Sumba's BEST KEPT SECRET: Lokomboro Waterfall

Sumba's BEST KEPT SECRET: Lokomboro Waterfall

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Today is day 3 of our Sumba trip and today is gonna be one big of an adventure. We're gonna go to lots of waterfalls, lots of mountains. It is time to get everyone ready.

Girl, you need to be ready. - I know. It's day 3. Let's go.

We now gathered everyone here around the car and as Janine would say we are excited. Saya bersemangat. (I'm excited) What is she saying? Bersemangat.

Are you bersemangat? Saya bersemangat. (I'm excited) You know you are going to remote places if you have to pack up a lunch box to go there because there are literally no restaurants, no warungs, no food options where we are going, so right now we are here and we're gonna stack up on food because, like I said, there is no food where we are going. - What is this? Never heard of that. I know what that means...

- Is it rice? I just told her saya telur. And I was touching on this all the time and they were like this is not touchscreen. We're such a mess.

Such a good beginning of this day. - But I love this vibe. It's amazing. Food for 7 people in the car. Right now, it is time to go on the road.

We took a shortcut and the roads are getting very wild already. Look we are literally in the middle of nature and here you see, the road is already getting super bumpy and I love it. So funny, we're getting more remote and then the people who are sitting at the houses, there screaming bule and that means foreigner in bahasa Indonesia, the funniest thing ever.

Look here, there's a local soccer field. How pretty. Then here you see some of the houses already and this is the shortcut that we are taking, with quite some bumps in the road, but it's 100% worth it and the weather is also amazing today.

Hi! Hello! We asked the way because we are a little bit lost and there are two kids who are opening the gate now for us. Look how adorable this is. Here they are. There we go.

And then, I think we have arrived. Okay, I guess we have arrived and we actually drove against rocks, so hopefully, nothing happened. Oh, no, I think it's okay, luckily, because we still need the car for a long time.

I don't think we ever traveled with a group this big. Look at all these people. We have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. 12 people guiding us, but I have no idea where we are going, though, but this is gonna be interesting. We just went behind a building following a security guard and right now we are in the jungle, I think, and we're just following him but I don't think we ever could have found this ourselves. - Oh, it's about this high.

Really? - Yeah! How high? - Till here. Oh my God! Okay, it's very deep already. Okay, we have to...

in order to reach the waterfall, we have to go in like this high of water, so I guess we have to prepare right now. I hold my bag like this. Yeah, Janine needs to re-pack and then we go in the water here, this is how it looks like currently. - It's heavy.

Oh, it's really heavy. Oh my God! Wow! So heavy. And in the water we go. - Oh my God! It's slippery.

- I'm so excited. Okay, this is my camera with like... Okay! I'm so scared. Who is swimming? What? That's wild. Okay, I guess I go in here.

Thing is, I don't see anything. Okay! Here we go. I feel lots of mud, though. Here we have the angels helping us with our bags. Okay, now I can stand here and then I think there. - Look at those two heroes carrying our bags.

You are our heroes. Thank you so much! - Welcome! Oh! Okay! Thank you, Jackie. - Okay! This is so funny. This is how you have to hike if you want to go to a real waterfall, you know.

Okay, I'm gonna go up here. I'm really happy with the shoes that I'm wearing. You are so strong mister. - Thank you! With the bags. They're swimming, I love it. This is so deep.

Yeah, now it's getting really deep. Oh my God! I'm like scared. Oh, they're now with the cameras. Oh, this is so scary. Okay, I have my camera.

Super important. We have literally the best team possible. Look here, they're helping us here holding our hand.

Yes, it's a must. I'm kind of nervous because... Oh my God! Everything that I own is in that bag, my money, my wallet, all my cameras, my phone and this is how we have, we have to jump there and jump there somehow. No you cannot throw it. - No, no, no! - You're just saying...

but all your stuff is... Oh my camera is on. - It's fine, it survived. I barely can breathe.

Yeah, we have to jump here now. - Recording? Okay! Here we go. - Who is the drama queen here? Me! We go up here before we go down again. Can't believe what we're putting ourselves into, but I guess it's already so worth it. I see little glimpses of the view and it looks absolutely stunning. This is what we have to go through right now.

But luckily, we have the sticks here, we have the sticks to hold us because it is super slippery. I didn't get to laugh so much in a long time. This is where we just cross, it's like a real challenge without getting wet and I love it. So everyone, we're literally under a tree right now and the waterfall is up there, so we're getting really close. We made it.

I don't know if you guys can hear it, but we are at the waterfall and let me tell you, this is true fairy tale land. Look behind me how high this waterfall is. There are light coming in everywhere, there is mist going on, we could even jump in the water here and swim and I'm gonna show you guys how beautiful this waterfall actually is in 3 2 1... Wow! We've been here for quite some time already, but this waterfall, I think, I have to add to my top 5 favorite waterfalls up until now.

The fun thing is that you can actually cliff jump here, so you can swim in all of this beautiful blue water. Then I actually climbed up the waterfall, it was so much fun to climb there because you literally feel as if we are in fairytale land and you have the beautiful light there coming through as well and right now Tyler is jumping off and playing like a little kid. Having so much fun here because it's simply so stunning, so we just have to play a little bit. Right now we are trying to find a place where we can actually go in the water without jumping and this actually looks best.

This looks best. I really wanna go in here, but I don't wanna jump because look, you cannot jump here, but I would love to swim there, so I think if we somehow climb down there, then maybe we can actually make it in the water because there it looks really nice if we could go in there, but yeah, who knows. Did you fell in the water? He just completely fell in.

