to Pakistan, Poles, Ukrainians,  Jews from Arab countries – was anything but   peaceful. Millions died in these mass migrations.  The fact the world is obsessed with the Nakba,  

with Plan D and the small village of Deir Yassin,  is testament to how deeply the Palestinian   narrative is rooted in the West. And to just  how much media coverage the Palestinians get.  Vox media, with its 11 million subscribers,  is part of this media circus. I have 200,000   subscribers and I don’t have enough time  to debunk all their anti-Israel videos.   So if you want to help me spread the word, then  like, subscribe, and hit the share button below   the video. It will let you share my content on  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… With a few clicks,   you can help me reach many more viewers. Next week I will be uploading   a video about the ethnic cleansing of Jews from  Muslim countries. So see you next week. Yalla bye.

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