TEQ Blueprint - Tourism and Events Queensland CEO, Patricia O'Callaghan

TEQ Blueprint - Tourism and Events Queensland CEO, Patricia O'Callaghan

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Thank you for that Brett and I know probably  a majority of us are here to see the panel but   you're going to have to sit through Andrew and  I first. And we are here today to talk about our   TEQ Blueprint and our pathway to 2032 and I want  to acknowledge what our Chair said, I think today   is about keeping our eyes on the horizon. I think  all of us can see there is a buzz and momentum in   our industry post-COVID. I think it's about never  forgetting what we've been through and what we've   learned in the past few years but now is the time  to unashamedly focus on our future and this is   the Blueprint that was developed over the past  five months by listening to you our industry,   listening to our government and drawing on some  of the best minds both domestically and globally.   We've tried to keep it very simple, very succinct  and very clear to ensure that what we put to you   today gives us a pathway forward but gives us some  flexibility to evolve and adapt with our changing   environment. You told us it was time to draw on  the best of what this industry stands for but it  

is also time to think very differently and I want  to hopefully you will see that we are taking a lot   of those elements forward with us today. So just  a quick journey, a quick recap on the journey. At   the end of last year, the Queensland Government  launched the 2032 Towards Tourism strategy. As   part of this strategy, our industry adopted a  really ambitious goal of increasing from a $28   billion dollar economy to a $44 billion dollar  one by 2032 and now that is no mean feat. This   target is not solely owned by TEQ but it was  really important to acknowledge that there will   be a need for increased supply, increased rooms  and increased aviation seats. But from a TEQ point   of view, it was important for us to give you some  insight and what does our role look like within   this aspiration and how are we going to generate  demand. To assist with achieving these goals as  

the Minister noted the Premier and the Minister  in this year's budget confirmed that we would be   given certainty on our budget for the next four  years, $125 million which is an increase on our   current base over the next term. As part of that  confirmation, we would deliver a TEQ Blueprint to   provide a clear strategy to government and to  you our industry on how we would invest those   funds and how we would achieve those goals and  there was then an opportunity to review our own   organisational structure so that we could ensure  that we are delivering upon that strategy. So a   full strategic and structural review in five  months is certainly no easy task especially   when I had committed to all of you before I'd  started that I'd be on the road and see every   Queensland destination in one hundred days. But  I can say that the Board and I and the team are   so excited about this. We certainly grabbed the  opportunity and we're really pleased and confident   on where it's landed today and excited that the  Minister launched the Blueprint at Estimates   and we can share some further information with  you our industry. So over the past five months,   we've been engaging extensively with all of  our stakeholders to seek feedback from you on   where you want to take our industry and there  were certainly some common themes coming up.  

It didn't matter whether I was in Gladstone or  Longreach or up in Townsville or in Cairns. There   were some themes and I want to share them with you  today. You were saying to us that you were excited   about the $44 billion target, it's tangible and we  can aim and be accountable for it but you want to   know what that looks like across the state and in  every destination. You said to us that there was   an opportunity to further align our marketing and  our event strategies. How do we use our events to   drive further visitation in those shoulder periods  and low seasons as well as drive them to each of   our regions. You want to see that our events are  being used as a very strong platform to promote  

our Queensland brand and you also wanted to see  TEQ have a more active role in business events.   You said to us that it was time to think globally  about our events calendar and that we needed to   look at identifying what were those events in  our portfolio that can increase their global   reach in key particular markets but you did want  us to never forget the Queensland portfolio and   some of those smaller homegrown events that are  quintessentially Queensland and so important to   us as a brand. You told us you wanted to see us  invest in more powerful marketing partnerships   and you want us to be more commercial and that  it was a huge opportunity to align with some   major private sector brands that have some mutual  goals but can extend our reach both domestically   and globally. You said to us that the experience  and industry development was an important part   of our role moving forward and whilst it was a  little confusing and messy through COVID with   so many agencies playing in this space you saw  us having a key role in this and you didn't want   us to leave that experience development side.  You strongly said to us that we cannot approach  

