Thailand is OPEN!! / Best of Koh Samui / Amazing Thai Food, Beaches and a Boat Tour

Thailand is OPEN!! / Best of Koh Samui / Amazing Thai Food, Beaches and a Boat Tour

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Hey hey hey! Welcome back to our hungry adventures! And welcome back to Koh Samui  - one of the most beautiful and popular  travel destinations in Thailand!   Perhaps you already know that Thailand is fully reopened.. and there has been done a lot to improve the quality of the tourism.. For example, "Thailand Tourism Standard" which was developed by the Department of Tourism..

It is a number of requirements and quality standards for businesses and tourism establishments.. to promote confidence in Thailand tourism industry in terms of uniqueness, safety, service, hygiene and cleanliness.. And i got an invitation to review a few places certified with Thailand Tourism Standard here on Koh Samui.. and share this experience with you, guys.. So what are we going to do on this trip? We will be staying in an amazing 5-star resort, enjoying extremely delicious Thai food and spectacular fire show by the beach.. We will be exploring one of the most beautiful national parks of Thailand..

where we could find the most stunning beaches in the country, excellent hiking trails, breathtaking landscapes and many more.. As always there will be a lot of interesting so get ready to enjoy the adventure! There is a wide list of requirements for hotels to get certified with Thailand Tourism Standard.. related to location and environment protection, general construction, parking and pick-up service..   restaurant and kitchen hygiene..

swimming pool cleanliness, room sizes, furniture.. recreation services, fire system, safety and ventilation systems, night illumination, employees and many more.. This combination has been developed to boost travelers confidence in high standards of hygiene and safety.. at hotels and resorts across the country.. First of all let me show you the place where we'll be staying tonight.. it is a five-star resort located on the beautiful Choengmon beach..

and it is called Royal Muang Samui Vilas.. This resort was certified with Thailand Tourism Standard, which means it fits all requirements and criteria developed by the Department of Tourism.. and today we will be reviewing it together.. I already saw the pictures of this resort.. and trust me you're gonna love it! Hello..

Hello.. Have a seat please.. Hello, may I have your passport? yes, sure.. This is welcome drink, sir.. wow..

This is Thai tea, banana candy and the refreshing towel.. please enjoy.. amazing.. thank you very much! All right, guys.. I got my room key.. But before we will see the room itself, let's take a tour of this resort..

Let's see the facilities, let's see the beach! Come on! Guys, this is Khun Fon, she's gonna show us everything around.. yes, welcome sir.. okay..

wow.. everything is so green.. hello.. this is our main swimming pool.. this is our restaurant.. Its name is Spice Zone beach restaurant..

Spice Zone beach restaurant.. yes, we open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. this is our beach bar.. beach bar..

yes.. every Friday we have the sundance party.. we have the live music with dj and fire show.. on Friday? yes every Friday.. on Friday evening.. what is the day today? yes today is Friday.. ah okay that's amazing..

if no rain - you will see the fire show.. we are very lucky with weather.. and what a fantastic place..

ideal sunny day, crystal blue water.. and amazing long and wide white sand beach.. What else do you need for perfect holidays? wow.. what a place.. it's just amazing! this is our spa.. Hello..

Hello and welcome to Cave Raira Beach Spa.. my name is Khun Nee, I'm a Spa manager here.. nice to meet you.. today we're proud to present our spa..

Cave Raira Beach Spa - the only one spa in a cave in Koh Samui.. really? yes, there is no other.. wow.. amazing! let me show you everything inside.. sure! we have 5 treatment rooms.. let me show you..

air conditioned room.. suitable for couples.. also we have a waterfall.. what an amazing idea - to build a cave and make a spa center inside of it.. absolutely fascinating.. i think i should come here again a little bit later.. to get my massage..

okay i'm ready to see my room.. finally.. guys, i'm really in love with this resort.. and especially with the architecture because all of these brown bricks have been brought from Ayutthaya.. and all of the roof tiles are handmade from Songkhla province.. and even here at the porch (at the entrance) - there is a huge pot with water.. and i asked Khun Fon - what is this pot for? A long time ago there was a Thai tradition which actually exists even now..

before entering a room people used to wash their feet.. which is why here is a pot with water and a huge spoon made of coconut shell, which is quite amazing.. this is probably the first time i'm seeing something like this in Thailand or anywhere else in the world.. we have 6 room types, and i am proud to show you our pool villas with seaview..

