The Best Day Of The Bikepacking Trip So Far - Reaching The Loire Valley

The Best Day Of The Bikepacking Trip So Far - Reaching The Loire Valley

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I'm riding the Eurovelo 3 from Paris to Bordeaux and  after a couple of rough days battling the heat I'm   finally looking forward to reaching the highlight  of the whole trip. The Loire Valley. The Loire By Bike   Trail offers some spectacular and varied stretches  along the Loire River. With everything from single   track sections to easy flat gravel sections. It  also goes through some beautiful small towns as   well as remarkable architectural wonders. This  might be the best day of the whole trip. Here we go!

[Music] Good morning and welcome to the third day  of my bike tour here in France. Today's   plan is to make it to the start of the Loire Valley. And that's in a town called Briare and I think we   have about 60 kilm left until I'm in Briare. I was  actually contemplating last night about taking a   bit of a shortcut and joining the Loire Valley route  down in Orleans. But I figured the Loire Valley was sort  

of the highlight of this whole trip. So if I  had taken that shortcut I would miss out on   on a big chunk of the Loire Valley. So I'm going  down to Briare instead. I'm a bit behind schedule   seems like I'm about 35 km short of what I'm  planning to do. But the good thing about this  

bikepacking trip is that there are plenty  of fast forward options all along the route   In fact they even encourage people to use this  option. And all along the road yesterday I saw   signs leading to the nearest train station. So  you are able to get on a train and maybe make   up some time if you're lacking behind like I am right now. So I figured I would go and do the Loire Valley  

In its entirety and then maybe take a fast  forward during the later days of this bikepacking trip It's so nice in the morning I can't  even be begin to explain. Last night we had   about 35° C or just below 100° fahit. I  believe now in the morning it's it's around   just about 20°. So it's super nice riding now in  the morning. Let's make the best of this time [Music] Well this is a very popular route, the  Eurovelo 3 or La Scandiberique. And you meet people   cycling all along the route every day. Not that  many as I would have expected, but still maybe   10-20 people per day or so. The guys that  I just passed here were from Stutgart in  

Germany and they were also on their way to  Bordeaux as their end destination, just as I m [Applause] [Music] The cycling in the morning here has been  totally fantastic. The road surface is newly paved   asphalt and it's decent temperature so far. So  I'm really able to make some progress without   getting too exhausted. And there are basically  no hills either. I think I've climbed like 40 m  

since I left Montargis, but it's very kindly sloping upward. And the only small uphills that you   have to climb are when you're going over or pass  a lock. Otherwise it's pretty even surface all the way [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Well it's just after noon and I've just reached  the town of Briare. And I've stopped here at a   supermarket to buy some lunch. And just coming out  of the air conditioned Supermarket you get met  

with this wall with super hot air outside. We're  just entering the hot period of the day between   1 p.m. and 4 p.m. and it's going to be ugh. But I'm  happy that I've been able to make about 60 km now   in the morning here so I'm pretty good time wise.  And I'm just going to go and see if I can find   a park to eat my lunch in and then continue on  on this super hot afternoon here in France   I've enjoyed the lunch now and throwing myself out in  this terrible heat again. But I start with a sort   of unusual thing here we have one of France's  longest aqueducts. Where they're actually leading   a canal of water over another body of water here  by the lake... No the the river Loire I mean.  

The weather is taking a toll on me. Here is  the aqueduct and we have the river down below it [Music] [Music] [Music] The Loire By Bike Trail is a 900 km long  bike trail. Starting in Nevers and ending out by   the Atlantic in Saint Brevin les Pins. I'm doing a small  section of the bike trail. About 250 km from Briare to

Tours. By crossing the Briare Aqueduct we're  officially now in the Loire valley. And you can   see right away that the numbers of bike tourists  and bikepackers are increasing. This is a very   popular bike touring destination here in France. If not the most popular. And I'm expecting we're   going to see a lot of more bike tourists than  I've seen during the first couple of days   on this bike packing trip. And I'm also super happy  that I got to ride this well shaded bike path   here. Now it's 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon and  it's pretty much the warmest period of the day  