our international market re-entry as business  as usual. You said that the re-entry strategy   needed a lot more shoe leather in market, in key  destinations than ever before, since COVID. You   said that there were so many more internationally  ready programs and products across the state but   we needed to get this message out because the  global market was looking for what was existing   but importantly what was new. But we had to find  a way to disperse these visitors throughout the  

state. And you strongly said to us our airports  had to be key to our international strategy.   You also said to us it can't always be about  the Queensland brand and that the destination   brands for some markets was even more powerful  than the word Queensland and I say to you today   that we agree with you but there is a need  to clarify when and where and which markets   are those brands used but importantly how  they are a gateway to the rest of the state.   We also received feedback from you that our  partnerships were critical to where we are   going and that there was an opportunity to align  further with our Department of Tourism, with QTIC,   with our RTOs and with industry as a whole and  this model needed to be more coordinated with   it well in advanced plans and in-market engagement  programs that you can hopefully participate in as   well. And finally, you told us if there was ever a  time in our history, now is the time to be bigger,   bolder and more aggressive. These words came up  across the state a lot and you said to us it's  

time to think big, think different, go out with  some bold initiatives and that you'd be there   backing us as well because if we ever had ambition  now is the time. So you gave us a lot of feedback   in the last five months and to consolidate that  all in a plan was challenging but also exciting   and I want to say to you this is our vision now.  We are certainly going to inspire our travellers   to choose Queensland first. We will do it through  bold and globally recognised marketing and events   and we will never forget that the end game is to  grow to $44 billion by 2032. So how are we going  

to do that. Well it's a five-point plan and I want  to take you through what that looks like today.   So let's start with point one. We're going to  gain the dominant share of Australia's domestic   holiday market. This priority is born out of the  fact that we can feel that this is the area that   we can most influence and measure and no matter  what is happening in the world, no matter how   good things are, or how bad things get, what we  would know is that Queensland wants the most of   it and we want the greatest share of whatever is  available. The domestic market is our bread and  

butter. It is 70 per cent of our OVE and it's  where a lot of our business comes from but the   reality is pre-COVID it has been on a declining  trajectory. The COVID recovery has step changed   this and we now need to hold this because prior  to that the last time we held the dominant market   share was 2012. So as a key holiday destination  we need to flex our muscles and hold this space.  

How we're going to do it, we're going to look at  our global marketing strategy. We are going to   build our competitive advantage around activating  the travel for good brand and we have to harness   the opportunities around responsible travel.  Our global marketing strategy will tell the   story of Queensland, it will open up and give you  indications of our key markets and our approach   to experience design and you will see in this  global marketing strategy our events portfolio   playing a very big role in sharing our Queensland  brand. We're also going to put as much focus on   conversion as what we are brand. Queensland is  the holiday state of Australia. The intent to   visit it is high domestically but the research  shows there is a been there done that mentality.   So we need to get the message out on what is new,  what is existing but what are those hidden gems   across the state and to do this we need to dial  up our commercial and aviation partnerships. So  

our airline and our retail partners domestically  are key and we will have a major announcement   in the next couple of weeks on how we turn that  into a tangible outcome for all of you to enjoy.   We're also going to dial up our innovative  use of digital and data to ensure that we're   giving consumers relevant timely information and  maximizing conversion at every opportunity. We   are also going to start sharing this intel and  research with you in a really timely manner so   you too have the best access to data to shape  your own businesses and your own industries.  

