The COOLEST Place In JAPAN! Kusatsu Onsen

The COOLEST Place In JAPAN!  Kusatsu Onsen

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good morning everyone once again from Japan  today we're in this amazing Japanese onson   town called kusatsu which is very snowy right  now kind of a perfect setting so if you're not   familiar and onson town is basically just  like a hot spring town so Japan has many   of these places where there's like natural  Hot Springs also kind of like Resorts where   you can bathe in the hot spring water and that's  what we're going to be doing in this video so   we're here in April and we didn't know if it was  going to be snowing I think that's going to make   it a lot nicer though the mixture of being in the  hot springs and having the snowy scenery and we're   staying in this house here I'll give you the house  tour as usual take my shoes off as you're expected   to do they always provide these little slippers  in Japan so it's a new house but it's kind of   like a traditional style as you can see you got  like the sliding Japanese doors that I've seen   many times pretty much just one big room so my  parents will sleep in there we're in here they   do have these kind of shutters though that comes  down kind of separates it do you know how much   this place was $200 per night per night so so  100 for us 100 for them it's really nice though   yeah it's full of like Hightech things yeah  another interesting thing that they had was   this little machine here so you put these things  here under the sheets and turn it on and it heats   up the bed underneath and then this way is the  kitchen got a really nice big kitchen we just   had breakfast and through here the toilet the  toilet separate from the bathroom we got the   washing machine and this is the shower and bath  so we're going to walk to the main center of the   town now which is pretty close only it takes about  10 minutes to walk there so so quiet on these back   streets we're staying in more of a residential  area there are hotels and stuff closer to the   center and the weirdest thing ever not weird but  just unexpected was that we were walking here last   night and there was a lady that started to speak  Portuguese to us and she was uh Japanese Brazilian   so it was just like very unusual especially  in a place like this but uh there are many   Japanese that went to Brazil so we have a big  Brazilian Japanese population There community   yeah yeah but it seemed like she lives there now  so I guess grew up in Brazil and then moved here [Music] that the icicles yeah it looks like the Christmas  tree yeah pretty cool so these buildings here are   the Hot Spring Resorts so in these ones I think  you'll have your own like private little hot   spring room the place that we're staying the bath  the water is not coming from the hot spring it's   just normal water got the anime not sure which  one that is they look pretty fancy the resorts are   expensive probably yeah yeah the accommodations  here were a lot more expensive than in Nik the   place that we stayed before and you get these  buildings here that are the public Hot Springs   so you can go in there for free so here at the  hot springs you're supposed to get completely   naked so you can't film or take pictures but  we're also thinking of renting one a private   one so then we should be able to film and this  is the Town Center so this right here is like the Highlight it's called Yuba Taki  never seen anything like it before oh look at the Water Co too we only saw this  place at night last night so this is a hot water   field all this is coming from a volcanic area  nearby that's supplying it with this hot spring   water so so steamy right now looks like a water  slide you're going to see it's even bigger this   is just a small part of it yeah definitely never  seen anything like that no it's very unique and   smells really bad the sofa yeah like you when  you eat too many eggs that's the that's the   smell the rust and egg smell yeah but pretty  awesome that you have this in the center of   the town I actually saw this place for the  first time in Gabriel traveler's video he   came here I think a few years ago and when  I saw this I I thought definitely putting it   on my list in Japan and now we're here  so that's nice they have this uh one   your hands it's hot I need it cuz I haven't been  wearing gloves Carol's been wearing gloves oh it   is hot yeah you can't keep your hand in there no  bit too hot yeah it's also nice that they have   these parts here where you can heat your feet  there's a few of them around the town so it's   also nice cuz they have this like walking deck  all the way around so you can just walk around   the place and you're going to see how cool it  is at night it's a other different vibe I mean   right now it's around 1° cus really cold so yeah  the steam's obviously super visible in this kind   of temperature but at night it's lding up so yeah  it just looked different you'll see in the video [Music] [Music] so you got yet again another foot heating  Place soak your feet do that later on so   now we're at the top it's like this here  so you're probably wondering what this   is it's actually a water cooling like a  facility I guess I don't know if that's   what you call it a facility cuz when the  water comes up it's 55° C way too warm   so it passes through this cools down and then  the water gets supplied to all like the onome   resorts and the businesses that need to use  the water pretty intense color yeah the sofa   color so I also read that there's around 4,000  to 5,000 L of hot spring water coming out of   here per minute supposed to be one of the  most out of all the onson in Japan [Music] [Music] so we're going to walk up to this Temple  now can see everyone walking up there I   could see the Pagoda up there before  pretty cool looking Pagoda looks like   it could be slippery yeah be careful ice  stairs so there are also ski resorts in   this area and yeah it is the season right  now we saw the slopes when we were driving here cool statue when was the last time  you were in a snowy place oh last year   in Argentina in Chile Bar lodge oh okay it was  like this yeah it was actually like this it was   uh nobody lost we only had a few bits left but  you travel to Chile on the road was like this   okay nice yeah we haven't seen this in ages  I don't remember the last time so I mentioned   in the last video in Nico that I wanted to see  a Japanese