Sydney Day 4: Mankousheh of the Day, Muscle Cars, Rugby Match Experience, i4Give, Vivid Drone Show

Sydney Day 4: Mankousheh of the Day, Muscle Cars, Rugby Match Experience, i4Give, Vivid Drone Show

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How are you guys? Lewis from the Showtime crew here. I'm from Hachit, Lebanon and we're here at Andy's Cafe today in Sydney, Australia. Here with Muscle Cars and the West Coast Riders here for the car show today at Andy's Cafe.

How are you guys? It's Paul, I'm the president of the Sydney Muscle and Performance Car Club. We're at Andy's Cafe for our King's Birthday long weekend cars and coffee car show. We've got a real big variety of cars here today. We're just about to do the trophy presentation.

It's been a really good turnout today. So we're always hosting it, generally monthly now in conjunction with Andy's. So yeah guys, if you want to come down to the next one, come see what it's all about, please do it.

We're a club that we have all different types of cars. If anyone's interested in joining our club, you can contact us via email or Facebook and Instagram, Sydney Muscle and Performance Car Club. Also this event here holds lots of different car clubs. We invite any car club, any bike club, whatever there might be to come and enjoy this great morning. So if you've got another car club that want to participate, please do.

And yeah, please come down and see us. Thanks guys. I'm Andy from Andy's Cafe. We've got a big event on today.

And we'd like to welcome you here to Sydney and to our shop. We love you. We love you. Good morning.

Sabha al khair. Sabha al khairoon. We do the forklifts. We're forklift specialists. And we have a collection of cars.

So my main business is forklifts. We do all the forklift rentals, sales and that. And then we've got a place in the markets of Flemington. So we do a lot of repairs and maintenance and hire down there. So it's pretty good.

We just collect a few cars. We've got a few cars here. We've got a little bit here. We've got a little bit around the corner. So we've got a few cars everywhere.

We've got plenty of forklifts as you can see. Mille fraudes. Had ferrazgab. Anak alon hawni ku jai al hawni anyway.

Sari hawni about 50 years. I'm still young though, 40. Unexpected visit. Abadan, anjad.

Jair nekoul mankoushe. Tlaana bel ekher be ajka siyarat, a'alem. Fine khabber kon ymken 10% ribaoun. Tamakoul ekter.

Lebneniye. Rekad w kello tsawat. Akhadna sawar. Andon siyaraton. Kel wahad men el daya. Sarlon hon sneen w sneen w sneen.

Oh my goodness. And then akhadna el mankoushe. Sabha al khairoon. We do the forklifts. We do all the forklifts.

So we do all the forklifts. And then we do all the forklifts. And then akhadna el mankoushe, sawarneha shmoula ddook, ashatneha David, lakanno anna mawad baad chwey, moun hana ybalesh. Oh my God. Kwet. Jnoun.

Yalla nher jdeed be Sidney be balish hala. I'm going to have breakfast at Huda's, so I'm going to surprise her and bring her with me manakish. So I was walking on the street and I saw that there's no manakish like this. There's no Lebanese pizzeria like this. So why not? We'll see if their manakish are good, we'll buy a few mankoushe and get to know the place.

She met me and wants to meet Abu Ali. Why not? Anthony, where are you from? Kafra. Did you come or were you born here? I was born here. You love Lebanon, you love Arabic.

Attachment to the roots. You were born here but your heart is here. I was born there.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Amazing, next. Amazing, the vibe, the people, the crowd, the food, the service, the thyme. Manoucheh challenge. One manoucheh a day. 16 million Lebanese people in the world should eat manoucheh every day to stop the economy of Lebanon. That's the challenge.

All the way. I'll start and we'll all eat together. You wake up in the morning and open your eyes, coffee, manoucheh. You won't get a burn, don't worry. I got a very nice gift from Lebanon.

I chose them because the work I did is amazing. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you. The manoucheh is amazing. The cheese is amazing.

I want to eat a lot. Their cheese, check. The cheese is good, the dough is good. Let's taste the thyme. The main thing is the thyme.

The thyme, oh, look at the softness. The dough is very soft even though it was delivered 10 minutes ago. Very good one. We eat in a crowd at their place, not by mistake. Thyme, dough, nothing like it.

