Staying at a Luxurious LAKE COMO Mansion with Stunning Views!

Staying at a Luxurious LAKE COMO Mansion with Stunning Views!

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(gentle ethereal music) - [Enes] So about eight months ago, I saw this photo on Instagram of this infinity edge pool looking at Lake Como. I had to dig up a little bit. I researched and I found this property. I was like, "Oh my God, this place is beautiful.

I have to find a way to get in." They were open to the idea of us coming here to tour the property, but since we are already in Lake Como, I suggested that we stay here for a couple of the nights and we can give everybody the full experience. Lake Como is a magical place. Surrounded by majestic mountains and secluded villas, Como provides a perfect backdrop for experiencing Italy's natural beauty and culture. And nestled in the mountains, high above the lake, lies Villa Peduzzi. (uplifting string music) Three days was all it took for us to fall in love.

Was it the food? (Luciano speaking in Italian) - [Enes] Or maybe the culture. Maybe it was the friends that we made. - I think the property really lends itself to creating really nice memories with people. - The overall experience was freaking amazing. - You leave your issues in the city, you come here, you forgot all your problems. That's the feeling that I had when I came here.

(uplifting string music) - [Enes] Whatever it was that made this experience unforgettable lies within the magical grounds of Villa Peduzzi. So I feel like at these shoots we never get to enjoy the property because we're so focused on shooting the property, and that's why I thought it was a good idea to bring Natacha and Mario on. That way they can focus more on enjoying the property while we are doing the tour.

And I think it worked out really well. - Hi, my name's Natacha. I make YouTube videos about health and fitness and a little bit of science as well, and I just want people to feel happy. And I've also been a massive fan of Enes's channel since pretty much really early days.

- My name's Mario. I'm an entrepreneur. I am a consultant. I'm Natacha's boyfriend of 10 years, and Enes's friend of about nine months, I wanna say. And he invited us to come out to Lake Como a few weeks ago. So we dropped everything that we had, and we said, "Yeah, we're free." - I feel like I've known Enes for, even though I haven't, but I've watched his video since he was on 50K.

So I feel like I've watched him evolve as a creator, and I've always been really interested in how he creates videos and how he goes about things. So yeah, I said yes. - Now that we're traveling this much, every once in a while, in certain locations to really elevate the videos and to get a new perspective, we hire videographers from the countries that we are traveling. In this case, we hired Giovanni to come join us to shoot this property, and I'm really glad he's here with us, because him being Italian certainly helped us navigate through certain situations and make the best out of this trip. - This experience was amazing with you guys, and I found an amazing troop full of passion for what they do. They are really dedicated to their work.

So I want to bring with me this dedication that you have for your work. (upbeat electronic music) - [Enes] So this villa has a liberty style architecture. It was built in 1909. Main house is all original.

Obviously, it's been through a major remodel and restoration a few years ago. I really appreciate that they kept the original frescos. They brought Italian artisans to basically repaint them and restore them. And overall the way it's designed with its interior finishes, how they kept the exterior facade, but they added balconies. They've kind of modernized it without really damaging or changing the historical look. Overall, it just feels very special to be in this house, honestly.

The way it makes you feel, then you look out from the windows, you see the lake, is pretty amazing. Welcome to Villa Peduzzi. Welcome to Lake Como. This property is situated on a 4.5 acre lot, beautiful grounds, breathtaking views. And this is the main staircase that brings you to the entry of this home.

This terrace wraps around the main floor, and we're about 881 meters above the lake level. And our views are fantastic, and we'll talk more about these views throughout the tour. Now let's talk about the property itself for a second. It was built in 1909 by the Peduzzi family. It's an authentic liberty style villa, and even though it was built in 1909, it recently went through a major remodel and restoration, and the property looks gorgeous both on the exterior and on the interior. Now coming this way, we have the entry.

Beautiful terrazzo and mosaic floors. Then we have the double doors opening up to the entry hallway. And the first detail I wanna talk about here are the floors.

We have terrazzo and mosaic tiles, all hand laid, established in 1909. I really like the floor pattern here. Then we have stucco walls, fresco on the ceiling, and this entry sets a great tone for the rest of the house. Before we continue our tour, I wanna talk about the specs of this property.

We have eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 1,231 square meters of interior space. This house is not on the market for sale, but it is available for short-term rentals or weekly rentals. And if you want more information about pricing or availability, feel free to contact the listing brokerage, and we will leave their contact information in the description of this video. Now that's it for the entry. I want to continue our tour on this side. We have these double doors opening up to the study.

Beautiful green tones, built in seating on this side, table in the center, two chairs. Then we have built-in cabinetry with a TV. And if you want more of the minimalist look or if you want access to your library, you just slide this panel here. By the way, that's where we have the built in desk. Or you can just slide this panel here, cover the TV, and that's your secondary bookshelf. Really nice.

Now we have windows on this side facing the back of the property, French doors opening up to the wraparound terrace. Overall beautiful space. Another ceiling fresco. It's just a great library. Now let's go back to the entry so we can continue our tour. Right on the other side we have double doors opening up to a very cozy seating area, padded walls, curved ceiling, L-shaped couch, terrazzo floors. French doors opening up to the terrace.