Temple in the snow and now we have it yeah this looks awesome I don't even know if  I've ever been to a a temple in the snow before   beautiful [Music] [Applause] [Music] the gaama shrine W it's from 1703 didn't realize it would be that old Monument  to the poet bash located along a narrow road is a   monument with a poem written by the Haiku Master  B praising the healing properties of katu's   waters I don't know if this is the the monument  here already all these little buddha looking statues how cool there's even more there man  that is one impressive Cota though the colors   the vibrant oranges mixed with the white is this  a graveyard yeah if you went around the other   side of this building you get a really good shot  of the of the Town yeah yeah we can go later on   this pigot looks brand new  yeah I think it is [Music]   so one thing that I've noticed in Japan is that  that if there is a popular place to eat people   will queue up for a long time they're patient  I think that's a pudding place I did read that   there is a famous pudding place around here that's  probably it and now we're just making our way to   uh Park which is one of the other attractions  to see I think it's only like a 10 minute   walk not far at all so I forgot to mention how we  arrived here you can get a train the bullet train   from Tokyo to another city nearby and then from  there there is a bus but we missed the last bus   the last bus is at 3:40 I think p.m. I check  that out tooro I think that is I've seen that   anime before yeah so we missed that bus and we  had to get a taxi the taxi was like $135 but it   is an hour away some interesting Foods Japan  always has a bunch of things that I've never   seen before those are like potatoes you can  get the fluffy do not sure how you pronounce   it I remember this character too we've seen a  few animes yeah yeah we've seen a lot of the   studio gibi animes and we love them yeah  I think this is the lady from Spirited   Away the famous one now we watched this one  how's moving castle Yeah Yeah with the fire [Music] mhm ah so I saw a video of this  place where they buy all the eggs   in the hot spring water cool idea in the little baskets so it's pretty cool  as you're walking around cuz   you can still see the steaming  boiling hot water really flowing here so I think that this is the entrance to  the park already Soo so we're going to try out   the the foot warming B this one looks even  cooler than the ones in the main Town Main Center real hot yeah I don't know what  temperature that is what do you think   car 35 or something may more more yes you  can see the water is just coming down here   everything's steamy it's a  good idea that they did this [Music] [Music] yeah so we got those little foot towels from the  place that we're staying I think they also have   like bath robes there for the onson that we can  take when we go got the steamy waterfall little waterfall so it's somewhere around here where they  have one of the main big public Hot Springs which   I think we're going to come to tonight certainly  a different kind of Park oh yeah it's really cool   the contrast of the snow and then Steam and hot  water it's really amazing yeah that's basically   why we loved Iceland when we went to Iceland in  the winter because of the same kind of contrast   so there's actually like multiple areas where  I think you can put your feet in look at the   animal over there is that a real any is it real  yeah I thought he was a I thought he was like   a stuffed anal but moving looking over what is  that though I wish I had my camera here [Music]   I don't think this one's so nice and warm no  definitely not this may be the first time that   I see like a frozen lake really yeah I don't think  I've seen it before yeah I don't think we saw that   in Iceland I think the water was always like  well flowing not frozen it's beautiful around   here big Forest Area so there are walking trails  in the park as well where you can walk through   the forest seems like they clear up the snow  pretty good so you can go for winter walks [Music]   so we just came into this store they gave us  this kind of sweet hair has like a red bean   paste inside interesting he also gave us some  green tea you going to buy one yeah this one is   really good I think it's matcha yeah probably  but the texture is very different like soft   yeah spongy so you got all different kinds here so  we might get a box like this 1,400 the tea is also   matcha tea too I always really like matcha tea  so I think today instead of going to an actual   restaurant we're just going to buy things that  we can eat straight away take out so this is a   dumpling Place probably get some pork dumplings  so we just got one dumpling each it's 350 only got   one cuz we're going to try out some other things  you like it some other things in there it's not   just pork is it no it's pork and veget vegetables  onions or something like that yeah I can taste   onions it's nice yeah it's nice nice little snack  hello uh one fish 900 900 I pay here pay you   all okay never had a fish like this before  smells great though how much was it 900 okay   I love fish so yeah really good what is all  that looks like eggs I don't know it's nice   and crispy though salty salty fish taste I think  I like the dumplings more yeah so we're going to   head to this little restaurant now just get the  takeouts need Google translate though I might   just get the skewers so it seems that in here we  have to order from this menu Google Translate to   the rescue and the translation is good um yeah  I think so enough yeah yeah enough I got this   one but I don't know if I put the money before  I think I saw people put money in first thousand yeah please wait outside the store okay thank you  okay thank you it it will beat make a sound okay   thank you so we got a bunch of different things  each one is 300 so they're all the same price so   I think we're going to get our drinks from the  vending machine we've never done that before   probably got a milk tea 140 you going to get  that green tea yeah this one same price so that's   funny this is hot it's hot tea it's actually  really hot it's hard to hold yours is more like   warm yeah yeah Mine mine's really hot look  I guess they must be heated the entire time   is that us beeping yeah okay thank you very much  okay thank you so I got two orders of the chicken   skewers and also this pork thing that I never  really had before I got the cheese