I brought my breakfast with me but it's not broken. I am preparing the labneh, Lebanese village product, Jordanese valley, some olives from the village, Lebanese cucumbers. Oh, macdoussette.

It's going to be fun. It's perfect. Top. I'm Ethan. All you need to do today is choose which team you want to support. You can either support the Parramatta Heels or the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs.

You just choose, I'm not going to help you. Shoot shoes! How? I'm wearing a shirt, is there anything in front of me? I'm going to buy that one, try it on. Who's going to win today? The USA Band! Is it a Kura? Patron! How are you? I'm fine. We've been here 36 years. Peter, my brother. business partner, he played for Parramatta for 12 years, played for New South Wales, played for Australia. That's Peter there, if you have a look,

this one. This is Peter. Right, so Peter wins score for Parramatta with Peter in 1986 Grand Final. Stan Jerd. 83. 83, sorry, and 86, did you? When did your parents move to Australia? Which year? 1930.

1930. My grandparents. Okay. Yeah. Wow. And my family come in 1930. Yeah. So he had 9 kids, bought them all across one by one and we landed in Corinda in the bush. Still got store in Moree. S-F, A-S-S-E-F.

Welcome. The story is that after noon we have a rugby match. We have something very nice, very great. They are not telling me anything. I said surprise surprise, we will see. So David brought me here to buy jerseys and then his Lebanese friends go out.

A house in the summer, in Petarram, in 1930. And wow. We are everywhere. We are everywhere. Everywhere. Great inspirational story, right? You are watching on YouTube. I love you, my love. I love watching

Dakheel Albak. How long have you been in Sydney? 2 days. I love you, my love. Thank you so much. Thank you. Oh my God, okay. Okay. In the village square in Paramata, I remember last time we ate a very delicious ice cream.

Maybe here on the right and on the left. We are waiting for the jersey to be sold out and they say no garlic no onions. We bought 2. The winner, without anyone feeling that he is wearing it, says that he was excited all the time. So we

are not upsetting anyone. Or we wear it against him to tell him not to worry, we are next to you. We will see. Ice cream time. What was it called? I forgot. Let's walk. Welcome to Paramata village. No chance on ice cream. It is not working with us in this trip.

We are not succeeding in ice cream. It is closed today, public holiday. 1979, a very old brand, maybe commercial, but when I first reached the fridge, it was very refreshing. First, it is not shiny, it does not have water, it is sharp and velvety. It is delicious. They are not melted or frozen. You know when

you stand in front of the fridge and you feel that the colors are not sharp or shiny. Here, it is just sharp. The names are nice and appetizing. It just feels good. Chocolate, nice cocoa flavor, commercial yet comforting. Rum raisin, my favorite. This is vanilla.

White chocolate raspberry. It is good. And the rum raisin at the end. I honestly love it. Commercial probably. People might say that it is impossible to go here. I love it. Done right.

Enjoyable and comforting ice cream. It is standing is beautiful and shiny. Nice find. Pitekar. That is you. Yes, that is it. With hair, many years ago. As you get older, things

happen to you. Just keep the good look. I told him that I am hungry. I have a surprise for him. We stopped at the company on the street. I remembered that I ate something very delicious last

time. You won't believe but it is very delicious. There is an alarm. Bravo. And then he is preparing a new project that nobody knows about yet. Coming soon. We told him that we will taste it too. A little around with David at her cola. What are you doing? I found it. They have vine leaves without a joke. Amazing. They have vine leaves. Amazing. Not

only that, wait. So good. Koussa. Oh my goodness. Yes, yes. It is like my grandma's cooking. Canned, yes. Who cares. It is good. Invite your friends for dinner. Put them here and

tell them that we stayed all night and we will cook them. So good. The car is following me. Now the serious stuff. I told you that we are getting Mouneh from Lebanon. The Lebanese Mouneh

came. We got it. Adonis Valley. Lebanese Village. New organic products from Lebanon. You name it. Our roads. You heard about them, we filmed them, we went to their villages, we showed them to you at home.

