Solo walk touring the farm harvesting green banana, and picking up eggs@junioradventuretv9083

Solo walk touring the farm harvesting green banana,  and picking up eggs@junioradventuretv9083

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[Music] you don't know anything about me  but I know that you tell your friends you do if you knew the first thing about me if you hung  around me you know that none of those things are   true good morning [Music] welcome back to another  video it's your boy Dean from the Ennis family   and today guys we are going on a journey on the  farm we're gonna do a solo walk on the farm this   morning all right so just stick and stay and watch  out for this one all right stay tuned my peeps yup all right my wonderful piece so as you can see  these are some pumpkins these are some pumpkins   that are planted the other day right but as you  can see the rain fall and the whole place just get   Bush up so one of these there  I'm definitely have to go and   clean them out you understand it's not a  whole lot I understand but whenever many   of the time can do some planting but definitely  do that because you know I was truly inspired by   Junior lifestyle of fishing a junior  Adventures right yeah man truly   truly um impressed by his work and everything so  you know encourage me if you just start a local   thing for myself you understand so I'm a basically  start as small as I can alright so again these are   some pumpkins yeah man these are some pumpkins  that are planted the other day all right so yeah   all right so from the Galaxy yeah  man we have East Indian basically   just a company treat them you know yeah  man say a few deer even against them   yeah I think around this side should be much more  better so yeah make that look a solo one I want   that full peeps yeah man all right see there  let me use some angled upon the farm yeah man all right see a whole hip up there so  yeah man and these are East Indian Mongols   all right yeah I'm an East Indian mangas  it's mostly East Indian avonda Farm   done East India mango tree we have  so yeah yes my wonderful peeps again   you can see we have busy or so all right so they  can see them flying around yeah these are some   bees and these are our one two three four boxes  we have some more down here so let me go sure   all right yeah man my wonderful piece  so East Indian mango the pine tree   all right yeah but actually Damien  already yet so they maybe need like a boat   a couple more weeks yeah fairly full of  R then maybe take less than that because   normally when re-ench them when I'm at  this stage them normally fall more faster   I understand so yeah just  my wonderful peeps yeah one   so yeah look a close-up look on um the bees them  are one thing we must know about the bees is that   these don't generally attack you unless  you're basically I find them or a child   if you hurt them you understand when you try  if we find them when they must fly around you   them tend to attack you even more because  they become self they become very defensive   you understand so once you get close to them  and then bite you there's no need for you to   be fun in or trying to defend yourself because  they'll never just attack you like that actually they very very close to  them so just take a look at it all right Islam yeah my wonderful peeps yeah  man stand there yeah if you look around you   can see them off like all around me yeah man  and these are some more boxes that we have   yeah the other day we Harvest some money and I get  a quite a good amount from from it so yeah again yeah my peeps yeah man they're really really look  like them getting aggressive now   I don't know if it's because of the rain will  fall yeah but them look to be very aggressive um all right so as you can see  we have mango trees foreign and these are all East Indian mango trees  right after three years so we have one   Julie mango tree in the lot [Applause]  I have so many bees flying around me   and this particular one him just decides the IMO  have to follow me I see my machine I went down yeah but as we said before my peeps   bees don't really attack you unless when I'm  flying around you you tend to try for fun or you   know slap them all so they become very defensive  at that time alright so yeah that's that's one   tip you learn about the bees this morning all  right we have one Julie mango tree on the farm on my ears all right my peace come on Julie just  a common upon the tree too yeah Emma and Julie   the only Julia mango tree on the farm  right now everything else East Indian   all right and I believe my beliefs I definitely  need to get some more Julie mango tree   yeah because not everybody  really love easting well   not everybody really loves East India  because I should say all right so um yeah one day the banana them now  I see oh God if they're ready we have one two yeah we have two banana way we were  shoot already yeah this one over here   so it's not really look ready  yeah this