Staying with the Locals of Smiling Coast of Africa (THE GAMBIA )

Staying with the Locals of Smiling Coast of Africa (THE GAMBIA )

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Everyone is friendly. There is no electricity in this village. People are enjoying their life. He is telling me, he is wearing European and she is wearing African clothes. Take a look how many family members are there.

Hey guys good very good morning welcome back to a new vlog My name is Tourvashu. Currently, I am in Senegal country capital city, Dakar. I am going to a New country Gambia.

I am not going out of this country, I will tell you why. Gambia country is located in between Senegal. Gambia is surrounded by Senegal on 3 sides and the Atlantic ocean on the one side. I mean Gambia is inside Senegal. I am going to Gambia, I had taken a visa from Mauritania.

I am staying in Gambia for a week or 10 days. Then I will leave to Guinea-Bissau and Guinea which are neighbouring countries of Senegal. It is 8 in the morning, I have taken taxi and I have left my host house. I am going to the garage where I can find car to go to Gambia. I have just heard that I will get the car from the garage to reach the country Gambia.

I have no idea where will I get the car and how will I reach the country. Garage is 15 km from my host house. I was not getting the taxi so I got a private taxi for 5000CFA which is around $8.

He is driver Baba? Baba name is very common here in Senegal. Senegal is very good country. Gambia is also very good. The whole of Africa is good.

Gambia is 250 km from Dakar. I will reach the Gambia border around 3 o'clock. I currently have CFA, I will exchange currency in the border. We have reached the garage. There is a big traffic jam. Traffic? Very traffic? Ha big Traffic.

It is already 15 minutes and we have still not moved! If I get late, I might not get car to reach Gambia. After 25 minutes I reached the garage. My hair has also grown, if I get a chance in Gambia I will get a haircut. As soon as we came out of the city, I can only see Sheep.

There is sheep everywhere. Gambia ke liye car kaha par milega? Vaha par jao, Mil jayega. I am not able to understand where I will get the vehicle. I will go and check it myself This is a new note of 5000 CFA Gambia? Hanji. By bus? Ha by bus. Let's go there and check.

Where I can find a vehicle to Gambia country which is my fifth country on this trip. There are many taxis. There is also bus Standing On the other side. Women wear colourful clothes here. As soon as I got down from the taxi I met him, Taxis are completely changed, I saw a yellow taxi there and here it is completely white. Taxis are very long, they call it 'Sept place.'

There is Gambia Bird on the top. Gambia? The Gambia In which vehicle should I go? I should ask how much money will he take. CFA? 7000.

Border tak jaunga. I am not able to understand anything! Kya main yaha par Luggage rak saktha hu? I don't know where they will drop me, I have to go inside the border. The border is 250 km from here. After that, I still have to travel another 50 km. There is no place to sit in the car, I have to sit behind. You can see the condition of the vehicle.

For travelling out of Srinagar you will get this type of vehicle which is also called 'Scept place' Which is also known as 7 seat vehicle No cigarette.. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 people sit in this order. The condition of this vehicle is very bad. Passengers are still coming A new passenger has come, I think she will sit next to me. There is very less place.

This vehicle won't move until it's full. Whether it is 5 minutes or 5 hours. People are fighting here I don't know why people fight so much. Everyone is fighting here! They have charged 7,000 CFA for 260 km Which is around 11 Dollars. The vehicle is almost full.

Three people are sitting behind them, three people are sitting in the middle. and two people are sitting in front. Excluding the driver, there are seven people. It's very hot, I don't have a place to move also. Leg space is also very less. Ladies are selling mangoes and dry fruits. I have purchased this cashew nut for 100 CFA.

We have covered 150 km and we still have to cover 100 kilometres to reach Gambia. We have stopped in the city of Kaolack. I guess we have 15-minute break. We have reached the border Between Senegal and Gambia. I don't know whether I can vlog near the border.

If I can vlog, it's alright if I can't I will meet you after the immigration. We left in the morning at 9 o'clock and now it's 3 p.m. we have covered 250 km in 6 hour This is the immigration office It is also raining outside, I don't know how will I cross this road. I can record myself.

yes. Welcome to Gambia this is my fifth country in this trip. I completed the process within minute, it was very easy. I faced problem in Senegal, but Gambia people are very welcoming. Immigration was very smooth, they did not ask any questions they just printed on my passport and told me welcome to Gambia. Currently, I am going in a taxi.

Local people here or not interacting. Locals are sitting behind me, they are telling If I include them in the video, I should give the money. They are talking with me but they are speaking off the camera. I had brought CFA with me, I exchanged it in the border, there are many banks here. They gave me more than it showed on the internet. The currency in Gambia is called Dalasi.

1 dalasi is equal to 1.5INR. 1 dalasi is equal to 1.5INR. Sim card was very cheap it cost me 100. But internet data is very expensive here, I got only 200 MB for hundred rupees. I have recharged data to talk with my host, after that I will see whether I need a recharge or not. Currently, I am going to the town from the border which is 25 km They have taken 150 Dalasi which is 250INR.

Gambia is the smallest country in the whole of Africa. It is so small that it's only 50 km long. This is the taxi, in which I am going they have decorated the taxi. There is no time difference between Gambia and Senegal. Gambia, Mauritania, Mali all come under the same time zone. There are five countries and all the countries fall under same time zone.

