The best petrol station of Belize (amazing system) |S6-E75|

The best petrol station of Belize  (amazing system) |S6-E75|

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Morning - Morning Wow, I like your petrol station man   Good morning Internet, it is 7:45 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here in Crooked Tree in Belize. I am staying   Right here at the lagoon. It's a lot of.. a lot  of bird life around here. There's a whole colony   of I don't know, some kind of white birds  over there. Not entirely sure what they are   And Alaska is packed and ready to rock and  roll, on another day trying to reach the   Lamanai ruins. So yeah, in the last video, I  failed miserably to reach them and today is   going to be attempt number two. So I'm staying now right here in Crooked Tree and yesterday   I tried to reach Lamanai from the south side which failed, so now today I have to ride Well, first I have to ride quite far north, almost I think until Orange Walk   And then I can take this road and then ride to Lamanai. So I have to make a massive detour  

and then come back the same way out. So because I have to make this long detour, I decided not to   do it as a day trip and also come back all the way down here. So that's why I'm bringing all my   stuff, I'll go to Lamanai and then continue north towards the border with Mexico. I will not have   time to cross the border today, I think. I'm going to try to stay the night, kind of the last town   before the border called Corozal right here at the coast. So that should keep me entertained for a day  

I'm going to pack the last things and then I'm going to try to find a breakfast somewhere in   town because I don't think they do breakfast here and I need fuel.. that's another thing. I need fuel Bye. Thank you. Off I go I'm first going to see if the petrol station is  open because they're supposedly a small petrol   station in town here but I don't know if they're open already. I gotta check it out because if not   It depends a bit. I might have to backtrack a little bit  

Because otherwise the next petrol station is 50 kilometers from here And I might make that or I might not Here That's here on the map Hi Morning - Morning Wow, I like your petrol station man. Nice It's just normal regular, right? - Yeah, normal regular - Yeah perfect. Yeah, full please 4 gallons - Yeah - 14 a gallon, Belize Sorry? - 14 a gallon, Belize Okay, yeah that's fine Yeah I'll have to reset it after every gallon right   Oh, after every gallon it's.. okay - That's the first one - Yeah That's the second - Yeah Oh stop Okay, that's full, full Are you staying at Bird's Eye? - Sorry? - Are you staying at the Bird's Eye lodge? No, I was staying at the..

- Jacana - Oh, okay. I was wondering if it was them that who told you or   did you find on google map or..? - Google maps. I found it, yeah - Yeah That's 8 dollars change - Thanks man Thank you - Hey, do you know a place where I can have  a breakfast? That is open now on Sunday morning Breakfast places in Crooked Tree is mainly lunch   Yeah - Only in the lodge? - Yeah, yeah only lodge would serve breakfast - Yeah I don't think it won't be lunch - Okay alright, thank you. Thanks man

Yeah, but if you really want to have lunch. Um, my uncle just stays here.. back there in the blue house, I could   ask what he and his wife to make something for you. If that's okay with you? For breakfast - Yeah - Now? Yeah - Okay, yeah where do I need to go? Let me give them.. let me give them a call - Sure. Thanks man First time Crooked Tree? - Huh? - First time Crooked Tree? Yeah I have, I have somebody else looking for breakfast but but um   knowing if you could make breakfast  and if Jin would help out Breakfast? - Yeah um Yeah man - It's okay - Okay Okay um, she come back there by motorcycle. Lady come by motorcycle Yeah, yeah - Alright Um, so it's the very first blue house - So I continue on the road here. The first blue house Yeah, first blue house on the right hand side - On the right hand side. Cool thanks man. I'll go there now

Morning That's what I like about these small towns,  you know. People really help each other out. And uh.. The blue house. This blue house? I think I'm just now going to just.. his family or random people

Hello? Good morning Very far. - From where? - From the Netherlands. Holland On a motorcycle? - Yeah Wow! Three years - Three years? - More than one hundred thousand kilometers Damn! Alright. Bye guys, bye thanks That was the nicest, nicest thing. So he took me to his uncle, Hank and they made breakfast for me   I got a coffee and a cinnamon, homemade  cinnamon bread made by his wife   And they've also gave me a big chunk of the bread.. to go on the road. Really, really nice   So that is a rather good start of the day. I'm  sure today I will succeed in reaching Lamanai

Welcome to Guinea Grass Village I just realized that I am riding through a Mennonite community again No electricity poles and..   .. Horses and horse carts everywhere. Oh yeah, there's a horse cart I also see the windmills so.. Hi I will be faster I'm here. Welcome to Indian Church Village Ah, hear it this What a nice little entrance Quite a big area So I finally made it to Lamanai. Lamanai means submerged crocodile in Mayan language. So this site  

dates from the early pre-classic Maya period and it has been continuously occupied for   thousands of years. You can see, it's also  hidden in the jungle. And now I am walking to   A temple which is called, I think it's a temple of masks   I have arrived at the Mask Temple. Wow, oh this is amazing I mean, once you've seen some Mayan temples or pyramids, you know you can say you've seen them all. Because of course the style is very similar in all these sites   But this I have not seen before. Look at this

