The Friendliest People in Africa ? vA 104 Uganda

The Friendliest People in Africa ?  vA 104 Uganda

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Kampala, Uganda - Good morning. How are you, sir? - Yes, how are you? - I'm okay. How are you, sir? - Good, good. - Yes. - Okay, let's go.

Good luck. Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Thank you. Bye-bye. Hello. Morning, my friends, from Kampala. Today is December 26. So hopefully, the roads are gonna be a bit quieter.

It's time to finally leave Kampala. Let's go towards the Rwenzori Mountain, towards Fort Portal. Today to Mityana. Hello. Wow, look at this beautiful view in front — the view over Kampala. Wow, it's unbelievable. Kampala is so quiet this morning. - Hello. - Well, it's good to be back on the road, guys. Very good. I'm very happy.

And Kampala is super quiet. So it's gonna be nice to cross the city with not too many cars on the way. So today, it's about 75 kilometers to a city called Mityana.

So on my way to west, western Uganda. And we arrive at the big road. And I did not tell you but look at that. Very nice. I received some new shocks from AZUB for free. So thank you again!

They're really, really nice to help me every time I have some issues. So yeah, my bike is fully functional now. And look at empty Kampala. You won't see that often.

So as you see, straight ahead, it's all the business center of Kampala. Hello, hello. - How are you? - Good, good, good. - Yeah. - And you see, you have a big watchtower, which... People love watchtowers here. Hi. Good. What do you sell? Ah, masks. Handkerchiefs. - Do you want? - No, it's okay. No. - You don't want. - I don't need it.

Ah? - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - Fine. - Good. And that's the fancy side of Kampala. - Stop right there. - No, no, it's... - Man, stop. Man, stop. - No, no, no. - Wait, wait. Stop right there. I see. - Hello, my bro. - Hello. How are you?

- I'm good. I'm good. - Good, good. Hello, hello. - Hey. - Hi. - Hi, man. - Hello, man. Man.

- How are you? How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - I'm good. - Good, good, good. - You are enjoying life. - Enjoy. Yes. - Hey, you. - Hello, hello, hello.

And I came across the chicken market. Hi. The wandering party. Kampala — the capital of the party in Africa probably.

- Hello. - Hello. So my goal for now is to find a place to pee. I mean, I've been riding almost more than 30 kilometers, but not a single spot without human beings.

So I cannot pee. That's one of the main issues of riding in Africa actually. There are people all the way along the road all the time, in this part of Africa. I wanted to stop here, but that's the shop of someone actually.

Hi. I think I found a spot. - Good afternoon. - Hello. - What's up? - How are you? - I'm okay. - Nice. Okay. Have a good day. - Okay. - I just-just-just had enough time to pee before someone came to watch me peeing.

Mission accomplished. Bye. - Bye. - Hello, hello. - Hey. - Hello. And after two hours of riding, I'm finally out of Kampala. Hi. I'm going straight, man. - Hello. How are you, sir? - Hello. - Hello, hello.

- How are you doing? Oh, putain. Oh my god. The head of a cow. - We'll see you. - Hello, hello. I guess... Wow, nice. - Wait, wait, wait. - Hello.

Hello. Hello. - Racing. - Oh, he wants to race. Well, I have wheels and an engine. Hello, hello. - Hello. - Today Mityana. - Yes? - Mityana today. - Yeah. - Yeah, and you?

- I am going up to Mityana. - Mityana too. - Yeah. - Okay. - Up to Mubende. - Mugende? - Mubende. - Ah, Mubende. - Yeah. - Oh, that's after, also, no? - Yeah. - Today? Today? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - Okay, have a good day. - Okay, okay, okay. - Bye. Goodbye, sir. - Yes, goodbye. - Yeah. Yeah, yeah. - Bye. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hello. Hello, hello. - Hello, man. - Hello. - How are you, sir? - Good, good. How are you?

Ah? - I want a picture. - You want a picture? - Yeah. - Man. The motorbikes brush you so... - What the f***? What the f***? - It just comes so close sometimes. Okay? Ah, nice. - Nice pic. - Nice, nice. - Thank you. - Have a good day. Hi.

People are super-friendly in this region. Really... Very friendly. A bit more outgoing than in the other places. Hello. - Hey, hey. - Hey again. Hello, hello. - Hi. - Hello. - Hi. - Hello.

I love being on the road, man. People are so friendly here. You see? Even the sheep agrees. - Hello. Hello, mzungu. - Hello, hello. - Hi, hi, hi. - Hi. - Hi, hi, hi. Hello.

