Svalbard Florida ︱ WE MADE IT TO MIAMI

Svalbard  Florida ︱ WE MADE IT TO MIAMI

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[Music] good morning we are not on Svalbard we are  in Miami on vacation yep that's right it's   me Cecilia usually reporting to you from the  dark corner of the world on Svalbard but we   have swapped out the beautiful dark polar  night for bright beachy days when January   comes around we've lived in darkness for  over two months so it's a great time to   travel to see some daylight and work on regaining  a normal daily rhythm today is a bit of a windy day but you know what I love it you know  what's the biggest thing so far with except   the sunlight that has hit me is the noise  like I don't mind this now because it's   kind of why we're here you know to get  a different vacation and everything but   the real world is kind of loud but yeah so  let's get some gear on I was going to say I   don't need gear here do I I'm going to put my  workout quates on and we're going to head on [Music] out good morning [Music] Miami I really like this hotel room it  looks exactly like what I booked but this has been super comfortable you to put okay I think we're going  to do green even though I it maybe enhances my   non-existing tan a little bit but you know  what also shorts today might be a little bit   of a stretch but again I'm on vacation I want  to feel the heat the Miami winter heat on my   legs maybe this per perfect look what I bought  there's one thing that I wanted for a really   long time and it's these sharing lululemon  bags and they're better than I even thought   I bought the big I think it was like $34 love  it I love it so much I bought this and the big   and then the white and small oh y look at  me look at me little bit of lip exciting exciting my younger sister lived in Miami for over  3 years and used to live in this neighborhood so   for me it's like coming back to something very  familiar since Miami has a mild winter it felt   like the perfect destination for for us since we  really wanted a sort of summer vacation well you   know summer to us I know it's winter to all  you Floridians seeing as our life on Svalbard   is very quiet and wintry it's really nice to  visit something that is the complete opposite   getting here was quite the wild ride though and  it took us in total 3 days our first flight out   of Longyearbyen ended up getting cancelled and  delayed for over a day due to some plane issues   causing us to miss the rest of our flights  but everything got sorted out in the end   and I never get too stressed or mad about things  like that because it's just the way it is things   can happen and most of the time you get to where  you want to go at the end and as you can see we   made it we're here since Miami is 6 hours earlier  than sard I have been living my absolute morning   person dream life we have been getting up early  every morning we're talking like 6:00 or 7 to   start the day with a coffee and go for a walk  down to the beach morning morning morning the   winds are pretty warm they are warm time for  coffee on the beach it is so windy oh my gosh about you might also be wondering what Grimm  is up to while we are awake and he is on a   village vacation with the amazing dog sitter  Signe in Longyearbyen she treats him like an   absolute princess so we know he is having a  good time the other day she went to pick up   her grandchild at the school and when she arrived  there was a queue of 10 kids waiting to meet Grim   how cute can you imagine how loved Grim must  feel so we know that he is in good [Music] hands [Music] I think since I'm so used to living in polar  night and in that kind of extreme situation   I forget just how much it does affect my body  coming here back into the daylight and waking up   to a sun shining bride I feel myself so energized  a feeling that I've really missed and it makes me   look forward to the sun returning to sard even  though polar night is one of my favorite Seasons   too much of anything can become tiring and by  the end of it I am ready for brighter days so   going on a vacation in January always feels so  good like a true love luxury I didn't think my   body would readjust to a regular daily Rhythm  so fast but it's almost like it has been you   know longing for a normal routine waking up  to the sunlight and winding down as the sun [Music] sets [Music] [Music] [Music] Health man we're just here cuz it's so tasty notna liece super super nice thank you you're [Music] welcome look at this  the coffee's here and these sa bowls like it's so beautiful the wind what on Earth the wind took my foam we also have a bagel coming because you know a it's very windy right now I am very much  a breakfast person I want to eat breakfast foods   for all meals for the rest of my life so  I'm in heaven here there are bagels and   as bows in all directions I'm also definitely  averaging like five lattes a day and I love it   so much I really like sitting at a cafe like  this and just kind of watching the world I'm   not a person to visit the mustsee sites  of a place I more like to immerse myself   in