Strategi Pengembangan Pariwisata Dan Ekonomi Kreatif

Strategi Pengembangan Pariwisata Dan Ekonomi Kreatif

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Hi, this looks like it's usually white, but now it's working year with the kitchen menu OK, greetings warahmatullahi wabarokatuh greetings, see you again, wherever you are, meet again with me trying to Oreo friends. On this occasion I'm inviting my brother, Simpson or the same form of discussion Regarding the development of the tourism development record event in Manggarai Raya Regency, this brother is a graduate of the tourism department at Hepar Manado. Hi, schedule to appear. What's your response to the police at the mall . -my video if I'm also excited about making the website for my cellphone, I continue to have OK my friends on this occasion there is black what's amazing, this is very good it looks like it's usually white but now we want to take care of Lex I just came home from church in Central Java even though the activity recently held by ole h this pentecostal church in Indonesia Hey palace crime is reduced tomorrow Sunday just arrived from this short person his condition is like this Tirta Regency yes how many days there if in fact it is four days but you count the trip it's almost two weeks after this we still haven't arrived in Jayapura Tomorrow we will continue our journey back to Membramo together, it's important, okay friends, how are you doing, I have one question.

What is the provisional view on development development in terms of tourism in Manggarai Regency, in terms of rational thinking ? our government hasn't made up for the shortcomings, maybe according to Brader, we can provide ideas. What was the contribution there so that there was an assessment of what the government could do or develop what tourism is on your beloved motorbike, is it income or does he want to appear in the morning? in the district once Oh so it begins I view as a tourism person as a tourism major which I know even what I see Maybe in fact I was an ordinary person before, because I haven't joined as a passenger shop myself. I have a community view . From a development perspective, we have to fix the font-size of the existing infrastructure so that if we want to develop tourism in the Mamberamo Raya Regency, it will definitely feel like this is one of the obstacles for our friends at the Tourism Office. If it's a problem that has been done, I haven't seen it at all, maybe something but it's a cultural lyric, like yesterday you worked in sales. There is a traditional music oyandi festival, that is, it's good and it's good, but how can we worry that it's in a good package, it's not even there only in s there is information about the royandi festival, I haven't received any information about that activity, we are surprised that later it is in the field, now what you have to pay attention to, know that tourism stings in tourism, there are three aspects that need to be considered, first, there is not so much something to see you something accusations aside, to bye, so rinse it off. According to study, that is the

most substantial indicator to encourage tourism. Is this flight tourism? Yes, if we talk about tourism, that is beside tusi . This, if we say tourism creation, means something that will rise as a tourist or a stakeholder, meaning people traveling for church or educational activities or our friends who are working from outside come and take what they see when they go there. work yes name right, humans, people will definitely experience work stress, yes we have to do something to make it entertaining ah that's beside 767 people when they come not only to see but they have to do something now something must be provided by our friends from that misdirection also not yet there, after the to do side, there is a name until the stomach is best, something can be bought. Souvenirs that must be provided

