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snake island! hello guys my name is rob and my name is cheyne.  we're "thelostboys". today we are here in   sumbawa on the northwest tip,  at the harbor. around this area there's some   really cool islands that not a lot of people  visit. today we're going to be island hopping   and potentially even seeing some snakes of course the lost boys are here with antonio.  we're walking down the pier now. getting  ready to get on the boat. this pier looks  

like it's missing a couple  platforms. some bamboo there who's driving the boat? who's driving the boat?! not me, not cheyne, not rob. so if you saw our last video we were all  the way at satonda island.  it's off the northeast coast of sumbawa. on our  way back to bali we figured we'd have one last   adventure. now here island hopping.  a lot of exterior islands off the northwest   coast here. if you look out all the  way in the distance you can  

actually see lombok and mount rinjani. the  second tallest active volcano in indonesia.  up there in the clouds. guys i'm pasty (white) these days spending a lot of time editing   so it's time to get some rays  time to get some sun let's get the tan on.  antonio get your tan on. let's go all right guys we're pulling up to our first  island here. the water is crystal clear.   before we go swimming, this is goat island. we're gonna hike up to the top  

there and get some stunning views  of this surrounding area. we're coming up to the   entrance to the island now. it's  so peaceful and quiet here. all the small little green areas  around here. it's got this lagoon and  

tropical vibe. i've never been in  an area like this in indonesia. gonna   hop in here and get on the island. antonio walk us on. man this is amazing.   we're gonna go there and from there we're gonna  have an amazing view. we are on.

hanging out here. just had a close call  with the drone. low battery but it's okay. we are making our way up the  hill and man we just had an event . unfortunately i was walking up this hill and i  fell and the camera fell. unfortunately the   memory card got shaken and didn't read it. but  this hill is pretty slippery. we're barefoot all the way to the top. we're starting  to get some stunning views. it's only slippery for people from new york. people from campanillas  don't have a problem here. this is the only shade  

on this whole island. this place is completely  open. we're hiding under here   because the rest of this is completely open  and exposed. it's gonna be a hot day. and we made it to the top  we made it to the top   amazing views. i wish the clouds  were clear because rinjani would be   perfect right now. it's okay you can't have everything  you want in the world. spar guys. let's do it. yeah this is the worst thing to be lost in the  island with two american crazy guys. anything   can happen. wait guys. we'd like  to introduce and thank today's video sponsor  

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jungle to the other side of the island. hopefully  get some good views. coming through the bush.   hopefully there's no snakes  down here about to bite my foot bro guys there is a echo here. and  if you watched our video from   ijen crater, we know how to send some echoes. essspectacular that was the best one, hands down. guys check it out, there's  sumbawa right there behind me, lombok over here   on the other side, surrounded by these beautiful  islands. this amazing coral. the water is so clear.

it's a beautiful day. we could have not  asked for better weather. this is absolutely   gorgeous. it's time to go back down the  hill, get on the boat, and do some snorkeling.  we are sweating guys we are so hot  it's time to get in the water let's go we are back on the move. one interesting fact about this place is that the people here at pototano are originally from labuhan bajo. which is on the west coast   of flores. right outside the komodo islands.  they actually speak the same language. just the   people in this little town. so pretty  interesting fact. also this place  

has similar vibes to labuhan bajo and the komodo  islands. i almost just fell there. it's not quite as   magnificent as the komodo islands. but you  can see there's a ton of small islands all around   here and beautiful blue water. but the big perk of  this place is that you can come here and get your  

own private boat for 500 000 rupiah that's around  35 us dollars. there's nobody here, it's nothing   like komodo. we're island hopping all around  this amazing place by ourselves. there's   nothing like a day out on the boat with perfect  weather. it's beautiful out here, check it out. and we are now up to our next island, pulau kanawa.  if you follow indonesian content, and are  

familiar with a lot of photos of the islands of  indonesia on instagram, you've probably seen photos   of this place. because it's pretty photogenic. it's  a completely flat island and then all the way on   the one tip is a little tiny pointy hill. it's very  unique looking. we're gonna hop on here and walk   around. i think there's some places to get some  food. i'm in the island i really want to see   this place for a long time. oh no we're stranded.  all right staying the night here. yeah stay the   night here, set up a tent. there's plenty of food on  the other island, snake island. we're gonna check that out.

you hear the tunes? hear the dangdut? that  means we're coming to a warung let's go it means the food is about to be good this is paradise. the karaoke,  the music, we're feeling it. beautiful white sand,  boats right here, sumbawa in the background. come on  it doesn't get much better than this. what a day! what a day! that's his go to song. 15 000 rupiah. that's a dollar.  go to bali on the beach they're 25  000.

he's cutting them up for us. cheers bro. rob is gonna be ok with this. rob you have food

we are finished eating and now we're going to  make our way to the other side of the island. to the lone wolf, the only  hill. walk up to the top let's go and there is absolutely no shade on this  section of the island guys this is a wide open   grass and the hill in the  background there wide open   we did it we climbed  rinjani in 20 minutes. people take three days. we don't  understand. with sandals 20 minutes. more than 17 000 islands in indonesia but   this one is definitely unique. just look at this  view, look at this whole landscape behind me. this whole island just flatland and peaks up right  here to this one hill on the top. you see there  

sumbawa behind mem all these surrounding  islands. so many. right back there   behind me is pulau ular. we're going there next  to see some snakes let's go we are now pulling up to snake island. maybe  cheyne is gonna get his hands on some snakes. i don't know, i'm not gonna guarantee  anything. but the intention is to get some   snakes. so apparently this tiny little  island here has got a ton of snakes on it. i don't know why but we're gonna go see  it check it out. look how small this is.

even our boat captain didn't want to go. he's legit scared to go.  people in the port were telling us   "you're going to pulau ular"  i don't know but we're here. i hate snakes guys. i'm gonna stay in the boat. i'm gonna take

photos with it sun. i don't have to  go there. show me the snakes. okay we're following pak now. i'm getting nervous. i'm getting so nervous. i don't want to see snakes. you all can see that? all right that one looks thick and big and he's sleeping. i don't know if   i want to disturb him out of his sleep. we found another rock. looks like   there's a lot of smaller ones there. i'm going  to take you in. you see those snakes?

whoa everyone's sleeping and hanging out for the day. guys i was under the impression there's going   to be some on the surface i could just grab. he  wants me to stick my hand inside the snake pit. so all the snakes are sleeping right now and then  at night they get wake up and then hunt and swim. cheyne's gotta go underneath  the rock and grab one. warning. we do not encourage our viewers to recreate  or re-enact any of the following activities.  no animals were harmed in the making of this video.

this is the yellow lipped sea krait. it is known  for its lethal venom which is over 10 times   deadlier than a rattlesnake's. identified by its  distinctive black stripes and paddle-like tail,   this snake splits its life between the land and  sea. as deadly as it is, the yellow lip sea krait   is still very calm and rarely bites humans. still  we must insist that nobody tries this at home. holy [ __ ]. come here give me the camera

look at that here we are at snake island oh my god he's laughing at us this is wild they're hiding. three two one he's so strong. i don't want to hurt him. he's too strong. he's locked in

i don't want to hurt him. give me a smile. give me a smile. hold on hold on here take him rob. no get that away from me. look at him coiling up. they're friends now.

should i give him a kiss? you want a kiss? he got a little close on the kiss. just chill. just chill. we're chilling. should i give him a kiss rob? do it see we're friends now. just gotta hang  out with him. hey buddy i will call you what should we call him? all right crikey! we got a live one. it's been  a good day out here island hopping in poto tano.

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2022-08-15 08:37

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