okay, nice.. welcome.. this is our pool villa with sea view.. here is the living room.. you can see the the ocean from here..

our pool villa haa a size of 160 square meters.. and this is our master bedroom.. guys, i was wondering why there is a dry coconut on the bed..

but it is actually a sign to the housekeeper.. if you are still happy with your bed sheets, if you don't want your bed sheets to be changed - then you should put this dry coconut on the bed.. first time i'm seeing something like this.. but this is a "green" hotel - amazing architecture and high standards..

wow our hotel have 79 rooms and every room has a jacuzzi.. exciting.. and what is this food for? this is our floating breakfast.. would you like to try? and this is something really amazing, guys.. floating breakfast.. never tried it before..

in fact i've never tried to eat in a swimming pool.. in the water.. how does it feel? but since we've got this opportunity.. we need to try it.. we need to try it, guys! mini burger with salmon and egg.. bellissimo! trust me it's amazing! all right... and now finally time has come to see my room.. and change the clothes..

and this is a pool suit garden view.. this is your room for tonight.. the size of the room is 125 square meters, and you got the private pool as well.. and you also got your own jacuzzi because every room in our hotel has a jacuzzi.. and this door also gives access to the pool.. guys, this is absolutely amazing..

such a huge room - 125 square meters.. private pool, jacuzzi.. absolutely amazing resort.. anyway i need to take shower, change these clothes, and get ready for the evening party on the beach..

i'm waiting for the fire show.. guys, we still got some time because the fire show starts at 8 pm..   which means we can go back to spa, try some massage and then enjoy dinner by the beach.. well, ladies and gentlemen.. welcome to my special waterfall treatment room..   time to take shower right here, get dressed and enjoy the massage..  and to be honest, this is probably one of the most amazing travel experiences i had in my entire life..  

and trust me, you gotta try it yourself too.. because places certified with Thailand Tourism Standard are simply amazing.. they are unique, they are so special.. i just can't find the right words to describe it.. all right, i'm ready..

Excuse me.. I am done.. ginger tea.. wow.. it was definitely one of the best experiences in my life.. so amazing..

now i understand the difference between spa and a regular massage.. i feel like a brand new man, for real.. my skin is glowing.. really a brand new man.. and a hungry man! Hello.. My name is Chef Nu..

nice to meet you Chef Nu, I'm Mickey.. nice to meet you too.. I am executive Sous-chef at the Royal Muang Samui Villas.. today i have prepared set dinner for you..

starting from the appetizer.. this one called "Goong Salong".. it's a deep fried prawn wrapped with egg noodles.. and this one called "Satay Luam".. prawn, chicken, beef and pork.. and the other is "Tom Yum" soup.. and for the main course i have prepared the deep fried seabass with sweet and sour sauce..  

and stir-fried melinjo leaves with egg.. and duck curry with pineapple and lychee.. please enjoy your dinner..

thank you very much.. can't wait to try it! it looks amazing.. thank you Chef Nu.. well, ladies and gentlemen.. it's just extremely amazing dinner..

and i think we need to start with these appetizers.. just like Chef Nu said.. shrimp together with egg noodles.. let's try these melinjo leaves together with egg..   this is one of the most popular dishes in Southern Thailand.. ideally cooked.. i'm really curious about this curry..  duck curry together with pineapple and lychee..

mmmm.. deliciousness.. mind-blowing.. wow.. fatty.. slightly sweet.. absolutely amazing.. all right, and let's try this Tom Yum Goong, the legend of Thailand..

"Tom Yum Goong" was the very first spicy dish i tried in Thailand.. It was in Bangkok.. i was burning whe i tried it the first time.. but now if it's not spicy - then it's not tasty! and at the end let's try this deep fried fish together with sweet and sour spicy sauce.. deep-fried seabass, if i remember right.. really good!   what an amazing dinner, guys..

and i got to continue enjoying it.. and wait for the fire show of course.. it's 9 am but i feel more sleepy than ever...  

this is a very long adventure.. the whole tour is going to take around eight hours...   because we are going to Ang Thong marine park and there are quite many islands.. but something tells me it's gonna be exciting.. trust me it's gonna be exciting! always sit at the back side of the boat because this is a speedboat..   and if you'll be sitting in the front of the boat - then be ready to jump during the ride..

