The Friendly City of Magelang We Love Indonesia!!!

The Friendly City of Magelang  We Love Indonesia!!!

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how much? it is free, oh also free! wow everything is free in Magelang thank you thank you terima kasih.. matur nuhuun!!! oh I'm a leopard you're saying I'm a leopard hello hello hello selfie selfie!! thank you thank you good morning from just outside of Jogjakarta, we rented two scooters and today we're just exploring around on a little bit of an adventure road trip we're going to bring you guys with us right now we're currently waiting for some breakfast at a local style warung well local style it is local we are literally in the middle of nowhere right now and uh yeah guys we're gonna bring you around with us explore the rural side of Indonesia show you some real authentic people some local people some local atmosphere and nature we're very very excited this is exactly the type of stuff that we want to be doing and get outside of the big city the big city life and bring you guys here to where the real stuff is happening hello what's up guys we're both so hungry oh my God yeah starting the day off right with some iced tea and the prayer in the back and the prayer nice lemon tea or I think I have a tea manis actually you have sweet tea sweet tea but uh it's a pretty hot day outside here guys and we have been riding our scooters around and we figured that we would just pull out the camera and bring you guys Along on a little bit of an adventure we figured that we would get outside of jogja and explore some of the Lesser explored places which is our absolute favorite way to do things this is the first time actually that we've rented scooters since we arrived in Indonesia since we started traveling since we started traveling actually we had an ATV for a while in Turkey but that was like the only time we rented the vehicle yeah and yeah this is the second time with vehicle first time with scooter and is it good it's really good it is sweet though and just so you know if you want to have I think we have like 110 CC that's why we have two scooters and we paid 70 000 Indonesian Rupiah per scooter per day so it's not bad at all it's around like 4 Euro yeah super affordable very nice people who rented them out to us as well great service I cannot complain the level of Freedom that it gives you when you have a scooter is unmatched uh we've just been cruising around the countryside saw some cool things and we figured yeah we'd bring you guys along with us so I hope you guys enjoy this video right now as I said we're just waiting for some breakfast uh both of us are feeling pretty hungry and probably pretty sunburned because we've been on the scooters for a while no let's get some food I think I'm not sunburned okay everybody so the breakfast just came out and I went for basically a combo that this warung had or a paket hemat and it is I am ayam geprek and Nasi so I am geprek and rice now I'm not too sure what geprek means but it looks like it's pretty spicy looks like it has quite a bit of sambal so it's definitely gonna uh spice me alive I think and keep me awake while we're on the scooter and Naomi went for Soto ayam and it is basically oh geprek means smash smash apparently which so I have a smashed chicken and uh it actually does kind of look like the chicken got like a little bit of a hammering um and uh Naomi has the Soto Ayam and it looks absolutely delicious to be honest it looks so so beautiful I can already see all of the beautiful coriander in there um you can see the chicken the fresh vegetables some rice it's sort of a mix of everything that exists in the kitchen I want to say and it looks beautiful yeah we're gonna dig in and um still enjoying this amazing tea as well I find the tea very interesting because it's uh jasmine tea it is jasmine tea yeah something very different and a lot of the cities that we've been to you get black tea black or green tea and here we got Jasmine so a little bit of a twist I didn't think sorry I just got surprised glass noodles in here I don't know if you can see it nice um glass noodles rice some nice uh oh what is this this is some what is it like beans maybe like a bean or cabbage like a bean sprout I don't know this looks a little bit like a bean a bean sprout but I'm not bean sprouts not 100% on it tastes very different to what I Define so unidentified bean sprout you try it tell me if it's a bean sprout tastes different it tastes yeah this is the best part guys about coming and exploring different places because they put it in it's there it's in the dish if you don't know it hard luck you have to eat it anyway I'm going to give the soto ayam a try Okay, let's give the soto ayam a try with the nice.... I think I have some dust in my nose, big spoon! let it marinate the tongue it's beautiful if you put a little bit of everything onto the spoon it's absolutely amazing you also have these like roasted onions in there which gives it a lot of taste um beautiful coriander carrots glass noodles rice unidentified bean sprouts um all of that good stuff it goes beautiful together and of course you can always add a little bit of