Stunning Forts and Temple of Rajasthan EP.22 | Pakistani Visiting India

Stunning Forts and Temple of Rajasthan  EP.22 | Pakistani Visiting India

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It was built by Rana Kumbha. And this is called the Great Wall of India. It's location offers a great advantage in terms of security. Coconut is your best way to cope with heat in India. Wow... they are making jalebi.

Looks like there's some festival happening here. Sort of a carnival. This is the Jain Temple of Ranakpur. It's one of the five holiest Jain temples in India. This is probably one of the finest artwork on marble ever.

Assalam Alekum. Good Morning. Namaste. Sat Sri Akal to everyone. From Kumbhalgarh, where we reached yesterday during rain. We wanted to see the fort yesterday but couldn't. Anyways that's the first thing we are gonna do today. It's hardly a 2 km ride from here. After that we'll go to Ranakpur where there's a beautiful Jain temple.

After visiting the temple, we'll show you the blue city. That's the name given to Jodhpur. One of the most beautiful and historical cities of Rajasthan. I think it's the second biggest city of Rajasthan after Jaipur. It will be an almost 4 hour ride. But video making and exploring the city will take our full day.

Here we have Sachin who is getting ready. And on the other side, it's Karthikeyan. There it is. I hope you can see him. We just need to have breakfast before we leave. This is our breakfast.

We have idli, just like we had it in south. This is... Sambar... I guess... Similarly we have samosa. Samosa in breakfast... Many of you must be wondering why samosas are in breakfast.

But it's common in many places. We've got some bread as well. We also have some parathas. Yogurt... and some sort of chatni... Not sure what sort of chatni but we'll know when we try it. Another chatni here.... It's coconut chatni.

Lots of stuff to eat. We'll have our breakfast and a cup of tea. And then we'll get going as we are getting late now. Bismillah... In the name of Allah...

*Prayer for the journey* May Allah make our day a smooth and memorable one. It was already raining when we got here last night. But it grew stronger with time. 30 INR for 3 motorcycles? 10 INR per motorcycle... Alright.

This is the parking fee or road fee? Parking fee. When we got here yesterday, there was no car here. And the few that were already parked, left as soon as the rain started. But you can see the number of vehicles parked here today.

Don't know about cars but there must be parking for motorcycles up there. There's a photo session happening here. It was kind of us to let us go.

We are here at Kumbhalgarh fort. More commonly known as Kumbhal fort. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its construction started in 1453 and took 15 years to complete. It was built by Rana Kumbha.

It is also known as the Great Wall of India. Because the wall around the fort is one of the longest walls. Almost 32 km in length... You won't see many forts like this in the world. I saw a similar fort in Pakistan... Ranikot fort.

Its wall is also approximately the same length. Here, we don't see just the fort but there's also a village. Besides there are other historical and religious sites here. For instance Hindu and Jain temples and many others.

This pathway gradually goes up there. We'll try and explore this fort now. We might not be able to cover the whole fort but we'll do as much as we can. The entrance fee of the fort is 60 INR. That's for Indian nationals. And 600 INR for foreigners.

We have been walking for 5 or 6 minutes. Just see how impressive the fort looks from here. Looks like a vertical wall...

While the area on the sides is like a proper fort wall. The pathway that goes up is sort of a circular track. So you can say that this walk will give an elevation of about 100 meters. Let's keep walking.

We have finally reached the top of the fort. Getting to the top is no easy task... Mainly because it's quite a steep hike. And secondly the weather is quite hot. It's location offers a great advantage in terms of security.

It's located at the top of one of the highest peaks here. And it's surrounded by a great wall. There are many small holes in the wall. You can defend yourself against any invading armies through these holes.

Using arrows for instance. Or you can pour hot water or oil through these holes. You can see that all over the wall. The fort has 7 gates. If you observe each gate carefully... They are built in a way that no attacking animal should be able to hit the gate.

Furthermore, each gate has an extra layer of security behind it. There are also water tanks beside the gates along the wall. These were used as water supply for the army. When you reach the top, you see a room. Or you can simply call it an area. It's neither very beautiful nor has any historical significance.

I made some footage of the room. But the view from up here is really majestic. You can see the whole mountain range from here. There are almost 70 temples here. You can even view some of them from up here. The best way to cope with heat in India is coconut.

You can get it everywhere. Not so much in the north though. But you can get it every 100 meters in south. Probably because there are so many coconut trees there.

You don't see them here quite often. Probably the coconuts are brought here from the south. How much for that? 80 INR. They sell it for 30 or 40 INR in south. That's because the coconuts grow there.

See.... Everybody is saying that it should be for 50 INR. That's not the right price here. Well... we'll give you 80 INR anyway. Let's say goodbye to the fort. And move towards our next destination. It's much more crowded here now.

Lets go... According to navigation, Ranakpur Jain Temple is almost 33 km from here. And it's gonna take about 50 minutes to get there. Almost an hour. We'll try not to stop midway and go straight to our destination. I don't know which village is this.

Google doesn't have any info about this. Not a very big one though. The lifestyle here is quite colorful.

Especially the clothing of women. Some pottery work there. The weather has gotten a little better because of the clouds in the sky. Perfect condition for riding...