don't seem like the Beramo Raya district is very unique, why 2 units because we almost promote ourselves, we have 300 local languages, I don't even know other villages from Hikari campus itself, yes and meses How about my career, I know that once we were there, there were two languages, namely the mother tongue and the male language, the name, now our friends from the Tourism Office , How to contact the box, bye, work, write this book so 1001 because it must be available special attention from the Tourism Office Well we will never talk about tourism ta If there is no support from the government for the community and culture, there are styles, we also have various kinds of earth culture, our cultures will be damaged when foreign cultures register weapons and influence before foreign cultures, words affect accounts, we have to create , there are lots of them. there are still many but this needs to be considered, but this district has been around for 16 years even though there has been no tourism development in Hai pop like that, bro, wherever you are, seriously, my last wind vibration is what we want you to do wisely so that you are financially fired from The APBD is sent as a Nas related to each. On this occasion, the focus is more on the Rempeyek Regency Tourism Office, if possible, they must be able to carry out the Farizal of the three stages or these three factors that must be stated here and there so that there is interest from tourists and from abroad , where it is healthy the positive impact will also destroy ren already, in this case, there is income from what is called PHD brother, if only the factor that was left at the chigga event was around whether there was one that was already there out of the three, what was that, the first shot can be seen and the second can be entertaining, what can be done? the third one is magical, for example buying it, I said earlier that maybe the last one can be bought but even then it is not from his orders or cooperation from the Tourism Office and the intimacy is just er initiatives from the local community for the 21st, it's like er souvenirs or so-called souvenirs that become tourism itself. From a legal point of view, pressure from law No. 10 of 2010 is still number 9 of 2010 regarding tantrum events, so we talk about how a person or group of people travels from one place to another. another place with the aim of people seeking the experience of going on a spiritual journey with m get a lot of experience, something new that can be obtained there, then the action begins when the three aspects above become when friends from the Tourism Office have prepared the original three like earlier, besides that the writer is Hi, so it doesn't mean that the government is there right , we have a name, yes, we don't have tourist objects such as beaches, what kind of love is there, love, for example, the first factor is beside the milk. For example, what kind of

person he is, one day one partner is so good, besides Poetry, we from the tourism side must prepare a container well, that container is a tourist attraction , our tourist attraction there has a river, for example a river, for example above there is Batavia, for example, just about the river first, this is natural tourism, rafting, we prepare white water rafting . if it's Edi Vallen or the internet cafe, it's too extreme if you want to live high al it feels like it's still possible how friends from tourism can open your horizons about approaching the community because it feels like there may be a lack of approach from the government or from our friends from the Tourism Office to the community there, so what should be prepared is an example like earlier, rafting, rafting, uh, we prepared a container, we prepared a rubber boat, so the rafting will be complete, yes, explosive, Mutual fund equipment, ah, before we make it, we make one , when it's finished, we make a package, we make it a Southeast tray, record itenerary it's something we can make in the form of a trip itinerary. After we sell our package, we promote it first and it feels like when we talk about rafting or nature tourism, what we really like the most are foreigners, people still keep going we who are white from abroad are them I really like white water rafting, something new fantastic, so this object is already lacking, how do we manage it, but that's what it says, let's see or another example garden for a traditional house, we are worried, now this is the simplest and fastest thing to do women's traditional houses and men's traditional houses, so generally make the house on the side, we pull it into a traditional house earlier I prayed about the traditional house because he is one of the simple but complete things Why do I say that because it is a traditional house in the house The custom is complete, as I mentioned earlier about our language , when we mix about 300 languages, it can be packaged, there is no need for it, if for example the government immediately takes it back. each village so that's the language of each packed put there are traditional clothes carved on the worry put one more there a there are stitches Yes, those are clothes, there is our noken game How do we weave Locke Hi, continue to weave the ropes from What is a rooster, press a story like that , it tells a story that we make, so things like this we worry well Moreover , apart from traditional clothes, there are other war tools, traditional goods, which used to be old, we used to be beads, it's the size of the beads like that, we pack it well, then we pack the clothes from bark, yes, Sasuke, we'll make all the cases later . tusi is encouragement from outside our friends as tourists or tourists whether it's foreign tourists domestic international tours Hi or people themselves metal travel seeking knowledge come Mulyadi book Wow amazing one village there are two languages ‚Äč‚Äčthere is a knight there is this language apparently Roro phone example extraordinary human Oh it turns out that the traditional clothes are like this oh it turns out that the war equipment used to be like this, especially traditional music It's like this, traditional music from culture and waiting parades. Well, like this, this needs to be packaged so that's what we will say later when our friends are data tourists . They see it. That's what is called the clean side of the Indian constitution. bye, uh, there I was, I explained. The first

