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Summer Vacations | Ft. Tena Jaiin | The Paayal Jain

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Good morning mom! Wonderful, I have seen the Goddess herself this morning! How did you get up so early, my queen? When its a school day you cant even hear a fly buzz! Nothing like that, mom! Its my summer vacation. I will wake up early. I have lot of work All the new episodes of Shin Chan come in the morning. Pogo shows Oswald, Bob the builder I will also see Chota Bheem, mom! I have enough time. I am waiting since the last 5 minutes, mom.

Where is the van driver? Call him! He is driving us mad! Oye! Riya! Why are you in your uniform? Its summer vacation! Not mine! What? Not mine! I have 15 days more. I get my vacations late. Oh ho! So sad! Bye! Bye! There he is! I will wash all the idols. I will see cartoons! From tomorrow you will also go! There are extra classes in school. I have enrolled you.

Why, mom! The vacations just started! I don't need any extra classes. I know everything. Simran's mom has also enrolled her. She comes first in class. Children cry to learn.

A child who wants to study will learn even under the streetlight. You have all the facilities I personally went and paid 2000 rupees as fees. We only want You will learn something, you will become something! What is this, mom? At an age, when my parents should take me around, Appu Ghar, Wow water park, Kulu, Manali Everyone's parents take them If that's not possible, take me to McDonald's or Dominoes You don't do that also ! I don't want to put pressure on you. Take me to visit Grandma! Don't add the pressure of studies on me! I will collapse under it, mom! I beg of you! This was not my plan! She is so innocent. Child, you see TV. It is time for your cartoons.

Shall I make potato pancakes for breakfast? I will feel better only with Mango pulp and poori! Okay, I will make! Just now! Watching these serials is so beneficial! I told mother all the dialogues. I will now enjoy my TV time. [Sings songs] Why do I feel I have heard all these dialogues? 'Believe your child once in a while, Savitri!' She is very innocent. She doesn't know to cheat. Feed her, let her watch TV And take her around. She is innocent! Let me make mango pulp now. Wait! It is Rukman's call.

Yes, Rukman! We reached home safely! We enjoyed the trip! Next week lets plan one more. Bye! bye! In my life, I wont go with these guys on a trip! Same! Rukman and Shubham want to do only what they want! I had suggested we go to Mall road one day. We can take photos and do shopping. But they want to only trek! In the rain, how did they trek? They got stuck there! No one from the hotel was able to even come to rescue us. They wasted our whole day. Its okay! No one can control nature.

Don't do groupism! It is not good. You, me and Rachit don't drink. All know this! Yet, on the trip we all took one shot each for the sake of company. We cant keep drinking! We are not alcoholics. Making us drink using various tactics! Take one more! If you only want to drink, book a hotel and stay indoors just drinking. They want to smoke weed also! then they want to eat sweets! They finished my entire Swiss roll! Without asking me! But at the end of the day when we were all together, we had so much fun playing UNO and cards Komal's' photos have come out well.

I cant wait to show my shopping to mum and dad! Look at your top once! Your dad will immediately say once again your bought clothes that are cut! Again you wasted money! Buy decent clothes. Keep them inside. In the heat I cant be fully covered! These chips are there. I will keep them aside.

What are you doing? Why are you putting them in the side draw? Keep them in the kitchen! Ladies and gentlemen, In the case of any emergency, like feeling hungry in the middle of the night, you need to take out the chips packets placed below your seats Tear it open in the middle And swallow the chips as fast as possible. With this , you will no longer be hungry but your co passenger will also enjoy ! I AM NOW HUNGRY! Lets go to the kitchen. You poured so much water into the Maggi! I like it soupy! Next month I have a trip to Goa with my school mates This trip ruined my Goa budget! Cancel! Why cancel? You will go! I will tell you! There is an interesting trading platform called Binomo. You can earn up to 30000 in a month. per day you can earn up to 1500! It is available on Google and play store.

It is a 100% legal App. You can trade on different assets here. Like Google, Gold, Apple! Even different currencies, like Euro and USD! and can earn up to 90% profit.

You need to forecast if the value of the chosen asset will increase or decrease! Show me! I will show you on my real account! If the value of the asset will increase, I will trade 700 rupees. Now wait! Yes, my forecast is correct. You earned 1288 rupees just like that ! But if the forecast is wrong, you may lose money. I can withdraw the money from Paytm or bank account.

withing 24 hours. The minimum deposit is 350 rupees. and if you use my promo code, the amount will be doubled. 400 will become 800!

Check on the description given in the link, you will get 65000 rupees in your demo account. To study trading and trying new strategies. This plat form is only for those above 18 years.

Trade wisely. Your capital is at risk! I will download now! I will start earning form today. I am a Binomist. Are you? I will now go to Goa with my school friends. Maggi is ready. Get a bowl!

Wait! Now you are moving your hand! You are not letting me hit! You are moving your hand! Take your favorite fruit! Eat. Spread the paper! Don't dirty the place. Then I have to clean! Do one thing! Get up, Stand up both of you.

Eat in front of the sink. mom, I like the other variety. I will bring it tomorrow! Eat this now.

I want to eat the stone! mom, she ate the stone! I wanted it. So what if she ate it. You eat the fruit. Its one and the same! Every time she eats the stone! I want to eat it. You cut another mango for me. I want to eat the stone! I just washed my hands.

After cutting a mango! I will dirty my hands again. I don't like the summers! Wait! It is very tasty! mom is bringing for me! My fruit is very tasty! Mine too! I have also finished. Let us play in the streets! Call Kanika also. Let us play something else. I reach the Level 2 very easily. Where to? No one will leave the house now.