The mind's eye, Adonis Valley, Avicenne which we take from it to France, Carmel, Hawa, names that you might not have heard about but you saw them on YouTube and Instagram. They are not big brands or big corporations. Just count the families behind this Mourdban. I can tell you that there are women's cooperatives from all villages in Lebanon. Count them. Mountel Bet. A-Green. Ok. You need to support Lebanon and its production.

Buy from Lebanon. I will start here. I always talk about the ice cream that doesn't stick. I always talk about the ice cream that when you take it off, you feel that it has body. It has air without snow, water, a nice stop. It has something like jeans, like velouté without shine. It is

not melted or frozen. It is sitting in the freezer at minus 20 degrees. Even when we press it, it melts slowly without melting. We are talking about ice cream, cream, as if you are eating it in Tripoli. No rest, no rest. These are right. Their quality is right. The food is right. The sugar is right. The water is right. The

taste of the milk in it is right. There is ice cream with cream coming to you. It made me feel close. I will say that I ate it like in Tripoli. With the ingredients in Australia, maybe a bit better. The thing is that Abou Hassan came from Tripoli and he is preparing a nice brand for a traditional Lebanese ice cream in Tripoli, here in Sydney. He is one of the first people who

are tasting it and trying it. The ice cream with cream is amazing. Amar El Din. The good stuff. The lemon. I met the lemon with its elasticity. The lemon. Its sound. The crunch of the ice in it. There is ice cream coming to you soon. It moves the emotions. 291 0:20:15,480 --> 0:20:05,500 Lebanese, original Tripoli.

Abu Hassan, we will film with him in another video. Today, the chef's clothes were not organized. How cute is this guy! What a smile! Wow! I can't get out of my shirt like this. It should be organized.

Deal! Next time, you will meet him. I follow you on Instagram. Thank you. Wow! Amazing! I love the work you do. Thank you so much. Green light.

So the surprise is, the Bulldogs chairman has invited you to the chairman's lounge. That's the surprise. We are not just going to the game, we are going to the chairman's lounge. They told me that there are some Lebanese players. Of course.

The chairman is waiting for us. There will be a lot of interviews tonight. We will see the game. It's going to be fun. After hockey in Canada, it is time for rugby in Australia. What are you doing here? Wow! From Lebanon to the stadium.

Here he is. Have a look. No garlic, no onion. What are you doing? Beautiful shirt.

Lucky to see you. I am so happy. I am so happy. I am so happy. I am so happy. Lucky to see you.

Nice. Long time. You are back. I came to see you. This is your first rugby league football game.

Yes, indeed. Two Lebanese teams, very passionate. They get so excited.

You know, Lebanon in the villages, the World Cup soccer. Same. Hopefully there is no fight. No. No.

Have you tried the meat pie? Hot chips? Hot dog? Nice to see you. I am doing security for Anthony. Secret service. Hi, it's Rob Shahady.

I am here for the I Forgive Cup. I am here at the stadium. I am proud to be part of the I Forgive Cup for Danny and Layla and the Seiker family. It's a very touching foundation.

Please support it. Parramatta vs Bulldogs, that's why we are here. We are going to celebrate the kids. Their beautiful lives that they lived. I hope you can enjoy it.

The experience that Anthony is going to give you in this massive stadium. Come with me. Let's go check it out.

Are you ready? My name is John Khoury. I am from Sydney, Australia. I have been to Lebanon 10 times. I speak broken Arabic. I am proud to be Lebanese.

It's a long story. I have been the chairman of the Bulldogs for 2 years. I am living my dream. It's a very beautiful story. It brings together the Lebanese community and the Australian community. What's great about our community.

Of course there is cooking, history, but we are also succeeding in business and sports. Jordan is one of our young hopefuls. His parents grew up in South West Sydney. All Bulldogs supporters.

Jordan was playing in another club. We have brought him home. We are very proud of him. He is of Lebanese Australian heritage. He loves Lebanese food. He is going to be a superstar at the Bulldogs.

Dr. Anthony Rahail. He is a world famous food blogger. No Garlic No Onions is his channel. You should follow him. I have been following him for 2 years.