the everyday kind of Life Christopher having  traveled a lot in his life is the same our days   are not jam-packed our schedule mainly left  open for whatever we feel like doing that day   while here our main focus is to be outdoors a  lot and enjoy the warmer climate enjoy thank you yeah so good the breakfast was absolutely incredible as  always it's also just right across the street   from our hotel so it's the easiest but we've tried  many of the other places as well especially some   of the old places that were here when my sister  lived here like an old beach stro and everything   is still really nice but we love the food at Pur  so now as you saw before Christopher was wearing   my cap that we bought at uh Bass Pro Shops no  Outdoor World shop I think it's something like   that and in the store he's like no I don't like  that for himself and I'm like I love it I'm going   to get this and now he has been trying to steal  this he has been speaking about my cap for 2 days   how we should go and get him one so we're going  to have to go and get him one uh now it's his size   but it's a really nice cap I loved the color so  we're going to go and buy him the same one so we   can match it looks really good on on him as well  so that's going to be just a short car ride away   and I think it's going to be good because then I  think the wind's going to die down a little bit   for our Excursion Adventure after this so we're  just going to drive and do that now we're going   to bring you guys we're going all of us you  ready I'm ready perfect I'm going to need my   little bag you okay down there I look ready to  go my hair here by the way like the quality of   the water here is so unlike the one the water  quality we have so my hair is just coarse and   just not not very happy yeah look at this T this  one maybe peach mango okay and this we can go darling okay so first we need to I have to run  around with two phones because even though these   have the same carrier this is telen in Sweden  this is telen in Norway the Sweden one gives   you free internet in America and Asia and very  many places extremely good but so I have to   hotspot to this phone or to Christopher but it  works really well doesn't it yeah to have free   internet cuz if I would be paying for internet  on this one it would cost so much how much was   it like 20 bucks a day yeah it was for 5  GB or something it it was quite the yeah   I have unlimited on this one so that is is  life hack now we're going to put this one on [Music] navig [Music] [Music] on this is without a doubt Christopher's  favorite store what are we looking for today caps   everything we're going to go home with I think  two extra bags but you know what it is worth it   we do one of these kind of hauls when we are  in America or when we're traveling but this   kind of amazing stuff we don't have in Europe  no especially the brand worldwide Sportsman   this one is it is so good they have so many good  things and everything fits Christopher so well   and I want to get well we have to get the cap  for him as well so he has a matching one with   me shopping can be fun guys especially when  it's outdoorsy stuff like this in a massive [Music] store there it is and I let's [Music] see our friend studa he has been helping us  so much with our cabin now that we've been   gone because it's been so cold so I think  we're going to buy not this size but this   one for studa together with a cat here as a  thank you for him being so nice and helping   us out with our cabin we can explain a little  bit more later because Christopher has had   quite the field day with trying to have our  cabin stay warm it has been likeus 47 4 5°   effective temperatures it's been so cold and  I think it was likeus 30 in base temperature   so he has been saving us so we have to of  course get him some gifts as a huge thank   you so I think this color for you Su if  you're watching is going to be nice it's   kind of like a whitish brown together with  a hat we're going to buy [Music] you [Music] that was successful Christopher didn't get the  jacket cuz he just wasn't feeling it no that's   all right but we got some caps Tractor  Supply is for when we go on further up   here you don't go to Tractor Supply you know  what I mean here you go to worldwide Sportsman   stuff and fishing things I feel like it's  nice to have different Vibes for different [Music] places [Music] when my sister lived here we did this and  I think it's the perfect kind of activity   in the middle of Miami don't you think  Christopher yeah not so bad it's like   you just go into to the little mangrove trees  it's very quiet in here as well and now what's   cool though is we're going to come out into  the waterways and you can take these C Kays   to all the way to the sandbank if you want  which is really cool oh my God Christopher no   no no no no no absolutely not take me out  of here thank God it's not banana spider season I am okay with polar bears and and  absolutely no bugs but this is too much nature for me look stop hello racon is there's  so many raccoons do not let them hit   your ride cuz they are destruction  