Staying with Real Mongolian Nomads Far from Civilization

Staying with Real Mongolian Nomads Far from Civilization

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I welcome you all to the Ger. She is melting ice to make water. This is the original gun or rifle. He is telling that many dangerous animals come at night time.

They live in a very isolated place. This is a dumpling and it also has horse meat. I am shooting videos by turning on my mobile flashlight.

They are taking their animal... The toilet here is very dangerous. I can see two hump camels on the way. There are many camels here. We are trying hitchhiking.

Hey guys, very good morning. Welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu. Currently, I am in Ulaanbaatar which is the capital city of Mongolia. In the last video, you saw that we had stayed in a semi-nomadic family.

Today, we are going to stay with a completely Nomadic family. I will get in the car and then talk to you. I have Gana with me.

She had come near my guest house to pick me up. I am near my guest house and now we are going to the bus station. We are going to see the real nomads in Mongolia. I have not shown you.

There is very limited public transport in Mongolia. It is there only in the capital. You have to come back to Ulaanbaatar if you want to go to other places. The name of the place is Elesen tasarkhai. This place is very far.

Yesterday we had to travel 200 km, now we are travelling 300 km. I don't know when we will reach. We might reach in the night. It is better if we reach before the dark. This is going to be my last or the second last video in Mongolia.

After this, the Mongolian series will be completed. We are going to an amazing country. You might have guessed it. We are doing shopping for today. We bought fruits and eggs.

We are going to take bread. This is a very big supermarket. We have purchased the bread. This is Ulaanbaatar bus station.

All the buses are here. She will take me to the bus. I don't know anything. The time is 10:45 am.

We have the bus at 11 am. The temperature is -31 degrees. I have adjusted myself to the temperature. I was not comfortable in the beginning. -20 and -30 are quite normal.

There is a problem if the temperature goes beyond -30 degrees. I have noticed one more thing. Yesterday, I had not had my breakfast, I had come out.

I was feeling very cold. I went to the house, I took a rest for a while, ate something and then I came out. I was not feeling cold at that time. Food matters a lot here. This is the reason why people consume a lot of meat. So that, the body can keep up the heat.

The cloth will retain the heat and they do not feel cold. This is also a reason why people consume a lot of meat in cold places. This is the bus. I was talking with you. Gana has come inside. We have taken a lot of items. The supermarket is not very expensive here.

All the items are less than 1500 INR. I have taken this for eating on the bus. We are going now. The scheduled time was 11:00 am. It Departed at 11:15 am. We want to go near the nomad's place.

We want to go near the nomads. They live on the outskirts. This bus is going to another destination. We have to get down in the middle. Those people will come to receive us. I don't know how will we go. We will have a lot of off-roading.

We have to be on the bus for another 6 hours. We will reach there in the evening. I don't know what will happen. I will get to know after going there.

She knows everything. I don't have any idea. We left Ulaanbaatar at 11:00 am. It is almost 3 hours. The time is 2:00 pm. We stopped on the highway.

The bus has stopped. We have half an hour's break. There are many colourful buildings. Green, yellow, pink, blue, white and red.

Look at the cat. You have seen all the animals, now look at the cat. This is so big and it is very fluffy. We have come to the west from Ulaanbaatar. It is 300 km. These people stay on the outskirts of the city.

They don't stay in the city, so they have picked us from the highway. It is completely off-road travelling. There is no Road. We have come to the interior part of the highway.

We have a brown landscape and a white landscape. We can see mountains everywhere. This looks like a very dangerous dog. Look at the size of the dog. It is so big. It looks very scary.

We have reached the countryside. I can see mountains everywhere. There are real nomads here. I will tell you about that. I forgot my gloves on the bus.

After travelling for half the distance, I realised that I left my gloves on the bus. I don't have any gloves, I am feeling very cold. There are many nomads in Mongolia. What is the meaning of nomads?

In Hindi, the meaning of nomads is “Banjara” or “Banjaras” They will not have a house. They change their house from time to time. They relocate their house in the summers and winters. They relocate according to their requirement. There is no electricity here.

They use solar panels. They also have a TV because a dish has been installed. This is the traditional house of Mongolian nomads. You can see this type of house in Central Asia. This is known as Ger. ‘GER’ I thought it is ‘Gir’ It is pronounced as ‘Ger’ You can see many Ger here.

