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uh you will think these will be scripted you know but they're not but i'm going to say it again because i [ __ ] up that previous take but yeah get ready for some shitty riffs and some shitty zeros [Music] since i'm on vacation i'm basically rushing the writing of the zuola songs so get ready for some [ __ ] okay [Music] so [Music] yes hello huey welcome to sunny with ola 94 i hope you guys have a great morning and a great day team no sleep hello what's up do you have your coffee shorty no well okay as i said earlier i'm still on vacation with my kids i come in make the swollus and maybe do some other work as well so i rush these things but i'm gonna let you know what i've been doing for the past week my dad came over with a bunch of old videotapes and camera taped from the 80s and the 90s with old footage of me and my siblings and some cool [ __ ] man so i've been sitting going through and trying to transfer all of those to a digital format and i have some really cool stuff that i i'm gonna share with you guys like my first gig and uh [ __ ] like that it's gonna be it's gonna be great and also there's a full-on john petrucci clinic on there from 1999 so i'm going to put that up on the youtube channel this coming week so look after that that's cool man that was when he was doing clinics for ibis and also some good old skate video some uh you know if you want to see me if you can fall over on skateboard you have a great time look at this that's ola right there what are you gonna do well not nail it obviously what the [ __ ] was that even supposed to be right there look at this camera quality by the way [ __ ] great [ __ ] cool kids man let's do it come on you can do it ah not too far off well [ __ ] you little ola ah remember when i talked about tom lee breaking his ribs while falling off the stairs and you know that being a thing that boomers do that they fall downstairs like old people well i fell down a set of stairs the other day and i think i might have fractured a rib that's why it hurts when i laugh i'm just saying also i'm working on my just saying removal okay i'm i'm really trying hard man i i really am but uh if i say just saying one more time i'm uh i'm gonna get canceled okay great let's start with the news [Music] biggest piece of [ __ ] news i've seen in a long time is that gibson announces the rex brown of pantera signature base the metal base titans new center four-string sports looks sorry look short looks like short gold hardware two rexbucker thunderbird pickups and a master tone knob with push-pull active passes switching pantera and down legend rex brown has joined forces will gibson to create a new center thunderbird bass guitar i just want to see the price of this baby right here just say there he is sound like a pro uh gibson rex bronze signature thunderbird is available now with a modern series hardshell case included for 27.99 okay okay okay i'm not going to argue with that let's check out the movie there's a there's a movie oh they're playing pantera what this new bass features a mahogany neck body and gold heart with a hip shot bridge and a two nurse including a drop the extender okay so you can quickly drop look at him go oh look at him go oh don't make me laugh okay stop in my opinion i think that bass looks can kick ass since they're releasing a signature bass maybe there's something happening in the pantera camp pretty soon ha that's just speculating right there i have no idea what's gonna happen bass is called i want one okay so there you go i'm back again one day after recording sun with ola well the reason is that yesterday evening there were a bunch of press releases being sent out regarding phil and selmo and rex brown to reunite pantera for 2023. so i was basically speculating about this happening when i talked about the rex brown signature base and here it is and holy [ __ ] is this gonna be a [ __ ] fest in the comment section i quote a pantera reunion tour has been talked about for years on end but never came to fertition until now vocalists fell on salmon basis rex brown have officially signed with artists group international for a pantera tour happening sometime in 2023 though no specific dates or time frame has been announced now the question from people is obviously going to be who's going to play guitar who's going to play drums man can they really call it pantera without the two main forces of the band the brothers not being in it it's gonna be extremely tough and if you check the comments on facebook posts it's basically dividing fans one side's saying that you know they can't do it they can't do this under the pantera name fine if it's a pantera tribute show then fine you know phil is already doing that with uh the illegals basically a vulgar display of power and then there's the other side that says that you know slayer only had like two original members at the end playing a slayer saying that it's possible for pantera to reunite with just phil and rex there's a lot of gatekeeping in these comments sections and i wouldn't take you know facebook comments as being uh a good representative of what people really think because most same people are not on facebook and i can definitely understand both sides you have the people that want to gatekeep the band and you know don't let anything ruin whatever pantera was back in the day because patera were amazing man and there's the other side where you know but what about the newer generation and what about keeping the pantera name alive you know personally i would love to go see pantera live again if i could not it's not the exact same but [ __ ] hell