Making our way down now to go swimming, but it's super slippery and actually really dangerous. I guess I'm fully going in right now, but I'm trying to go into the sun because I don't wanna be in the cold water. Alright, here we go.

Oh my God, this is really nice. It's so cold as well. Oh, and I can't even stand here anymore. I can't stand. And there is so much power in this waterfall as well. Welcome to Sumba Island.

I'm gonna see if I can climb up in the tree because I see this tree sticking out and the little kid in me really wants to climb in it. Look at the reflection here as well. This is literally all so beautiful. This is the tree, as you can see, and I really want to climb this. I'm gonna try like how all the coconut guys climb up.

- Woah! Oh my God, I can't hold it, but I can't hold it, it's so painful. I love it. But now it's time to get out and do this insanely difficult hike back again, so I'll see you when I am back in the car. Woah! And from the river, we made it onto a bridge, as you can see. It was literally a five minute drive. This bridge is super shaky.

They're going there in the front already and this is literally how it looks like. So here you can see the bridge behind me, it looks so so cool with all the palm trees in the back and then we walk two more meters and there you have this white buffalo, which are one of the most expensive animals here in Sumba Island, so it's definitely really cool to see one here just standing in the wild, but I see it has a little rope, so it's definitely belongs to someone. We are right now walking here onto our lunch spot to eat the lunch that we actually takeaway this morning, so we're all getting really hungry after our first adventure of the day. Look at how stunning this place is. This tree here is such an old tree and it has these things going into the blue beautiful water.

I think I say it in this trip 100 of times, but for me, this is true fairytale land with the beautiful blue river and all these trees. We're crossing a field with a lot of buffaloes. There you can see one, here is one, there is one right here and we have a lot there as well.

So one just actually startle. And it's so curious. Look at him looking. He's like, what are you doing here? Look at how cool this is. There he is standing, here we have a little one as well.

So pretty. Can't get over how much I love these buffaloes. We are entering the local house where we're actually gonna have lunch and here you can see the dogs not being happy with us. I just had a little conversation with the ladies in the back, they're really kind. It was asking where they were going? They really wanted to know where I was from and now here, I think this is where we are going to enter, the local house and like I said, we're all hungry.

We have the whole group here, so this is gonna be amazing. Oh, I found my biggest friend already. Look at this. Oh, he's adorable. Are you a sweet boy? Are you sweet? Are you a sweetie? Wow! We made it to the place where we are going to have lunch and I'm so excited.

This is the view that we have right here and this is the blanket where we're all gonna eat. It is time to eat. As you can see, we're all sitting here and right now, it is makan time with the lunch that we bought earlier today. - Before we start the meeting... I love this. After dinner, we're now listening to some music.

So nice. Oh, ladies get yourself a man like Jackie. Look at this. Aww! Got a little Sumba flower, so beautiful. - Aww! Look at you.

Look at us. We are at the local house. We are having some ginseng and coffee. I never had ginseng in my life before.

Really curious how it's gonna taste and here we have another puppy again, which is so cute and they actually have a monkey. There's a baby? Oh my God! - Three months. That is so small still.

- Hey! Look how tiny. Hello! 3 months? - 3 months. Wow! That is so small.

So pretty. Boy or girl? Man. A man. We are now waiting for the coffee and ginseng to be done because that's also a polite thing here to do to actually sit down with the house owners and to drink something and playing with this little one.

Always playing. Look. Yay! Amazing! Ginseng? What's this? - Ginseng. Okay! Oh, nice. - Yeah, it's ginger. It's way more sweet than I thought it would be and ginger is really nice.

- Cheers! The dad pose as well. - Welcome to Sumba. Hello! Aww! - Hello! Hello! Okay, bye! See you later. And right now we are crossing a river, as you can see again, but the current is not too strong, so it's pretty easy to cross it, but the kids are so cute. Bye! They gave me a blowing kiss as well, that's adorable.

Hello! Aww! They're playing football. Hello! That is so cute. They all just stop at what they're doing, they're like whoa...

Well, I think they're playing football. Oh, I wish I could play with them. We would kill them in soccer, right? - I'm just terrible at soccer. Really? - Yeah! Oh my God! This is wild. They're literally climbing on the buffalo. This is lifetime, you know.

- Wow, this is so cool. Oh my God, no way. Okay, bye! See you later.

We made it onto our last spot of today and actually we just did some local shopping and I bought locally made chocolate from here. I have a passport cover, which now officially says I'm Indonesian, so everyone who sees me at the airport is gonna think I'm Indonesian, and I also bought this... This T-shirt and it says Sumba. Perspective about Sumba with the desire to deliver the beauty of the land itself for the people to explore. Look this is what it says and this is actually also owned by Jackie who's owning mysumba with who we are traveling around.

This is the back of the T-shirt. I'm gonna wear this on my trip and I love it so much. Look at this.

I am really happy. Right here, you can see where we are, this is our last spot of the day. It is a huge Jesus statue and it is super cool to actually be here because there are so many Muslims, there are so many Christian people here, so it's good to see that there's so much diversity here in Sumba. So I'm actually gonna show you how cool and how big this statue is right now. Epic, right? I told you. So this is gonna be the end of this video as well.

I had so much fun today. This was such an epic day as always in Sumba. There are many more Sumba videos coming in collaboration with mysumba who is taking care of us on this trip as well. So please do not forget to like and subscribe. And as always, I'll see you in my next one.

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