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[Music] about true cats now  with their Bell draw Blitz   get ready to listen to your favorite art artists [Music] it's good morning  here it's a good afternoon   by you yeah it's it's it's about a  half past two uh in the afternoon and it's a beautiful sunny day in downtown  Teddington got it well you are busy as ever   right now because you just put out the foxtrot  live album with the highlights a couple of weeks   ago you're always on tour you're back in the U.S  in a couple of weeks that's right the most down   time you've had it looks like you've been off  the road for about a month well yeah we did I   managed to finish off an album a studio album I  managed to fit in a trip to Turkey to Istanbul   um and now foxtrot at 50. the currently released  them is number two in the British Rock charts and   that's really that's really great somebody  at the door trying to trying to break in   um crazy yeah somebody knocking on the suddenly there's going to be so much going on  it's unbelievable I'm sorry I'll have to shout   above what's going on this is life it just keeps  crashing into life and it's a point to be speaking   with yeah exactly it's great to be great to be  alive and um yeah you know yeah Keith look it's   a great to be here great to be anywhere as Keith  said you know exactly yeah so as I was alluding to   earlier you know there's a new live record there's  an upcoming tour in the last three years it seems   like you've gotten out four or five albums while  heavily touring and recording and writing so   when I say you know hey you've had a month you've  had down time no you're still making stuff while   all that is going on so yeah the words you're  busier than ever at this point in your career   did you ever think you'd be retired at this  point in your career uh I don't know I didn't   have any idea what I would be doing at this age  when I was you know 22 or so when foxtrot was   being made I I had no idea um I was just hoping  that our contract would get renewed uh but you   know some things sometimes you can be lucky with  something an album if it's Sprouts legs that's   good if it's Sprouts wings and keeps going for  50 years that's even better so as I say it's gone   into the Rock charts and metal charts here number  two uh it's got a chance of being my first number   one hey you know that would be uh that would  be something but of course there is the Genesis   body of work that uh supports it so you know  that's that's an extraordinary thing and   um and uh it's it's wonderful that there's  so much interest in it all over again when it   comes to playing the entire foxtrot album live how  much rehearsal is needed for you is it all in the   back of your minds or did you go oh I know these  three songs and then I have to relearn these few um yeah something like that I I I I know these  songs and others I need to rehearse but I've been   through the rehearsals to do that and we've  turned it pretty much extensively throughout   Europe and Scandinavia uh so um it has been  told believe me in recent years so I just had   a I had a run through yesterday I think it was  uh um to make sure it was still there and and   it's still there so that's that's really good  we kick off in Montreal uh I fly out tomorrow   an overnight flight get the  red eye to Montreal and then   and then you know we we kick off in French Canada  and um we'll be with you guys soon you know I'm   I'm looking forward to that was that your like  35th world tour at this point oh geez you know   what I I I've lost count by now you know I'm  just uh I'm still making a noise for a living   um people are still showing up coming to  the gigs that's that's a great feeling   um that's what keeps me doing it is is the  level of enthusiasm from significant others   the audience that's that's so important to me  you know I I do it for them I I don't do it   for me so much anymore but I love watching  people getting turned on by it and turned on   by it all over again like the crescendo  uh water of the Skies yeah the intro   the authenticity of that the the power of it the  sheer power of it um and with the band that lays   the balls off this material so you know my my  band I have to say you know are extraordinary   um they play with a level of precision that  I could only have dreamed about when this was   going around first time you know we didn't  have the technology the technique or or you   know experience to be able to I live  up to the power of the ideas but the   ideas came when we were all young now the  performance you know is is something else they were going to start out with  with these with these things so uh   we'll be shouting over the sound of river  motorbikes are you okay with that yeah if   if it's Steve Hackett I'm okay with it that's  okay fine fine okay some of those bandmates   have been there for about 20 years or more in  yourself that's right yeah I started working   with uh and Roger in in in in the 90s and really  um Rod Townsend from about 2000 or 2001 so they   some of them have been there for a while uh the  Rhythm Section more recent years you know five   years or so of working with them and they've  been incredible you know Jonas reingold on   base is probably probably the world's best  he's extraordinary he can play anything   including I've heard him play Bach  on a base which is extraordinary and   um he can either be Mr Rickenbacker almost  the upright basis here's something else um   Craig Blundell on drums extraordinary um I can't  believe how hard he hits those things every night   um even when he was having back trouble at one  point he was still beating them to death these   things and uh it's very exciting to watch him  yeah to his credit hitting them hard and doing   crazy time signatures you cannot do both that's  right yeah yeah yeah so I I don't