Shopping at the French antique dealer Madame's store | Over 10000 pieces of antique tableware

Shopping at the French antique dealer Madame's store | Over 10000 pieces of antique tableware

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Hi Mash and Aya. We are now driving from Paris to the Champagne region We are invited by our friend Nami to go to a store that sells a lot of very nice antique items! We arrive at Fère-en-Tardenois in about 1.5 hours by car. Maison de Famille Brocante They sell mainly tableware from 1850 to 1960 and have over 10000 pieces in stock. A cute dog also greeted us today! First we had tea with the madams! And then let's go inside the restaurant.

Here is Françoise, the owner, and her daughter, Léa, who works with her. Hi, could you introduce yourself a little! ChampagneThanks for coming to the region! I have been in this beautiful area with Léa for 4 years now and we have this special and old tableware store. We have many Asian and even Japanese among our customers! Everyone loves French tableware, china, and table decorations.

Maison de Famille Brocante also offers worldwide mailing services. If you are interested, please go to the store's website, I have a link in the overview section of the video. I see Mr. Dog is here today. Usually this dog is at home. Aya, let's take a quick look! Yes, let's go.

Very excited! First of all, just to the left of the entrance are a bunch of nice plates! These are the plates Mash loves! I love this pattern! I think it's good Very nice. It's wonderful. I don't know how they collected so many. Oh, I've seen this before. It's true. Mash is concerned about this Is this it? It's from around here. Really. Very nice. It's wonderful. This is very pretty too! Very old one, darker color This is what I would call a real antique.

It's wonderful. This is wonderful too! This looks like something I bought earlier. So true. The plate below this one is also lovely. I like this one color plate. There is a good one. Like this one... oh.

It's wonderful... It's fun. Too much fun. Wow, this one is cute too. I like it here, too. It is a soap container. It's true! This is unusual because you don't see this very often. This is very pretty. Let's put it on the short list.

I like the one with the lid over here, too. This one is a little bit Japanese style. There is also a bird pattern. It's a bird series. Now, this is the next one. What kind of things do you have? A basket! We have baskets! That's good! Wait a minute! This is very pretty too! Is it a plate? Oh! It is wonderful. I have never seen such a pattern. Beautiful.

I see some things here with bird patterns. Are you sure? Here it is. Oh! I think I might like all the colors of the plates here. I'd like to take a closer look at all of these. Excellent!!! The bottom row is nice too.

The baskets are nice. Do you want to put bread in it? Ah! You're here, too, dog. Dog! Did you come to see me too? Look at this! Here are a lot of plates to put under the cups.

What kind of cups, such as these, were in the set? I am curious. I believe all of them came with cups. This pattern is really pretty. I love it. Is this a box? This is a set of forks and spoons? It's true! This is also great, just two of them and in such a nice box! Is this the same? Oh oh oh! You sell a lot of things here, not just plates! Let's also look at the boxes under here, there's a lot of stuff.

Oh! Very nice. That's fantastic. Very good. Oh, it's fun! So much cutlery here! And turn around This is glass and glass here. It's the crystal type here. This is wonderful.

Crystal type... I thought you were the singer Crystal Kay (chuckles) This is cute. It's true. Do you put fruit on this glass? Is it for fruit or dessert? So this is a glass here. Yes, we have a lot of glasses here. Ah! This water glass up there looks nice and easy to use.

There is another glass here. Is it on the right side? There's another glass there. There's Mr. Dog (laughter)

That's good. And then we turn around and look at this one. Is this of interest to you? Yes, I do. It's nice. Nice. I saw the milk pot section on the other side, so you have it in a lot of different places.

Oh, this is beautiful. This glass is very nice. It's true. I have never seen this shape before. Very nice.

The pink glass at the bottom is also strange, how is it used? I don't understand... is it used to fit into something? This is also very beautiful. Which one is it? Oh! It's a champagne glass. It's beautiful. Since you are in Champagne region, do you have special glasses for it? Yes, they do. Oh! Here it is! Oh! Lots of cups! Lots of pretty ones! There are some pots on top. Ohhhh, I want the pot! I have lots of pot at home... (laughter) I have lots of pot at home... (laughter)

It's wonderful, it's wonderful over here. The blue cup over here and this cup with a pattern that I've never seen before are also wonderful. I've never seen a cup with a pattern like this one This is pretty. I think it is very good. Very nice, which is the blue cup? The blue cup is this way. Very nice too! It looks like a coffee cup I found at a flea market once and wanted. So true.