This time we're facing the south towards the lake and our views are fantastic throughout. Furniture here looks beautiful. Inside of this cabinet we have the TV, so I wanted to mention that. Overall, very warm, very cozy. And we have heated floors here, and we have heated floors throughout all levels.

Now these doors open up to the lounge. This is your formal seating area, and it looks phenomenal. Furniture here is beautiful.

We have wood and textile paneling on the back. That art lighting there looks beautiful, curved ceilings, ton of natural light coming in. And we have a fireplace on this side to cozy up the room.

And I want to talk about some of the details here. Mikey, can we get a close up? They used terrazzo to build the walls around the fireplace, and they curved it beautifully. On the bottom we have this marble piece, and the fabrication, curvature, looks stunning. And we're gonna see these curved lines throughout the property with the accessories, furniture and details. I wanted to mention that.

Now we have this section opening back to the entry hallway. But before we go there, I want to take everybody this way. We have a Steinway & Son's piano, French doors opening up to the terrace. In fact, let's take everybody outside.

I am so excited to be here. Look at these views. I mean, it's phenomenal.

These views are breathtaking. We are 881 meters above the lake. And because we're on this hilltop, and because we don't have any neighbors, this property is super private, and we get these incredible view corridors. I'm speechless. This place is... This is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I mean, I think it's known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world. Also. I've always wanted to come to Lake Como. Or what's the neighboring lake? Lake Garda, right? - Lake Garda. Yeah. - [Mikey] But I know you spent some time there in the past. - I've been to Lake Garda so many times.

I used to be a professional windsurfer, as you know. I won my first world title in Lake Garda. So Italy has a special place in my heart. And Lake Como resembles Lake Garda a lot. They're kind of similar in terms of the mountains and- - [Mikey] Just the elevation changes and everything. - Exactly, the way the lake looks.

But look where we are, Mikey. We have a cool job. - [Mikey] It's beautiful here. This is our second day. We arrived yesterday. - [Enes] Yes. - [Mikey] And we had a lot of rain, and we had an incredible storm last night that then just opened up to, like, a beautiful morning. (gentle ethereal music) What was it like waking up to this view this morning? - Unbelievable. It's so peaceful.

Like, air is so clear right now, and lake is super calm. You can see the mountaintops. And then me and Mikey are barefoot right now.

We're about to have our espressos, and it's 7:30 AM. It's just, like, there's not much to explain. It's just beautiful. It's just gorgeous. (bright festive music) - This one is sherry and strawberry. - Amazing.

How crazy it is. Like, some people rent this and they just enjoy it all day. - [Mikey] Can't imagine. - Can't imagine.

- We do fresh baked croissants in the morning. - [Mikey] Enes, what's your favorite part of breakfast here? - That's a good question. It's nice, like, we get to eat it. It's not, like, the most lavish breakfast, but it's just, it hits the spot. We have eggs, we have granola, good company, good vibes. And we've been waking up early here.

Honestly, that's been my favorite part. It's just, like, waking up at, like, 6:30, 7, going outside and just vibing out, you know? - And what was my favorite part of breakfast? I actually think it was the company. Actually, the cappuccino's amazing as well. - [Mikey] It is.

- It goes cappuccino, company. - Juicy croissants. - Juicy croissants. - Company, cappuccino, croissants. Juicy croissants.

I'm really excited for today. This is gonna be our busiest day. We're gonna do the main walkthrough. We're gonna get most of our shots, but already we're off to a good start.

Now let's take everybody back inside so we can continue our tour. Again, this lounge is stunning. Let's go back to the entry hallway.

I want to establish the main staircase, which is right here. It goes up all the way to the third floor, and it also goes down to the lower level where we have the staff quarters. This entry hallway takes you to the elevator landing.

We have this door here opening up to a powder room for this level. And yeah, back to the entry. Now let's continue this way. We have these doors opening up to the kitchen.

Off of the entry, we have a breakfast nook, built-in leather seating, solid wood table. And on the other side we have some base cabinets, sink, fridge, upper cabinets above, and coming this way right in the center, we got this gorgeous island. Now, even though this is a rental property, I'm gonna talk about its architectural details, because this is one of the coolest homes we've ever toured on our channel. And I don't think I've ever said this before, but I feel like if I were to design myself a house, it will look kind of like this.

I love terrazzo floors, I love beautiful wood textures, and the way ceilings are curved, mood lighting, how curated the furniture and accessories are. I feel like this house really represents me well. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really warm, and it feels really, like, usable, you know what I mean? - You feel very comfortable being here.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - I feel like we don't really want to go back to LA anymore. - [Mikey] Not at all. - Yeah. Just move the headquarters to Lake Como. All right, so we have the island right in the center, terrazzo countertops.

You can see these terrazzo columns that frames this island. And I talked about the curved lines. Look at the cabinetry here with open shelving.