- Hey. - Hello. - Hey, man. - Hello, hello. - How are you? - Hello. - Uganda is not flat. It's crazy. Look at that. All day, it's like this.

Up and down, up and down all day. Hello. - Good morning. - Good morning. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - I'm fine. - You're fine. - I'm fine. - Good. What's your name? - My name? - Yes. - I'm [a very long name]. I'm Asarum. - Okay. - Yeah, I'm Asarum. - Amasarum. - Yeah, I'm Asarum. - You're Asarum. - I'm Asarum. - Okay. - Yeah. - You like to run. - Where are you going? - Cape Town. - Where? - Cape Town. - Cape Town? - Yes.

Mityana today. - Going to Mityana? - Mityana. Yeah. - Okay. - Okay. - Very nice. - How are you? - Good. How are you, man? - Hey, how are you? - Good, good. Good. - Yeah. - Yes. - I'm fine. - Fine? - Hey, this one is a bicycle. - Nice? - Nice. - Very nice. Yes. - I like it. - You like it? - Yeah. - Me too. Good. - Yes, yes, yes. - Bye-bye. Bye-bye. - Even me, even me.

- Even you, even you. - Yeah. - Okay. Okay. - Yeah, thank you. - You're welcome. Have a good day, guys. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Okay. - Let's find food now. I'm hungry. Very hungry. Oh, there's some meat here. Hello. - Wait, wait. - Hello, hello. - Wait, wait, wait, wait. - Hello, hello. - Hello. Hello, hello. - The meat was not cooked yet. I see some barbecue meat. Let's see if I can have a few skewers maybe.

Hello. - Hello. - Hey. - How are you? - I'm fine. How are you? - Good. - How are you? - Good. I'm good. - Yeah. Where are you from? - France. - France? - Yes. - You're a Frenchman? - Yes, I'm a Frenchman. - What do you want? How can we help you? - I'm just looking at the meat. What is this? Pork? - You want goat. - It's goat? - Goat. I'll bring goat. - It's goat.

- No, no, no, but... - Goat. - Oh, this is goat. - Yeah. - How much is it? - It's 5k. - 5k for one? - 5k per each. - 5k per each? - Yeah, per stick. - Okay, can you give me the three? (Celebrating successful overcharging) How are you? Good, good, good. - I'm fine. - How are you? - Fine. Good, good. How are you? - I'm fine. How do you call this one? - Good, good. Ah? - Is this a bicycle? - It's a bicycle. Yeah, it's a kind of bicycle. Yeah.

- Are you selling it? - It's 15,000 ($4). - Oh, 15,000. Yes. - Do I break it? - Yes, you can break it. Yeah. Oh, okay. Can you remove them from the...? - No problem, no problem. - Yes, please. - What about a drink: water? - It's okay. I have water. I have water. - You have. - Yes. - What's that? - It's okay. It's a camera. It's okay. It's okay. Thank you. - You're recording us. - Yes. - Yeah? - It's okay, it's okay.

No change. - Okay. - Thank you. Thank you. - No change? - No change. - Thank you so much. - Thank you. Have a good day. - Okay. Nice journey. - Nice journey. Thank you. Yeah. - Okay, okay, okay. - Let's have it here. - Bye-bye. Thank you. - Let's eat on my bike. Bye-bye. Yeah. - Thank you so much. Is it okay? - It's good. - It's sweet, yeah? - Yeah.

- Do you like gonja? - Sweet banana. - Gonja? No, I don't want a banana. - Okay. - Okay? - Okay, lend me 10k. My friend. - Yes? - Assist me with... You lend me 10k ($2.5). - No, no, no. - Lend me. I want to drink beer. - Where? - That's good. - Where are you riding now?

- Mityana. - Mityana? - Here it's already Mityana, no? - Yeah, it's already Mityana. - Your goat is good. - We'll bring another one. - No, no. It's okay. The goat is really good.

- My friend. I just tell you that... You lend me your... - Hm? - You, you lend me 10k. - No. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - I want you to lend me. - No. - No. - Okay, I'll go. - Okay, bye-bye. - Have a good day. Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Yeah. - I need to go to eat somewhere else because this guy is never gonna stop begging.

- Hey. - So let's go a little bit further and eat my goat meat. Yes, yes, yes. How are you? - Good, good, good. - Good, good, good. - How are you? How are you? - I'm good, I'm good.

These plants are very interesting. Look at that. I've never seen them before. They are everywhere in Uganda.

Someone can say what it is — this thing? Okay, let's eat my goat meat here. Very good. Now I need to wash my hands somehow. Putain. F****** hell.

That was a good small meal; I had some energy bars before actually. Let's finish our way to Mityana, guys. Probably just 15k left. We're almost there. - My friend.