We are also going to take a renewed approach  to experience development because this is so   critical if we're going to play in this space and  we are marketing promises to consumers, that it   is also then being delivered on the ground  by our operators. So there will be a very   distinct connection between our global marketing  strategy and our experience design. The Best of   Queensland will remain with us as, well as the  Transformational Experiences Mentoring programs   but we also want to see a lot of you get trade  ready and that's where our connection with our   RTOs is key. I also want to say to you you will  see us have a very strong focus on our Aboriginal   and Torres Strait Islander cultures, our Great  Barrier Reef, our nature based and sustainable   tourism offerings, and our accessibility and  inclusion. But we're also going to start talking   about our food and beverage because Queensland  is ready for the world to start talking about its   food and beverage. And off-script here a little  bit but when I started travelling the state it  

didn't matter whether I was in the Granite Belt,  which has some of the most beautiful wines and   I know Pete you're here. They're going to take  on the Borossa and I think they will but you   know and then I was on the Sunny Coast. They've  got more beer breweries than anywhere else in the   country and the seafood up north it's just all  there but we need to start sharing that story.   And that's just getting started because then we  now need to move into our international markets   and this is going to take a lot more effort and  time but we're going to nearly double by 2032 and   we're going to have to do that with a partnership  approach because there is certainly no way TEQ   can do this alone. So this is where our Department  of Tourism and it's so great to have Andrew here,  

backed with our Queensland Airports who are all  here as well, that we do need to further leverage   the Aviation Attraction Fund and we will continue  to lead our aviation marketing partnerships but we   have to do more in this space and what we're  going to do is coordinate our international   marketing and engagement plans like you asked us  to and Pip it's so great to have you here from a   Tourism Australia point of view, dovetailing into  that, working with our RTO plans and our industry. We are going to also bring and you will see  tourism become part of our trade narrative   more and more and more prominently than ever  before. I know I see Justin in the front and   the CEO of Trade and Invest Queensland. Our teams  have been working together and what I say to you   that is our partnership with TIQ is going to be  critical and that we don't just need to fill the   tops of the planes we need to fill the bottoms  of the planes and we need to fill the front. So  

in the next few weeks we are going to release  our joint international engagement calendar   that will tackle TIQ and TEQ will be tackling  some key markets together. China is certainly   one of them. This is our largest international  market pre-COVID and we need those half a million   visitors back. But I also want to say to you we  will be tackling some emerging destinations and  

India is one of those markets that will start to  take priority and I know the Treasurer and the   Minister announced yesterday the Queensland-India  trade and investment strategy, highlighting our   Government's commitment to making the most of this  emerging market. We're also going to be looking at   other global trade shows and I mentioned as well  I know TIQ is heavily involved in Expo 2025 in   Osaka. Another great opportunity for Queensland  to connect with the Japanese market and it is   important for you to be for us to be giving you  these opportunities so you can also dovetail in.   Our forecasted growth is due to come from China,  New Zealand, Japan, US, UK, South Korea, Taiwan,   Germany and India. And a more targeted and  coordinated approach across government and then  

to you as our industry is going to be a focus and  you will see that in our international engagement   plan when we release it in a few weeks. These  priority markets that I mentioned account for $7.4   billion of our OVE in 2032 or 70 per cent of our  international OVE. So we need to be really smart   about how we approach these markets. And I want  to say to you that we need to start travelling  

together in numbers and hunting in a pack again we  have seen it since COVID and I know we were doing   it pre-COVID but when I started this role there  was a national tourism leader that said to me,   one of the things about Queensland it is renowned  for in the industry is the army that we have   across the state from the top to the bottom, we  hunt in packs and we really need to ensure that   we're deploying our resources together overseas  because trying to win these markets back is going   to be no easy feat. But I can tell you when  we hunt as a pack we are absolutely formidable   and finally we're going to support our  international gateways and we are going   to disperse and use these gateways to disperse  across the state. Now we have to unashamably back   our international airports that are across the  state. I know we have a number and I know some  

of us look at that as there's too many. Well  I would say that they're there, they're strong   and we need to support them in their ambitions  because if we can use them to get our visitors to   enter and nearly 80 per cent of our international  visitors in the state come through these gateways.   If we can get them to disperse across the state  I think that's exceptionally powerful. We need   to hold these visitors in Queensland as long as  possible and the reality is our international   markets are multi-stop travellers. So if  we can take another night, from another  