It's all curved. It looks very elegant. We have the gas cooktop here, built in appliances on this side, French doors opening up to the terrace. Then you have windows here facing the village on the back, your main sink, dishwasher, warm tones. I really like this kitchen. And also, I really like these glazed pink square tiles on the back that runs all the way to the breakfast nook. And I just like the pink tones.

It has a kind of a art deco feel to it. - [Mikey] Yeah, I don't know. Is it pink or is it, like, is the light just making it look like that? - It's, like, light pink.

- [Mikey] It almost looks like a cream color, but, like, the lights are really warm in this house. - Also, I'm losing it. We have birds chirping on the outside. Like, you can just hear it in your kitchen. It's overwhelming the way this property makes you feel, like, in a good way.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I mean, full transparency, guys. We actually had to re-shoot this scene, because Enes heard a bird and he's like, "Thought it was a shoe." - Built in leather seating, solid wood table. What are these sounds? - [Mikey] It's a bird. (laughs) It's a great sound.

- This estate comes with its own private chef, and we've been enjoying amazing meals. Here we are in Italy. So it also has been an amazing culinary experience for us. Before we go any further, I need to mention something. We haven't made a single meal this entire trip. Nope, not a single one.

It's been an overwhelming culinary experience being here. - You can do a whole video just on the meals that we've had. - [Enes] We've been lucky enough to have Luciano Coviello, a culinary master who loves to make food as much as we like to eat it.

Because we work all the time, food is a way for us to get a little bit more joy out of life. I hope that sounded right. But breakfast, lunch, dinner becomes an important component of our lives, because we work all the time in between those meals. And over here we have a private chef, and when he asked us what we wanted to eat during our trip, we just told him, "You're the boss. Whatever you cook we'll eat."

And he's incredible. I mean, every single meal we had, whether it was lunch, dinner, was just incredible. Every single meal they served was just an experience.

And I think I gained a couple more pounds also here. - I work together with many chef during my career. I film Alajmo, Iginio Massari, and other great chef. They are really famous in Italy. And I have to say that he is at their level. He is professional, but he is human as well.

He wants to know your needs. He wants to know what's the best for you. And I have to say that as Italians, a local, he's so good in what he does.

- That tastes really good. He's been working in the kitchen for nearly 30 years. (Luciano speaking in Italian) - [Enes] We've had such a great variety of food here at Villa Peduzzi. Meat, seafood and pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.

I even tried making some myself. - For this night, we prepared the fresh pasta. - Okay. - [Luciano] And this is typical of south of Italy, and the name is cavatelli.

We prepare with the seafood in the first step. It's the same when you prepare the gnocchi. But with your finger, you make this. - [Enes] I see. Can I give it a try? - [Mikey] Nope. - [Enes] Nope. Mine... Chef does it way too elegantly.

Mine is kind of like a little beat up version. - [Mikey] Okay, hold that up so we can see. - [Enes] So, like, this is chef's. Nice and perfect. Mine is kind of like it's gonna fall apart. It's obvious. (group chattering) (glasses clink) (bright jazz music) Now that I've shown my pasta skills, it's time to get back to work.

Now that's it for the kitchen. We have this opening taking us to the formal dining room. Beautiful solid wood table right in the center. Seating for 12. Gorgeous chandelier above.

We have French doors opening up to the wraparound terrace. And this is where we have our meals. This is where we have our lunches, dinners.

It's a phenomenal space. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is really nice. We need to try that outdoor seating area at some point.

- [Enes] It was raining yesterday. - [Mikey] Yeah, the sun is out now, so we'll probably have dinner or maybe breakfast there. - At some point. - [Mikey] Yeah. - I really like these leather wrapped chairs. They really complement the dining area here.

Terrazzo floors, brass inlays, built in cabinetry on this side. Really nice dining area. Now let's go this way. We have these double doors opening up to the sunroom, and I want to talk about the steelcase window assembly here. Look at the curved lines, the fabrication around the corner. French doors right in the center opening back up to the terrace to these breathtaking views.

And on this side, we have double doors opening back up to the lounge where we have the piano. And lastly, we have the staircase here, taking us down to the lower level where we have the gym. This is a phenomenal space. Hardwood floors, sliding glass doors open up to these views, we have this door that leads us to the steam shower, your stationary bike, gym equipment, rowing machine.

And we have this door opening up to a powder bathroom. And now, Mikey, why don't we take everybody this way so we can talk about these views. Sliding glass doors open up this stacked stone arch that's right above me. And look at these views. It's unbelievable.

Fresh mountain air coming in, lake down below. I love this. - [Mikey] This is incredible. We unfortunately have not gotten to spend much time down here, but I know Natacha and Mario have been down here quite a bit.

- They've been enjoying it. (gentle ethereal music) (uplifting electronic music) (Natacha exhales) - I've never stayed in a place like this before. So it's just, I mean, it's stunning. The views are incredible, but it also feels like you're really close to nature.

- There's something about the scale of all of this view, which is just absolutely insane. It feels like there's no one around for miles. It contributes to that feeling of quiet and calm. I can't think of another place that I've been to that's like it for that. - I feel like at these shoots we never get to enjoy the property, because we're so focused on shooting the property. And that's why I thought it was a good idea to bring Natacha and Mario on, that way they can focus more on enjoying the property while we are doing the tour.