So these masks are over four meters tall. It's incredible right? So this temple has undergone   construction in kind of different phases. So  it.. it hasn't always looked like this and they   first started building this temple 100 years BC and at the time, the top part wasn't there yet   Also this whole front part wasn't there yet  and kind of, on the second level over there   There, there were some masks similar to what you see here. Later they were closed off again and   these were built. So this part of the  temple was built in 450 to 500 years  

AD and in a later stage, they put stones in  front of it again to cover it up and then later   they uncovered it again. So what I've understood, is that kind of, that's what happened with different   rulers, different architects and they kept  on coming back to the place and kind of   give it their own signature. But the structure  itself, like you can not enter it anywhere so it's   a solid structure except for the front bit, at the time that used to be a place where you could enter   Um, but most of that has come down. But it's the only Mayan temple where I've ever seen   like sculptures like this and like these faces   And what you see here on the side, that  was inspired on snakes, so you can also see   a little bit like a snake symbol there and behind the face they found a tomb and they think it was   a very important person that was buried there because they found remains of hummingbirds and   hummingbirds in Mayan culture they're a symbol of love so the person that was buried here   Must have been well loved by the community but who it was exactly, I believe that is still unknown   What an awesome place, right? And yeah, it's just kind of middle in the middle of the jungle   And so this place as well, the same as  Nakum and Yaxha all of these sites were   abandoned when the Mayan civilization collapsed and yeah, as I said before nobody really knows why   they collapsed. There are several theories, one is that there was a drought or that they just became  

too big, they kind of yeah, were a victim of their own success and there were too many people and   not enough resources which created chaos  and ultimately that led to the end of the   Mayan civilization but of course I'm not sure what really was the case. So this is the highest   structure of the site and I'm not allowed to  climb on it, you can see but this is a proper   proper high temple and it looks like there also used to be some sculptures or faces on that side   And you can see something over here as well but that's all quite weathered away unfortunately Incredible. I mean, how many years must.. must it have cost to build something like this   Unbelievable. I have located another pyramid. This one is called the Jaguar Temple, it's also a pretty   pretty tall one. Look at that and well.. this  actually resembles a jaguar, you see it? So the   eyes over there and there and then the nose. I'm guessing, that's the representation of the jaguar Let's go back to Alaska because I had  to leave Alaska at a unguarded parking   With all my things on there. That's actually, I was already thinking that might happen that's why

I wanted to ride here without any luggage  but obviously that didn't work out   As you can see in the last video.  So now I have to bring all my stuff Let's get going again That was nice. That was nice. I did enjoy that and uh.. yeah, it was definitely worth making the detour   But now I'm going to head towards.. well, really towards Mexico now so that uh.. in the next video  

I will cross the border into Mexico. How about that! I'm taking a different route out now   To keep it interesting, otherwise  I'm riding the exact same way back   It's quite nice. I hope it will stay dry though.  Look at that. The rainy season is coming finally I have arrived in Corozal. Wow! Look at the color.. of the water here Amazing, right? So this, yeah, this is gonna be my last glimpse of the Caribbean side because in Mexico, I'm not planning   to go towards the Yucatan. Which is well, kind of that way but I'm gonna go straight inland so  

Let me find a place to stay for tonight Sunshine View Hotel. It sounds amazing. Is it open? Alright, I have a place to stay, which is just over there   But I can ride the bike around which is nice Look at that! Right here at the beach,  how about that. Yeah, I'll take this one Through the garden.. bomdie bombie bom

And this is my little house so I'll park just here Oh, that's very nice, very cute.. bathroom. I love it. I love it. This is that chunk of cinnamon bread that I got this morning from that nice family and.. Ah, just the smell of the cinnamon alone, it is so yum. It is super dense and sweet. So yeah, this is like a quarter of the bread They were massive So nice. It doesn't require anything else. Just this Super delicious So it appears that I am the only person staying here. There's nobody, nobody, nobody So I don't know where the people are at. I mean, you can definitely tell that tourism in Belize is not  

yet back at kind of pre-pandemic levels. It's  pretty quiet in most places. So I'm going to end   this video now. That was it for today and in the next video.. crossing the border into Mexico. So I am..   .. Kind of recharging my batteries for that. Because border crossings are always a little bit hectic   And energy draining so.. but I'm also really  looking forward to Mexico. Really looking forward to it   I think it's also, this time I didn't  really stay long in Belize because   I've traveled here before quite extensively. So this time, I was kind of feeling like I don't   really want to go to the exact same place as I went last time. So I went a little bit faster but   Mexico, I've been to parts of Mexico but there's still a lot of Mexico that I've never been so   that I am really excited about um.. so yeah, you'll see that in the next video. If you like this one  

I hope it. Please give me a big thumbs up. Subscribe down below and then I'll see in the next video

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