Bears we'll get rabies and D it's a   Miami polar foes Miami polar foxes indeed look at this that's not okay so we're coming out now to the Open Sea okay Christopher take  us away I'm going to show these ladies and gentlemen it's a lot of boats oh we are now out on the open ocean well  not really we're inside here but I feel   like a lot more can happen in here there a  lot more movement in the water oh my gosh   there are waves here which means we  need to control this little ship of hor this is a good workout a very  good workout for arm and core according to Christopher's walk we are  doing three knock guys three knock come on we are now going against the wind and we we  realize that we have to work hard and start to   prepare kind of returning because if we stop  paddling we drift so far they didn't do the   canoe rentals today because of the wind being  too strong but I don't think this is too bad   at all it's actually quite a bit better  to be in a kayak than in a canoe because   you have a lot more momentum there's a lot  more cruising in these and it's also really   nice to have a double paddle cuz then he can  just you know he can take over if I want to   film but it's really nice out here lots of  boats playing music very Miami but I think   this is a really cool thing to do you know  just a nice little day adventure what they do that what do you think I nice okay  paddle come on padle padle fter come   on how are we going to get only have  one horsepower it has one gear let low   gear oh my gosh we are we're going to  have to hold on to our hats and paddles we have now made it back to where you leave  everything and we've decided that we're going   to do I don't know if this year but we're  gonna see when we can do it we want to do   a kaying trip in Norway on the fjords can you  imagine how much fun and also how much fun to   film there's a rogue Kayo should we take it  with us I think we should look at us being Heroes that was so much fun oh  it's very dark in here but I am   soaked from sitting so now I'm going  have to change these to another p that was a really nice activity it's actually not  that warm today I think this is one of the colder   states that we have but it's for us the perfect  temperature but I think I could have taken this   off and gotten a bit of a tan but I didn't now  I am in dire need of a [Music] coffee [Music] oh   the hotel we were staying at had a very good gym  which was great because it meant that I didn't   have to go far to get some exercise in I have  made it an even bigger priority this year to   move my body in order to make it stronger and  more able on today's schedule was legs and I   actually used to do a lot more heavy lift days  before but now I have added some more Mobility   type of training to my schedule as well I've also  started to add a lot of more stretching which is   something I should have started with a long time  ago but there is no time time like the [Music] [Music] present [Music]   one thing that I always do when I travel  is to stock up on things that I don't have   access to on spard or are really difficult  to buy online and one thing like that is   workout shoes so it was basically one of  the main things on my shopping list for   this trip I have really been looking for a  good pair of shoes that I can use for both   gym workouts but also for bit of cardio and I  had heard really good things about these from   Lululemon because they're made for women so  I picked up a pair the first thing I did and   let me tell you they are incredible they  work perfectly on our long walks but also   work really good for the gym sessions like  these ones so I highly recommend [Music] them [Music] after the workout we popped over to our favorite  Cafe for the third time for that day I think they   think we're a little bit crazy to pick up another  coffee but also a post-workout smoothie and some   sort of a raw bite very tasty one of the things I  like the most with traveling is the access to food   and different types of restaurants I love buying  myself a night nice beverage or a snack I think   I could easily live off of like Cafe food for the  rest of my life okay going into the supermarket to   buy fresh berries and fruit and things like that  is such a luxury and something I look forward to   on these [Music] trips on this trip we really  didn't want to do a lot of of fancy dinners so   we put most of our food emphasis on our daytime  meals so this day we just went back to the hotel   showered and then we headed down to our local  flanigans without a doubt my favorite restaurant   here in Miami if you haven't been you have to  go and just try their firecracker shrimp it is   so good it has been incredible to get a change of  scenery to do so many fun things with Christopher   and to just kind of relax in next week's video we  will be back on S again enjoying the slow Return   of the beautiful light and also the peace and  quiet of our Arctic life thank you so much for   being here and for watching and I look forward  to seeing you next week love you [Music] bye

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