know how he does   that he's a sort of progmeister of the uh of the  sticks yeah so a question for you here I find that   artists who have Decades of world tours originally  when they come on the road they go I'm gonna I'm   gonna go to Every bar and restaurant that I ever  can I'm going to see every sightseeing thing then   they kind of get burnt out then they go to their  face of hiking or golf when they're on tour when   you're on tour and you don't have to do media  which one of those are you are you you at the   hiking golf point of your of your career that when  you come to a city you're going to the park uh uh usually my life means that most of the time  I've got two hours off maximum on any given day so   um we'll go visit something you know we're we're  if there's some history we'll check it out when   we were in um turkey a couple of weeks ago um I  wanted to see the eyes of fire that most it was   originally a Byzantine Church um huge thing uh  the Blue Mosque incredible incredible incredible   um the system which was underneath built by  the Romans which was used funnily enough in   the movie From Russia with Love at one point but  but it's so modern that's built by the Romans   it's extraordinary um Roman brickwork was was  built to last um so yeah if there's anything   like that obviously if I'm touring Italy there  will be plenty to see they'll they'll be they'll   be so-called ruins but they'll they'll be modern  apartment blocks that were built by the Romans   they with this joke This Woman This Woman said  how come the Romans built so many ruins I was like   well you know this was two thousand three thousand  years ago you know they're still standing uh uh   uh what chance um some of the other stuff that  we've that we grew up with you know I mean the   apartments that I grew up in as as a kid they're  scaffolding around it you know they're stopping   it falling apart that's that's it well I grew up  facing the um the buddhistee power station uh Pink   Floyd's Pig in front of the battery power station  that was the view from my bedroom window as a kid   now you can take a trip into that power station  you can go up one of the Chimneys in an elevator   lifts to the to the British you go up inside the  thing and you're at the top you've got a a 360   degree view of London it's absolutely unbelievable  it's an incredible trip they do it so well it's   it's extraordinary it's got nothing to do with  music but everything to do with my background so   I recommend that if you're coming to London check  that one out you won't you won't be disappointed   when you come home from a tour do you usually come  home with five new guitars in other words as a   stand this is a compliment to you a compliment  slash a question we'll call it a a question a   compla a complexion whatever you want to call  a complimentation but as one of these standout   influential guitar players because you influence a  lot of the influential guitar players from where I   stand do you come home with an extra five to ten  guitars for people from guitar shops go try this   there are times when that has has happened um  uh I think when I was in when I was in Spain   there were a couple of guys from Portugal  they gave me a Portuguese guitar which is   basically a 12-string guitar so  that's the last one I was given   um but um uh in the main that doesn't tend to  happen every now and again it'll happen but   um of course I'm completely out of space to put  them anywhere sensible so I I have to rent space   to keep to keep the Museum of guitars going  and I've got I have a small Museum of guitars   it's extraordinary thing yes I should charge  people money to go and see them pay for my lock-up   you know I think so dude do you know Rick Nielsen  from Cheap Trick In His guitar collecting uh I've   heard about that yes yes I know that Steve Howe  has an extensive collection or certainly did do   um at one point and um and some of them were very  rare indeed yes A friend of mine who signed a RCA   Steve schultze a great band called long wave  and now it's just October okay so Steve told   me when he got his record label Advance he  invested it in vintage guitars and that's in   value that's something that I don't think the  average person realizes that that even though   recorded music keeps going down in value  vintage guitars keep going up over time   so do you have a collection of like hundreds of  guitars no not not hundreds no I I you know I I   haven't counted them recently but you know  they're at various times there might be 40   50 of them and they're dotted around in different  places but I need to move house and be able to   have these things to hand to check them out  because some of them are beautiful but in   the main I've been recording recently with three  electric guitars and and those are in in the main   um there's a Les Paul 1957 there's a Fernandez  which is more recent of course and one that   belonged to Gary Moore Oh and I've been playing  that on the album and uh Brian May design guitar   red special same as he designed so he and I did  some work together years and years ago and then   I a pal of mine had one of his guitars  and I I swapped in my Les Paul for that   not not an ancient one not not not a vintage  one one from from the 80s pretty vented at that   point yeah well that's it some dealer might well  say well that's it you know from the 80s that's   pretty Ventures you can say that you may maybe  he got the better half of the deal but on the   other hand the Brian mate guitar does sound um  spectacular it has another phase facility that   um gives you that upper harmonic almost like  an onboard Wawa almost you know it's um it's an   extraordinary sound um it's the sound that you've  kind of been looking for and then for all these   years but then there's there'll be another time  I'll plug in the Fernandez to the music