Solo touring sumatra - gagal yang tak terduga tapi ga sia sia

Solo touring sumatra - gagal yang tak terduga tapi ga sia sia

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Hello, asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, meet again with me on the traventure ID channel, okay friends, how are you? I hope everyone is good and healthy, oh friends. First of all, I'm sorry because the mic has an error. I don't know why when I didn't realize it was the mic. It's like it 's not connecting, finally there's no sound and I'm dubbing from my friends' house. Oh yes, this time I'm going on this trip from the city of Bandar Lampung to Jakarta. So I'm more or less in Bandar Lampung for more than a week , friends, if I'm not mistaken 9 daily, so at that time the intention was to spend 2 days in Bandar Lampung, because there was a project, I thought I could leave it.

The plan was to continue to Palembang, but it turned out I couldn't, friends, thank God, there was an additional project, so that's why I stayed in Bandar Lampung, extended Yes, same as playing. -Play when you get home from work, OK? And I'm not going to travel from Bandar Lampung to Jakarta. What time is it? It's already 12.00 noon, friends, bismillah. I hope this goes smoothly and you will be given ease on the road. [Music] friends Oh Yes, I also want to apologize to friends who asked about the continuation of this video in Sumatra and I'm really sorry because I can't continue, friends, because I have work and I just had time to edit this in January. Yes, what date is

it 27 I just edited it this January. I hope it's finished and I'll upload it straight away. So it's really a shame that when I reached the Lampung massacre, I had to go home, and because of time constraints, I couldn't go there after work was finished, but that's okay. Next time we'll come back to Sumatra , God willing, we'll go even further, either to Palembang or to the other side, just wait, hopefully in the future it will be even better, friends, it'll be even better, yes, and even better prepared, because it just so happens that I have a work project, so At the same time, I'm going on a tour here like that. Actually, I've never ridden a motorbike when I go to this. If it's

just this job, I intend to ride a motorbike while touring. Well, at the same time, just make a Vlog and document the place of the trip. OK, friends, so this is in the Bantai area. Lampung is the city, so I want to go towards P. It's more or less 1 hour from here and half a day, friends, and here it's really a shame, my friends, the mic is not good, I've talked about it at length, but it turns out the results are indeed not satisfactory, but they're not even good. It's a bad sound but it's okay,

I'm singing from home, all my friends are entertained with the video. This time, I'm going to talk about the accommodations I stayed at yesterday because many people also asked for recommendations for accommodation in Bantai Lampung. Later, if I have more time, I'll make a video. about lodging in Bantai Lampung which is quite cheap and not too expensive and the place is also [Music] strategic for your own bin. I live in one barik. Yes, friends,

I'll fill it up later, but yesterday I had time to search here. Everyone's full, the queue is extraordinary, friends, there's a petrol tank, so whether you want it or not, you have to look for a quiet one because you're too lazy if the queue is long, friends, and I've already entered the city, friends, heading to the outskirts, via the western route to Lur. The track here during the day isn't too busy, right? [Music] maybe instead of not having empty sound and just music, maybe I'll just wish for a little bit, friends, so there's sound. L The thing is, if there's no sound, how would it be really strange if it were a touring motorbike ? but there's no sound, maybe I'll tell you a little about my experience in gastric relief, friends, for example, my experience in gastric relief is quite exciting, yes, in terms of food, if the traffic is good, the transportation is also good, for tourism, there are lots of friends, but here it's a shame, it's really a shame. I can't travel anywhere, because I was

busy with the project, and thank God, I have project friends, so it seems like I'm really happy, and now I have to go back to Jakarta, I want to pick up something, so I'll meet up with people, I'll continue later, Eh, it's just a project. I was watching from afar, it just happened to be yesterday After finishing here, we will continue with another project for lodging here which is also cheap, friends, starting from Rp . -friends, maybe the price is under Rp. 500,000 Yes, but that's not the case for me, friends. Yes, maybe if I look more, the important thing is to be able to rest and sleep and the motorbike garage is safe, friends. So yesterday I arrived I actually looked around for a lot of lodgings here. The cheap ones were just me because I was thinking