the food is not spicy of course but it looks delicious.. and majority of people coming on this tour are foreigners.. which is why you don't have to expect spicy food here.. now we're going to hike up to the lagoon which is located right inside of this island..

salt water lagoon with beautiful emerald color water.. it is absolutely amazing.. the colors are fantastic.. i went to this lagoon 10 years ago and i remember there is another viewpoint close to the water.. and usually tourists miss that viewpoint because everyone is enjoying with the highest viewpoint of this lagoon..

however there is another one, let's check it out! tired.. but it was so amazing even though i went here 10 years ago - it still looks incredible.. fantastic natural attractions of Thailand..  I highly recommend this place for visiting.. and the weather is changing again.. i can see rainy clouds coming in our direction.. but so far we were really lucky - it was a hot sunny day..

really enjoyable day.. it's monsoon season, what else you can say! Guys, this is another highlight of our today's tour.. this is Ao Kha beach - probably one of the best beaches around entire country..

and no wonder why it is certified with Thailand Tourism Standard.. because it looks just mesmerizing - the sand, the location, the greenery, the water - absolutely amazing! There are lots of natural attractions in Thailand - islands, waterfalls, caves, mountains and beaches..   all the beauty that we love Thailand for..

and Thailand Tourism Standard aims to preserve and maintain such natural attractions by setting guidelines for their management and development of the sustainable tourism.. There is a wide list of requirements for beaches in order to get certified with Thailand Tourism Standard.. such as tourism value, preservation management, potential in organizing tourism activities..

accessibility, landscape management, cleanliness, waste management, safety measures, security and many more.. and besides that stunning beach and this amazing area.. there is a trail leading somewhere to the viewpoint.. and while people are enjoying the sunshine - i want to go up and check it out.. maybe we will get a nice panoramic view there..

Pha Chan Charat natural trail was also certified with Thailand Tourism Standard.. it is a 500 meters hike with four viewpoints along the trail, and each of them provides different perspective of the islands around.. 300 meters more in this direction.. up and up.. but this is my style of holidays.. sweating, enjoying.. i can feel this grin on my face.. i'm smiling again, i'm happy again..

Getting up and down requires about 40-50 minutes.. there are ropes and rest places.. and to be honest the hike up takes some effort, but getting to the top of the cliff is really worth it..

as there you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes of the entire Ang Thong marine park from the bird's eye view.. Are you guys Thai? Yes, we are.. very good, you're very happy! very good.. unfortunately this is not the end yet.. the journey up to this viewpoint took around 20 minutes non-stop, however comfortably it might take around 40 minutes..   and five more minutes and 50 meters in this direction..  this is the major viewpoint of this island..  

so we can see the beach, we can see other islands.. and if you have ever traveled to Thailand or watched some travel videos - you might have seen this view.. because this is the landmark, the iconic view and landscape of Koh Samui, Ang Thong marine park and Suratthani province.. these islands.. really fantastic! and i can see that other islands are already covered with rain because the weather is changing really fast..   

and that makes me believe that the way back to Koh Samui is going to be quite bumpy and wet..   but anyway i'm already wet, so there is nothing to worry about..   just let's make it.. we are the champions - you and me!   and it's over..

Guys, this is the end.. it was a great experience.. i have really enjoyed this tour and i want to thank the Department of Tourism for the invitation.. Thailand Tourism Standard covers all dimensions of quality tourism - it's enjoyable, safe, comfortable  and unique.. and i'd recommend you all to experience it on your holidays in Thailand.. visit tourist attractions and choose accommodation certified with Thailand Tourism Standard..

you just need to look for the symbol of happy elephants raising its trunk.. it was a great day and fantastic adventure.. and we even have a chance to enjoy the sunset.. my last sunset on Koh Samui because this week i'm leaving the island.. but there will be new adventures, the road is calling..

we will continue exploring Thailand.. but i really hope you have enjoyed this episode.. if you have enjoyed it - you can hit the like button, share this video with your friends..   subscribe to the channel if you aren't already..

write a comment.. turn the notifications on so that you won't miss the new episodes.. and i'll see you in the next video pretty soon.. somewhere else in Thailand.. but Koh Samui was amazing.. i love it here.. bye bye!

2022-07-31 18:05

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