ketchup in there as well which I'm gonna do mmm yeah Ayam Geprek guys so smashed chicken smashed chicken smash I'm just gonna smash it all together smash it and I'm gonna put my what looks to be very volatile red chili and I have my smashed chicken here with this rice which seems to be like a like a sticky rice really cool it's not everywhere that you get sticky rice here in Indonesia and I'm just basically gonna place it like this on my spoon and then go for it there's quite a lot of chili on here wow wow okay that's absolutely delicious it's not as hot as it looks it looked at like in the beginning that it was going to blow my face off because there's a lot of Reds there's a lot of chili flake seeds in there so I really thought I was about to get my ass kicked but this is perfect perfect level of spice chicken is amazing and tender and the rice is nice and sticky and a little bit of a chew to it so this is amazing maybe she prepared the bule version for you maybe but I got the bule version but um this is delicious this is fantastic for the price that we paid there's horses going by like horse carriages sorry I got distracted every couple of minutes there's horses going by so to give you guys an idea of exactly where we are we're actually very close to Borobudur temp temple and we're also just outside of Magelang sort of nestled between Magelang and Jogjakarta somewhere in the middle and um there's beautiful nature all around here the roads are pretty fantastic they kind of zigzag between loads of greenery as always the nature here in Indonesia genuinely one of the best countries in the world and I think even more beautiful than places like for example Switzerland if that's something that you like there's no odd comparison there's no snow in Indonesia obviously it's a tropical climate but this is absolutely beautiful they're not the largest mountain maybe they have snow there maybe I don't know anyway what I wanted to say is um that the roads towards Borobudur from Jogjakarta are also very very good very accessible even if you just drive a scooter there's two different roads that you can take one of them is an interstate and one of them is a little bit more sort of naturey of the beaten path type of Road and we are on the off the beaten path road because we didn't want to take an interstate with the 110cc scooter that's true just so you know I think what we're gonna do is explore the nature today try and bring you guys around a little bit of greenery and we might go towards spicy? We might head towards Magelang which is around half an hour 19 kilometers 19 kilometers from here and check that out and uh yeah guys today is really there is no plan we're just gonna explore and uh yeah see what happens basically best type of day food was absolutely delicious came to just 25 000 IDR that's less than two Euro for breakfast and that's the advantage guys of stepping away from the crazy tourist places and going to the more local atmosphere the people here are so friendly so happy to see us and we are so happy to enjoy the Indonesian cuisine and next up we're gonna head in the direction of Magelang maybe do a day trip around Magelang and show you guys the beautiful nature I'm sure that is surrounding that place a lot of you guys have told us to check out Magelang especially over on our social medias if you're not already following us check out our Instagram check out our Facebook we are keeping you up to date with exactly where we are um on those social medias and um yeah guys I want to say let's go check out Magelang and check out some of the amazing nature that Indonesia has to offer so where are we? we're somewhere in Magelang we just drove through the city of Magelang and now we came to an area that it's a little bit more sort of outside I want to say and we're currently looking for a market but there's also a really nice view here I believe you can see it from here oh yeah how beautiful is this absolutely gorgeous around here this is definitely somewhere that we would not have been able to visit if we didn't have our scooters so if you are thinking about exploring places like this think about getting a scooter if you're in Indonesia because wow it's gorgeous got some like kind of local stores here and very small town vibes all around here to be honest it's very very picturesque you've got Warungs you've got like a little river here as well that runs runs through here it's beautiful currently looking for a place called Pasar Bandongan or Bendongan or, one of the dongans and it's apparently Bandongan it's apparently a Market somewhere close to here and it would be nice just to have like a little look inside of a typical local Indonesian Market somewhere in magelang so far first impressions of magelang it seems seems to be a very small quaint smaller version almost of Jogjakarta very very cool though and definitely a unique looking place so it's basically what it seems to be is like a small City of development built within loads of beautiful nature rice paddy fields we drove past many many farmers and stuff like that and it's a beautiful part of Indonesia for sure but yeah I think we're gonna try and find this Pasar and