is for iron and the second is something to do. Now, I say that when tourists come to the traditional house, which I mentioned in the first factor, when they come, they will see, see or read, doing something. provided by the community, what can be made by the community is when there is a way to carve it, there must be one, there must be some tourists who will be curious. I can try it, for sure, the questions will come from a tourist. It is impossible for them to come and see until they are curious. it's definitely going to always be ya pole hi hi hi dan yan The third and third are next to the subject, now this side of the body is when they come to see they have done everything we want to go back to changing our time, maybe we return empty-handed, we have to buy souvenirs from the South, look at the stewardess weton, there is anything, for example there is a crocodile, surely it can be done too. or Eh, traditional clothes, that is, you can

provide one, such as souvenirs or photo arrows, if it's customary, but it's custom, well, this is what our friends from the Planning Department, I see, are lacking . The members of the community are members of your team, your team's library, their hearts are open, hi to everyone like that. Now that's the first 31. Thank you guys, that's a brief explanation of taxes. Ah, how should there be any development in the tourism sector in Papaya Regency, which has been going on until now. Watching lizards don't exist in Sanggau Regency yet, so I want them in theory it has to be that way So if you can be active through the relevant agencies, in this case the Tourism Office, you have to look at the other one. Oh, relax, okay, you know how we introduce the world

of tourism to the community, is to do socialization about tourism awareness so that people also know that our environment is very important always try is impossible Not carelessly throw marine plastic waste because it is very impactful Yes to the river it has a very big impact on the water ecosystem or marine life and don't cut down trees carelessly . people about Nadia's knowledge as us People know about tourism are not surprised about foreigners when they come don't laugh Yes we have to socialize a lot to the community about Sapta Pesona we have to explain everything to the community so that they can esar we know three laymen they know about destruction such as how to accept tourism as how to meet on the street Sapa is already extraordinary So if there is no support from the government The government should never talk about tourism then there will be no development at all pray at dawn, no developments are provided in the region itself, it is not managed by natural river tourism, everything is not addressed, the stakeholders are lacking , we can't talk about tourism yet, the question is where does this budget take care of us? percent Are these just false reports? okay bro, where is Sejahtera there, that was my brief dialogue discussion with Brother jam songo according to Brother's point of view from Yuri's perspective on the development of tourism in Manggarai Regency, which so far the number has been realized at the same time because it is based on two references. rian earlier conveyed that Dhani hoped that, more specifically, the intellectuals of the Lumpang Raya Regency were very general towards the relevant agencies to do things or programs that really raised the bottom and raised self-esteem and raised the art culture of people who fully understood it regardless of what we have seen so far. Gede is a matter of music here, but that's only often, not always, but what's here is every half. Most substantially

, there is also something that has not been realized in your eye district to this day. We have to give an example, usually in Sentani, the sultani district, Jayapura district. That's usually the Lake Sentani festival, all of the traditional instruments, traditional music, are all passed down to give something to drink, give special attention to the existing tourist visitors, so that any a2dp, anything, has value, that afternoon we can get it for those of us. We are the Regency more or less so we hope to also pay attention to Develop my thoughts so it's not only always Papa waiting for it Oh, why is the master budget outside Why isn't there, why is it like this because we expect it too much from one source, so what can we do to establish an online business, make a tourism website on Membramo and then market it send overseas so that tourists can also see and come to visit gathering because what is a gathering area if you want to make a tourist spot Wow, that's really cool, oh yeah, it's just that we know we don't have a budget or can't be seen from there isn't an interesting tourist spot In the hair money, to this day, I personally have not had any sustenance for selling. And I hope that my video is full on this occasion, if there are officials from the district, people who can hear, please note it and A8 will find it in the coming year because it can add to the PHD. The district promotes raya Okay Brothers, wherever you are, so my brief discussion

on the occasion n this is there, maybe someone can drink something yet here, yes, my message is when we talk about the economic development of the residents there, we have sacrifices there too, we can't be tailed about development without this sacrifice, let's sacrifice anyone whenever, wherever we are, we are both We both love Mamberamo Raya Regency as an essence for ordinary people, we are both victims of the struggle for the development of Beramo Raya Regency, so we can better live in the tank agenda Okay, thank you friends for following us from the beginning to the end. also Keep up the enthusiasm in making content like Papua and Indonesia provinces hahaha yes yes

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