man i will go see if you can stadium pantera cover band just to hear the songs live man if they swing by sweden i'm going to be first in line of getting a ticket i'm not going to lie i want to see these guys play man these are still a part of a legacy that you know is very important to me obviously the biggest part of the legacy to me it's not going to be a part of it but you know i still want to hear pantera songs live man now the big question is who's going to be the guitar player and the drummer for this thing it says here that zack wilde is not a part of it but my guess would have been that sack wild would have been the closest uh in terms of you know being such close friends with dimebag then there's other probably more fitting choices uh younger guitar players you know maybe like west hawk or attila that is basically nailing all the dimebag [ __ ] out there you know brandon ellis maybe one of the best modern metal guitar players right now there's a lot of fitting options and i think it's going to be really exciting to see who they will consider and who they eventually will announce as being uh guitar player for this i think that is gonna divide people even more like who will they go with also if you read a lot of the facebook comments there's a lot of people suggesting that i would be the uh the guitar player for a potential pantera reunion and i just have to shoot that down i won't be able to hold the flag right there man that's just too big of a commitment right there and to be honest i wouldn't be able to pull it off there's so many more talented guitar players out there that are way more fitting that i am even though i see the comments out there you guys i uh i love you guys you're amazing but it's too important for me to for me to be a part of it you know i want to be the guy who's in the crowd watching the band you know more importantly what do you guys think about this let me know in the comments section and let's go back to the news that was recorded yesterday with old language from yesterday okay let's grab it from here all right so we're not completely done i woke up today and saw that psych wall is indeed playing the guitar in this project with benante on drums and that makes me really excited man it becomes a super group and finally now maybe we can go back to the news how about that pics what oh oh maybe you should record that news and this webinar segment later in the week so you don't have to redo all the new segments how about that huh how about that well that that is definitely smart that did all right nina strauss leaves alice cooper's band cancels a solo tour date [ __ ] what is going on i'm not pregnant ouch there is no drama whatsoever my touring year is still very fall in full in fact i'm on a flight straight into the next adventure as i post this and i'll be on stage again much sooner than you think but that's news for another day oh so she joined another band holy [ __ ] oh i wonder what that could be is it the bad evan megadeth evan metallica i don't know but you know what now there's a spot open for jen and alice cooper huh jeff majira are you in here jen maybe you can confirm in the chat thank you and congratulations on the new job and alice cooper all right more speculation i have no [ __ ] idea i'm just speculating right here sad to see her go because nida is a [ __ ] shreddest of the upper kind okay disturbs dan donegan unveils [ __ ] castle culture schechter guitar frontman david draymond says he couldn't be more proud of his band mate it's the uh guy in my penis in disturb he's very proud of his guitar player for this i guess message that the casa culture should be [ __ ] basically i want to feature this guitar because one is the schecter shakers are cool and two it's chewy the guy who did all the dime bag finishes back in the day on my dying 3s t right there he did that one and he also did the the washburn over there the the uh the uh warfare soul rv that that's over there he did the graphics for that one he did this for the guy you know a little bit of copyright infringement right there on the logo but it's still castle cultural good man i guess all right last but not least revocation has released a new single and it includes a lot of my favorite things in life death metal skateboarding sick guitar play six shoes uh sick t-shirt that says bloodbath on it and the video is [ __ ] insane look at this they're in the skatepark jamming out how cool is that i have such massive respect for david uh he's just [ __ ] killing it with his band man he's just such a talented guitar player and he's doing all this and playing all this while singing when i went back and saw some of the old tapes of me playing guitar in my first gig i was actually singing playing guitar too so you know i was probably smarter and more talented back in the day than i am right now because now i can't sing and play for [ __ ] just saying [ __ ] how many uh just sayings do we have right now and count we should put a counter down there so the people in the chat doesn't have to uh put a car just saying anyways guys that was the news right now [Music] all right it's what is it 8 30 sunday i'm currently watching the last chat of uh swallow 93 happening right now as i speak so why am i here on a sunday you might ask the reason why i'm here this early on a sunday in the office is because i just learned the past week that we have a gig on first day with the haunted and i completely forgot about the gig so now i have to figure out my rig and all and i also need to practice so so i have to find my [ __ ] man okay i got my quad cortex ready the problem with not playing that often is that you forget