Let me see how you go out! Why have you left the fruit? Who will eat this? You made me cut two mangoes. We wanted to eat the stone! You eat the rest! I have to eat all the leftovers. Then all say I have put on weight! Kanika's mom is so thin! She looks so nice! I heard that! I will make mango shake and feed them later on. Come back in time. You have tuition at 6

Go, leave! We will buy ice balls. Okay! I will eat Kala Khatta! I will have rose! Work like a dog the whole day! Mom, Chintu is calling me a punching bag! What is a punching bag? It is soft! You are soft! My softie! He is not saying I am soft! Punching bags get punched. He will hit me now! I am back mom! It is so hot! mom, make Tang for me! Where is it? You have finished it! It is so hot! Witch on the AC! No one will switch on the AC. The bill is very high! If you stay out the whole day, you will sweat! Rasna, Glucose D, Coke! Pepsi, Maaza, give me something! I don't have anything. I threw then down the drain. Why? This is fine! These empty bottles can be filled with water. What a loss.

It was good, my friend, Shanti Aunt sent me an YouTube video! Then I found out how dangerous these are. I will make lemonade for you. Let me bring Lemonade! I don't have lemons.

Chintu, get some lemons from the market. Get some coriander and mint also Get green chilies free. Don't pay for that. mom! I am not going to the market.

I came back from my game. I am sweating. You make me do all the work. I am not going. Chintu, idea! Save the money and but Tang! Okay mom! You are very smart Give me some batter. I want to play! - Take!

I will make something! When will the schools reopen? When will they go back there? Then there will be peace! They used to go to school I used to sleep during that time! How these teachers handle so many kids! What are you breaking there? Wait! Mom! Tomorrow Aunt is coming to stay over ! I hope Twinkle is coming with her! She must be having vacations. She will come! I will show her my Barbie set! Kitchen set! You give me your stoles. We need to play with them. Okay Okay All are coming! You aunt has good fortune She has a very good brother and sister in law. She doesn't need to lift a spoon here. See my fortune. I am so busy! Whether children have school or no, I don't have a holiday! Why don't we got to uncle's house to stay? That's a good idea! I will make my sister-in-law do the work.

I also need rest! She cooks very well. I will tell my brother, he needs to take me around. Now we can go only after your aunt leaves. I will tell him we will visit after 15 days. Wow! We will go to uncle's house! I will tell aunt to get me clips.

Ge me new dresses! I will meet Neetu also! He will get me cake. They have a new pup! It is very cute. What is the name? Kaju! Mom, why don't we get a dog? We won't take any dogs. I have in my house. When I die, you get one! No! Take photos of me with the dog! I will show my best friends.

Okay! I will do. I will enjoy! Go keep these clothes in the cupboard. Do some work You have own 3,20,000 points. Congratulations. You have got a cheque. Thank you! 3,20,000 I have never seen so much money! Wow! What a brilliant child! Parents of such kids would be so proud! We also give our children everything! Swimming, TT.

Guitar classes. All gone waste! Singing classes. Dance classes! Abacus. Swimming classes.

We give you everything! Hope you get interested in something, We also wish our child comes on TV! So many kids come, Boogie woogie! DID, Saregama! How well they sing! We also want out children to make us proud! You don't have any dedication. Why is the power gone? During summers, the current trips! I feel so hot! You wait! Where is the candle? What happened? Did you fall? I am okay! Apply Dermi cool! You won't feel hot! I will put more! Now I feel good! It is so cool! What holiday homework have you got? You have noted it completely! All the teachers were writing and clearing the board so fast! I couldn't write all. All go mad on the last day. All teachers are only interested in giving homework. What have they given? You need ice cream sticks also Yes, mom, teacher has told us that we need to do the project different types of angles needs to be done with ice cream sticks.

Save earth, save life! How can we make models on this? I will ask your tuition teacher to do this! How to make a model on a hobby! You don't give time for the child to create a hobby! They are asking you to make models on that also! All those extra curricular classes! arts swimming, dance! And all the holiday homework, charts daily we have to write a new word in English. Then go to tuition classes! I too have a life. Then you want me to come on TV also! Do one thing! You do all my holiday homework! I will come on TV! Have you seen this? I have enrolled you for tuition so that you know stuff before the teacher teaches you You be first in class Go tho Bharti's house! Ask for her diary! You have not noted the homework completely! Don't drink water after eating a water melon. You will fall sick! Why? Let me got to Bharati's house Don't drink water in Bharti's house She wont listen! Hey guys! We hope all of you enjoyed this video! have laughed and related to it. If you loved the video, mention your favorite part in the comment section. Like the video! Share with your friends and family! Subscribe to our channel! Keep loving us! Love you! oh! Ah! Lets play Ice and water in the streets I will make lemonade for you! wait! My hair! Take this. Apply Dermi cool. You will feel cold!

Ah! This scene is a mess up! Why is it a mess up! Read again! Have you see this? That's why we have enrolled you in tuition. so that you learn before the teacher teaches. Why are you laughing? Random conversations] [Random conversations] [Random conversations] What you say is true! Why are you laughing? Shameless! [Random conversations] Keep this inside! I cant be fully clothed in summers! Payal! Wait, Rukman is calling! Yes, Rukman! We reached! Wait, Rukman is calling! Wait, Rukman is calling! Yes, Rukman! Sorry! [Random conversations] [Random conversations] [Random conversations] Keep Quiet! Let me say! Okay! Why, cancel? You need to say! I will do! [Random conversations] Why, cancel? [Random conversations] Okay! Why, cancel? [Music] [Music]

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