Skilled Filipino Barber Gets a Big Tip

Skilled Filipino Barber Gets a Big Tip

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Hey brother. Where is the red suit man? He's outside? - The big guy? Yeah, the big guy red suit, man. All right. If you can get him, that would be great.

Good afternoon from Manila. Everybody guys it's time for a shave. I was speaking to the, uh, oh, . I

was, uh, I was speaking to a couple of the hotel guys here and I was like, I need to go shave everybody. I need to go to shave, um, here in Manila and they said there aren't really like street barbers around, uh, the Philippines. So we might have to go to a shop. Hello. Hi there.

Could you, so where were you saying I could get a shave from, uh, it's like down that way and street ahead after the bridge turn left. and then the second street third right. Okay. I call tricycle for you, sir? Yes, please. Okay.

Which one is best? So we'll get one of these tricycles here, this guy, I need somebody who do I go for? Who do we go for? this one, I'll go with him. So he knows where to go? Look at the tricycle that we got everybody. I love these like little tricycle things. It's like the best motor transport. It's so unique. Thank you.

How much should I pay him roughly? Uh, you coming back here? Ah no I'll just walk back it's okay. 70. That's fine. Yeah, Tara na.

Let's do it. So I think it's just down the street, maybe like 500 meters away or something 70 pesos around like a $1.30 or $1.40. Uh, but I think it's about the experience that you get. When you go in one of these tricycles. Everybody got a little viewing area here where you can see the streets, you can pop your head out the window like this. And I see everything that's going on, but this restaurant, again, I showed you guys it in the previous video or a few videos ago, so busy every single time.

It's crazy. Unless you're serving the best cheese paratha I'd never line up any for anything in life, unless there's a cheese paratha guaranteed at the end. Uh, but we're going across the bridge here. I think we'll get dropped off shortly, just outside the barber shop, and then we'll get the, uh, the return of baby face Luke.

I always ask, do you guys prefer the baby shave the baby face or the shave face? Wait, no, they're both the same thing. Do you prefer the beard or the baby face? Which one? Uh, I think it's like mixed opinions. I get, I go through the comments of people like, oh, I like it with the beard. Like with the little bit of the stubble, I like it clean.

I like to change it up every once in a while. And I tell you what it definitely does change the, the way that you look when you have a beard or when you don't have a beard and you have the clean shave, it's a, a completely. Different look, but shortly we should be coming up to the barber shop. Also repping the Filipino Nike shoes today. Wow, very busy, very loud, I should say.

Yeah, but we got the Nike shoes, they are actually so cool. Super white. You got the beautiful colors of the Filipino flag. Pretty happy with that purchase that we made a few days ago. Um, are we, is it here? It must be somewhere here, somewhere nearby.

Hello. The beauty salon, yeah, this is fine. Okay. Let me pay this man.

There you go. No, you can keep no change, no change. No that's okay. Thank you. Have a good day. What's your name? Youtube channel? Uh, Luke Damant.

Luke L U K E. Luke Damant. Yes.

Have a great day. All guys, let's go on into the barber shop. No face mask, no entry.

Well, I don't have a face mask. You can do, uh, shaving? No shaving? Oh, damn. Where can I get shave? - The other side. The other side? Okay. Thank you.

Massive fail. So we don't have uh, tricycle. We're on our feet now.

They said that way that that's where we actually came from. Hello sir. Do you know where I can get shave? Shaving? Just ask the locals. They always know.

Oh, okay. This one? Yes. Ah, okay. Thank you.

The medical store. I don't know. Not in there, not in there either. When I asked around yesterday, actually a lot of people, when I did shave, they thought I wanted to buy a razor and shave myself.

I was like, no. I don't wanna do that. I wanna get the local experience. Um, so let's just walk around through the Chinatown here in Manila and we'll see what we come across. Hopefully barber, somewhere in the mix.

All right we're back on the main street guys. I actually do love just like walking around this Chinatown area. I get super lost every single time, but it's so cool. It's gone around the. All the beautiful sculptures and all the artistic designs. You got little bits of like street food around.