your [ __ ] like what were you using you don't have a routine for your touring stuff you know so i'm just gonna bring up my touring case and see what happens basically i'm going to try and rock oh [ __ ] that's bright so i'm going to bring out all my [ __ ] right now what oh [ __ ] sorry all right [Music] [Music] [Music] all right i think i have the rig figured out for this show and now it's just about learning the songs again [Music] all right cara's been filled up ola's about to get starbucks [ __ ] oh [ __ ] luxury uh i guess we're on our way and i brought luis she's filming hello [Music] you killed yourself or something hi so yes we're on our way [Music] blocking my entrance oh maybe it's after you know it's the next empress sorry nurgle this is it uh [Music] hey [Music] [Applause] [Music] are we gonna take a picture are we filming yeah just filming a bit i'm just talking uh solar artists they're playing the same stage just before so we're going to catch the show we're going to film all day it's going to be they're going to catch the show it's going to be amazing i'm looking forward to it i'm also going to catch the mountain good good for the first time awesome [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh [Applause] [Music] up [Music] foreign [Music] down the line [Music] foreign [Music] so [Music] [Applause] oh [Music] [Music] what's up [Music] if you're a swede and you want to go grocery shopping do you know where to go city groves that's that's where i buy all my [ __ ] now we're on our way home it was a great gig neck is sore you know you've done a good job if your neck is sore it was really cool as usual i saw a bunch of members in front row also saw a couple of chug life t-shirts in the audience as well which is always fun to see uh but right now me and luis are heading home to our kids and our dog and uh yeah and that was adventures with ola for you right there all right question of the day ola did you delete your earlier instructional videos they utilized computerized speech early in your channel's life it was my introduction to you and your humor but i can't find them anymore love your content current caught that but also think the early videos are worth classic too what are they gone maybe matt damon came and claimed them er record i think it's metal guitars at home bam no it's it's still there man maybe it's because i changed the uh the the thumbnail right there the thumbnails have been changed you know when i try to make uh you know try incorporate my logo that became the solo guitar sloga afterwards uh but no they're still here that's matt damon so basically if you are new to the channel and didn't check my previous or first videos you know i didn't speak at all in my first video so i utilized matt damon to record tutorials and uh i mean [ __ ] to this day they're like uh yes man seven of seven 750 thousand views man as well but it's always and it shows how i'm you know eq wing guitars and [ __ ] like that is it accurate to what i'm doing today probably not you know fairly similar i would say but uh you know an eq in a tutorial is so subjective uh like saying where to cut certain frequencies and where to not cut and stuff like that that all depends on the source you know so if you have a source that has a lot of like high-end obviously you want to cut there but if i tell you that you know you want to cut the high end here some guys are going to be either cut the high end of a tone that doesn't really have a problem with the high end you know so just give an example it's really tough to make tutorials like this but it seems very popular maybe i should go back and redo this video for 2022. let's make a poll in the chat okay let's say should i do a video probably should thank you all right i want to go back and watch ola england skate a little bit look at this what almost nailed man oh what two in a row i mean look at those pants man when was this like 94 yeah almost like he'll flip very close it makes me really happy seeing all these old videos you know and oh look at that not too bad you know i saw some videos from when i was turning six years old and dude man it pulled on my emotional strengths right there i haven't seen my own face when i was six years old uh in a very very long time and seeing it now you know i realized that [ __ ] my son looks exactly like me so he wasn't a mailman you know look at that i bet back in the day when i was making skate videos there were more failed videos than success videos just saying all right all right i have an idea whenever i say one of these things that i don't want to say you know these filler words like just saying how about that that's one other one it's just another one i want to get rid of when i say these filler words maybe i i have to donate something to like the children cancer fund or something like that that's a good idea i'm going to do that and start that for next sunday with ola but guys that was it for sunday with ola today make sure to check out the john petrucci clinic video later this week and also i'm gonna make a video where i'm checking out my first uh shows and all that it'll be wholesome okay it's gonna be great i think and it you know might show you a little bit of uh you know my history with bands and whatnot i think it could be cool anyways i hope you had a great sunday i'll see you guys tomorrow swallow sunday with ola live stream tomorrow on my second channel okay thank you so much for tuning in and again jen congratulations to the new gig with alex cooper have a good one and please don't make me laugh it hurts my rib thank you goodbye you

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