The little blue floral patterned cup below this one is also very rare! True. You have many classic and simple patterns here, but you also have cups with elegant patterns like this one. True. And I also love the cup with the big red border there. This looks like the milk pot you just saw.

It's lovely. And this is also lovely. I wonder if it's very old... It's very tasteful, I think it's very nice. It's very good for making coffee. I also like this set of two.

Lots of cups you don't usually see at flea markets! Ah! Look at this! It's true! That's an espresso cup! Very nice, I like it! And the pot is very nice! The pot is this way. Is this a pot from the same series as the large cup you saw earlier? Mash would like to have this series Ha!!!! Mash look at this! This is fantastic! What's up? This is great !!!! Aaah! This is fantastic! It's Villeroy&Boch (MashAya collects this series of dishes) There is Villeroy&Boch! Wow! Ah! You have this one. Do you have this one? I have this one in the foreground. Aya, it's a pot! Excellent. I'm collecting these and would love to buy some! So true! It's adorable! I didn't know it was shaped like this. Very nice! It was shaped like this pumpkin, wasn't it? So true! So let's..., let's leave this here. Let's leave it here.

I'm going to save what I want here for now... (laughter) Let's leave the stuff we're interested in here! This set looks great too! I understand! I've never seen this pattern before. I love the pattern on the inside, too. Beautiful. Very pretty.

Very pretty to see in the set Only the lid of the soup pot is left here Is that the lid of the soup dish? Yes, it's a deep pot-like vessel thing. I love those green lids so much! It's beautiful. Haha, Mash is already very happy with this one, but there's more to come! That was very voluminous stuff so far! I understand (laughs) So this is the water pot section! True. Is that right about the water pot? (laughter) Is it not a vase? Is it a vase? Is it a water pot, not a vase? We're coming to the dish section! Pretty... good! Almost everything is beautiful! I like these colorful patterns especially among the beautiful ones! Lovely, a little pale blue or green. This is good too! It's a nice color! That's nice too.

It's nice! And... Ah! There's the same pattern as the cup that was just there! It's true. What was the name of the plate of this shape? Ravier? Ravier? It's small. This is very nice too! Very nice! There's some cute stuff here casually. This looks like a vase. Could be a water pot.

Mash, I've seen better There is a lot of pottery here Blue, so many blue things Blue here, others are green, pink, red Lots of blue here compared to other colors In 19th century production 60% of what was produced is blue Are you sure? And in the remaining 40% we have red, pink, green, purple, and brown (sepia) There are five basic colors. There are also black, although very few This back here is... There's just a little bit of porcelain Thank you! I'll be glad to do it. ♪

I have never seen so many nice plates all at once! I'm lost. My eyes are drawn to so many different places. First of all, this is lovely! Soup pot? A plate for soup... is it a pot? ! I don't think it's a pot. In French, a pot is called a Pot (PO) Is it a soup PO? Yes, it is. That's pretty.

This is also lovely. But it's so big, it's hard to keep it. And if you go down there, there are so many plates! Oh! And these big plates are so nice! Is any of these any good? Maybe something around here or something. Oh! It's very rare to find something with a little flower pattern on the edge. Sure. And the one under it is pretty, too.

Blue is nice, too. I don't have many blue plates. We have a lot of sarreguemines agreste series This is a little bit deep dish. It's nice. Good for grilled rice. Baked rice? (laughter) I didn't think they'd put in fried rice.

Good in the middle (laughs) That's a great amount of baked rice (laughs) That's for a family of four. Look at that! The edges are dragonflies! This is very pretty. Nice! Is the side the same? The side? This way, right there. Nice. Plates in our favorite colors... So many of them...!

But we don't have many plates with so many patterns painted on them! We don't have them. It's nice to get these plates. This is so beautiful. Oh! The shape of the rim is unusual, and the slight concavity is unusual... this is nice. Very nice. Very nice. Check this one too! Very nice. It's nice... yeah, it's something... normal...