- Oh, there are barbecues again. Oh, whole chickens. Hello, hello. Hello. - Hi, man. I'm selling here. - Chicken, chicken. Kuku. Hello. - Hello. - You see, here they have noticed that the rainbow bumps are not good because they added some parts.

Oh, look at the mangoes. They added some parts between each bump, to make it only one bump and not four consecutive bumps. - Hi, man. - Which is very good. Hello, hello. So that's a smart way to try to solve the problem of the rainbow bumps. Oh, I'm dead. The first day, after a month without riding the bike. These ups and downs are killing me.

Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - See you. - Hey. - See you. - See you. Oh, man. I'm dead. There is not a single meter of flat in this country. Yeah. That's crazy. And I'm almost there, almost done with the ride of today. Oh my god. My legs... Wow, one month without cycling.

I think today it was still like a 1,000-meter elevation gain. It's kind of flat. I mean, it's just very small ups and downs, but... Hello. We made it to Mityana. Hello. A nice market and a church.

So if you don't know, Uganda is quite mixed actually between Christians and Muslims. I think the majority is still Christians because... Well, everything was closed for Christmas and all that. So I guess it's a Christian-dominated country. But yeah, there are a lot of Muslims as well here.

And that's, I think, where I'm going. Let's go to check out a fancy resort. We're gonna stay only one night here, so let's go for a... It's a bit hard to find accommodation, so I'll go for the fancy option. Hello. Oh man, this region is really awesome. People are super friendly.

On the other side of Kampala, people were a bit colder or more shy, but here... Maybe, it's because I'm also getting used to people here, I don't know. They are so friendly. Makan Hill. Let's see how it is here. Hi. - Yes. - How are you? Good, good.

How are you? - Yeah, good. - Good. - Well done. - Thank you. - Yeah. - There are rooms here, no? - There are rooms. - Okay. Hello. - You're welcome. - Thank you. Do you have rooms here? - Yes, sir. - Yes. For how much?

- Ah, let's go there. - Ah, let's go there. Okay. Oh my god. The reception is there then? - Yes. - Okay, thank you.

Hi. - Hi, how are you? - Hello, how are you? - I'm good. - Good. Do you have rooms? - Yes, we have. - Yes. How much is it? What's the price? - It's 80,000. - Ah? - 80,000. 80,000. - 80,000? - 80,000 Ugandan Shillings. - Can I see? Can I have a look at the room? - Yeah, you can.

- You also have a restaurant here, no? - Yeah. - Okay, great. - Hello. - Okay. Oh, nice. Fantastic. So there is electricity. Okay, great. And there is hot water. - Of course. - Fantastic. Okay. It's good for me. - Okay. Are you going to take it? - I'm gonna take it. Yes, yes. - Okay. - Nice. - You're from where?

You're from where? - From France. - From France? - France? - Yes. - How long have you been in Uganda? - In Uganda? A month and a half. One month and a half. I came from Kenya. So I came from Mount Elgon. - Using this one? - Yes. I came... - You're from Kampala now. - Yes, today from Kampala. Yeah.

- Do you use a motor or what? - Yeah, it has an engine. It has... This is a... - Yeah. Yeah, that's... - This is an engine. This is an electric engine. - Ah, this one. - So it has assistance. But as you see from my face, I still need to pedal. Yeah. But I'm going to Cape Town. - South Africa? - Yes.

- Riding this? - Yes. Slowly, slowly. - It'll take you a year. - Ah? - It'll take you a year to reach South Africa. - Yeah. Seven-eight months. - Can I take a picture when I'm sitting here?

- Yes, of course. Yes, like this. Yeah. Coca-cola. - It's fine. - Okay, cold. - Cold? - Yes, please. Oh, wow. Look at that, guys. This is beautiful. Oh my god. Those resorts are awesome because it's a great way to get away, be away from all the chaos.

Thank you very much! Thank you. - Yeah. - You speak Luganda here, no? Luganda, no? Oh, I'm so... - Lots of good stuff in the menu. Take food.

- Yes. - We have tilapia and this one. - Oh, the fish is good. Yeah. - Fish filet. - Do you recommend this one? - Yes. Okay. I'll go for this one. - Yes. - Thank you. Here is the toilet, which is very clean. You see? And then I have a nice bed with a very nice mosquito net.

My bags are here now. And look at that. Outside, it's beautiful. Look at this beautiful garden. Oh, wow. Look at these flowers. An awesome tropical garden. Just for myself. Look at that — at this awesome palm tree. Beautiful. See you tomorrow for the second part of my way to Fort Portal.

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