I can see many Ger here. I can see only nomads everywhere. In many tourist and advanced places we can see many Gers. But that will be made from cement.

This is traditional and the original Ger. This is completely made from clothes. This is made from wool. They fill it with animal wool and fur. This will keep the house very warm, even if the temperature is low. My hand is freezing. These are just normal gloves.

They also have many animals. These are the goats. These are sheep.

These are all small sheep. Look here. He is feeding them with grass. They have many horses. They have many cows.

They also have many Camels. You might have seen it. It is two hump camel. It is known as the Bactrian camel. I welcome you all to the Ger. Mongolian traditional house.

They spend their entire life in this house. Everything is done inside this Ger. It is open from the outside. Sunlight will come from this. It is not open, it is transparent. This is cow dung.

This is cow dung. This is the fuel for the fire. There is snow everywhere. They have brought the snow. They will warm it and turn it into water.

They will drink this water. We also have to drink this water. Food and tea are prepared from this water. They have welcomed us. They served this hot tea.

They have also given this. I think this is the breakfast. This tea contains salt. This looks like pakoda. She has melted ice to make water. She is removing it. 'Name' is known as ‘Neer’ in the Mongolian language.

This is the God. They follow Buddhism. Mongolians follow Tibetan Buddhism. Many sources tell that Buddhism came here through India. There is God's photo. They do Pooja here. They have kept the prasad. This is some food, I don't know what is this.

This is tea and this is the cookie. They have kept these items as prasad. This is Gautama Buddha. They do Gautam Buddha Puja but in different forms.

Gana's parents also pray similarly. These are the foods which we brought from the supermarket. Not only this, we have bought many items. This is a pet cow. It has a very different shape. It has a very big face.

It is a baby cow and this is stable. I think stable is the word used. I am not sure about it. There are also agricultural areas nearby. These people go there to live in the summer. It is very cold outside. But you don't feel the cold inside the house. They have made this ger very thick.

My hands and legs are frozen. We are making ourselves warm from this. She is bringing Ice and melting it again and again. The song has reached even Mongolian nomads. Even these people know the song.

This water is prepared by melting ice. This tea is made from water, which was obtained by melting ice. They also have this portable gas stove. It is used for emergency purposes. There are many rifles here.

This is a plastic gun for kids. This is the original gun. This is the original gun. He is putting the bullet.

We have to put the bullet here. I thought he is adding the bullet for real, But he is not doing it. He told that many wild animals come here during the night. Wild Wolf and many other wild animals. We have to fire this and make them go away from here. Not shooting the animals it's just the sound. They live in a very isolated place.

Nothing is there in the surroundings, There might be another three houses. I don't think nomads keep the gun. These people have kept it. They have to give taxes to the government. Normally it is not allowed. He is taking me out.

It is going to be dark soon. The sun has set. It will turn dark in another 20 minutes. All the animals have come out. They are tieing this around the neck.

They don't get food in the winter. They don't get nutrition. They give them additional nutrition daily. They are collecting this. This is cow dung. It will take a lot of time to dry this. Their life is not so easy. It is very difficult and struggling.

Some nomads are not even in the touch with tourists. Their life will be very extreme. But these people have a touch with the tourist. The weather is so clear, there is no sound pollution.

There is no air or sound pollution. There is no pollution here. I can only hear birds chirping and humans sound. I cannot hear any other sound here. How nice it is when we walk in the snow.

It's getting colder as the night wears on. It's getting too cold. The temperature is -35 degrees. I have not checked it.

By nightfall, it will reach -40 degrees. We go inside the house. It's night and they are preparing the food.

I will show you what are they cooking. The traditional food is ready. I will show you the food items. People eat a lot of dumplings here. This is a dumpling, there is also horse meat inside this.

This is a dumpling, there is also horse meat inside this. This is a dumpling and they are adding horse meat on top of it. There is also rice here.

This is not cooked. It will be ready in a while. Many people eat boiled items. They don't eat spicy food and masala food. I have to eat boiled items. Plain rice, egg and potato. There are some vegetables also.

I am shooting a video by turning on the mobile flashlight. The time is 9:00 pm. It is very cold. They have come here to lock the stable. This is the last time one can use the toilet. We cannot go to the toilet at night time.