And I think it worked out really well. - Okay, I heard there was a tree house, and I love tree houses. If I could live in a tree house, I would live in a tree house. That's how much I love it. - [Mario] Look at the tree it's on as well.

Tach, look up. - [Natacha] I know. - [Mario] Have you seen that tree that it's on? (Natacha gasps) - It's got a little bed. Yeah, I need to calm down, 'cause this is my childhood dream coming true. I mean, I'm not even interested in the house anymore. - [Mario] Hey, don't get too comfy. - Bye.

Oh, sorry. (laughing) I forgot you were filming. (upbeat electronic music) (zip line whirring) (Natacha laughs) That's as good as you want a zip line to be. (zip line whirring) (upbeat music continues) - [Mario] Nice. - I started watching Enes's channel when he was on 50K. And I shouted him out two years ago as one of my favorite YouTubers.

Ah, (claps) you look really cool. - The main man. - You look, like, super Italian. - I know. I have to, like, blend in to the landscape, so. - I love it.

- This is the attire for the day. - I love it. Yeah. - All I'm missing is my espresso cup. I'm just gonna walk around all day just, like, contemplating on my thoughts but...

- [Natacha] It's super weird to be hanging out with Enes in Italy. (Natacha gasps) Oh my God. It's super surreal. I never thought I'd be here. - [Mikey] We have a ping pong table in the gym also.

- Yeah. There is. - I love ping pong. - [Mikey] Really? - I also can't shoot. But I love it. I think we should play off. We should have a playoff. - [Mikey] I'm down. Totally down. - For sure. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- Shake on it now. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Okay. - [Mikey] That's a deal. Little did I know at the time that handshake would turn into one of the fiercest ping pong tournaments ever played. (balls clattering) (tense suspenseful music) (group chattering) - She's got in his head. (tense suspenseful music) I bet the house that Mikey was gonna beat Natacha, and she ended up winning. (group chattering excitedly) - [Natacha] I think it was just a fluke.

I think everyone was just having a bad day, and I was having a good one. - It was just a bad time. - [Mikey] Low point for me too. (Mikey and Mario laugh) - Yeah.

(balls clattering) (bright piano music) (water splashes) (group laughing and chattering) - Yody, yody, yody, yody. (water sloshing) - [Mikey] Giovanni, are you good? - I'm far away from being good right now. (Mikey laughs) - Okay, we are gonna do a feet first sculling race.

No one looks good doing this, but it's just funny to watch. (Natacha laughs) - [Guest] Keep going. Keep going. - Come on, Enes.

(Mario groans) - [Guest] Armand's using one leg on the ground. - You had one leg on the ground? - The whole time. - Dude. (Natacha laughs) - Nice. (hands smack) - I'm so out of shape. (water sloshes) (bright festive music) Now let's go check out the first floor of this property.

We have three bedrooms on this level. I'm gonna start our tour with this one. Padded back wall, mood lighting above, curved ceiling.

We have built in cabinetry on this side, wood paneling to warm up the space. And then we have these French doors opening up to a small balcony that faces the backside of the property where we have the small town. Really cozy space. We have the bed here. It's king size, but it's actually made out of two single beds.

They're currently joined together that way you can either have it like this or you can separate it and sleep two people here. I think in total, they can accommodate up to 18 people in this house. Cozy room. It gets better. We have these double doors opening up to the full bathroom. Marble floors, marble walls.

This bathroom is stunning. I mean, the finishes here. This free standing tub with this modern, brushed nickel tub filler.

Then you have windows opening up to these views. Another private balcony. Floors are heated. Then on this side you have your vanity and the fabrication here. Curved corners, these recessed-in sinks. Brushed nickel fixtures, your mirror wall with wall sconces. I love the design elements of this house.

It's so tasteful, it's so curated. We have a water closet here. And then wrapping around, we have this opening taking us to the walk-in shower. It's all marble-clad, open design, mood lighting above, brushed nickel fixtures.

Overall beautiful bathroom. And all the bathrooms in this house are just stunning. - [Mikey] Yeah, and all slightly different from each other. - [Enes] Absolutely. All right, Mikey, let's continue our tour.

Right on the other side, we have another bedroom. More wood paneling throughout, some built in cabinetry here. And we have this door opening up to the second bedroom. This space is phenomenal.

We have hardwood floors, king size bed, again, padded back wall, fresco in the ceiling. That gives so much character to this bedroom. Small desk set up, your couch. These windows are facing these unbelievable views.

Just seeing the lake from this angle, from this elevation, it's hard to explain this. I hope our shots are doing justice to these views. - [Mikey] Yeah, these views are incredible. Obviously we get very similar views from the floor above us, but on the opposite side of the house, those bedrooms get really cool views of this little village behind us.

- [Enes] Yes, and we'll see those views in a second. Now I wanna talk about a really unique architectural detail here. On the outside or outside of these windows, they have motorized shutters.