one are really ready this one is not really ready   please really won't clean up my peepsie  yeah one place really really one cleanup yeah so yeah this one are  really ready but this one here this one here on here like it yeah man I want to  look like it can't eat you know the bottom wants   them normally the bottom ones I'm normally  be smaller for some reason I know right but   oh well we normally dominant normally cut  like the whole bunch one time right because   we have a very small family and when I'm gonna  really eat it off one time all right so if we   even have a friend come by and why look a banana  so would I just come and cut it off right and give   him see me you understand but whenever you look at  the whole the whole um just cut off like a one and   I understand and maybe cut that one here and  cut that one here a top one here yeah cut the   top one here and see oh it really looks all right  peeps yeah man all right yes my wonderful peeps so section and tell me if anything this one really  ready are it could have eat some more time all   right but I believe that yeah it's it's good I  believe it's good so let's jump in the comment   section and tell me if it needs some more time  r if it are right you like a banana really well   fit our kind of fit because some people eat it  different understand so just look on it until now yeah man this is it my peeps this is how it looks yeah man yes my wonderful peeps yeah  man that is it all right   yeah man so that is it yeah man that is it my  wonderful peeps yeah so I'm gonna make her look   at Chad now go back up we're gonna look on  some chicken and that's done um I think the   chicken I think the chicken them maybe lay eggs  are they are so so pick up them eggs there yeah um may I go feed them as well give  them water and stuff like that so   the stickers there and what you are boy all  right my wonderful peeps yeah man remember   I know my peeps like up the video share  it subscribe to it yeah man tell a friend   to tell a friend about the and his family all  right yeah man that is it my peeps that is it   all right so yeah we're gonna make a look  at Chad go upstairs all right uh bees again yo them look aggressive but this morning   really look aggressive and I know if all  the Box they look like it I dropped so   the boxer look lean my peeps don't see that one  they look lean I don't know if I do real fun oh this one oh my flying I'm a face oh all right so see they're still a follow  me there only is all bought in the foreign all right so yeah that is it all right yeah so I make a  child go past about my peep so   let me just watch out I'll wait until my day  you know the chicken coop all right yeah man   all right yes my beautiful Thief so see ya  banana rip yeah [Music] so yeah that is it so   yeah but they are the lime tree I know and I  know let's try and see if my can pick two lime   yeah and I know I'm gonna love lemonade  juice but trust me me love it bad   yeah lemonade juice may love it but but but but  yeah sugar and water hear me wonderful peeps   the banana yeah so I'm a knife  you can see then Lima all right so uh it's the one lemon piece I wonder if we can't catch it safe missing closer nothing on this though all right see one there so I don't like  it you know really fit properly yet   no one picked that one pick one moment  let me squeeze it we have a woolly tonight so yeah all right let's see one more yeah so yeah man two [ __ ] out good I see one big one here so two let's see one one more yeah so yeah  maybe basically get four more peeps yeah so let me get four lime I use  them they are mixed on lemonade   all right so see let me peeps all  right yeah man beautiful yeah man beautiful beautiful yeah man wonderful peeps a man big up to Junior lifestyle  of fishing yeah man big octo Kola Smith TV yeah   man sucks puppy yeah man climber the whole team  yeah man big up too and I said yeah man was an   epic adventure go on with the other day is he  done you want me truly would I really love to   do another epic adventure like that again yeah  but when the time is right yeah man that is it   my peeps all right look on this normal peeps  the tree are full of mango ah look at that   that one yeah full yeah man  see it yes my beautiful peeps   yeah man mango and these are at least Indian  mangoes my peeps yeah man at least Indian mangoes   uh that is it yeah man still can't stay as I'm  saying maybe you still can't see yeah put on them and see if we can start them out  you understand yeah man and look   more after me don't that may I go Shona  also some some hot pepper seed some hot   pepper I may Sue on them you know so let's  wait for them grow to a certain height yeah man yes my wonderful  peeps sit there again yeah man   Apple the palm tree too so  Harvest some of this as well   this as well so let me just watch and see what  I'll go on all right maybe let me do some juice   some apple juice I'm not sure yet yeah man but  see it in my peeps come on I'll pull up on tree come on