They are located on GMT, these countries are 5 and half hours before the Indian time. Bye Bariku. M is silent. I thought Embariku. There is a village here.

He is my host Bariku. I don't know how many days I will stay here. Welcome again to the smallest country of the African mainland. Gambia is the smallest country in Africa and the mainland, right? Sudan is bigger more than 203 times of Gambia. Sudan is bigger more than 203 times of Gambia. This is the smallest country in the African mainland after the island countries.

The official name of this country is the Republic of Gambia. It is called ‘Gambia’ and also ‘The Gambia’ ‘The’ is added before the country name. The government thought that Gambia and Zambia are similarly pronounced. Zambia is also an African country.

To make it look different the added ‘The’ before the country name. Gambia is one of the top selected countries in Africa. Britishers had ruled this country. And also English is spoken! The official language of Gambia country is English I can communicate with other people easily and there will be no language problems As I had faced in Mali and Senegal. Hello.

NO. This is school? There is a school here. And this is home. You all speak English? Okay, bye.

I had planned to visit the capital, Banjul. It is just 10 kilometres from here before I go there he spoke to me and asked me to come here. This square is known as the Coca-Cola square. Yes Coca-Cola Junction.

Instead of Kara 4, there is a Junction in this country. Because English is spoken here. Someone is calling you tubab. Tubab to me? But I am not white, I am from India. When people see Europeans who are fair in colour, So people call them Tubab.

Is this your home? Yes, I was making green tea. Here it is called Ataya. In Mauritania, they call atte. In Senegal and Mali they call thae. And here you call Ataya.

Tea is pronounced differently here. This is Ataya. Is this your car? Yes, this is my old car.

It has been standing in this place for more than 5 years. 5 or 6 years. You say hello and you can start talking about anything. Hen is clucking here. He is welcoming you. Is he saying tubab? How many people live in this village? Less than 2000 people.

This is very small. Are you good? There is a well and children are taking out water. This well is very deep.

These days after living in Mauritania and Mali, I am speaking French. What is your name? Marimamma. Hi. Hello. I am fine Hello! Good? allgood? What is your name? My name is Binta Binta? And your name? Kadhi. Where are you from? I come from India.

Will you take me there? There were many ethnic groups in Mali and Mauritania, There are ethnic groups here also. The largest ethnic group in Mali was Bambra the largest ethnic group in Senegal was Wolof the largest ethnic group in this country is the Malinke The second largest ethnic group here is the Fula, English is the official language and the widely spoken language is Malinke She is wife of Bariku. Many children came here. She is the mother of my host.

I am meeting here everyone is super friendly from police, to the immigration officer and everyone. Everyone is friendly here. Everyone knows English and I am enjoying a lot For one cup of tea, he has put this full cup of sugar! Half glass KAMKAM and half glass sugar. He has broken the record of Mali and Mauritania also. There is so much foam These all are mango trees, There are many trees.

There are big mangoes in the tree as you can see. I guess you can see them. There is no electricity here, I don't know how I will charge my phone charge my laptop and edit the video.

He is saying there is no electricity here, but electricity is there in surrounding areas I have to manage here. All the important things here are solar-operated. The currency of Gambia is the Dalasi They all are old notes It starts from 10 and it is there till 200! In 1965, almost 60 years ago, Gambia got independence from UK. There are no proper roads in the city, mail roads have been constructed.

The road is not nice here. The per capita income of Senegal is, Its almost half of India. Gambia’s GDP is half of Senegal. It is almost one fourth of Indian GDP.

People have very less money here. Same as Senegal and Mali, The majority economy comes from agriculture and tourism More than 70% of the population has been involved in agriculture, After agriculture tourism is the second biggest income for the country. And also fishing is done Name of this village is Mayamba, People here are very friendly. My first impression of Gambia is very good. After Morocco it was very difficult for me.

I was scared to talk with people. As soon as people saw the camera they used to get angry, but here it's completely different. I don't know how will it be when I go to the city, Everything is good in the village.

After two days I will go to city and I might have and different experience. People are coming here and telling their name even if I don't ask! The tagline of this country is ‘Smiling coast of Africa’ I am experiencing the same thing though people don't have money, People stay in a village where there is no electricity, Everyone is happy and enjoying their life. They are welcoming us with a smile I am enjoying this place. Children invited me to play a football game tomorrow, Since Gambia comes inside Senegal, there are many similarities.

There are only two popular sports, Football and wrestling There is greenery everywhere! Houses are also built in the farm Main road is very nice but the other roads are not good. They have written ‘Goodbye to Mayamba’ The town or village ends here. Gambia has got its name from Gambia river, Many people believe this. In the centre of Gambia the river flows. The river flows in the centre of the country. This building is owned by an Indian businessman.

There are so big lizards here, I got scared when I saw them. He is telling there are many lizards here. Lizards are as big as half of my hand! I couldn't show you they went inside. This is a local Mini market of this village there is onion. You get all daily essential items here.

As you can see What are they selling? This is a local cousin made from fish. There is fish and vegetables. He is telling he is wearing European and she is wearing African clothes. The standard size of water bottle in Gambia is 1.5 litre It cost 30Dalasi which is around 45INR. There are many Bollywood channels in which Indian movies are played.

It started to rain suddenly! Raining heavily Some people are enjoying the rain, This is an African hairstyle. African people keep this hairstyle Just have a look that so many family members!

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