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SWOLA 117. The first one of 2023. Happy new year.

You bastards, I love you. Let's go. Yeah, baby. What's up? Happy new year, babies. You're my babies.

I was actually a little bit excited about that Sunday with Ola riff that I had there, because I-- You know, sometimes I really enjoy it, and sometimes I don't. But this is one of those times where I actually enjoyed what I wrote. And yeah, so... Sunday with Ola riff challenge, if you had no idea what that is about, it's about just sitting and writing something original every week for Sunday with Ola.

And you can do the same by downloading the drums in the description of this video and you can be a part of the Sunday with Ola livestream. Happy new year, everyone. Holy shit, it's a new year. 2023.

What happened with 2022? It sucked balls. No? How many people are actually up watching this right now in the premiere? I don't think that many. It's 8 AM CET, January 1st. There's still people celebrating New Year's Eve.

So this is for you guys that go up early and don't really celebrate New Year's Eve, maybe. Or you just... I have no idea. Welcome to the show. Have a good day. I figured there wouldn't be as many people watching the premiere of the Sunday with Ola, so I hope you guys are enjoying your New Year's Eve celebrations. But I'm gonna check out the news right here, so let's go.

So, there has been a teasing of a new supergroup of deathcore vocalists. Deathcore supergroup The Big Six Lorna Shore, Attila, Traitors, etc. drops first teaser. Plus guys from Fit For An Autopsy, Left To Suffer, and Infant Annihilator.

So, there's been a bunch of videos or pictures from these guys being at Sweetwater recording something special. And people are expecting... the absolute corest of corey music. Is that even an expression? But I guess with all these singers, that it's gonna be something that a lot of people are looking forward to. The project consists of Attila's Chris Fronzak, Fit For An Autopsy's Joe Badolato, Left To Suffer's Taylor Barber, Infant Annihilator and Scumf****'s Dickie Allen, Traitors' Tyler Shelton and Lorna Shore's Will Ramos.

"What an unbelievably good time with the boys," said Ramos of the band. "These last few days have been absolutely insane between the Christmas show and this monumental meetup. I knew this was going to be good, but I didn't fully grasp how much fun this was going to end up being. I love these guys, and you should too." "Cats out of the bag, we recorded an EP together at Sweetwater," said Shelton.

"These tracks will crush you. Stay updated with new content, merchandise drops, teaser" and everything, OK. But they did release a teaser. That we're gonna watch on Instaface. OK, that sounds like core.

They are The Big Six, that's what I got from this Instagram post. But that's cool for people that are into metalcore and these bands. I mean, that's pretty exciting. You know when we were discussing the topic of how bands would release future material, you know...

Are bands gonna record full albums still? Or are they just gonna do singles, or EPs, or whatnot? Well, Anders Fridén, the singer of In Flames, has his own input on this. He says... "You can't judge an artist in 15 seconds." In Flames also has no interest in doing just singles... OK. Fridén discussed the importance of still making full length albums and how he feels those are the best representation of a band.

"That's how I grew up," he said. "That's how I listen to music. I understand, you have to adapt to the situation we're in, and I understand a lot of people [use streaming services]. You listen to 15 seconds of a song and say, 'That's not for me,' and you move on. But you can't judge an artist in 15 seconds; you've gotta give 'em time." And I absolutely agree with this statement, the problem is that people don't have the time today.

He continues... "Who knows what's gonna happen in the future, but for me, the album is extremely important. That's how I want to present this band, at least. And what others do, that's fine." So, I absolutely agree with this statement.

And I'm a big fan of the album format, and you know, back during the 90s when I was a kid, I was running around in stores and just buying albums and CDs and... And shit like that. That was my life right there. Every Saturday I would go and buy CDs. Or, you know, looking to record stores, and looking at covers and whatnot. That's obviously a very important part of me growing up.

It's kinda hard to grasp the current environment where, you know, the physical aspect is gone and you find everything on streaming services. In Flames is an already established band and in my opinion, they can probably continue doing albums like this. No problems.