, would it be safe with the vehicle we brought with such cheap ones? So I went into the inn a few times and asked if there were any, what's the name of the gate, and some of them didn't work. look for one that has a gate and I'm also looking for a strategic place, my friend wants to be here so I'm here for the night, so I'm in touch for a week so I get a discount from the accommodation so yes, it's good enough to reduce the cost of spending on the accommodation, I'll just have fun staying overnight. in [Music] here [Music] Thank God, friends, I have already purchased the petrol, IDR 0,000, so it's already full, friends, when it's full, it's already calm, so don't you want to worry anymore while you're in Banda Lampung? I found it, because it's all full, so I'll fill it in. It's already on the West Cross route, friends,

heading towards Bagauhi, so the heart has already left Bandar Lampung, this city is now heading towards the border, maybe to Tugu, as long as you come to Bantai Lampung, friends, so that's it. I'll tell you a little story, friends, so I went to Bante Lampung to take a motorbike to the project because the road is so nice, friends, the road is really fun, friends, the road is also straight, smooth, isn't it? And there's no traffic jams, friends, so I really recommend it to friends. -Friends who want to go on a tour to Bantai Lampung, so it's not too far from Jakarta, if I say yes, it might take a day to get there, friends, but the impression is that you've already crossed Sumatra, plus taking a boat is just more exciting, friends, and the way it's going, friends. Friends, you can see for yourself, it's really quiet here, friends, maybe you can speed, but I can't speed here because I'm not used to speeding on an automatic motorbike or Vespa, so let's just take it slow and enjoy this trip, which is very rare in Indonesia. It's in Jakarta. Maybe Java is there, but

now it's G Java, so I'll just enjoy it in Sumatra, my friends, it's really top of the line in Sumatra. [ Music] [Music] Hey [Music] [Music] [Music ] [Music] Let's stop by first, friends , we'll stop by at Indomar first, let's have coffee first, there's still an hour's journey, let's rest first, okay, we'll have lunch, I'll buy chicken, I've already had breakfast, so I'll be on my way, I'm not hungry , the sauce is there, I ask for P So, I don't have chili sauce, so let's eat first, friends, we'll have coffee and buy a drink for later on the ship, I'm afraid I'll be thirsty on the ship, I'm afraid I'll get thirsty on the ship, I'm afraid I'll get thirsty on the ship, R. 000, one black coffee, R. 000 also yesterday, OK? UD I'll eat first [Music] OK? [Music] OK, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, let's continue, friends, I've had coffee, I've had a drink, I've eaten, it's time for us to continue our journey towards the Heni mangroves. Now it's 12.52, it's quite late. It took too long to

rest, but it's okay, let's just continue For this trip here, it's quite cloudy, friends. Yes, the weather is cloudy, so it's good for traveling, it's not hot, the weather is also quite cold, because the wind is blowing, the only downside is, maybe I'm a little sleepy usually, but I've had coffee, I hope I won't be sleepy anymore, okay? What time is the most likely to arrive at Bak Hone? What time is it still available? Just look at Google Map for 50 minutes, let's take it slow, OK, we'll arrive at the Kalianda area, friends. Well, if you want to go to Kalianda, you can turn right at Here , go straight to the city, so there we are still straight towards Bakoh in South Lampung Kalianda ni That's what the mountain looks like, what kind of tree is it there ? Is this wood Sumatran wood ? [Music] Soon we will arrive at Baki, at least in a little while, my friends are starting to get close, OK? Later, before we arrive, I 'll book tickets first, maybe for When I go home, I'll order the executive one, friends, so it's fast, it's already .30, friends, so let's get there quickly, if you use the regular one, at least it will arrive there at dusk, but I don't know, he still has a ticket maker, we'll see first. Whichever one is available, but if there is an executive one, so what is it called quickly? [Music] the boat is stopping first, friends, I want to buy or order tickets first, it will arrive soon [Music] because [Music] OK, friends, so I've already ordered tickets for the ship, yes, I ordered the executive one so that I can feel the difference between the regular and executive boarding and and there are executive hours. 3 o'clock. past Nangkan. It's just past

