Super Friendly Female Police Officers of China (Beijing to Xi'an)

Super Friendly Female Police Officers of China  (Beijing to Xi'an)

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Today, I am going to travel by bullet train. This place is very crowded! Very less time is left, it is impossible to take the documents again. This bullet train is travelling at a speed of 350 km per hour. Other bullet trains are passing this train within a second. She came by herself and started to help me.

She is helping me a lot even without me asking. One officer went and another officer has come. She is not leaving, I don't know when the train will arrive.

Hey guys very good morning and welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu. Currently, I am in Beijing which is the capital city and also the second largest city.

Now, it's time to go to the next city. Today, I am going to Xi’an which is there in the Southwest of Beijing. It is 1200 km.

There are a lot of options to travel between the cities in China. Domestic flight, bus and train. There are two types of trains in China, slow and fast trains. Today, I am going to take the superfast train and go to Xi’an from Beijing.

The time is 8:30 am. I have a train at 10 am. I am going to the nearest metro station by walk. I will take a metro and then go to the train station. There are four train stations in Beijing. Spread in all four directions.

We get train station in the same direction where the destination falls. Since I am going to Southwest China, I have to go to the Beijing West train railway station. All the railway stations of Beijing are connected with the Metro, so there is no need to take a taxi or bus. The fare for the metro ride was only 0.70$.

From my hotel to railway station. There is a board here and I have to go to the top. This is the railway station and it is joined by the metro. This is the second longest railway network in the entire world after the USA The railway network in China is more than 1,55,000 km. This is the railway station in Beijing. This is the train ticket and I will tell you the details.

'How I booked' and 'What was the cost of this' This station is very crowded. Just look at the crowd! I don't know where to go. I will use my brain and go to my platform. There is a queue here.

The train is 9:55 am. Half an hour is left. Reached to the station exactly half an hour before. This is how the railway station looks. This is the boarding gate of the train. You can also call it a platform.

This is platform number 13. The platform of your train will be mentioned on the information board. It is very easy.

All the information will be displayed in English along with the Mandarin. This station is very crowded! I had not expected that station to be crowded. China Railways is the busiest railway network in the world.

More than a hundred cities in China are linked with bullet trains. She was asking me 'Hùzhào' which means a passport. I was tensed for a second. There is very less time and where will I go to bring the document? As a told you , 2 trains operate in China. A normal-speed train and a bullet train. Today, I am going to travel by bullet train.

I purchased this ticket online. From You can also purchase it once we come to the railway station. I have booked an online ticket, I have to show my passport everywhere. My passport got checked 2 times. I will give the remaining information after boarding the train.

The distance between Beijing and Xi’an is 1200 km. 12-hour journey on a normal train. It was an overnight train for 12 hours for 1200 km.

The fast train is going to take only 4 hours. Only 4 hours to travel 1200 km. The train is going to travel more than 300 km per hour. The train number time and platform have been mentioned everywhere.

It is mentioned in both English and Mandarin. I'm not going to face any problems here. All the information has been given on the Boards. China's high-speed trains are there on both platforms. The cost for the normal train of 12 hours of the journey was...

It was only 25$. The bullet train which is taking 4 hours is very expensive. The cost for this train is 88$. The cost for this train is 88$.

Just look at the difference between 25$ and 88$. It is four times more expensive! Where should I go? The carrier number has been mentioned and all the coaches. The first coach is 09. My coach is 03 and it is on the front. Look at the shape of the train.

This is very awesome! This is not 2 different trains, the train is joint. This looks very awesome! This exactly looks like a Japanese train. Awesome! China has the most number of bullet train networks in the world.

Even if you compare the bullet train network across the world... China only has the most bullet trains compared to the world. The high-speed train network in China has a network of more than 42,000 km. More than the whole world combined! There are three different classes in this bullet train. The business class, first class second class. I have chosen second class.

The cost was 88$ The cost for the business class was 242$. The cost for the first class was 121$. This is number 4.

This is number 3. It has been written here. This is the train number and carriage number Beijing to Xi’an. Information is displayed even in English. Let's go inside the train.

Look at the interior of the train. The Interior is very awesome! Where is my seat? My seat number is 14C and it has also been written here. There are three chairs here and two chairs on the other side. This is a five-chair train. The fare for this bullet train was 82$.

Since I booked online through They took 6$ as the commission charges. If you purchase a ticket at any railway stations, you can save 6$. I booked this train last night. There is no need to book the train in advance.

Business class was so expensive but still it was full. The first class was also full. 2nd class seats were empty. I am sweating because I was carrying bags for past 1 hour. This is the normal train which takes 12 hours. Similar to any other train in the world.

We have come to the outskirts of Beijing. We are going towards the southwest of Beijing. Xi’an is towards the west.

Even on the outskirts, there are residential buildings, factories and offices. China is a very well-developed. Wherever you see, you can see a skyscraper in China. On the fifth day, a new skyscraper will be built in China. This country is developing very fast. A Bullet train passed by this train.