I love his content. We are here to experience an NRL game. We are going to give him a nice experience. Here in National Rugby League it's made up of 17 teams across Australia. We are Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs.

We are one of the 17 teams. We are in an area of Sydney where there is a big Lebanese diaspora community. We have a lot of supporters.

I grew up supporting the Bulldogs. My brother was a coach here for 9 years. Through a long story I ended up on the board 6 years ago.

2 1⁄2 years ago I was honoured to be elected the chairman of the Bulldogs. Our bitter rivals who are playing today, the Parramatta Eels also has a large Lebanese community here. You are going to see a lot of passion during the game. A lot of cheering. A lot of booing. A lot of it is we have supporters from all communities. It's a very diverse

community. Western and South West Sydney Parramatta, Canterbury Bankstown but of course you'll see a lot of our fellow community from the Lebanese Australian community cheering for the Bulldogs. Allow me to appreciate your passion. Your humility.

How happy you are. Your generosity and everything. Thank you so much for having me. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much for having me and all the tables up there in your lounge. I'm so proud of you. We're very proud of you too Dr. Rahay.

Thank you so much. You're so welcome here and I'm glad you're going to experience a special day today. Thank you. I'm so proud of what you're doing for the villagers in Lebanon.

Giving them hope. This is Phil Gould. Phil Gould is a legend of rugby league. He played, he coached, he managed at the highest levels. He was the youngest first squad former winning coach of the Bulldogs.

Presentation to the world famous food blog No garlic no onions. Dr. Anthony Rahayel. Applause.

Danny wonderful to have you here with us. As the title suggests the I Forgive Cup. This is about forgiveness. Everyone knows your story. Everyone was touched by your story. Tell us why you want to raise awareness and conversations about forgiveness.

Thank you. Look we just my wife and I after what happened to us in our circumstances we opened up the I Forgive Foundation just to raise awareness about forgiveness and teaching people that forgiveness is for the forgiver just as much as the forgiven. It's helped us, it's helped our lives moving forward with the circumstances that we're in and now there's an awareness piece that we're trying to spread across the nation.

And you're doing a fantastic job everyone here. Wouldn't agree with that. Music.

Music. Speaking Arabic. Good food. Good food for a lounge. Interesting salmon cornet. And then comes meat and so on. Applause.

Speaking Arabic. It's not very good. It's not very good. And enjoyable. Feeling blessed tonight. Music.

We're both partners of the firm Carolina Day which has been around for over 120 years. And we are the sponsors for the bulldogs and also for the eels today. And yeah.

Which part of Lebanon are you from? From the north. From the north. Madrid. Yeah, Madrid. I'm originally from the city of Akkar. I was born in Lebanon and came to Australia when I was 14. So now I've been in Australia for 45 years.

Now you know my age a little. Music. Music. Music.

Music. Music. Music. Music. How do you know it's Lebanese? We hear the sound of the drum.

How do you know it's Lebanese? It started with a drum. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started.

The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. The Lebanese drum started. Why did you forgive?

My children died and I have nothing left to give them. The only solution is 570 0:40:08,000 --> 0:40:02,000 does to seek revenge. to forgive, to keep their strong memory and to be able to enter heaven after I die. Please get on our website with the number 4

for the 4 angels, Anthony, Angelina, Sienna and Veronique. And get on our Instagram page, iforgive and join us. And remember, look around you.

Who haven't you forgiven? Who can you let go of any anger, pain? Because I pray one day that Lebanon has a forgiving heart and we'll come back to where we were. And please follow our Facebook page, the 4 angels. I haven't changed the name yet. Wow, we are in the game. The vibes are great. The excitement is great.

Lebanese, Lebanese, Lebanese, Lebanese all across, all around. It's crazy. But what you heard is very important. We filmed it in the episode 6 months ago. We entered a restaurant called Katf. And we got to know a bit about the story you heard now.

And then you look at the parents, parents, I should focus on the phone. You look at the parents, parents, love in an unbelievable way, they are still in love in an unbelievable way, strength, strength, strength, strength. I am crying and they are women. Love, faith, wow, I will talk about them later.