They're nicely recessed into the walls. And let's hit it. Push of a button, you can close these shutters to black out the room. And on top of that, they make this incredible sound.

It's hard for me to explain, but what a cool detail, huh? - [Mikey] Yeah, they have this really traditional look, but little modern twist of them being fully automatic, you know? - They sound incredible. And yeah, in the morning you just hit it, open up to these unbelievable views. And on top of that, this is also Mikey's room.

it's where Mikey stays, and tell everybody how much you've been enjoying this room. - [Mikey] Yeah, nothing to complain about. I got up at 6:30 this morning, watched the sunrise. It was really cool. - [Enes] Yeah. Fantastic views. This is Mikey's room.

Let's continue. Let's go check out your bathroom. We have these double doors opening up. We have marble throughout on the floors, on the walls. Free standing tub with a brushed nickel tub filler right next to these windows.

Views are fantastic. On the other side we have the fabricated vanity with curved corners. Two sinks. These brushed nickel fixtures are so tasteful, so contemporary.

And on the other side of this vanity design, we have the walk-in shower, rain head above, handheld, even the built in bench curves as it transitions to this wall here. On the other side we have the water closet and bidet. And this section has shallow walls, that way natural light can travel throughout the room. We have towel heaters. Very tasteful bathroom. Now let's continue. It gets better.

We have these doors opening up to another bedroom. We have two single beds here, wood paneled back wall, reading lights, ceiling fresco, windows facing the back and to these views. There's actually another balcony here, and they designed it this way, so it's perfect for families. Parents can stay on that side, kids can be here.

And it's all connected. Overall, first floor of this property, stunning. And it's perfect for your guests. So we just toured the first floor of this property where Mikey and Giovanni were staying. Something that differentiates this property is the fact that first and second floors are totally dedicated to bedroom spaces, and they're almost identical.

Meaning on the second floor, there's also one bedroom suite facing the back of the property and junior primary bedroom facing the lake. But in addition to these two bedrooms, the second floor also houses the primary bedroom suite, which is where I chose to stay. This room is what differentiates this level from the level down below. Another king size bed. I really like the wood paneling on the back. That same wood paneling continues to this side where we have a dresser with a marble countertop, built in cabinetry for your closets, and above, we have this beautiful ceiling fresco that was restored by Italian artisans.

This is original. And some of the rooms also have ceiling frescos. Some are newly painted, some of 'em are restored, so I wanna mention that. On top of that, this is where I stay. I've been really enjoying my time here. I got a beautiful lounging chair on this side.

And, Mikey, can we get a closeup? I'm gonna open up this window here so we can show everyone these incredible views. Look at this. - [Mikey] Pretty, pretty nice. - [Enes] And I feel like we're gonna talk a lot about the views throughout this tour, but we have to, you know? I mean...

- [Mikey] How's your experience been in this room so far? - I have a lovely terrace here, which we will show to everyone in a bit. French doors open up. I really enjoy staying here. And something about this historic ceiling fresco. I feel like it gives so much character to the bedroom. And welcome to my bathroom. I love all the details here.

These bathrooms are so tasteful. Marble throughout. We got this beautiful book match slab here, built in tub, brushed nickel fixtures. And then you have this floating dressing table on the side, windows opening up to the side.

And we have the same curved vanity design also in this bathroom. Brushed nickel fixtures, medicine cabinets right here. Very seamless. - [Mikey] Very cool.

I have to ask you, how does this tub turn on? There's no... - I knew you were gonna ask that. - [Mikey] Yeah. - So. There's a tub filler on that side. We've never seen a faucet like this before. - [Mikey] I thought that was, like, one of those overflow drains, you know? - When I walked into this bathroom for the first time, I was looking for a ceiling mount faucet.

- [Mikey] That's what I was looking for. Exactly. - But they have it right here. Just gorgeous space. Heated floors, heated towel racks. And it gets better.

That's the water closet right there. All marble clad. And then you have this sliding glass door that opens up your walk-in shower. Look how beautiful this is.

Brushed nickel fixtures, your shampoo rack. So tasteful. - [Mikey] I like this. I, like, I gotta say I like my shower a little more though. You know? - Why, because it's a little bit more open? - [Mikey] It has that openness to it, and it's, like, something about the color of the marble in there too. - [Enes] I hear you. But I feel like I'll choose this walk-in shower, because it looks a little bit more minimalist.

- [Mikey] Fair enough. - Now that's it for the bathroom. Right on the other side of this wall, we have some built-in cabinetry. We've been talking about these curved lines for a bit. And look at this cabinet. There you go.

- [Mikey] That is very cool. - It's all curved. You have a open space here, I guess your dressing room. And then we have these French doors opening up to a private terrace for the primary bedroom suite.

And this is my favorite part of this room. Look at these views. I feel like we've been talking about the views nonstop, but how do you not? - [Mikey] This is incredible.

I feel like you need to put a desk out here or something. - And get some work done? - [Mikey] Yeah, this would be, like, your ideal workplace. - I mean, the scenery here is so beautiful. It's so peaceful. I'm outta words. I mean, I really like this balcony.

