The Most WOW Bridge Of Malaysia We stopped all traffic to see it work!

The Most WOW Bridge Of Malaysia  We stopped all traffic to see it work!

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ladies and gentlemen we are here at the terengganu  cultural village and it is beautiful it's a   beautiful green space a living area for the  traditional houses the traditional boats the   traditional way of living and uh we're gonna show  you some beautiful views from up and down here   it's uh we're going through the jungle right now  we're gonna see some traditional places where   people used to live really really imposing really  magnificent like they're big and whole and like   a very intricate kind of design  wooden sculpture details love that long house i love this kind of like now it's the perfect  weather to discover something like this   we're just walking around and um   there's so much greenery around and this is  just reminds me of the traditional village   in romania in astra museum where you could see  like hundreds of types of houses traditional ones   and walk among them like a living open-air  museum and this one in terengganu is uh well   with palm trees and long houses beautiful let's  see i'm very curious i want to explore all this   area and tell you more about the secrets and  the legends around here oh man this terranganu   cultural village is amazing it kinda reminds me of  the village museum back home in romania in sibiu   and with the one in bucharest because  you have houses scattered everywhere   you have a main building which is very impressive  and it's very nice it's on stilts like back in the   day it has water features you have also  here some boats some ships lying around   next to the shore and a lot of small houses  scattered throughout this park very impressive   and very nice people here as well gigi i think  she went and mingled a little bit more with the   people me i stayed back a while so that i can show  you the images from above so now it's time for   me to go back to gigi and find her and see what  she's up to okay dear friends we have like behind   me you will see the tengu long palace something  that attracted my my eyesight since i came here   and it was built in 1904 1904 by chick had an  outstanding builder from bahang helped by several   other builders so the original side of this palace  is located about 30 meters from sungai besot right now this palace is a symbol of tengu's long slow for  his wife one of the royal family of terengganu i'm from romania romania nice to meet you i wouldn't be able to tell  if it's like the right sound the guys are tuning their tools  here the music instruments yes no it's okay i was just saying  that i have never seen how   the drums drums right they call them  drums traditional do they have a name um thank you and we're gonna see silat for the first  time it's like of a war song people um   express their feelings through this kind  of music they get really heated up they get   like in a sort of a trance almost feeling like  they're participating in the world there are   very few people in ganu and in malaysia who can  actually do this perform this as an artistic level   and we're gonna hear this for the first time  you're hearing him behind me right now if people   get uh very very excited about it they're gonna  even use their crisp like the traditional malay   really really knife it's  the first time we're seeing   with our own eyes so let's check it out  i'm gonna show you some footage of it   oh guys did you just see that still at the  traditional um martial arts from here in malaysia   amazing amazing it looks like ballet and it's also  a form of fight an art of fighting if i would say   people are like the two boys they were so so  tensed up and but it's fascinating it's so   elegant an elegant way of fighting your enemy  that's very beautiful and accompanied by the   music you get in a sort of a chance and if you are  carrying on with it and if you get even even more   involved in the whole process and you  might even use the traditional malai knife beautiful place beautiful silat i could  never have imagined myself being here   in kampung budaya terengganu just  experiences zealot for the first   time with these beautiful people and the  music and entertaining and like really uh very i don't know very  intense experience i would say it's very beautiful hi what do you have here chris the traditional malay knife  can you please show it to me it's a warrior's weapon right it's an old one   it is pretty damaging wow  it's beautiful so much work   this is another one another  chris wow this is new oh okay beautiful people still use it chris beautiful and um what moment of the sea  life can you do you realize you need the crease sometimes we saturday or sunday and today you also have  beautiful i mean it's the first time i'm seeing   silas it's very uh intense very intense it's  like an act of war you know a declaration of war   beautiful it's very very beautiful  thank you my friend what's your name so this is in case you guys are interested in   purchasing one of these beautiful pieces of  art this is how you can find our friend here   thank you now to the cooking side  back everything is getting ready this is for the big one ah this is about  the small one then they mix it together if   they love to have the big one they put  it the more insecure for the big laksa um because it's a traditional way yeah it's our  separate food for every day in the morning we   have it in the morning in the morning before  and now now they are having it at lunch times   or dinner time no now the day they change all  the value to morning to afternoon or dinner   yeah the meat from rice so yeah we ensure  like our staple food from rice isn't it   carbohydrate yes yeah sure yeah uh what is  your name sir my name yes yeah okay yeah nice to meet you okay thank you  thank you for coming thank you he has to nail these both guys the  other ones were a little bit of a fail   but he's a very patient side yes now he says  so slow i go so slow i want to upset this we're here for redemption the cooking show is starting now big thanks guys  to mo emc big thanks to beautiful terengganu the   tenganu tourism thanks to everyone who has  been so kind to us and i'm very very thankful   i'm here and being able to share this with  you it's really fantastic the thing i love   most about this village is the fact that you  can go inside every house and see experience   actually how people used to live back in the  day right this is a single house with cable and   1986 rebuilt at this present