balls what is   that it's something called Machi it's a Japanese  thing and it's made from rice m Mo yeah steaming too very strong black pepper taste real nice  though how's your cheese really good very creamy   taste the black pepper it has loads it's tasty  very nice the mai it looks like cheese but I   thought it was cheese I don't think so like a very  gooey rice pudding or cake I don't know but there   is a sauce on top but it's salty not not a sweet  thing yeah it's basically like a crispy mini pork dumpling it's only a thin layer on the outside  though pretty much the whole thing is spk I   really like it though I think I prefer this more  than the chicken which was already delicious [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]   so we're going for the private Spa experience  now otak noou I and that's one of the famous   ones here so we did make a reservation here  before we passed through here so we're in our   private room this is 6,400 for the hour  that's for all of us so yeah really good   price I thought it'd be more and it's bigger  than I thought so this is all ours through   here you have the to toilet got the sink and  even got like a scale to weigh yourself see   how much weight you've lost and then it's in  here nice and cozy yeah very cold how's the   temperature it's good I was expecting it to be  hotter it's more comfortable than I saw [Music]   so I'm not sure how hot it is in here  maybe 35 40° it's nice though it's it's   bearable have you guys been in a like a hot  spring before no no actually never no just on   normal the steam room yeah Ste getting real  steamed up yeah so we're not last in very long   yeah like uh how long each time 6 7even minutes  yeah yeah and then we're out so I read that out   of the top 10 onon towns in Japan this is the  only one where the water is acidic and some   people say that you get even more health benefits  because of that the acidity if you have like skin   ailments things like that how are you feeling 10  years younger looking 10 years younger [Music] easy so we're now going to watch a um mommy  demonstration which is a centuries old uh   method that they would use to cool down the hot  spring water in the past and they still show you   how to do it I think it's in this building  here hello uh four people pay card cash okay 2,800 okay all right so I read that it's  best to be head on maybe here then   so it's 700 per person I think it's what  20 30 minutes yeah 20 minutes [Music] [Music] Jo [Music] joee for [Music] [Applause] [Music] so it is night time now and we're going to  show you you Baki in the dark it's still   not Pitch whack yet but you can already see the  lights the purple lights back there completely   different and obviously with it being colder  it's just way way way more steamy it's almost   spooky looking yeah like Halloween F yeah it  is like Halloween especially with the lantern   there litting up incredible really unusual  so we're going to make our way back to the   park cuz we're also going to go to the hot  spring there see how it is man it really is spooky the way yeah I can't see anything  at all we came here yesterday but it   wasn't like this wasn't this steamy what  the hell looks like we're in a a sauna so they even have the lights on this side  too starting to rain now yeah did say that   it might snow that would be pretty cool too  I don't know better than rain that's for sure [Music] look [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]   wow the the park is looking in saying too like  just as spooky so this is where we dipped our   feet this morning pink light crazy there's  no one around at night so I think all those   people that we saw during the day a lot of  them do come on the day trips a lot of the   stores closed too so in the hot spring now  that we're going to it's separated so we're   not going to be in the same one especially cuz  you uh yeah you get naked with the strangers   they're not going to let men men and women  together I think on the Fridays it's mixed   and then you have to go in your swimwear but  it's not a Friday today so yeah we're going   to be separate yeah so time to get naked  with a bunch of Japanese people exciting [Music] so that was really nice I ended up spending about  40 minutes in there was a really big area how   did yours go it was really cool I was the only  Foreigner there but it was fine and uh I think I   almost fainted once too hot yeah it's really hot  so when I stood up I was like oh but but I liked   it and yeah with the cold weather weather outside  it's really good yeah and check this out now I   don't know if you can see on the camera it's so  dark but it's snowing like crazy oh yeah you can   definitely see that there snowing big time so it  was amazing when we were set in the the hot spring   the snow the steam the heat the cold the battle  of the the elements oh and also it's I think it's   important to mention that the ense here are tattoo  friendly so that's something that we we search Ed   about uh this place before and that's also why  we decided to come here we don't even have that   many tattoos but there are some that don't accept  any at all yeah this really is amazing so bizarre [Music] a [Music] [Music]   so Carl said this has been her best  snowing experience ever yes ever cuz   it's really beautiful with the temple  and just everything here this team it's   really amazing yeah it might actually be the  nicest snow I've ever seen because of the setting hope it looks okay on  the camera cuz it's so dark [Music] [Music] so that's going to be it here from kusatsu really  enjoyed this place it might be my favorite place   on the trip so far it is a destination just for  a quick trip though in about 2 days you can see   pretty much everything and that's even going  at a relaxed pace but there are other things   you can do in the area as we mentioned you can  ski things like that that would be pretty cool   doing skiing and then after being a able to  come to a place like this and relaxing in the   hot springs and in the next video we're going to  be getting on the bullet train back to Tokyo and   we'll be doing some more things around there  and hopefully the cherry blossom season will   have started so it will be extra beautiful if you  like this one just drop a like as usual to support   us subscribe to see more videos like this follow  us on Instagram and we'll see you in the next one [Music]

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