Very interesting... They are making jalebi here. Looks like there's some festival here. Sort of a carnival here.

There's a full fledge market here. This is the best part... A ride here can never be boring. So many people sitting on the roof of the bus. Both men and women... Many people are heading towards the village. There must be some festival there.

One interesting village after the other... What a beautiful temple it is. If I'm not mistaken, this is the temple that we are here to see. I think the entrance is on the other side. This whole area is the temple area. Can I park here? This is the Jain Temple of Ranakpur.

It is one of the five holiest Jain temples in India. In fact, it's not just one temple but a complex of 7 temples. We are standing outside the main temple here. The biggest temple. When you step inside, you see a lot of pillars.

According to Google, there are around 1444 pillars here. And 80 domes. The temple is completely made of white marble. And when you look at the carvings... You realize that this is probably one of the finest artworks on marble ever.

And the halls here... There are many different sections or halls here. Carvings in each hall is different from the other.

If you look from the outside, it looks really beautiful. Many of you, including myself, must be wondering... What's the difference between Hinduism and Jainism.

Even I don't know about that. Especially when it comes to religion... I try not to say anything if I don't have exact info. Because there can be some confusion. So if any of you know the similarities between the two religions... Or the differences for that matter, do mention it in the comment section.

I'll highlight that. I know one thing though... I recently met one of my subscribers in Udaipur. He told me that they are more strict, especially in terms of food.

Jains also eat vegetarian food. But the things like onions or garlic... Or other things that grow inside the earth...

They don't eat that as well. That's how strict they are. They don't go to any restaurant that offers non-veg food in addition to veg food. This is one of the differences.

I don't know about other stuff. The population of Jains in India is 22,500. That's what I have been told.

We are now going to go to Jodhpur. We'll have to take a meal break. We might have to stop a few times along the way. So, we'll probably get there around sunset time. There's no network coverage here so I don't know about the exact distance.

Or which route is gonna be the most suitable for us. Anyways, let's get going now. We'll probably get the network soon. Thank you. This is the local transportation of this area.

There's a restaurant here; looks fine though. Let's take a break here. Finally our meal has been served. We have only had the breakfast till now. But it wasn't too heavy. And we were feeling quite hungry. I guess you can see it from my face.

Let me show you what we have here. Palak paneer. Cheese and spinach. Cheese is very common here. More than 50 percent of the veg meals I have had here so far, had cheese in it. This is paneer masala. Easy to cook.

Also tastes great. And a glass of butter milk. This one's really nice. I think it has mint in it. And some roti.

Normally you get a decent meal at any restaurant by the highway. Okay. Thank you. You can make all the payments here through Google Pay.

Should we get going, Sachin? How was the food? It was nice. The butter milk was really good. Okay... I was feeling a little drowsy so thought to take a break. Can we get some tea? Sure. Please come.

Bring the vehicle here. It's okay here. Might be a little difficult to get it out of there. Three cups of tea... without sugar. No sugar.

No sugar at all? Exactly. Our tea is here. It has been served in clay cups.

How's your tea? Mine is quite hot. Same here. Do you like it? Tastes good. Sachin enjoys everything. Tea without sugar is really nice. Well... Karthikeyan and myself like our tea without sugar.

Now Sachin has also started enjoying tea without sugar. It's actually good. They put ginger in their tea here. Most of the places. Almost 90 percent of the times, you get tea with ginger.

Even if you don't ask them to. You'll see cows on roads in Rajasthan quite often. To be honest, it's not just Rajasthan... I noticed that in previous states as well. I think that's Jodhpur Railway Station in front of us. A really beautiful building.

It has a clock tower as well. It probably dates back to the British era. There's a food street right across the railway station. The road is all yours, sir. We can wait. Showing you the traffic of Jodhpur. We have called a hotel in old town; Haven't made a reservation yet.

It looked good but we thought to go see it first. Most of the hotels are in that area. The views are great and most of the tourist attractions are in that area. So we'll have to ride through this traffic. Looks like we are riding through Sardar market.

It's Sirdi Kot... I mean the old town. 'Heritage Walk' ... it's written there. That's where we have to go. That's where our hotel is. By the way... The cities in Rajasthan...

To be honest... these are a heaven for street photographers. They can click really amazing photographs here. That's the clock tower...

Most of the hotels here are old mansions. They have been converted to hotels, home stays and guest houses. Welcome to our room. This is one of the rooms. Since there are three of us...

This is a room without AC; a small room. The other one has an AC and is bigger. For that room we paid 1800 INR. And for this one, we paid 1000 INR. The overall room is really good.

The washroom is really comfortable, spacious and clean. Nothing to complain about. We are probably getting a better service in comparison to what we have paid. The rooftop is really amazing.

We are gonna go there for dinner. Jodhpur Palace Guest House. They have figured out from my accent that I'm from Pakistan.

Thank you. And they have made a special meal for me... They are offering their best service to us. Thank you so much Sir. Welcome We have chicken here. Along with that, we have butter roti.

This is a home made roti. We also have cauliflower curry. I hope you must have enjoyed this vlog.

I'm really excited... It's such a wonderful place. Especially this view from up here is awesome. Tomorrow we are gonna explore this city. That's all for today. Remember me in your prayers.

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