So the bulldogs, it seems like they won't win today, it's ok. It's ok. Both of them have good and bad, both of them are Lebanese and we love them all together. Or they have a Lebanese manager or chairman with them all together. Thank you for the love. Thank you to the chairman, thank you for all the love, thank you to everyone who stopped me in the corridor, thank you to everyone who took a selfie with me, thank you, thank you a million times for all the love you're giving me in Australia.

And then the main topic, we remember again, forgiveness. What a quick emotional interview, which deserves more, I will meet them again more and more. I hope they become from Australia, Lebanon, and wherever in the world, they teach people forgiveness, forgiveness. Wow. Imagine a situation, imagine someone being able to forgive so much of what he learned from it.

Let's go back and focus on the game, live the nice vibes, and continue our tour in a trip that I can't believe what is happening, by the minute. I can't believe it, I don't know how I am staying and sleeping 4 hours every day, and there is so much vitality and excitement. There is love coming out of the ground.

Bye, see you in Australia. I am waiting for you. See you, thank you.

Let's go side by side. Are you sure you want to go down and walk here? Of course not. But you should. Let's do it.

If you go down and I stand there, and we raise our hands and say the drum starts to beat, does it beat? Yes. I will kill you. Anthony! Anthony! Wow! So someone should come to the match and eat hot dog.

Bread. Cheese. Amazing with a match in goal. Really, amazing. I am not going to say gourmet but the bread, cheese, hot dog, and everything is as they are sitting down. Diet Coke and everything.

Let's go. You are too serious. I am going to talk to the stadium.

A lot of people are here. Thank you for joining us here today for the Bulldogs versus Eels Kings birthday clash here at Acor Stadium. Today both teams have been playing for the I Forgive Foundation Cup. Could you please welcome Danny and Layla Abdallah along with the Minister for Sports and Small Business Mr Steve Camper to present the I Forgive Cup to the winning captain Clint Gappasie.

All the world is going to see you. All Lebanese are going to see you around the world. You make us proud definitely. You come from Lebanon.

Tripoli. That's our Beirut. And Tripoli all the north is in Australia. You are taking our name very hard.

You are born in Australia. You always feel that Lebanon is in the heart. 100%. We always want to show how much the culture means to us. We are very proud to be Lebanese.

God bless you. Thank you. Thank you. Next trip we hope we play better. We will have bigger fans for you.

Deal. I will play with them. They are big boys.

Bye. Lovely. Amazing experience. Out of this world experience. The show from here is different from there.

I got you a trophy. This is Anthony. He won the trophy.

You have won the official chair. Well done. The Lebanese are in a good mood. The guys are playing. The chairman, Rob, everything in between.

The team, supporters are still here. They gathered more than 30,000 people. 5,000 dollars for an amazing cause. All Australia talks about it.

It started from something bad. Someone died. But a big part of it was learned from Australia and the rest of the countries. I am very honored and blessed to be here one amazing emotional day.

Australia is amazing. My name is George. I am from a village in Lebanon. I come from a village in Lebanon. North Lebanon called Kfarsoub. I am the first generation Australian born in Australia.

My father came here in 1956. My mother came 2 years later in 1958 with 4 children. I was born in 1959 and my younger sister was born in 1962. 6 children, 14 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. My mother is 92 years of age and she has left 5 generations alive now.

Something that is very very rare. My parents were married at a very young age. 16. They were grandparents at the age of 35.

They came here and they can't speak Arabic. They speak Arabic but they can't read. They can't read Arabic.

And the same with English. Can't speak or write English. Can't speak or write Arabic. They came here and they worked hard. My father came here in 1965 and he was born in worked and he got enough money to set himself up in a fruit shop in Stratfield. Stratfield was a very good suburb, one of the best suburbs.

They done very well out of that. Then he shut that and he moved to Kempsey, close to home, at the time living at Kempsey, and he brought a milk bar. And they done very long hours there.

In those days there was no McDonald's, no Hungry Jack's, no Kentucky Fried Chicken. They used to open from 6am till 3 o'clock in the morning. They'd go home for three hours and then come back to work. What I've done, I went to St Mel's, Kempsey, Christian Brothers, Lewisham. I joined the Commonwealth Bank in 1976.