Because they're very established, and you know, they have fans and whatnot. And they still release singles off the albums. But for an up and coming band, it's just not gonna make sense to make an album in the same way as it was before. It's better to just put your soul into this one single or like 5 singles, at least, and just scatter out the news, and that's...

You know, there's gonna be a bigger chance of someone recognizing you other than releasing a full album and someone listening to the first song, and then they just basically swipe away the rest, because it wasn't for them. So, I think of it like this. If you're an established artist, or an established brand, You can make the albums, and that's not a problem. People will listen to it, you will still release singles and people will come into it. But as a smaller artist trying to break through, singles is the way to go today.

That's just how it is. But he's saying a lot of good things here. "In a way, we work as hard on one song as the next song as the 13th song, whatever. And you will work on an album, and maybe the 13th song doesn't get as much exposure as you would like, because it's last. But whatever — for me, the album is important." So, absolutely, I've said this a fair bunch of times, you know...

You make this whole album, not all of it is gonna get heard, because people are gonna listen to the singles. I mean, why would you put as much effort on other songs, then? It's really tough. But for us old dinosaurs it's still very important to, you know... To make a full experience. For me it's like, you know...

When I watch a movie, it's the same when I listen to an album, you know, you want the full experience from start to finish. And you listen to the last song, because it's the end of the movie. I mean, imagine if you watched Lord of the Rings and you saw a small little snippet, but then you're like 'Oh...'

but I wanna know what happens later. That's me and albums right there. And that's how it should be, basically. So there you go, I thought it was interesting because In Flames is a great band, established, and I basically share the same sentiment. But even for me at this point, it's still something I'm discussing in my head, like... Is it worth it putting the effort of making an album or should I just do smaller stuff or EPs? It's good for the mind.

You know, my brain, to think. A band that is well established and awesome is Testament, and they're releasing a new album in late 2023. And that is incredibly good news. Look at this, holy shit. Eric Peterson, what a legend.

Eric Peterson says: "I'm gonna start working on some new material, I've been working on ideas," says Pes-- Peserson. Said Peterson. "But gonna try to put the puzzle together. So yeah, hopefully in late 2023 we'll have a new record out." When asked what it's like to be playing with Lombardo again for the first time after all these years, Peterson joked that Testament has certainly gotten faster. "His groove is a lot different," he said.

"I noticed we sped up a little bit, which is a good thing. I like that we're speeding up." So who knows, maybe the new record will be at warp speed the entire time." It's funny, because Testament is one of those bands that really stood the test of time, in my opinion. And usually with bands that have been going on for a long while, you know, what usually is deteriorating through time when people get older is usually the singing part or the vocals. And as many bands grow older, they kinda grow older with the vocals a little bit, but Chuck Billy, in my opinion, is one of those guys that just...

He just sounds exactly the same as when-- You know, obviously not the first albums, I mean... Then he was really young, and you know, had a voice and all that. In terms of the growling aspect and the screaming aspect, I think he sounds better than ever, to be honest. And I'm really looking forward to a new Testament album. Testament has always been like, you know, they always deliver the shit. Going back to the discussion about bands not making any money anymore, because that's every discussion, every Sunday with Ola.

No, but going back to the part where bands are saying that they're not making as much money touring anymore. Sabaton's Joakim Brodén says "It's a struggle for a lot of bands to make money on the road." And he puts in another aspect to this, which I actually didn't think too much about, but that...

you know, when a band booked a tour before the pandemic, you know, you booked with contracts and all that and you have a fixed price, and then everything went into lockdown, inflation happened and everything surrounding making a tour is super expensive while the contracts still stay. So, obviously because of that bands are not making as much money anymore if they try-- You know, if they're doing the tour that was postponed or whatever. He says: "It's really weird, because when we first booked the tour, he economy was much lower than now," Dino continued.

"And then we do these show contracts for 'X' amount of dollars, and all of a sudden we postpone the tour to a year or so later, and so much has changed. Now these contracts, it doesn't match to where the economy is at now. A lot of people don't realize that either [...]