2.3 o'clock, okay, that's okay, let's wait first, that's okay, I hope there will be tickets right away, the price for executives is IDR 0,000, yes for the regular IDR 60,000, friends, no okay, let's try it, take the executive one so it's faster too, but I don't know, actually it's the same as the regular one and go straight away, if the executive waits first, that's what the boat looks like. Wow, it's cloudy, looks like it's raining, guys, yes, it looks like it's already cloudy, I think it's over here. in the middle of the sea, it looks like it's raining, it looks

like it's a bit like that, it's normal, it looks like it's sunny, isn't it? Well, this is usually before entering. There are lots of trucks parked here. Yes, I know the executive and regular routes are different, friends, sir. Yes, straight away [ Applause] just the same as before, Nata, motorbike and car . Thank you, sir. OK, let's go, friends, to the ship, wow, let's go straight there, OK, at the very end, friends, the ship is really big, it's really different from the ship in Bali, right? Bali, right? small l Okay friends, we've parked. Yes, we've finished

setting up, OK, that's OK, second standard, it's time for us to go up, friends, I don't know what's above or what's below, OK? Well, this is for a full car park, so it's not rich if you take the Express. cars, so we just go straight in, there are two doors on the right and the left, yes, you can go through there, you can go through here, we just go straight up, friends, there is Deck C, there is a passenger room , so at the top we go up again, so let's go up to the top floor for a place. the seats are also different, friends, yes, on the left there is a women's toilet, on the right there is a men's [Music] toilet, well, there are two floors inside , yes, there is a deck, friends, on each floor there is a toilet, okay? Let's just go in here to relax. Well, here we go. he's definitely cooler, friends, compared to the economic ones, OK? OK, we can get seats that are of good quality, yes, that's ok, compared to the regular ones, like fiber, you know, like this metro bus in the old days, the seats were soft, yes, this sofa is still empty. I'll be at 3 o'clock. I don't know what time we'll have to see, be careful, friends. E, I'm guarding my bag, I'm afraid it might get lost, because in the past someone lost their cellphone . OK, friends, so it's arrived, it's time for us to go down, but we're still queuing, friends. -friends

[Applause] yes, it's .30 o'clock, friends, we're still really queuing . Thank God, friends, we've arrived on the island of Java in Jakarta again, OK? Eh, not Jakarta in Merak OK, it's time for us when we go to Jakarta, it's .30 o'clock, friends -Friends, this is out, we have to go around first. If you go up, it doesn't feel like it's really fast, it's like arriving at the ship, you're going to sleep, isn't it? Then yes, you know, it's just arrived because the seats are really comfortable, the rice is cool, that's cool, yes, that's it, bismillah. Hopefully the journey to Jakarta will be easy and smooth, without any obstacles whatever Yes, later, amen, I think we've arrived at this, friends, Cilegun, we'll go around here , we'll be directed here in front of Tang [Music] Smart Dar from Cilikun to Jakarta. If I'm not mistaken, it's 3 hours, 3 hours. Half this time now. 16 or less 4 minutes, so I

arrive home at 0.00 or 8.00, yes, it will definitely be late because we leave in the afternoon from Anar Lampung, then take the boat at . passing by, .30, well , there is this monument, friends, yes, in the area there, you pass by this gundiran, yes, this monument. Well, let's go here to the left, there to Anyar, well, this is the atmosphere of Cilegon city in the afternoon when the traffic is usually like that, friends. -Friends, there used to be traffic jams coming through here. In the afternoon, I don't know, I don't

know if it's afternoon or evening. At that time, I think it's evening. For the afternoon atmosphere in Cilukun City, it's not too busy like I've passed here before. It's quite smooth for the traffic. We'll go up to the flyover . friends, it's smooth, there's no traffic jams, I hope there won't be any traffic jams going there, because Jalan Po is a mess in the direction of Ah. Attack

the road first, if it's too damaged, I don't know now, especially at night, oh, I can't see it in the afternoon, right? Suddenly there's a hole. There's a scratch on the road or the asphalt has been dredged. Previously there were lots of things like that, but I don't know. Now we'll see. I don't think so. I hope it's good.

