Slemani First impression | Kurdistan

Slemani First impression | Kurdistan

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hello every guys, from here, from slemani, so for  those who don't know me, i'm Yves, and i traveled   from france all the way to here in iraq,  and kurdistan, with an electric bike, and i make   videos along the way basically, so let's go, today  let's go... we are thursday 31st, march 31st   and um ramadan is starting in two or three days,  so before it starts, let's enjoy street life   in daylight... the street life during the daytime,  before things get more quiet around here   so today we're just gonna go around the  very quite busy bazaar and markets of slemani and before we reach the very busy area, i  just... to give you a short update on my plans   i was planning to go to iran after visiting  iraq proper, but now i changed my mind, now i plan   on... uh so after here, i will split ramadan between  half in kurdistan, and half in iraq proper, and

after visiting iraq proper, i will not go to  iran, but i will come back here, pick up my bike   put my bike in a car, and transit by  car, because i think i can't ride   iraq proper, it's too ... hello... good uh yeah i think it's not possible to ride um how are you... good good and you what's your name... arman, my name in Yves where are you from... France

you speak french french wine is good thank you you sell... you sell this right, no... you work there,  for the shoes, okay, okay let's go to see the shoes spring how much is that, ten, ten thousand ten  thousand okay, because my shoes are very uh   well maybe uh why... i like them yeah yeah it's comfortable yeah, you are   comfortable, yeah i am comfortable, okay  okay goodbye, nice meeting you goodbye your name, Yves, and you arman your city name, near paris paris, oh my god good place, yeah, nice place, the best place in the world i don't know, but it's a nice place i like travel to paris, ah you want to go to paris how about culture kurdish people,  very nice, very friendly people people muslim yeah everybody's muslim here, go to  month, ramadan, yeah i know, when it is   in two days or three days, two or three  days, it depends of the moon right, yes   okay god knows, okay yeah people not  know which time ramadan, okay, specially directed   by god, time, ramadan, okay muslim people it's good,  yeah very friendly, very very hospitable yeah   very very hospitable, very... i mean muslim people  not kill everybody, oh i know Daesh no muslim Daesh is crazy, crazy people no islam, no christian goodbye, nice to meet you let's continue, so I have no idea what i was telling you, i just did 10 meters and i  made a friend already, hello hello hello everybody is very friendly with  the camera here, what was i saying   yeah so basically i'm gonna put... the plan  is just to put, once i come back from iraq,  

from the southern part of iraq  uh to here, i will put the bike   in a car, and travel by public transport all  the way to jordan, that's my new plan, then jordan,   egypt, then i will see, so and then i will see  whether i go to africa or asia, most likely asia so that's it for my quick plan update, let's  visit the markets now, so first the outdoor market   and then we'll go for the  bazaar which is just this way we have shops for everything, shampoo,  ayran, one of my favorite drinks   you've seen i drink it all the time basically i'm gonna be very sad when i will  leave the middle east and uh and i will not have ayran anymore there you have some tea shops and sweets, let's see the tea shop, beautiful, and some sweets everything together here let's go a bit on the side alley, i love the...  look at this beautiful carpet shop, small carpets the kebab next to the... next to the jeans it's funny because it's so busy, and what's funny  also is this area changes completely several   times during the day, basically during the  morning it's different, in the middle   of the afternoon it's like this, it's full of  stalls, and then in the evening it switches   all those stalls are gone, and then it's stalls for  food actually, well not all the way to here, but   in the area, some parts of this area,  uh but it's funny because of that it looks like they are playing with him, okay  let's go back down, it's very busy here yeah those markets are incredible, yeah so  basically i was saying, so then it becomes...   not all the way to here, but in many  parts of this area, then it becomes... it's full of   stalls for street food, during the night,  then we will see how it will be during ramadan   also because i guess the nightlife is going to be...  everybody says the nightlife is going to be much   much bigger, the nightlife... not the nightlife, the  partying, but just the normal life, the street life

it's funny because... everything  they sell in those markets, i forgot   to mention that there is always  the vegetable, next to the cloth,   and also next to the money, so  you can exchange money here also okay so we are going down so we're passing by uh   that's the big mosque of slemani, we're going  down the bazaar is this way, the covered bazaar that's where my hostel is, the only hostel in iraq oh and i think i see it, on the way to the bazaar  there are some uh... oh it's nice behind, on the way   to the bazaar there are some fruit juices, so...  fancy shops, let's try one of those i think it's half past two, i did not have lunch  yet, i had a light breakfast at the hotel,   so i'm hungry, you know it's always good to start   the meal with a good fruit juice here in the  middle east, they are so cheap and so good so here you have the dried fruits but there is music that's bad luck hello go ahead please welcome you have juice, mix... cocktail 2 500 i just go to sit outside, look  at that juice, incredible,   i need to sit outside because basically  because... because the music is way too loud   inside, so you won't hear me, but look at  this incredible juice, that's unbelievable   so that's a cocktail, wow, even the straw  is... did you see it... is fancy wow amazing