It's a it's a bit cooler here in the shade  than if I would would be out in the blazing sun [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Looks like there's a  nuclear power plant way off in the Horizon over [Music] [Music] Sometimes it's the small things that makes you  go on for another 30 or 40 kilm. Just being able   to find a nice bench like this in sort of the  semi-shade. And then you take up your phone and   see if there's any drinking water around  and it shows that there's drinking water   within 10 or 15 M away from here. And you  start to look around and you see the water   faucet over there. And you're just oh thank God, cold water! I fill this up every like hour at   least. But after about a half hour it gets  lukewarm. So finding cold fresh water is such a relief

[Music] [Music] Pretty impressive bridge! I'm guessing this   is an Old Railway Bridge that theyve  turned into a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians [Music] Finally shaded by the trees again. I've gone  about 105 km so far this day. I'm going   to start looking for campgrounds when I make  a stop up here. I'm aiming to do about 120   today so make up some distance that I lost  in the first couple of days. It's now  

about 5:00 p.m. so I should have plenty of time  before the campground starts to close for the evening If you think I'm over  exaggerating about it being hot   today you can take a look at this chocolate  bar that I brought along from a home in Sweden. It's pretty hot today! This day has by  far been the best of the whole trip so far   It's really varied. You go through not only cycling  along the canal. There's also small singletrack   sections through the woods. And then you go to  small picturesque villages, like the one I'm   passing right now. And you also get to see a bit  of the countryside. The second day I mainly just   saw the canal and the woods surrounding  it. So this has been a super day here in France

[Music] [Music] And now a very welcome shower. Okay here we we go! Woo woohoo! Oh that was so refreshing and nice I have just located my Campground  for the evening. And it's about 8 km left   until I'm there. The time now is is 6:00  p.m. so should be there in pretty decent time. I think this is the campground  right over here so I'll check it out

Well that was quick. €10 for the campground  for one night for me and the bike. And the good   thing about this Campground also is that it was  located right on the Eurovelo or La Scandiberique route  So I didn't have to deviate any any large  stretch of of road to get to it. And it's   also pretty close to the city center here. I actually think I'm going to going to walk in   and see if I can find some some restaurant or  maybe a supermarket to buy some food. And I'm just   about to head in now and look for a nice spot.  There's supposed to be a couple of spots in the  

shade over here. I'm heading in. Well  all of the shores are done I've taken a shower   I've pitched my tent and I've even rinsed off my  jersey and my my biking shorts. It doesn't look   very promising that they're going to be dry for  tomorrow. I was was hoping that the sun would do   its job but it just went down here, so they're  kind of damp still. But I have a another shirt   that I can use tomorrow. I also went over to the  supermarket. I was actually thinking about eating  

at a restaurant, but it got so late so I figured it  would take me forever to to get ready. And I still   had to make a supermarket run. So I just bought  some some food over here. I was also able to   find a half bottle of wine. And this fits me a lot  better yesterday when I when I bought that white   wine. I think I only had one glass of it and it  feels like kind of a waste to throw 3/4 of it away So Cheers! Like I told you earlier this day turned  out to be a fantastic day here in France. I've   been kind of going on rants for the first two  days. But that's usually what bikepacking life is

It takes a couple of days to get into the  mood and especially with this heat wave that   they're having here. And I've just come from cold  Sweden, where we're basically going into the   fall right now. It took me a couple of days  to acclimatize to this weather. I also liked   with this day that it was really varied. You had  everything from cycling along the canal, which   I've done now for the past two days to riding a  singletrack trail inside of a forest. And then   out in a rural landscape. And a lot of things to  see along the road. Finally it feels like the the  

France that I remember from a couple of years ago.  When you're passing through these nice small towns   but you still get to make up some distance in the  countryside. The first two or at least the first   day was pretty horrible. It seemed like Paris  never ended. It was just suburb after suburb and   that's not my kind of bikepacking. So I'm  hoping this will continue in the next couple  

of days. Which I think it will, we're in the  Loire Valley after all. I'm very much looking   forward to tomorrow. And in the meantime while  you wait for that video you can watch this video   up here from my last tour here in France a couple  of years ago. And until next time, have a good one!

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