The road is OK, guys. So now we've arrived at the city and friends, we've arrived at the main square. Serang city square, it's afternoon. What time is it now? 26 o'clock, friends, we are taking the same route in Serangah city, here we are directed to turn right, right or left, let's just go right, okay, let's go right, our friends will follow the others, I don't know. This is true, is it wrong, it should be true, go to the right, then the front of the bus turns to the left, you should, but I don't know, this is to the right of the square. Eh, this is in front of us,

the square, we go to the left, friends, Serarang City, we've passed it, it's time for us to head towards Tangerang friends, what is it called now to Tangerang? I don't know the names of the [Music] cities , so I don't understand . If you don't understand the names of Tangarang Kerak, the only ones who understand are Nest and Cilegon. In my opinion, if you want to go this route, it's recommended that you don't go out at night. This road, friends, is damaged, some are striped, some are like Pekas Kukan. The asphalt hasn't been finished yet, whether it's because of the heavy tires or truck tires or what. But

there's a lot like that, so if it's daytime we can still see it 's still safe, friends. But at night you have to be careful and keep adding that there's a lot of deedu here. Now that's it. 03 hours 1703, friends, what time is it on your cell phone? 17 o'clock is right. If you're on a cell phone, yes, on a motorbike,

the difference is 3 minutes. Yes, that's correct, on a cell phone, if on a motorbike the speed is 3 minutes, yes, the speed is 3 minutes faster. This is still there. how many more hours, this is about 2 hours and a half

more, this is really slow, sometimes it is below 60 than before because you have to be careful on the road, okay, friends, I have already collected Rp. 50,000, OK? It's full again, it's good where we stop, okay? t place doesn't seem to have a place for coffee while I haven't put on my gloves yet. This one on the left is the process of making a bridge, friends, thank God, now I've arrived at Tangaran, friends, if I'm not mistaken, the time is the time, friends, and I'm really lazy, so I want to speaking again, it seems like I've already tasted it. OK. The important thing is that I've reached Tangerang, so it's at least 1 hour to this house. I've already headed towards Jeladaan Mut. Just go straight to Jakarta, friends.

OK, friends, so now it's .3 o'clock. I'm done. arrived in Jakarta. I 'm really sorry I didn't record it. The battery was really running out and then I didn't know what to do. I just remembered that I was here, I was about to get close. Oh yes, there's a power bank. OK, that's it.

Now I'm going to case first on the power bank while I'm caking on a friend's power bank. In Jakarta, the atmosphere is quite busy, as usual at nights like this, but maybe tonight you won't be able to see my friends on the GoPro, so this is just for closing, I just want to say thank you thank you to my friends for vog, touringater, even though it's not full, it's just going to Bant Lampung, motorbike riots to Sumata in Bandarlampung, I also apologize if there are words that are not quite right or the pronunciation is not quite right, G, please understand and straighten out if there is something wrong yeah, corrected, who knows, someone will correct it because it's wrong, the words might be from the name of a place, the name of the area or the name of the street, which area have we arrived at, this is next to it, JPK, this is on Jalan Slipi, friends. It's only .30 J again. It'll take at least 15 minutes for it to arrive. This is crazy. The traffic jam is really bad. Friends haven't arrived since before. Now it's 4 o'clock. Yes, it's arrived in Kuningan, friends again in Mampang Perapatan. OK, friends, maybe that's

all for the video, thank you friends. friends who have watched the Vlog video on the journey home from Bantai Lampung to Jakarta. Thank God, congratulations on arriving in Jakarta. Basically, don't forget to help this channel by liking, sharing, commenting and subscribing and see you in the next video. That's all from me, asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, greetings from traventur

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