Maybe we'll check some of them out later on tonight. What is this? Oh, we got dimsums and whatnot. Hello.

All the, like the fruit sellers and whatnot. But I think up ahead, uh, I saw when I was driving past another barber shop, it looked pretty fancy. Um, so we will go in there and see if we can get a shave. I'm not sure how much it'll cost, but. Or I, I kinda like going to the local places.

It really gives like an authentic experience, but sometimes you've gotta treat yourself to a little bit of luxury. So let's continue walking down here. I swear. I've walked down here so many times in the past week. Right here. We have the same, uh, restaurant, ah, there.

I see Bruno's, Bruno's barbers. Second floor that these people are all lining up for the delicious food that was featured on CNN apparently, but, oh, look at that. Bruno's barber. This looks proper like luxury Bruno's barbers. Hey Joe.

Hello. I'm here for a shave. All right, let's go up this way to Bruno's barber. Well, at least we know where to go. Hello.

Um, can I please get a shave. Shaving. I need, I need a mask.

Yes. Um, I don't have, do you have a spare one? Even if I'm getting a shave, I need a mask? It'll get in the way. Right? Okay. Let's go on the side there. It's nice AC, I'll tell you that much. Um, because here in the Philippines at the moment, it is hot.

It is humid. You step outside for like five minutes and you get super sweaty, but, but the world is as good as you are. You've got to learn to like yourself first, Steve McQueen. that's true, true comment.

You know, they always say you can't love somebody until you love yourself. But I feel like this is luxury. Luxury place kind of reminds me of, um, the one that I had in Lebanon before was remember the, the Lebanese shave. They washed my hair, they gave me coffee.

They gave me all kinds of things. It was a really good treatment, but I still fit check everybody about the bulls Jersey. Got the Filipino shoes, but let's wait until, uh, until the, the barber comes and we'll get cleaned up a little bit, get a fresh shave here, could do with a haircut as well. But I might do that later on.

It is getting really ready. All right. Oh, I go to this one. Yeah. Okay. Ah, perfect.

Can I sit on the outside? Is it okay? I want to look out the window. Oh, oh look. We got an Audi. Baby's oh, is that for kids? Yes, that is so cool. The kids, the ones that are like having their first haircut and they're a little bit scared.

They come. You know, feel comfortable with a toy car and whatnot. I'll take off my hat. What's your name? Jernan. Jernan. And you're from Manila? Yes.

Very good. I'm just filming video. That's okay? No, I like to document my shaves around the world, so, oh, alright.

It's only shave sir? Uh, yeah, clean, clean shaves. So like razor, please. Everything.

So turn into baby face. How long have you been working here for? - It's almost three years. Three years.

So you're an expert. At shaving? I hope so. Don't want anybody, that's not an expert with a razor. Right. At my jugular and crucial veins and stuff.

but I trust Jernan, he seems like a cool guy. So I think he's getting he's over there getting ready. They've got all the towels. They've got people over there. Finishing up their haircuts.

It's such a really, it's a really cool, like industrial vibe. You still can like the lighting and stuff. It's like kind of like that pipe artistic kind of vibe, like silver and grays contrasting with like the black it's really good, uh, like vibe in here, artistic very well. Um, designed. I should say. And the best part is you get to look out to the window, see all the oncoming traffic and whatnot.

So how much does the shave cost? 450 pesos. So like $9. Oh the golden razor.

Yes, please. Yes. Is this made of real gold? Sir? It is real gold? No, no, not fake.

They work well though. Cutting through the hair super quick and it's flicking up into my eyes. I was just remembering the moment when, when we walked in there, she was like, oh, you need to wear a mask. It's like, I'm about to get a shave. How the hell are you gonna work around a mask? One thing I've noticed is Philippines at the moment, and a lot of like Southeast Asian countries that are just opening up to tourism.

They're still so strict. You know, it's going on to like two and a half, three years of this stuff. And that's why I've spent a lot of the time in like the middle east, the past year or two, because.

You know, they don't have any of those restrictions and whatnot. You can do what you want, like you should be able to in life. All right. Very good. When, when I grow out my beard a lot, they always get the clippers first just to get rid of like the - the, the bulk of the hair.