The bullet train passed within seconds. The bullet train passed within seconds. It came and went. This train has more than 15 carriages.

The bullet train passed this train within 2 seconds. If you have more luggage, you can also store it here. Many people have kept their luggage here. There are many big bags and suitcases. The speed of the bullet train is 350 km per hour.

I expected 300, but this is exceeding 350. This is very fast! Snacks and drinks are also being served here. You can buy it if you wish to. I have bought some snacks. I will buy them if I need them. Many people have brought food by themselves and they are eating here.

If you have not brought anything, you can buy from here. I just noticed that this train also has Wi-Fi. You can use the free Wi-Fi inside the train. I have got the aisle seat. Because I had booked only one day prior.

I would have got the window seat if I had booked 2-3 days prior. It's been an hour and now I cannot see any factories for residential houses. I can only see agricultural fields and farms. I can see greenery here. I had guessed that the train will move at a speed of 300 km per hour. But this train is travelling more than 350 km per hour.

I am shocked after seeing the speed of this bullet train! There is no vibration inside the train. The train is not even shaking. I have not got the window seat otherwise, I would show it to you. If I keep a coin next to the window, the coin will not fall.

This train is very stable. Other bullet trains passing on the other tracks. Other bullet trains are passing this train within a second. Both trains are passing with a speed of 700 km per hour. I could have also purchased the normal train ticket.

It is a waste of time and also experiencing these bullet trains are only available in Japan and China. This is a different kind of experience. You have seen so much inside this train. Now look at the facilities of the train. Cup has been put here.

You can take hot or cold water according to your needs. This is helpful if you want to prepare instant noodles, coffee or tea. This facility was also available on Russian trains. You can use the facility. There is a wash basin here. There is also a toilet.

I will show you the toilet inside the train. This is the square toilet. This is the western toilet. This is the toilet inside the Chinese bullet train. All my co-passengers are sleeping.

Everybody is sleeping. More than half of the people have already slept. China is testing a new train. The speed of the new train is 600 km per hour. It is going to be launched in the year 2025. After 2 years.

Many items are available inside the pantry shop. Water bottle, juices and coffee. Beer is also available. Snacks and chips on the top of the card.

I have purchased the orange juice. The cost for this is 1.7$. Everybody do payments by phone and nobody uses the cash and she doesn't have change.

I have 20 Yuan and I have to pay her 12 Yuan. She has given this to me and I have not taken the money. She told me to give the money when she brings the change. The train is going to go back. She is rotating all the seats.

The train will go in the opposite direction. Cleaners came as soon the train stopped. I have come to Xi’an after travelling 1200 km from Beijing. I have covered 1200 km in 4 hours. On average, the train was moving at a speed of 330 km per hour.

My phone network did not disappear in the past 4 hours. No matter whether there were towers or not. No matter whether it was a city, town or jungle. My phone network was completely full. Cleaners used to come every 15 minutes to clean the train. Welcome to Xi’an In English, it is written Xi’an In Chinese, 'X' is pronounced as 'Sh' It is pronounced as Xi’an.

Before I used to pronounce it as 'Zian' I didn't know it before. This train station is also connected to the Metro. I can go anywhere in the City by taking a metro. Public transport in China is very convenient. In both Inter cities and also in the City. This is the train station in Xi’an.

This is very modern and it looks like an airport and not a train station. In many countries, even the international airport is not so developed. Beijing railway station was also very good and I couldn't show you because I was in a hurry.

Beijing railway station is also very advanced, modern and developed. I have to go towards the metro. Where is the metro? ‘Exit’ has been written here, I think I have to go in this direction. I am asking her 'Where should I purchase the Metro card' The information it's going over my head! The Beijing Metro card doesn't work here. The Beijing Metro card doesn't work here and I have to buy a separate Xi’an Metro card. I showed the digital copy on my phone.

Because I have kept the passport inside my bag. Passport checking is done a lot in China. To travel anywhere, you will need a passport. Even for small things passport is checked.

She came by herself and started to help me. She will be with me till I get the Metro card. This officer will make me sit inside the metro! She is a very helpful officer. She is helping me so much and I didn't even ask for it! This is the metro ticket counter and I will purchase the ticket or card from here. Madam is still with me.

There is only one note and she is checking. She is counting it on the machine. I don't know that fare price, I will tell you afterwards. She has given me the card and the change. This is the Xi’an Metro card. This is a very colourful MetroCard.

This is yellow. No other Police officers help like her in other countries. One officer went and another officer is with me. What is happening here? She will be there with me till I sit inside the train. Look at the Xi’an metro station.

She is not leaving and I don't know when the train will arrive. The train will come after 5 minutes. This is the first metro station, the entire train is empty and people are running to get the seats. There are no seats for me.

I am changing my Metro line, only 2 other stations are left. She has given me a single journey ticket for 4 Yuan It is for 0.60$. I will end this video here.

I will show you Xi’an city in my next video. Because I want to make a separate video on Xi’an. I hope you like this video.

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