And this is it for the primary bedroom suite. Also, we have the same automatic shutters also in this room. Now, Mikey, let's take everybody back to the landing so we can continue our tour. Back here, hardwood floors, built in cabinetry.

And then we have this hallway taking us to the third bedroom. And this is where Natacha and Mario stay. (bright piano lounge music) - We are so out of breath, but I'm also speechless. (Mario gasps) - Okay, check this out. Ready? - This is dual aspect.

- Yeah, they both, this is dual aspect, yeah. Yeah, so check this out. - So we've got built in closets, dual aspect view of the... (laughs)

I think no one understands how hard Enes's job is. (laughs) Enes makes it look so easy when he's just strolling through a place talking about all of these features as part of the property. I had to do my room and my bathroom, and I stumbled so many times. (laughs) Welcome to our room. So this is where I've been sleeping the last two nights. I've had an incredible night's sleep both nights, probably the best night's sleep I've had for at least two years.

There's, like, a padded back wall here with, like, inbuilt lighting. And my favorite part is the... (sighs) - [Mikey] I'm trying to get her to talk to you. - [Mario] Okay, cool, cool. - Okay. My favorite thing about this back wall, is that you can actually close and open the shutters right from your bed.

- [Mario] Which was the first thing that you did this morning. - The first thing I did. I had to. It would be rude not to. But yeah, this room is absolutely stunning. The views are just incredible. There's also amazing inbuilt cabinetry.

And then through here we've got the bathroom, which is... - [Enes] Ready? Through here we have the bathroom. - And then through here we have the bathroom, which is just as impressive. Honestly, it's one of those things that you just see in magazines or something and you're like, "I don't believe that this is real," but it's real. So this is the bathroom. It's got beautiful marble on the wall, and the curved ceilings, and everything is just so nicely curved.

Even this vanity set. Vanity? - [Enes] Vanity set up. - Okay. Even this vanity, and then you've got a walk-in shower with a little bench that you can sit down.

This amazing bath, which I am not a bath taker, but I'm gonna take a bath, 'cause I just feel like I have to. You just have to. - [Mario] Would you say this bathroom was the inspiration for the outfit today? - I'd say this, yeah. I got dressed by the building today. I just looked at the building and I thought... (laughs)

- [Mario] It's a green kind of day. - Yeah, exactly. - [Mario] I mean, we're surrounded by green everywhere out of every window. - I just had to.

And also, Mikey and Enes have kind of left us. So this is our house tour now. - [Mario] This is our channel now.

- Yes. - [Mario] We claim the whole thing. - This is our channel now. So if you guys follow us through into the second bedroom on this floor that kind of connects the bathroom. So we've got two single beds in here, a wooden back wall, a little bit of seating, two windows.

One of them is, like, a French door that opens up to a balcony, which is beautiful. - [Mario] We have to show these guys the balcony. - Yeah, I'll show you guys the balcony. Also, Enes said this is for the kids. Scrap that.

This is for me. This is either my walk-in wardrobe or just, you know, if I just want to chill on my own, this is my space. - [Mario] So we've been here for two days, and you have plans already, basically. - Yeah, I might even bring the ping pong table in here.

Who knows? - [Mario] Okay, let's head to the balcony, 'cause this is our favorite spot. (Mario and Natacha laugh) So basically we've been here for two days, and you already have plans with this place. - Yeah, I might even bring the ping pong table in here and do some of my own little practice so that I can really beat Mikey fair and square. - [Mario] Okay, we're not gonna hear the end of this, so let's show them the balcony. - [Natacha] So this is the balcony.

You've got views of the mountain behind the house and also of Lake Como. I'm still speechless. I'm still speechless that I'm here. Like, I'm eternally grateful for Enes asking me to come out here. I'm just, yeah, I'm blown away. And this place is just absolutely stunning.

- [Mikey] Perfect. I think that was great. - [Enes] That was great. - And yeah, it was really fun, but very challenging, and I got tongue-tied a million times.

(bright lounge music) - Now let's go check out the third floor of this property. This level is all about entertainment, multiple seating areas here. We have the game room on this side, billiards table right in the center, skylight above bringing natural light. And on this side we have a small kitchenette where you have the sink, ice maker, multiple fridges, dishwasher, mood lighting, beautiful countertops. That way you can just grab your drink here, service this level without having to go down to the main level.

Now we have French doors opening up to a beautiful terrace bar that we will see in a bit. But first, I want to continue our tour with this bedroom suite. Now this is the only bedroom we have on this level. Beautiful warm tones. Bed is situated on this side, reading lights.

Then you have a small seating set up, this lounging chair right next to these windows. Incredible views, built in cabinetry for your closet space, hand-painted ceilings, room gets ton of natural light. And right where Mikey is, we have a door opening up to a full bathroom with a walk-in shower. And that walk-in shower has a casement window that opens up to this terrace right here. Before we go outside, look how beautiful this staircase is.

Marble treads, wood paneling, these angled curved lines, fabrication. Also big hats off to the designer and the architect of this property. I love this house. What can I say?