location  walking around this whole village   but the guys have been working this whole  time under one of these historical houses   so this is the office now an impromptu office  there was a cooking set behind us are the   the other houses like the way we came in from  pretty adventurous life as a person who wants to   travel and wants to showcase all of their travels  through youtube through videos pretty intense   this first and then that you must make a two round  i want to try the other one all the chefs here   they're really enjoying the current laksa  the cooking is finished it was an intense   process but we learned a lot through  it i hope everybody's gonna enjoy it   if not i'm gonna check out their  reactions i agree thumbs up good luck sir the mix of um of sauce it's  pretty flavorful it tastes like   i don't know it tastes like timber  somehow it's a very flavorful taste   yeah i don't know like what it's inside but it's  so it has like a fragrance almost you know if if   you smell like fresh a fresh christmas tree like  cut timber i have like the same the same taste the beans are crunchy the onion is crunchy i love  it because it's so simple and it's very very fresh   and i could easily get used to it  the the consistence of the pasta   seems like spaghetti almost is it yummy the biggest the  youngest biggest fan of laksa great job he's very busy i  don't want to interrupt him   i'm sorry excuse me okay we don't interrupt people  who eat laksa right now a few moments later here   in the trekano museum um i was approached by choi  a very nice traveler as well from malaysia from ko   yes yes yes can you please tell us your youtube  channel my youtube is hinckley toy hinckley choi   he's a very loving traveler he's been traveling  for the past in the in 40 countries since yeah   40 countries since 1992. since 1992 wow 30 years  back 30 years i started my euro trip uh one month   uh 13 countries i traveled europe by euro rail  europe then in 2016 i backpacked eight countries   in one month eight countries in one month yes  you can just google hinckley choi you can see   my website is there my youtube is there my  facebook channel everything perfect he's now going   through a really crazy trip in south east asia  so if you want to check it out go to his channel   happy to meet you thank you thank you thank you  thank you we're at my favorite department jewelry   so i have here a lot of the jewelry worn by brides  and women of high status and even some of the men beautifully exhibited here it's impressive  i love to watch jewelry historical jewelry   in museums because you find them to be so  detailed and you wonder all the time like how what   could they how did they do it how did  they use the tools back in the day to   make something so so beautiful like hundreds  of years ago you would have something like   this only the king queen and the royal family  would wear and the women of high status and you just wonder how was it back then wow oh  my goodness i feel like a princess in a palace just look at this beauty wow so beautiful this is the royal family beautiful pictures historical pictures as well wow this is so beautiful gold chris  my goodness with rubies gorgeous wow just look at this one chris wow oh my goodness this is gorgeous i don't know if  you heard about the crest the crease is something   we saw earlier in the village being sold this is  a very important religious and warfare kind of   blade it's very intricately done it requires a  lot of effort and it's deadly so people who are   using this were investing a lot of time and a lot  of finance in order to help something like this   it was a high symbol of a status of a warrior  and the damage it could do to the enemy was extreme after the telangana museum we arrived  here at the ict i think it's called it's a very   popular place here in taranganu on the side of  the sea here you will find all the things from   from fish to nuggets to chicken from meat  like i don't know any kind of meat meatball um   crab all sorts full fish fried fish parts of fish  you will find everything here people love it there   are so many people already here even though  it's i think it's four twenty minutes too far   in the afternoon there's so many people here  queuing up to get the best fried food in all of now that i'm here i want to say  something that really goes to my heart   shout out to all the ladies working in  the kitchens all over malaysia and because   they're always super hard working their hands move  so fast they're like little ants like little bees   in all the kitchens just to feed all the people  feel hungry want to enjoy their food they're   working so so hard to make all this delicious food  and to bring it to the table this is why malaysian   cuisine is so popular all over the world because  of these very hard-working ladies we got some   sutum maybe the one i captured in the previous  video some udon or maybe not some mushroom   and they have fish as well everything is fried in  butter people love this place sotong is amazing   let's see if we're gonna love it as well do  you like the sotong yes udong is following next and the sauce is pretty good as well i think i just found my favorite laksa spicy  fishy amazing here at itc ict ict ict itc i   see you you see me eating the laksa in front of me  and freeze as well and very good and full of chili   but amazing i think you like food  that makes you suffer michael   yeah maybe i know but it's amazing it's very  good very tasty very jiggly wiggly wiggly   i'm sorry sir oh my you were  number one now you're number two and guess what we're having dinner on the grove bridge because reasons and why  not this is how you finish the video you guys   on the drawbridge having dinner in tarangano this  is really really amazing guys so happy to be here   to see the drawbridge for  the first time here in taiwan   going 45 degrees traffic is stopped everywhere  the police traffic is in the only bus the   control room is over here and our friend  kamaru is helping us filming this moment   thank you thank you so much very  much and now it's going yeah just waiting for the bridge to come with a level  and this is something really unique i have no idea   we're going to experience malaysia thank  you come on yeah thank you welcome let's go okay now thank you so much guys for watching  today we have met the traditional   and the modern in uh and uh  together with my friend here paranae we thank you for watching uh don't forget to  subscribe like comment and see in the next one

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