Then they go to the clean shave, and they can just get the last little bits off but it's always a pleasant experience. Getting a shave. And when you shave at home, you gotta make sure everything's lined up perfectly here. You can just sit down, let the experts take care of it.

Uh, and you don't have to clean up at all afterwards, which is incredible. Cause you know, if you do it in a bathroom sink or wherever you do it got clean up, all the hairs stuff goes on the floor. You don't get it perfect. Maybe you get a couple of cuts as well, but when you let the experts do it, voila, you have the, uh, the perfect thing. Well, what is that? That is shaving cream? Yes. Shaving cream.

Oh, it smells uh. Very nice. I think he's using like a cotton bud to apply it.

It smells nice. It smells kind of like dethol. There's probably antiseptic in there as well to make sure no cuts or anything get infected. So you've been working here for three years? - Yes sir.

You were working, uh, at another shop before or you? - Other shop before, almost, um, it's almost, um, six years. Wow. What made you, uh, get into being a barber? Why why? Um, my, my family is, uh, have two barber of my - So your, your family, uh, into it as well. Oh yes, family doing barber. All foamed up.

That was the first time that it's been applied, kind of like individually, a lot of the time you just get like a couple stripes and then they use the, like a smaller version of that brush and they, they wash it around and kind of it foams up naturally. But this time it was all applied. I guess the foam was already in that little black, um, little black bucket thing there, but we're looking like Santa Claus, Mo Mo Mo Mo I was gonna say Mo Mo.

But ho ho, ho Merry Christmas. Everybody. Not that it's anywhere near Christmas but same concept applies. What is your favorite thing to do? Like you like doing shaves or haircuts or like treatments, Treatments. - You like treatments?

Yeah you like haircuts? Yep. Ready. Coming off so quickly. Perfect. He's going both ways to make sure that the hairs are fully, um, done.

Becauseobviously the hairs grow a certain way. If you only do it one way, uh, it'll actually still be above the surface. So by going in all directions, he makes sure to get it done and cut straight to the same level that it's at with the skin. And with the precision he's doing on this first round, I think there'll only be, uh, one round. A lot of the time they do two rounds of this, the first one to get rid of the bulk of the hair. And then the second one to get rid of the little, parts that he's missed, but I think this will just be one round.

Because he's going super, uh, in detail with everything. Let me just feel. Ooh, so soft. Well, really like every direction is so soft.

Oh, that's perfect. Like when he does that, there's no drag whatsoever. Cause it's literally just on the best skin. No friction. Cause he's gotten all the hair follicles done.

All right first half is done everybody and it is super soft. You can see that literally. No hairs.

Whatsoever. I run my fingers through it. And it's a smooth as a baby's bottom. Not that I've touched a baby's bottom any time, but that's just a phrase. I don't know, maybe that's an Australian phrase, maybe saying that to a global audience might sound a bit weird, but it's a phrase that we use to say that something is smooth. He's applying a little bit more shaving cream, and I've actually like noticed over the past, like five to 10 minutes is that it's starting to get really cool.

There must be some like menthol in there that kind of numbs and cools the skin, because it is feeling really cool in there. So satisfying. So much attention to detail going over the same spots, making sure that every millimeter of hair is gone. Because at the end of the day, I did ask for a clean shave and. This is damn clean, so much precision and accuracy needed. How many people are working here? Um, like eight, eight person.

Right? Right now there are eight people? Yes. Wow. Three barber, three barber only. And two therapist. - Therapists? What kind of therapy? Massage. Oh, massage.

Oh, it is outside. Everything is here that you need. Get your hair treatment, get your shave done, get your massage. And then after that, get your mani and pedi done. Seriously, this is in so much of detail. It's gotta be the most like it's so smooth.

Very good. Like all the other ones that I've had around the world are like, just especially the street shaves. They're a great experience, but it's just like, kind of like five minutes and you're done. This one is super in detail.

New blade coming up. Why do you change it? Because it's not sharp? Yes it's not sharp. Well, better. Keep my mouth closed in because this sharp one cuts us. Oh yeah. One's cutting through much nicer.