I mean, I've been pointing out all these architectural details, and we're gonna see more. - [Mikey] Yeah, really nice. Close that door. Show everyone what it looks like when it's closed. - You mean the paneling here? - [Mikey] Yeah, exactly. - Yeah, you can make it look very seamless.

- [Mikey] Honestly, when I first came in here, I saw the staircase, and I didn't realize there was a balcony there. - Just like that. - [Mikey] Really cool. - All right, let's open it up. I want to take everybody outside, because this terrace is really cool.

There you go. Let's go outside. This terrace gets a really unique view. We're facing the north. Town of Pigra is right in front of us. We're only a couple hundred meters away from it. And look how charming this village looks.

Mountains on the back. All these trees. It's so peaceful and quiet up here.

I'm really loving the scenery here. - [Mikey] Very picturesque, very nice. Also, I wanna mention that there is a cable car that runs from this town down to Lake Como, so. - [Enes] It takes, like, five minutes to go down there. - [Mikey] That's right, if you- - [Enes] To the town of Argegno, I believe. - [Mikey] Argegno.

If you want to go check out the lake, it's, like, a five minute gondola ride. - That's true. And I want to clarify something. I mean, this property is really up here, meaning it's a bit of a drive to come up here, but for that, you get the seclusion, you get this amazing scenery, but you can also go down to the lake very easily. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's incredible. Can you imagine living in this town, like, just being, looking over the lake like this? I just... - Sounds very relaxing and calming.

Honestly, I can picture it. - [Mikey] Where I came from, honestly, you came from a very beautiful place in Turkey. Where I came from, it's a whole different world, you know? - Yeah, and I just realized, Mikey, look at these houses. They're even on a higher elevation. It's breathtaking out here. And that's it for the terrace.

I actually want to take everybody back to the landing so we can continue our tour. On this side, we have another seating area here. This is the screening room. Two skylights above, exposed roof beams, built in seating right here, comfortable couch, TV's located on this side, Nintendos, board games. This is your screening room. This is where you sit down, relax and watch TV.

- [Mikey] Yeah, we are gonna try to sit down and relax in here at some point. - [Enes] At some point. - [Mikey] But we'll see how that goes. - [Enes] This level's really nice.

That door right there opens up to a powder room for this level. We have this door opening up to a small terrace with an outdoor fireplace. And then we have the staircase here taking us to the second lounge. L-shaped couch, fireplace on the other side.

I really like the stone ledge, this, like, extra seating area, mood lighting, another chair here facing these views. And we have all these glass doors opening up to these views. Mikey, can we show it to everyone? - [Mikey] Yeah, it's insane.

It's almost a little scary up here, because we're so high. - I mean, look at this. You know what this section reminds me? 30 Park Place, New York City. - [Mikey] I was saying the exact same thing. Let's explain that.

Our audience is like, "How could this remind you of New York City?" (laughs) - We toured a penthouse in New York, 30 Park Place. And they had a second floor living room or seating area. And they had a balcony set up like this where you can kind of see your main patio.

- [Mikey] And by second floor, we were about 70 stories up. - [Enes] Yeah, so views are just unbelievable. And this section kind of reminds me that. Now let's continue our tour.

We have this door opening up to the outdoor terrace bar, island in the center, stone fabricated, bar seating, sink is located right here. And coming to this side, we have this elevated platform for additional seating, countertop space. And do I need to say more about these views? I mean, it's fantastic. We have the lake down below us, mountains around us. This is incredible.

(bright electronic music) Villa Peduzzi really stands out with its historic architecture, newly designed interiors, and its charming personality. But what makes this property and this experience so special are the picturesque views and the stunning grounds. Now I wanna talk about the grounds. We have this garden between the pool house and the estate itself.

It's super lush and green. The landscaping looks beautiful. More of these incredible views. You can actually see the retaining wall on this side, and we'll see these retaining walls a little bit more once we get down to the pool house. Coming here, another outdoor staircase, gates open up.

Also wanna mention, this property comes fully staffed. You name it, they have it. And on top of that, they're here to make sure that your vacation goes perfectly. Whatever you want to do, whatever activities you want to try, they can set that up for you. That way you can really enjoy this property.

You can really enjoy Lake Como. When you rent the property, not only do you get the estate, the bedrooms and the grounds, you also get it fully staffed. There's a property manager, there's housekeeping, there's a private chef, there are servers. And it's the full experience, meaning not only you get these amenities, you can pretty much tell whatever you want to them, and they will arrange it for you.

There are concierge services in terms of arranging helicopters, sea planes, tender for you to go explore the lake. Whatever activities you want, they can pretty much package it into one and really allow you to enjoy Lake Como and enjoy this property. (bright electronic music) Now this is where your grounds start. We have this driveway that brings you to the motor court. This property is gated. We have additional parking on the other side.

And if you look this way, we have a nice kids' play area with a tree house, zip line. That way kids can have fun here too. Going this way, beautiful mature trees, 4 1/2 acres. This is the rooftop of the pool house, which we'll see in a bit. And lastly, this walkway takes you to the pool house. (bright upbeat electronic music) This pool house and this outdoor space is phenomenal.