I wish we can go back and renegotiate our contracts, but it's too late — can't do it. It is what it is." Also that's something to bring in to the discussion right there. Contracts.

OK, in the latest Sunday with Ola, I tried to watch the Metallica show where they played Lux Æterna live. I watched a camera clip and I couldn't hear shit, basically. But a day after I recorded the SWOLA, Metallica released their own pro-shot version of the song. And I was curious. Would Lars Mulrich-- Would Lars Mulrich.

And I was curious, would Lars Ulrich nail the intro, or you know, the double kick part of the song live? So we're gonna watch it right now. And hopefully I won't get demonetized. Probably gonna get demonetized. Oh, it's a sealed venue, that's awesome... ...said no one, ever. Yeah, man.

Hey. His kicks are doing fine, man. I mean, to be quite honest, and as many people have said, that beat is not necessarily a very hard beat with double kick, I mean, it's just...

So, I mean... It would be weird if Lars couldn't pull it off. And I bet you guys I can pull it off.

I'm eyeballing my drumkit right there. I should give it a try, I mean, we have time. Do you guys have time, no? Dude, how long has it been since I played the drums? I don't know. Listen. Do we have sound? Sound.

OK. There we go. Lux Æterna.

Na-na. Na-na. Na-na. Ugh. OK.

OK, let's play it at 200%. I can't. Na-nah. Na-na. Na-nah. Great.

So, as you could hear, it's not the most advanced drum beat in the world. And I guess it would be kind of weird if Lars couldn't pull it off. It looks like Cradle of Filth's collaboration with Ed Sheeran is finally taking shape. Still out of breath. Maybe the weirdest collab in a good while, in my opinion.

We have black metal, Dani Filth, and Ed Sheeran from the pop world. But it makes a little bit of sense, because Ed Sheeran has said that he's an avid metal fan. and that he listened to Slipknot and Cradle of Filth when he was a kid. Ed Sheeran said "he'd do anything". "Quite literally, he said he's a massive fan. He seems like a genuinely very nice guy, actually."

What is this gonna sound like? Is it gonna be black metal with Ed Sheeran on it? Or is it gonna be Ed Sheeran music with Dani Filth on it? I can't say I'm extremely excited about hearing the results, but when it's out I will give it a shot, OK. I don't know if it escaped anyone, but it's Christmas, man. And people have been busy with being Christmasy and not too much news happening, so... You know-- Kinda stale on the news front. At least I didn't have to read this article. Where John Mayer likes playing guitar naked after sex, apparently.

I guess... I guess I have to read it, holy shit. OK, in an interview Cooper asked Mayer if he plays guitar before he gets down to business in the bedroom. "No, I do it after sometimes," Mayer responds. "No, you should never play guitar to have sex with someone, but a little naked guitar playing after is very memorable, sitting on the end of the bed with a little gut hanging over. "It's nice."

I'm not sure I wanted to have this picture in my head right here. "I like the way people look when they fold up all weird when they sit up," he adds. "No matter who you are, you look weird when you sit up, and it's cute." Too much information, thank you. And that, my friends, was the news.

Alright, it's... The 30th of December. My daughter's birthday, and I'm out with the dog. My daughter turns 8 years old today. And we're having a party right now, but... Someone needs to take out the dog, so I'm gonna do that right now.

I figured since I didn't have an Adventures with Ola for this Sunday, that I would just take Pix for a walk. Throw a little ball, maybe. So that's what we're doing today. Oh, that's a disgusting ball right there. That's a dirty dog right there. OK.

There. Cleaning the dog, look at that. That's a dirty dog. Mama, help me. Alright, back in.

So... Good dog. There you go, Adventures with Ola.

Bathing the dog, look at that. The cleanest dog today. Question of the Day.