I'll pull up on chewing  a piece some of them are really   ready as yet but the majority are them already yes all right yeah man all  right my peeps so a day here thank you all right so yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah over here   or something so when you can  see what I'm going all right see if someone can stay right here so all  right see you right there son of peeps [Music] thank you I have some some white foam or  some eating frogs all right [Music]   so the bug going to see me removed  first before me come inside   let me put that there's a prevent the rain from  coming inside out with them you need for a place   right now but yeah need to replace right now  but um yeah I have to try and get that done   when they get some more of that kind of  material all right so yeah man sit here again chickens all right and these are five weeks old  chicken so they need basically one more weeks   because require a Time rather is six weeks for  them to be killed yeah so yeah man yeah man that   is it my piece all right then one here basically  all right so get them out of water yeah already some more still so yeah I forgot to do that  one time I come back over the side here   oh yeah go over which spot they layer  them there right now all right all   right I'm a few so we're going in here  now all right yeah man all right go Ash all right yeah so we have a few eggs  there so [Music] yeah I have eggs [Music] I'll pick up the eggs [Music]   how many eggs foreign pick up all the eggs everything we're picking up all right take your time yes [Music] wonderful all right so now that you have picked up  all the eggs let's show them what we have   okay so three and three six and  three nine and one ten so ten eggs   it's not a whole lot of layers they have all  right so yeah all right Ash say hi hi say hi   say subscribe subscribe like like and share  share okay all right everyone Yeah man so they   get it from my son himself all right so yeah  all right so dim here the one here needs some   the money you need some some feeding so may I  go get some feeding for them all right yeah see   all right I'll see you so yeah to coat them eggs  you know and put them in this box here because   never need a container here if you get put some  feed me nice four five six seven eight ten eleven eight ten eggs all right yes wonderful very nice baby all right no don't  trouble that leave that all right yeah and bring it uh feed them layers they know  all right yeah all right maybe so see it here   fully container now so yeah I'll  go inside now go feed them [Music] all right let me put yourself in  there there you have it yeah man oh [Music] all right the area of it my piece so sit  on my drink some water there you know   Yeah man so we finish with them  now so we have a look one day   the the other chicken and the white chicken  you know all right yeah man that is it [Music] Ash we're going to go outside now okay push harder harder harder nice yes more wonderful beef so yeah  that is it with them on here all right all right so we're gonna put  back the container right here jump over all right all right wonderful Pizza all right you see it yeah yeah man all  right so yeah I'm gonna have more feeding   here so what the one near Napoleon basic  man I'll go get them no more right now   all right this is a bigger green feeding  should I start get the bigger green one already   but um I did have the bug the  summer just finished give them it   all right yeah I actually didn't leave that  baby yeah so yeah that is it my piece yeah man I do not know my biggest all right give me an all right careful I don't want anything to hurt you okay   all right so here's my piece  that is it for now all right the peppers the pepper demo miss one  all right yes my peeps so see them here   everyone so these are the pepper seeds I  miss someone then burst up you know yeah man yeah man see the MDMA peeps yeah when people  see them burst upon things so as I may say   um wait to tell them grew up some more  yeah and then basically prepare the land   say plant them out all right yeah man so that  is it my peeps Yeah man so again my my piece   wonderful views and subscribers remember to always  like comment share subscribe yeah man tell a   friend to tell a friend about and his family all  right so basically I will get some upload yeah thank you foreign foreign [Music] foreign [Music] love much blessings all right thank  you yes my beautiful people see there   come on straight off of the farm you  know yeah man straight off of the farm   so this is what we actually get from the  farm this morning Yeah man so next time   yeah man it'll take you along with us all  right all right yeah man that is it my peeps yes my peeps so until then come on  just stay tuned remember to like   comment share subscribe tell our  friend to tell a friend about the   Ennis family yeah man stay safe and be good  for yourself all right we are out that is it

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