The structure here was part of the remodel process that this property went through a few years ago. We have the stone terrace here, sun loungers, glass railing, umbrellas, more of these breathtaking views. Right in the center, we have this infinity edge pool with a Baja shelf. It looks so inviting. This pool is also heated. We have a jacuzzi on the other side.

It's so cool. That house was built in 1909. Then you have this brand new structure, but the way they designed it, it's very timeless. You can see the stone retaining back wall. and it blends in nicely with the rest of the property.

Coming this way, more lounging chairs, outdoor dining area with an awning above. And now let's go check out the pool house itself. We have the kitchen on the right hand side. Miele Gas cooktop, oven down below, ton of cabinetry, two sinks, dishwasher. And it's nice to have a kitchen at the pool house. That way your chef can cook here and serve the food.

You don't have to go to the main house. It's just a nice, convenient package. We have the fridge on this side. Right across from the kitchen, your seating area, fireplace around the corner. Then we have these sliding glass doors opening up this entire section to the views and to your infinity edge pool. And look at this, you can just sit down here, read a book.

You can just dive into your pool, hang out with your friends. This is amazing. - [Mikey] This is incredible.

Again, we are super high up, but if you do want to explore the lake, if you wanna jump in there, it's not that far. Like I said- - It's, like, a 15 minute drive. - [Mikey] 15 Minute drive. Or if the gondola is running, it's about five minutes.

- That's right. And also we are about what, 1 1/2 hours away from Milan? One hour from Malpensa Airport. That's the airport that we arrived.

And you get to enjoy these views. It's just, I'm speechless. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is incredible. The lake is absolutely massive. It's way bigger than I thought it was. It took us about 40 minutes of driving along the lake to get here.

So I'm curious how long it takes to drive around the whole thing. But that's a- - That's a different conversation. - [Mikey] That has nothing to do with this tour, yeah. - All right. Let's continue our tour.

That's it for the pool house itself. We have a door opening up to the other side of this structure. Outdoor powder room. This is where we have the jacuzzi.

You have the steps taking you to this elevated dining area. And I gotta say, this property offers so many different bedrooms, seating areas, outdoor spaces. I feel like you need to spend minimum seven to 10 days here just so you can utilize all these areas. Then you have these views to complement. And the pool house actually doesn't end here.

Right above us, we have the rooftop deck, glass railing throughout, outdoor seating area here with the pergola above, a few chairs facing these views. Like I told you guys, this property keeps giving. And I gotta say, this is one of the nicest homes in Lake Como.

Our final day at Villa Peduzzi had come, and it was time to take a day trip to historic Como city. We are on the lake level right now. Our surroundings are beautiful. We're gonna have lunch, we're gonna walk around. We're gonna just experience this place and come along. We stroll the streets and walkways, taking in the timeless beauty of Como's landscape and architecture.

But with all that walking, we built up quite an appetite, and grabbed a table at a street side cafe. Just because we had really good food in Villa Peduzzi, doesn't mean we cannot have really good food in Lake Como too, so. (bright upbeat music) With our stomachs full, we continued our tour.

But no matter how full we were, we couldn't pass up the chance to get some real Italian gelato. (Giovanni speaking in Italian) - It's like the ice cream I used to have in Turkey. It's, like, really old school. Chocolate? - Dark or light? - We can use this. Oh no, you cannot use that.

My bad. - Oh, it's okay. - That's really good. (uplifting string music) Next up was Duomo di Como, the very last Catholic cathedral built in Italy. What we saw inside absolutely blew our minds. (inspiring electronic music) We are at this basilica right now.

It's phenomenal. The architectural details, all these stone carvings. I can spend hours here just walking around and trying to figure out all the details.

It's pretty amazing. (inspiring electronic music) I really enjoyed spending time here. Us being able to enjoy the space as friends was a very special experience for me. - I think the property really lends itself to creating really nice memories with people, having really nice conversations with people. - It's gonna be very sad to pack up our stuff and leave.

I feel like we found our flow in this place, and we're gonna try and figure out another way to come back. - [Giovanni] You leave your issues in the city, you come here, you forgot all your problems. That the feeling that I had when I came here, to look outside from the window, to see the lights, and to have this feeling of calm, of peace. - [Natacha] I think that's probably my favorite part, is how much I've learned, but also just how much I've learned about other people and, like, getting to know friends a little more. - [Enes] What an experience this place was for us. The estate, the views, the food and the culture, all contributed to our incredible time at Villa Peduzzi.

It was an absolute pleasure and an experience we won't soon forget. Thank you, Villa Peduzzi, for an amazing time, and hopefully we'll see you again very soon. (uplifting electronic music) And that's it from Villa Peduzzi. Hope you'll enjoy this video. I wanna give big thanks to the listing brokerage and the team at Villa Peduzzi for making this video possible.

As always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video, so make sure to check it out. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (uplifting electronic music) (music fades) (Natacha laughs) - [Mario] He's got a cute crunch.

- That's actually really good. - [Mikey] Let's try that again, but look a little cuter.

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