It's time to sleep. It's just past nine. The room, kitchen everything is there inside this Ger. There is nothing else other than this. I am sleeping on this bed.

Gana and himself will sleep on this bed. This couple will sleep here. I don't know about the washroom. I have used the toilet in an open site. I will meet you in the morning and continue the video.

Hey guys, very good morning. This is the next day. It is very cold outside. I cannot stay here for a long time. It is 9:30 am. We woke up now. It is very cold, but it is very sunny. I am not able to open my eyes.

It is very sunny here. I wanted to stay here for two days and two nights. There is nothing to do here. I had already shown you the local life. It is slightly different, but it is almost the same.

We are going to Ulaanbaatar today. We are going to leave this town in a while. There is no transportation to Ulaanbaatar. The bus has already gone, there is no bus to Ulaanbaatar We have to hitchhike or we have to take a car. I will show you the toilets here. It is completely open here.

You can not sit for more than five minutes on the toilet. You will get frozen if you sit for a long time. It is completely open. Kazak toilet was closed. There was no wind coming inside the toilet. You have to do everything openly.

You cannot stay here for more than 5 minutes. You will be frozen if you stay for more than 5 minutes. It is very dangerous. This toilet is used by both ladies and gents. Even the guest uses this toilet. There is no other option.

Let's go inside the Ger. The speciality of Ger is, it is movable. You can easily transport this.

Because nomads don't stay in one place. They keep moving from season to season. The water is very cold. I couldn't even brush properly. It was very difficult to brush. Water is also around zero degrees.

She is cutting the meat to boil it. She is cutting the meat now. He was ready within 2 minutes of waking up. Dish has been installed. TV is turned on. Everything is solar-operated. Look here.

This is the gas stove. This will be turned on the whole night, to protect the Ger from the cold. Instant coffee is ready with local pakoda.

He is eating a lot of pakoda. I am wearing the traditional clothes of Mongolia nomads. This sleeve will be very long.

This sleeve will be very long. This will protect from cold. If you cover it like this, this is very useful. It's time to leave the place. There is the Gobi desert nearby. He is taking me to the Gobi desert. I will spend some time in the desert.

Then I will go to the highway. These are two humps camel. There are many two-hump camels.

It is known as the Bactrian camel. These are the native camels in Mongolia. It is also known as the Mongolian camel, along with the Bactrian camel. I am not able to go near them.

If I go near them, they are going far from me. This Bactrian camel is found in Central Asia. We have come out of the Mountain area. The weather is very harsh. It is very windy.

This wind is known as the Siberian wind. If there was no Himalayan mountain in India, these winds would come to India also. The temperature in India would also be like this, if there was no Himalayan range. We have come to the dunes. This is part of the Gobi desert. This is all Gobi desert.

The main Mongolian desert is there in the South of Mongolia. This is a very little part. This desert is expanding very rapidly. We have come to the main road. We have to go back to Ulaanbaatar. We will try to hitchhike.

We will take the first transport whether it's a bus or hitchhike. I don't want to waste time here. I was asking for left in the wrong direction. We have to go this side. The frequency between the vehicles is more than 10 minutes.

I will turn off the camera. I will turn it on once I get the vehicle. He stopped the car. I guess his mood was not good.

Later, he changed his mood. Let's talk with him. This is a commercial vehicle. Let's talk with him. There was place in this, but it is going in another direction. We have to try for another vehicle. We have got the vehicle till Ulaanbaatar. After travelling for 300 km.

I welcome you back to the coldest capital in the world. Hitchhiking is not free of cost in Mongolia. He took 50,000 tugrik for two people. It is 1300 INR. It's good that we have reached on time and the journey was very comfortable. Look at the city, it is so neat and clean.

Whether it is a city or village or town. Whether in the urban area, countryside or rural area. Everything is very neat and clean. This is an international bus terminal. Now, I am going to purchase an International bus ticket. I am going to my next country, the day after tomorrow.

I have purchased an international bus ticket. I will not tell you which country I am travelling to. The name of this road is Peace Avenue. It is the main road in Ulaanbaatar I have purchased the gloves.

I took it from the department store it is 20,000 tugrik. It is 500 INR.

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