The European village of Iran: Ghalat - Walking Tour FARS

The European village of Iran: Ghalat   -  Walking Tour FARS

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Hello, dear viewers and companions, I hope you are well and happy wherever you are in the world. Today we are in the village of Qalat near Shiraz, which is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Fars province We first visited the alleys of the historical village of Qalat and then went to the nature next to the village and from there we will go to waterfall and finally we will go to a beautiful restaurant cafe in the heart of nature. Stay with me and I hope you enjoy the scenery here . It is made up of two parts: new texture and old texture. The village of Qalat is located in the mountainous area and its houses are built in the form of stairs. One or two-story houses with a flat roof.

Stone, clay, mud, plaster, and wood are used in the construction of old-style houses, while new-style houses are built with stone, cement, iron, and bricks, and there are several floors around. The rivers of this village also grow wild flowers and medicinal plants like yarrow, marshmallow, persiavshan, rhubarb, artichoke, mountain thyme, oregano and marzeh, mountain almond or barshik, kakoti, borage plant and jashir, and they have given a different color and smell to this area . It has good amenities, among which we can mention mosque, cafe, restaurant and canteen, bakery, clinic, store and parking lot. The history of this historical village goes back more than a thousand years with the presence of old trees. This village has always been under the rule of Dalin. have been. Qalat, with its green nature, beautiful springs and cool weather, was once the resort of the kings of ancient Iran. Qalat was known as "Qalat" in the past. In the culture of Omid, Kalat means ten or a castle built on a mountain. It is said that one of the most important reasons for the formation of Kalat was security and defense issues, because since ancient times this village was on the way of migration of tribes and nomads of the region, and in this area There were many conflicts and quarrels. In addition, the presence of many rivers and springs and the special defense and security situation can be considered as other factors of the formation of the village.

addition, the presence of many rivers and springs and the special defense and security situation can be considered as other factors of the formation of the village . In the Sassanid period, the language of the Persian people was used. They are engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, and weaving, with a semi-traditional lifestyle. The village people also wear Qashqai clothes in their ceremonies and celebrations and play with instruments such as Zarb, Vilon, Dehl and Serena, they play local music. In weddings, the people of Qalat sing a song called "Washing" and engage in traditional games such as stick game or Turke game. people of Qalat sing a song called washing and engage in traditional games such as playing wood or playing with a stick . It is one of the mercury production centers. Giveh is a type of shoe that is made with natural materials and is resistant to climate changes. It is interesting to know that the older the giveh becomes, the more comfortable and soft it becomes . They are on the brink of destruction and destruction . One of these buildings is the Glorification of Masih Qalat Church dating back to the First World War, which is located here. This church is a stone structure in one of the quiet streets of the village, among the fallen trees, according to some historians. This church was built by religious missionaries between the first and second world wars for Christians living in the village. There are three beautiful natural waterfalls on the slopes of Red Mountain and on the outskirts of Qalat village, two of which have an easier access route. The smallest waterfall is less than Two kilometers away from the old site of Qalat, and we will go to Abshar II.

Here is waterfall II, which is now low in water. To stay in Qalat village, you can use various options such as hotels, numerous eco-tourism residences, garden villas, suites, and rental houses. This place rents rooms for stay and also has high-quality traditional food. There are many accommodations and eco-tours here with all the facilities such as hydrothermal bath, bathroom, bed and cooling and heating system in every season of the year.

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