state or importantly increase the number of  nights to Australia as a whole, I think I   would say to us why not and I think it's all about  increasing this overall for our visitors to enjoy.   Our event space is really cool and we're excited  to build a two billion dollar events calendar from   $800 million and where it stands today and we're  super excited about where this is going. Brisbane   2032 is going to be a really great opportunity for  the state and we are currently putting together   a green and gold runway of sporting, cultural  and business events that will drive visitation   and brand awareness. This pipeline is being done  right at this moment and hopefully some exciting   announcements are out around some of those early  wins coming to you soon. But we also need to do   more and our event strategy is going to give us  a good pathway and I know we've got a number of   our big events and smaller events here today so  I say to you that we're going to use our event   investment programs to provide a pathway for some  of our iconic homegrown events to further grow and   shine and for those that want to go global we'll  certainly be there. We will be identifying those   events that have global potential and ways that we  can further support that to extend our reach not   just from a marketing point of view but from  an events and visitor point of view as well.  

We are also going to be looking at those events  that we can further festivalise and our event   strategy will show those ones that will that  we're hoping to increase length of stay and   also market what else is happening in and around  those events which is so important. I know Harvey   Lister is here and he's got a very famous saying  of do you want fries with that and I think you   will see that reflected in our event strategy  because these are huge opportunities to keep   people in region longer and I look at the FIFA  World Cup and some of what those visitors are   experiencing at the moment and it's pretty cool. I  want to talk to you about Stadiums Queensland and   I know Todd the CEO is here as well. And I want  to say to you that we are going to coordinate,   Stadiums obviously owns and manages a number of  venues across the state and we are looking to   coordinate our partnership with them, with those  destinations that house those stadiums to have   a really strong shared agenda and if we can pool  our funds to attract more, then you will certainly   be seeing that and I'm really excited about  some of that that will hopefully talk to you   all in the coming week and months. I want to  talk to you as well about our business events   and you said to us you want to see us have a more  active role in this space, so we're certainly   going to do that and our business event strategy  is being finalised and it's so great to see that.   Once that is we're going to also align our  resources with a renewed focus. Our business  

event sector is critical to filling Monday and  Thursday. It will identify where we're going to   play to win. It will identify how we use not just  our corporate industries but our incentives as   well to gain more share and more business and  importantly it's all about high yielding visitors.  

And then I want to talk to you as well about  Events Management Queensland and I acknowledge   Ben and Paul who are here in the room. Events  Management Queensland is a TEQ wholly owned   subsidiary that is based out of the Gold Coast.  They've had a very successful history of growing   the Gold Coast Marathon and the Pan Pacific  Masters Games and we are currently working with   that organisation who I know are going through  their own strategic review to find out what are   those opportunities that that vehicle who has  been very successful on the Gold Coast can play   a potential role across the state. I think Paul  I hear you, from small things big things grow,   so it's slow and steady but we certainly have  some big aspirations as well. In point four   we are going to use the strength and influence of  our destinations and and this is a point I want to   address from all of you in that our destinations  play a key role and you will see this reflected   through our global marketing strategy and our  event strategy. We're going to use the certainty   of our $125 million dollars to hopefully do some  big deals and hopefully get other government and   private sector to invest in us and hopefully  reach our targets. We have a target of doubling  

the cooperative partnership investment over the  next few years from $40 million dollars to $80   million dollars and I'm really confident  that we are going to be able to do that.   And our regional partnerships are so important and  again it's very special that all 13 RTOs are here   with us today and as we launch this state plan the  ability to align across the destination management   plans in all 13 regions will be critical and I  look forward to what that partnership looks like.   So you will see that we're going to harness  the strength of our regions and those unique   experiences and you will see it in our marketing  and events. And finally we're going to deliver   cutting edge, high-impact marketing campaigns.  I think one our Chair is very passionate about  