see what we can see the amount of times we lost our path as well I'm just trying to get from Borobudur basically up here we we I don't know I don't know I feel like we went to the wrong turn probably 10 15 times which is probably why we look a little bit confused it is because we are confused very confused when you when you go outside of major cities in Indonesia Google Maps is not really your friend anymore and uh I have like a an airpod that I keep in my ear in one ear just so I can hear the traffic and it's telling me where to go and wow it's a little bit confusing I'm going around in circles I think I circled magelang once already but yeah we'll see if we can find the Pasar I probably look ridiculous.. haha Safety first! all right we made it to Pasar Bandongan we only got lost two additional times but we made it and we're very very curious to see what actually they have to sell here and maybe I'm Gonna Fill Up Luke's backpack with a lot of pineapple we're gonna see what's gonna happen we'll see yeah Pasar Bandongan.. in literally the middle of nowhere in magelang hello your phone, my phone, camera? yeah hello it's so much more than anticipated turn the camera this way look at how much fruits vegetable everything hello [Laughter] I don't remember the name yeah is the name oh SALAK The local dialect is a little bit different than what we usually learn [Laughter] [Laughter] chaos we're like giants yeah thank you thank you [Laughter] my favorite yeah 3000 yes hello hello hello, hello!!! crazy she's a crazy woman she's doing a sale Jengkol?! yeah! magnus!!! Mantul?! [Laughter] can you do a 500 gram wait this Market is huge hello [Laughter] Naomi is currently trying to translate have a look at this this is where we are guys in case you do want to come and experience something off the beaten path for sure hello for half a kilo 13 000 I don't I think it's okay it's fine yeah Luke has to carry all of the fruit back home yeah it's going in my backpack okay so I already acquired pineapples and uh oranges small oranges and it's really really funny to see because the people here are really excited to see uh foreigners hello foreigners in the area at Tempe um it's really interesting because it seems like not not a whole lot of foreigners sort of get lost in this area and we seem to be probably the first ones so zero the looks on every single person in here has taken a photo of us yeah so that will give you which is nice like we don't mind at all don't think that photo don't think that we mind taking pictures at all oh nice chili chili beautiful yes coconut you want you want chilies chilies I don't know oh she looks very pretty yeah [Laughter] I don't know okay whatever small amount how much just take 200 grams 200 grams 200 gram 200. I don't hope she didn't think that I said two kilo or 200 kilo or 200 kilo I meant 200 gram 200 kilos we're gonna need Noah's Ark to get back to Jogjakarta no my wallet if you want to pay oh well you can have the game of trying to understand how much it is okay okay she understood 200 grams dua ribu twenty twenty thousand two two thousand oh my God I don't understand I don't know I think she's adding she's adding more hope to five okay now you get 500 grams we don't even cook we just want to support the locals we're gonna give we're gonna be handing chillies out to people arab.. the chili? I'm confused guys

the bag is getting heavier and the support continues guys wow [Laughter] how do you say 200 gram I don't know try and find out perhaps Google Translate can you do 200 grams is this how you spell gram oh it's the same 200. well we're gonna drink a lot of tea oh well oh well I think this way we're spending the money a lot better than going to Borobudur yeah that's that's true and uh the money is going directly to the people here so yeah initially we were planning to go to borobudur but we figured this is a better way to spend today and I'm already so so happy that we actually decided to do this much better and what do you have what is this I don't know what it is I don't know some sort of a spiky and onions obviously but what is this can anybody tell me what it is and if I should eat it I don't know I don't know [Laughter] oh if Indonesian says maybe not that's why for us might be very what else I saw some are we I think we walked past it I saw some Kropuk and stuff like crackers yeah hello she has pinkier very tall remove the camera equipment insert the goodies I think the camera will still have space though I think we're fine yeah we're fine come on we can just not buy bananas because we will just have like banana puree that's true okay and now we're gonna maybe explore a little bit downstairs and then we're gonna go check out some nature hello how do you how do you say a cow skin cow grinds yeah it's a pork grinds cow grinds like a Cropper no like the skin yeah fried skin yeah yeah you do the selfie all right making our way deep into the Pasar hello yeah that would be nice water or something I don't know I want to buy all of the kropuk but we only have limited space thank you thank you ah the tank he means the tank [Laughter] there's a real photo session happening guys since we've arrived