It's just such a satisfying sound every time. The sound of the hair follicles is being shaved off. It's like just such a satisfying sound. Like it's kinda like sandpaper the sound of sandpaper. I don't know if you guys can hear it in the camera, but with my own ears and being here in person definitely can, um, can hear it.

And it sounds incredible. Super nice, but it is so soft right time for the mustache. Say goodbye to the moustache. So is the most sensitive bit pretty good because it's right near the nose. I always like tear up a lot.

Yeah, guys, it feels so smooth. Honestly, a lot of the time when I get these like shaves, they kind of just go in one direction and you can still like, feel it when you go upwards. But like literally when I push up, it's still like just skin. There's no friction whatsoever, but a small little.

Bit of blood bit of Luke juice there, but, or we are looking super fresh apart from the hair. The hair needs to get done. I think maybe later on the week.

You could sort out this absolute mammoth, like mane that is, is going on. It's just, it's like a lion's mane chilling out there. It needs to get sorted out, but we'll do that at another time. Maybe we, if we can find one on the street, we'll, uh, get it done. Cause I don't think I've had my haircut properly since, uh - Damn not sure how much you guys, uh, how much that you saw, but, uh, camera cut out, but we're all finished up super, uh, super smooth cheeks. Everything.

We finished up with a massage. I hope I got that on camera, but I think my, uh, my camera overheated, because of how much we were filming, usually I'm on top of that kind of stuff. I, I make sure I check it every single time, but I was, we had the head massage, we had the face massage, we had the back massage. It was all done.

And I got in too much of a, uh, relaxed state, so apologies if you missed out on that. But the massage was incredible. Got right into like the knots.

I could feel my back. It's like super tight, so it would've been perfect. Maybe I can even head out the back and get a proper massage, like he was saying, but I'm gonna go off and, uh, and pay him. We'll give him a tip at the end, after. We're all finished. So got all my belongings.

Very good. Thank you so much. Thank you, sir. So I pay here? Yes.

Okay. Hi sir. Hello. How much is it? 450. Here that's fine.

You guys can keep the change and where's Jernan? Thank you. There you go. This is for you.

Thank you so much. Have a great day. Thank you, sir. Thank you. See you.

Oh, it is hot outside guys. The AC makes a difference, but what way to, uh, start off the shave experience here in the Philippines. I'm bummed out that I, I don't know how much of it I got on camera at the end there, it had the most amazing massage and all throughout the shave. I'm always checking if the cameras recording, but I got in such like a relaxed, like, state that I was like, oh, I literally had my eyes closed for ages.

So I'm not sure how much of it you guys saw. I'm good. How you going, brother? You good? No, I got shave. I look like baby. Um, but yeah, we gave

him a hundred dollars tip at the end. Gave him an old, ah, no, not there. That's for the ladies. They do that one. See you.

Oh, do you have your, uh, phone? I have, uh, yeah, I'll show you. The security guard asked - No, no, you have shave here. You have shave. They do up there really everywhere.

Free it is lady or it is man, man only man only. Bawal ladies, this guy's a character. He's asking if my, uh, my downstairs area was shaved so only the ladies will find that out.

Um, but I think he's getting his phone so I could type in my channel. Crazy. You're crazy. How do you say crazy and crazy, man? I heard the word for it. He's the one who - Yeah. He gave me a good job.

Or maybe you have here. I write it on, on pen paper, the old fashioned way. There we are. Luke Damant. Luke Damant.

Thank you. Thank you. Have a great day. See, see you see you, bro.

Bye take care. All right guys, we're done. As I was saying, I'm not sure how much of the massage you saw at the end.

I got in such a flow state. I was just enjoying it. You know, sometimes you just gotta enjoy the shaves, enjoy the massages that come, especially when you least expect it. I wasn't expecting a massage at the end, but I'll take what I get. Yeah, vlogger anyways, we're gonna walk back to, uh, the hotel I'll be meeting up with Roy later tonight, we'll be eating some street food.

So I'll bring you guys all along for the journey, but thank you so much for watching as always chase your dreams and we'll see you all in the next one. Goodbye.

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