I spent the best part of 15 years there. I was a business development manager. I worked myself to be the PA, the private assistant to the general manager in New South Wales.

In 1991 I quit and I went into business with my brothers. They had five menswear shops in the city called Stewarts. I worked with them for eight years.

I was on the board of the Bulldogs Football Club in 1995. They asked me to set up Bulldogs Financial Services Forum. I did that for two years and then I started my own business, mortgage brokering and construction finance in 2002, and that's where I am now.

I'm currently on the board of Canterbury Leagues Club. I've been on that board since 2012. I was chairman from 2018 to 2021.

I've run six elections in a row and I've won six elections. Last election, my whole ticket got up. So we've done well.

The key to the success for you in Australia is we've got to do what our ancestors done, what our fathers done and what our grandfathers done. We've got to work hard. It's a different story to when my parents and all the older generation come. No English, no money, backsides hanging out of their pants. Some come without shoes and they've got enormous wealth.

And if we don't work hard and take their footprint, everything will go because nobody takes anything with them, be assured. But hard work never killed anybody and it's in our DNA. Lebanese, we work hard and we must continue to work hard and that way we will prosper. Our families will prosper.

The country will prosper and more importantly than anything, our church will prosper. Our church will prosper. The Maronite church will prosper.

Our faith is unrelenting. We don't give up. All we have is our faith. Maronites have faith, dictatorship.

This is the most successful festival I've ever seen. It's crowded everyday. You can't see the ground, people are on top of each other.

Today we're all gathered for the drone show, 1000 drones, we'll see them together. Under the harbor bridge. I lost David, I lost myself, I don't know where I am. I'm walking and walking. The baby is so small. There is a lot of crowd, you can't imagine.

The show is over, tomorrow is the first day of work, a long weekend. 50,000, I don't know, 60,000, 100,000, I don't know. An unbelievable amount of people.

All of them left together to go home. David's village, they are here, the warm people, the ones who left and came. Let me say something before we start. The point is dirty on the ground, there is no cigarette. Respect, maximum, I learn from it.

Before we leave, we said that we should have dinner. Whale Bridge, we found a quick coffee, we ran from one to another. Who will welcome us? Who's kitchen is open? Who will drink a beer with us? A nice local beer, cheers to myself.

Food, a view on the bridge that closed, it didn't close yet. A view on the city, amazing Sydney. Really, what is the saying, who gets embarrassed, gets embarrassed. He doesn't know it, he ignores it. I got embarrassed, cheers. Oh yummy, draft Australian beer.

Fish, this is not chicken, fish escalope, battered, lemon, a very nice crunch, a very nice breading, inside a piece of fish, super moist, a bit of tartare on the side. It looks fresh, not soaked in oil inside. Very good. What else? What is it? Steak, steak frites.

With café de Paris sauce, oh amazing. And the soufflé au comté, the place has a French touch. Yeah, French restaurant. French restaurant and you're French. Nice to meet you, thank you very much. With pleasure, enjoy your meal.

Cool, I feel home. Very appetizing, French touch. It was written on the menu in French but I didn't know why. French style French frites.

Wow. Who says that in a tourist place, people, crowd, whatever you want, you eat this much food. Top. Did you see the famous green sauce of Entrecôte, France? We're done. We're done. And, lastly, the last thing, soufflé of cheese.

I think this will burn the mouth and the tongue, of course. A piece of melted cheese. Look at the smoke coming out of it, can you see it? So I'll tell you that it's called Whale Watch, right? Whale, the food is very good.

Let's do a hamsk, what a day, what a day, what a day. Surprise after surprise, I thought we finished the stadium and we're going straight to the hotel to do the editing and finish my night. It's 11 a.m. and we're still sitting here and enjoying. What a Sydney! Crazy. You can feel the fish without it being fried.

Exactly. And the crunch is interesting. The meat is tender, the fries are great. Thank you very much. With pleasure. It was a pleasure.

Great, great. What a nice surprise. It's really cool. It's nice to see you here, to speak French.

There are a lot of French people I've seen here and there who come for tourism and they love the country and say to themselves, we're staying. It's cooler, more relaxed. Yes, that's right, completely. Come on, take care. Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

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