but it's going to be a less is more approach.  So we're going to look at more higher impact   campaigns that complement our traditional methods  but using digital technology and the best that's   available. So in other words we're going to do  fewer, bigger, bolder and we're going to focus   on this activity at a global, as well as domestic  level. And I want you to think about Best Jobs,   Scuba, Beautiful One Day Perfect The Next. It's  certainly time for us to launch our next big   idea. We are doing so much as an organisation  in the digital and tech space and the team are   experimenting with some amazing technology, so  I can assure you that from a technological point   of view and being more productive and efficient  it's happening and we can't wait to use this to   convert hopefully our consumers. And I also  will be using our global partnerships across  

the world to drive more value and in essence  we're going to have some fun. We're going to   play with some awesome and big ideas, we're going  to back it by the latest research and we're going   to use the best technology around so look out  world, I think it's a pretty exciting space.   So this is all going to be underpinned by  2032. The government's focus on these being   a Queensland Games is very much the mantra of  TEQ as well and I also want to say as proud   Queenslanders I really do think it's an it is  important that we do get behind Brisbane in   this once of a lifetime opportunity, because this  will certainly filter across the state and as our   capital city by backing this part of the State,  to our Chairs mantra, a rising tide lifts all   boats and this tide can certainly be a tsunami  if we make it and the opportunity is for us to   capture. I want to give you an example of how this  can happen in real life and I know I've got Paul  

and Anthony here from BEDA but there was a recent  opportunity in the event space. The British and   Irish Lions test match. That event was secured  for Queensland in a hunting in pacts mentality.   We would not have secured that without it and  by using that approach we now have in 2025,   30,000 UK tourists to come here for that series  in Queensland and it will be one of those times   where the red jersey actually out number, sorry  Brett, the yellow jerseys. So with those 30,000  

tourists coming from all the way over from the  UK to here we are already talking about packaging   and showcasing those other experiences that are  across the state. So this is real and we can do   it. And if we can do it with the British and Irish  Lions we can certainly do it with the Olympic and   Paralympic Games. So that is our strategy, there  is a lot there and I've tried to keep it short but   I want to also show you that we have restructured  as an organisation with no job losses but a   realignment to align to the strategy. So we have  now a structure that is shaped around delivering   our strategy and four pillars. Marketing, Events,  Corporate and Strategy and a new portfolio around  

Commercial and Partnerships and this is being  adopted as a direct response to what industry   have said. This structure stands up as on Monday  and I'm really excited that the team have also   embraced this. So we have a lot going on and there  are three Group Executive roles that are currently   out in market. The Marketing, the Events and the  Commercial and Partnership roles are currently  

being recruited and I'm really excited to  hopefully have some awesome announcements for you   in the coming weeks. So in the meantime I do want  to acknowledge the Executive Team who are here.   Even though those roles are being recruited  you can see we're absolutely getting on with   the job and we have wasted no time in delivering  this strategy already and in the coming weeks we   will also launch to you the TEQ global marketing  strategy and the events strategy that basically   sums up what I've said to you today but hopefully  give our new Group Executives an opportunity to   also put their flavour on it. So it is a lot of  information and I know there is a lot there. The   document was sent out to all of you this week  but I do want to say, I thank you for being so   frank and open with us in the role that we have  to play in this journey ahead to 2032. I want to  

thank our Minister and our Assistant Minister for  being huge advocates and keeping us in line over   the last few months and importantly our Board  with our Chair and our Board and our TEQ team   for delivering everything that we said we would  do by the deadlines that were meant. I also want   to say to you that the strategy is only as good  as the execution and I can assure you that we are   living and breathing this document already, we are  already trying to deliver upon these targets and   whilst it won't be easy and whilst we may not  meet all of them you can certainly be assured   that we're going to be honest and transparent  about that if we can't. So it is an exciting time   there's a lot for us to digest there we're  going to be around afterwards but I do want to   now welcome to the stage Andrew Hopper our DG to  show not only the unity between our organisations   but how we're going to work with you to better  our industry moving forward. Welcome Andrew.

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