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whoa where is this crazy place  no parking very busy today where are we gonna Park just behind that  Clio I think that's safe room you think   that's safe it looks like we're in the middle  of the road another day at the silk roomy yeah get a car for her we bring five more  huh do you need it now you need a bag yeah   ready so just just the back like this it's good  or we have to bring five no well you gotta bring   five deer him back later okay we're gonna bring  five different back look the ladies got her back roomy that's not exactly the place to read a book uh-huh you want the magic yeah how much don't have these oh it's beautiful I'm stuck do you want eight for this or 15 for that eight is good okay then down Venice and Pasta Pasta juice kilo so today I want to try and spend 200  Dirham on food but non-perishable food   not a stroller friendly soak so we're  just gonna carry roomie no no no no popcorn um foreign thank you [Music] okay you want  me to carry her and you take yeah look at the Superwoman wow  baby other hand a video making yeah just be careful yeah if you see something  above your head just let me know oh look at this turkey necks whoa whoa good two yeah foreign yeah she looks happy because she sees  this shop look she's pointing at it oops oops this is okay foreign foreign look some noodles good morning oh look roomy diapers one thing  we never buy are these sausages look diapers come on come down okay it's  okay she can come down for a little bit she found what she needs look oh roomy let's go she says no she says no Then Mommy  okay let's go to me come let's go let's find some miswa Hermie wants to go back  this way think she wants us to buy some diapers we don't even know what that is so we can plan our stuff your children's books so she can  learn the alphabet francaise okay   close enough to the English and  Slovenian alphabetic marker let's   be good 13 dear him do you know  how to give get fennel penalty yeah what's another name for fennel history some toys for roomy to play  with on the window stickers cookie I got some stickers for her  for Christmas to play with   and I got her little French book too doing roomie  shopping today okay Christmas roomy shopping I   like let's go go to the Dada that's  the biggest powder pack I've seen   oh those are some henna markers oh of course  coming to the real roomy Christmas section powder if I'm Gonna Bake yeah but I  don't need baking powder for the kolachki look at her running she's already running  he's running what is roomie running wait much a true if I bought more things nice little  star pastas split green peas popcorn and   some beans I like Star pasta I like  five euro probably like 300 grams of   beans that's enough for a meal you know  it's good okay I think she likes this one foreign [Music]   she likes the toy section here  she wants this one she wants in try them out roomie maybe when you're bigger Rumi soccer player soccer player for Morocco yeah probably longer like it's a 100 Dirham left really now  it's not the time or place to do that this looks like good rummy section when she can  reach everything oh my god oh brush look does he   brush no no no put that back we have tassy brush  come go to the da da da she wants the taji brush   look she was gonna try to brush her hair good  job that's what tazzy brush is for put it back give it to Dada no we don't take this soup put it back yeah good job here okay  now we go that's enough yeah look look what do they have here huh what  do they have here a freak a frick [Music] you're only ones [Music] who is this roomy all right it's okay leave it leave it no Aki this is for the doggy you want sugar cane juice sweet [Music] oh look super healthy Ginger Ginger lime okay thank you yeah [Music] [Laughter]  we're gonna get the big one for us huh   but we have to drink it otherwise it's good yeah  it goes bad yeah there's two of us we'll drink it   like glass it's got ice too you know I like ice   what's going on down here she likes these chairs  remember this I mean the Germans not help her man mommy at the suck look  where are we gonna go suck how is it very good we just made the  stop by the cookies let's see soup   Gatorade sugar Gatorade how much for this  bottle 20 dirham it's a good roomy first   two Gatorade Gatorade Gatorade so should  you like it more sugar cane ginger lemon good all right let's continue  she wants some cookies   she wants cookies you want cookies  yeah give me some soup cookies small bag there big bag tender  the Back Street Savannah [Music] to buy a basket from him because he was just  selling three baskets so I wanted to support   him you know you have to support the guy  with the least amount of things that he sells   so I asked to get how much tomatoes are he  said I'm seeing so two and a half deer him deeper than uh yep I should buy some  yeah you can see these look better though I could buy some beans and tomatoes actually   absolutely more selection  here than in Tamron Mixels okay okay Camilla yeah 22 in Tamra yesterday Andrea said what about the nuts they're  very important so we have a little bit   of deer him left we're gonna look  for some kakawa peanuts almonds oh yeah but it's hard to say no yeah are we gonna go over the budget  for the nuts if you really want to   we could also just buy a little bit of nuts and  get more next time okay stick to the budget we   have soaking camera but you don't get really Suk  wipes over there it's just too small and right   that's why we came here today peanuts  40 Deer ham almonds 70. walnuts 100. 130 Dirham kilo good price 200  grams let's hope they're good   Found a Peanut with fennel on it  so now I gotta buy some expensive foreign the best the best football too Atlas last stop they look good Sunny oranges Rumi  did you like Anza silk I think that's a yes   we had fun here we got a lot of good things  and things haven't changed much here yet huh she's really good let's buy one you  discovered a new world what do you   say yeah we drove up from Anza and I was  expecting like a little village up here but   it's huge it's a lot of stuff going on up  here mechanics Insurance shops stop signs   where are we I don't know if  this guy's gonna stop trying we should come and make videos sometimes they have a bank and everything [Music]  and we thought Anza is just by the sea   that is the answer this is not answer where are we  we're in the dark look at all these new apartments maybe these are twenty thousand huh and everything looks pretty new now Yeah clean and yeah maybe they ski here looks  closed too bad we want the pizza from this guy car wash rug wash this is nice Village it's  uh it's like more calm than over here but [Music] I mean it's huge town they need restaurants [Music]   yeah I think they have more down the street foreign we got lost we got stuck there's a nice view  down there to the ocean I think this is one way we can buy meat from the car it's really nice up here look  at the view look at the view Warehouse wave Checker yeah sians are really good looks like the New Roads too huh compared to  Tamara that's a very developed place you know   you know the streets are paved and Sook wow this good little detour up there like  she likes the chickpeas though thank God [Music] Amelia Dogo Brothers [Music] thank God [Music] I know that's like a meal [Music]   um foreign [Music]   la la [Music]

2023-01-02 01:03

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