here we've been literally the focal point of the market it's amazing little flowers it's so nice oh my God she gave me the cracker flowers for free how much? gratis! oh also gratis! I think they want pictures and they're paying me in snacks wow everything is free in Magelang [Laughter] wow we really love Magelang so far this place is out of this world we just got a whole bunch of stuff for free now we're gonna go explore oh Jesus I need an iced tea or something I think after all those selfies I think next up we're gonna try and find ourselves a warung like another warung somewhere maybe around nature or something like that and yeah maybe grab ourselves an iced tea or maybe a snack to eat like Kudapan or something let's see made a quick pit stop we just made our way back from Magelang through borobudur and we're on our way back now towards jogja we're actually looking for a nice place to stop for a cold drink and maybe a snack as well because we're feeling a little bit hungry after all of the exploring today but just have a look at how absolutely gorgeous this is this is out of this world and you're only trying to see something like this on the side of a road in Indonesia you've got the mountains in the background this beautiful river absolutely no garbage and it's running down under this bridge over here to the other side I'm gonna see you now if I can run across real quick to show you guys the other side and just how beautiful that is look at that this is crazy really crazy that's what you get guys Indonesia unbelievable jaw-droppingly beautiful everywhere we've been so far today it's amazing we made our way here to a warung hello oh photo yeah there's always a photo to be taken in Indonesia that's for sure but yeah guys we made our way to warung right beside actually where I was just talking to you guys and it's a beautiful building just on the side of the road and entirely basically wooden and brick constructed house here next to the beautiful River I'm not too sure what the river is but it's gorgeous oh we got some well-deserved beverages I went with an iced tea in the water and Luke went with a Coca-Cola and the water and I don't know if you can see that but I have been wearing long sleeves all day because I knew I was gonna get burned but now my hand is crazy burnt and my arm isn't so I'm gonna have really tanned hands yeah not really white arms Luke just burned all over my entire arms are burnt to a crisp so I'm gonna have to put some yogurt or some aloe vera or something like that I think aloe vera might be easier to find yeah true depending on where we go oh my God look at this how beautiful is this oh he nearly crashed I crashed it they really crushed is he pointing at us okay oh this is Paradise so we just dropped our scooters off um there's the sign actually if you're looking for scooter rental FR rent Jogja 70 000 rupiah for 110 CC so and we didn't have any issues renting and giving them back it was all fine so yeah we can recommend them right so we made it back to our accommodation we're back in jogja now we dropped the scooters off and everything went great and today was an absolutely amazing day I cannot believe how many things we saw today and how many New Impressions we were able to get and so on we're super super tired because it's a little bit difficult navigating on your phone while uh using a scooter please do not use your phone while you're on a scooter it's very dangerous yeah we saw so much today we are in total were probably riding the motorbike for motorbikes for probably around five five and a half hours we got lost many times we ended up seeing many different beautiful places and as you guys saw we spoke to literally hundreds of different locals and especially in that market in magelang and we really got to see some incredible nature all along the way it was insane everywhere we stopped there was beautiful rice paddies we saw Rivers we saw drove through literal like we were surrounded by fields and insane stuff like it's like out of a storybook like out of a something you would only see in a movie but it's not it's literally just rural parts of Indonesia it's crazy sometimes I feel like as well that there's just positives in getting lost because if you get lost you will see something new you will see something that you didn't expect and I feel like today was one of those days it might have been a little bit chaotic here and there but in the end I think it was a great day it's true and uh if you guys are wondering where exactly we went um we to be honest right now have no idea but we're gonna pin um the location of that market down below for you guys just in case you want to go and experience something very different very local very authentic and this is the type of content that we enjoy making the most and expect much much more of it guys we're going to be in Indonesia for quite some time he says subscribe but uh for now guys my name is Luke my name is Naomi we are the two mad explorers and this is your reminder to keep exploring we'll see you guys in the next Indonesian Adventure terima kasih for watching, ma kasih! sampai jumpa!!! 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