okay and there is a spoon also, so i need to  eat it basically, let's put the camera somewhere okay let's eat the juice there are pieces of banana coconut, it's really good i always love when you eat a juice, and not drink it slemani is nice... nice, nice that juice was fantastic, really really good, i  don't know what they put inside, i guess a lot of   fruits, i guess some sugar as well, but it was really  good, so let's go down to the covered bazaar now something i found quite... i find quite  quite incredible here, look at that,   look at all those strawberries, and they cost  2 500 per kilo, dinar, which is one dollar   and... less than one dollar and a half, 1.3 dollars  maybe, for a kilo of strawberries, that's awesome basically since i'm here in slemani,  they were much more expensive in   other cities, but since i'm here in slemani,  i'm eating 500 grams of strawberries every day okay let's go to the big bazaar which is just behind there, how  do... how do we get there, let's see you can see the bazaar there what a crowd that's it, we are kind of out of the traffic jam   yeah and i'll need to find some  food also later well... how are you hello

what was i saying, oh everybody is screaming,  oh maybe let's go up, so here it's vegetables   onions potatoes, let's go up, hello, let's  go up this way, to the real covered to the real covered bazaar look at that, i love those places,  i really hope that during ramadan   they will still be at least open  during the night or something like that look at that, wow look at those shops all the fabric, such beautiful fabrics  here in the middle east, always let's go this way, yeah and something  that was surprising also, usually i always   try to tell you a little bit about the  history of the places, wow look at those shops all the colors, it's insane,  it's incredible, look at that yeah i was saying i always try to tell you  a little bit about the history of the place   and here surprisingly it's uh... it's uh quite a  new city actually, it's not... it's different from like   many other cities which are extremely old here,  which are often among the oldest cities   in the world, but slemani is quite a new  city, i think it dates back from like 300 years   ago or something like that, so it's quite  recent, quite different from other cities around   here, and so there is not that much to.. that  much to tell about the history here in slemani that's beans okay let's go down wow okay guys let's go through this  alley, which is... oh look at that, i love this...   when they hang everything like that, it's so  beautiful, wow look at that, that's insane this kind of alley it's  like a fairy tale basically okay let's go down, and then we arrive  after the fairy tale, we arrive at the meat...   very nice, after the fairy tale, the butchery,  everything is mixed here and there is always the problem... it's funny  i watched a video this morning with the...  

because i thought about... the issue in the meat sections here, they,  you know they chop the heads of the animals,   and they just display them uh around, and  nobody cares here, because it shocks nobody,   but i know like especially in youtube and in  the west, this is extremely... this can be extremely   shocking, so it's a little weird because here  it's the most normal thing in the world, to have   like uh the head of a cow, or the head of a goat, of  a sheep, but i guess in youtube it's gonna be not...   well in the west it might shock some people,  so sorry for that, but that's just the way   it is here, it's nothing uh shocking here,  nobody cares about that here oh i guess we are arriving at the bird  market, look at that, the bird is just the smell is very... i like the smell oh wow we have some some rabbits some birds ducks and the eggs well they even sell the eggs, oh that's funny okay let's go back up, rabbits, let's go back  up because i think on the road up there   i should be able to find some food,  because i need to eat, i'm hungry can i have one eat here okay let's have one let's put it here, it's very fat, but it's very  good, it's a mixture of... basically it's  

fried, and inside you have chicken and cheese,   it's really good, i've never had this  before, i saw it yesterday basically and wow it's really good, let's try it  for you, let's put a little bit of sauce what's that sauce i don't know that's ketchup this is what... sauce, pomegranate, pomegranate sauce,  let's try the sauce, okay let's try this one it looks like pomegranate very good, i mean the sauce and the... and this  thing, which i don't know what um, how it is called so it's this bun, fried  bun with chicken and cheese, really good another juice shop, okay this bun is uh, this   thing is very good, i really like it,  and i like it because i never had   anything like that before, so something new is  always... it's always good to try something new  

and so now just one thing left, i think we've seen  a lot of the market already, but i want to find the...   some carts, some moving carts with um,   with sweets on it, because i want to have some  of those tweets to finish the video basically   okay yesterday i remember  seeing those sweet carts   the carts for sweets near the mosque,  so let's go back towards the mosque thank you let's try that from syria, okay where are you from in syria, aleppo, syria, damascus i will just get a little bit, just 1000 okay, 2000 so one thousand, aleph in arabic 200 grams thank you okay we have a little bit of this mix, which   was... which looks awesome, a mix of  nuts and dried fruits so they do those fava beans also, they  kind of fry it, i need to try one of these days look at that, another one is doing it here also okay i can't find those sweets i wanted,  so let's just go for the fava beans   can i have some of this okay let's go to eat, let's go to sit somewhere  and eat those beans, 500 very cheap, those beans, i   mean those fava beans, where can i sit, maybe on the  roundabout, that's the best place to sit obviously   you see i'm not the first one who came here  to have his fava beans, so let's try that   with this uh, i guess he put... i've seen he  put some pomegranate sauce on top of it yeah it's okay, hmm yeah, i mean it's beans,  but it's good, okay guys, so from a roundabout   here in the heart of slemani, in iraq, in kurdistan,  ciao, see you for the next adventures, ciao

2022-05-15 17:01

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