Where my beautiful youtube members get to ask me questions and I get to answer them. If you're a member and you want to have your question featured, you go to the Discord channel and upload a video question into the FAQ channel, OK? Today's question is from RingMasterBones, let's go. I was wondering, you know, Marco from The Haunted, He's from the band Face Down. He did a great album in the 90s called Mindfield, I was wondering if you've ever checked that out and...

if you would ever want to cover anything off it, it would be amazing to see, to be honest, so... You know, look forward to it if you do. Alright, thank you so much for the question.

So, Marco Aro of The Haunted, the band I'm in, he's been a part of a fair couple of different bands. Face Down, like RingMasterBones mentioned here. The Resistance also. And I am absolutely familiar with Face Down. And his other projects. Back when Face Down was a thing during the 90s...

You know, since Sweden is a very small country, and the music industry is quite small even though we have a lot of bands, a lot of people know each other. Or know of each other. And the drummer that was in Face Down well, I played with that drummer in another band, so... You know, somehow everything's connected. The Face Down albums are absolutely insane.

And I think Marco's voice is absolutely crushing. He has his really iconic own grunty voice that I thoroughly enjoy. And I think my favorite performance from Marco is with One Kill Wonder, you know, The Haunted's album One Kill Wonder, it's just... Holy shit.

It's definitely my favorite-sounding Haunted album. Obviously, to this day with The Resistance he had, with Jesper Strömblad, for instance... Like, he's just such a powerhouse of a vocalist.

And I'm extremely proud to be playing in his band, The Haunted. In regards of the cover, I probably won't make a cover of a Face Down song. I like to make covers of songs that have... You know, played a very big importance in my life for...

You know, that make sense to me. Maybe it would be weird to cover... I don't know, maybe it's not weird. Maybe I'll cover it, I don't know.

Oh, you got me. Great. Question of the Day. OK, so as we're going into the new year of 2023, I guess I have to make up some kind of New Year's resolution.

I think last year's resolution, what was that? To play more drums? I kinda f**** up on that one. You know, I was saying that I would play more drums just to keep, you know... some sort of exercise going in my life. And then I just... I played every day. And then I just didn't play every day. So that kinda didn't happen.

You know how it is with New Year's resolutions, you start well for the first three months, and then you're like 'Ah...' You know, you sprain an ankle or something and you're like 'Oh, I'll go back to it later'. And then you don't. But I did start exercising again after Summer, so I don't think that, you know... The exercise part, I'm doing that, OK? But I definitely need to go back and play a little bit of drums. It's fun, man, I like playing drums.

I do have one New Year's resolution that I'm doing together with Louise. And that is that we're gonna cut down on sugar. So we're not gonna eat any candy, we're not gonna have any added sugar to anything.

We're not gonna have sweets, no sodas, no nothing. And we're just gonna try it out for a while. We've done this before.

The year before we got married. We did this, and you know, it works. For me, personally, I'm not really a big 'New Year's resolution' kind of guy, you know, I'm not too good with holding on to things like that. I like to change things up all the time. So we'll see how long I can stick with not having sugar. And maybe you can see a change in me, maybe, you know, my gut kinda falls in.

Or you know, my face maybe gets like this, I have no idea what's gonna happen. But I guess in general... For a New Year's resolution is just to remind myself to be humble and staying grateful for what I have. And it's absolutely something I have to remind myself, and you know... I sit here and work a lot, and you know, it just becomes work. You know, but at the same time I have to sit down and...

Pull myself back a little bit and also just think about how grateful I am for doing what I'm doing. And just be really thankful that I have an audience. You know, and a community, that's absolutely amazing.

Without you guys, I wouldn't be sitting here. So I'm extremely grateful for that, and I'm very thankful for that. So guys, thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to 2023. I think it could be a really sick-ass year, man.

And I have a lot of shit on my agenda that obviously I can't talk about, but it's gonna be up there some day next year. This year, oh shit, it's this year. So let's start off this year with-- Positivity... Positivity. Great, that's a good end-- No? OK, anyways guys, thank you so much for watching this Sunday with Ola, hope you enjoyed it.

And stay awesome. And I'll see you guys on Discord, OK? Goodbye.

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