with a   um a tube screamer or a thing called an iron  boost invented by Pete Cornish I asked him to   do me a treble booster and he did this thing  and I I am boosted and that's an extraordinary   sound again I think Brian uses one of those  who run me um but you know these these things   sometimes it's the guitar and sometimes it's  the pedal of the amp the thing that gives it   that boost and then suddenly it comes alive and  you go oh wow yes this is this is the thing so   it's partly in the fingers it's in the ears but um  it's not a mess it's not a mystical thing but when   it hits you the right sound hits you it's magic  and you go Yep this sound I can go anywhere with   this sound and that's the moment that you're that  you're waiting for where there's there's hardly a   dead spot on on the guitar anywhere and and then  you go okay yeah the field is open let me at it   let it Let It Fly let it run well I have three  quick questions and then I'll let you go okay   okay the first question is relating to all the  touring Logistics your fans really are everywhere   in the world uh so your touring isn't like hey  he's gonna play these five U.S cities and that's  

it you got the US and North America fans you have  the Europeans you got for the Japanese uh gold or   platinum records you got for Genesis Revisited so  the fans are there as well do you have like three   touring rigs that you keep all over the world or  do you have to Freight everything all over the   world every time you tour well I've got I've got  a couple of pedalboards there's one that's that's   smaller than than the other you know a sort of um  a touring rig if I'm gonna do something like play   with with not a band and and guess for them to  do something like with job aid for instance and   then there's my there's my major one so as far  as I'm aware there's there's two um but it's not   like I've got one in the states that is a go-to  there but you know that would probably be a very   sensible idea it may well be the gear stays over  there because we're going to be coming back here   um you know just before Christmas and then  we're out again before you know it and uh so   that would be it's a very sensible idea and  and that's probably what we're going to do   yeah I mean the logistics of leading a life living  out of a suitcase it has its complications but you   know it has its benefits and its drawbacks  of course uh but you know I'm I'm a touring   animal that's what I do have guitar will travel  um that's a Future album title for you well I   remember that you know there was a TV series and  I'm trying to think of the guide something about   will travel and I can't remember the exact thing  but somebody will remember but it's for me I think   we've have gone World Travel that might have been  the series way back and now it's well for me yeah   have guitar will travel and do have traveled are  traveling is yeah you you don't stop traveling   now question number two the album that you did  squack it that yes a great title right there you   had a collaboration with Fran Healy from one of my  favorite bands Travis how did that one happen was   he a fan of yours and he reached out let me see  uh you'll have to remind me here of are we talking   about the thing with uh Chris Squire yes the  album with Chris squire and I'm thinking about um   so remind me because my memory is going it's  it's crazy the older I get oh looking at the   uh the writing credits there's once on that Fran  Hal uh Fran Healy did with you and sometimes when   you see a car ride it's just because the publisher  has connected you and so you know what that much   that must be that must be must have been something  with Chris then I suspect I think because you know   the things that I did with him we we credited  to uh myself and uh and and Roger King if I   remember correctly Roger King and also um the  couple of other writers on it as well you know   Chris and I sort of just decided to split the  thing down the middle that was great fun to do   um sad that I didn't get to do any of that stuff  live with him but we did get everyone together   on the on the cruise to the edge we got the lake  great Squire the great great John wetton we were   all playing together um we did An All Along  the Watchtower you know which is kind of Easy   On My Level because it's basically three chords  and um I had great fun doing that and I've done   that with a few pounds we did a tribute to John  recently and did that with with the Paul Green   um musical Academy they were working  with John Anderson name drop named laughs yeah and it it was great to be able to  um celebrate John because John was was   something else you know his music still holds  up and my my last one for you is a stupid one   I know his real last name is not Hackett  but did you ever get to meet Buddy Hackett   did I ever get to meet buddy no I never got  to meet Buddy Hackett but I did meet Les Paul   and um I get I got to talk to him about about  guitars and about his band and everything and uh   uh the man who invented multi-tracking  where would we be without without that so   um Les Paul Mary Ford I don't think I've  ever met Buddy Hackett I don't think so   I might have met or been to see Bobby Hackett   so at least my brother John Hackett okay so some  of the hackets got to meet each other well yeah   yeah that's right yeah yeah it's true the bottom  line Steve I'm I'm glad to see you're busies ever   there was still the autobiography within the last  three years besides the collaborations the touring   et cetera so look at what's to come from you  in the near future hope to see you live in   New York in the near future and just keep up  all the greatness out there thank you for the   many years of great Art thank you so much  lovely talking to you Darren all the best

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