I like the round shape, but I also like the ones with elaborate edges like the one I just showed you. Yes, there are a lot of plates under here! I could look at this all day... Ah! Look at this! I love this! I'm running out of deep plates right now, so... Is this it? Beautiful... This is good...

That's true, it's a deep dish. Oh... that's good. Check this one out too! Here's a pretty plate to put some fruit on! Ah! That's an afternoon tea plate up there! It's true. Here's that series again! Really? See... They're just similar, but they're different.

I was fooled... (laughter) But it's cute. I found a lot of them here! Very nice... That's wonderful... So you have these decorative plates... Not that many.

When do you use these plates? Is it oily food? Is it to cut the oil from the meat? Maybe it's made so that it doesn't stick. And this is. It's a sauciere. It's a vessel for the sauce. But it would have been lovely to put potato chips in this before! Mami put cherries in this and it was so nice that I copied her! scary This is also nice, and the Sauciere on top of it is also nice! Is this it? This is good too! It's shaped like a flower. Very beautiful... So pretty... Oh, what is this pattern...

I like it! Oh, I'm going to buy a lot of them. There's more above! Wow! So small! That's the one that looks like it has sauce in it. And here's a series of red plates. Nice! And this one is very pretty too! Which one is it? Oh! It's true! Lovely! Very nice. This place is... people who like plates are going to go crazy when they come here... (laughter) No... we're already going crazy too... (laughter)

You're going a little crazy... (laughter) There's another red POT up here. So the lid of the POT that you have here was placed earlier. That may be so. This area has a luneville feel to it. This one's very pretty too! It's true! Lovely...

I didn't know there were so many kinds of antique plates! Look at this. These salad-bowl kind of vessels are so nice! What is this bowl for? It looks like it could be used for all kinds of things. Look at this! It's a bowl. Looks like it could hold a bowl of ramen. I think it's bigger than a ramen plate That's nice.

Cute. Nice. It's a big plate. What would you put in it? It's very pretty. Look at this! Mash likes this... That's that... a candlestick. For some reason, I am attracted to candlesticks. But it's a different type of candlestick from the usual candlesticks.

It looks thin. The pattern is wonderful. Very flat design. Nice... And here are the buttons, etc. That's good. You mentioned that there's also cloth. Cloth. Oh!

I like cloth, do you have any cloth that looks good? This is very nice! Nice. Mysterious texture... was it used for curtains? Aya, look at this! I'm curious about the plates here! Oh! That's strange. I haven't seen that plate very often. With a magnifying glass... Ah! Wait a minute... (laughter) Here's a face (laughs) Here's a face on it The pattern looks like it's only up here with a magnifying glass. It is true. Maybe not, but it looks that way... (laughs) It's an unusual plate.

It's light. Yes, it is. Same here. Is this the same? Ho...

A 150-year-old dish... Wonderful... Your plates are in excellent condition! A dish from 1850! 1850 !!!! This is a very beautiful model, finely crafted. Here we have a bowl the size of a teacup! Wouldn't this be good for a rice bowl? I think I can get a rice bowl Good for oyakodon (Japanese dish) Isn't it small for a bowl of rice? It's just the right size for your body's health.

What is just the right size bowl for your body's health? (laughter) What would France usually put in this? A salad or something like that? Is it a salad...? That's good. There are a lot of these. We had cups and pots. We had a lot of that series. What is this...

Cute! There's something in there... I like it because it's easy to hold. I want this kind of furniture. This is the kind of furniture I want. That's a nice piece of furniture. This is pretty. Which one is it?

Is it a sugar container? It's kind of nice. It's good for sugar. This picture is also good Lovely That's a beautiful picture. This is also lovely. Wow! The bird is lovely.

It was originally attached here. Is this a sugar container? Is this a soup bowl? Maybe it's a sugar shaker. Nice, that's our favorite color. It's genius. Mash has an egg carton that we like. Ah!!! I wanted an egg stand! Ah! How about these two? Very cute! I want to buy this, I've always wanted one.

I don't have any at home, so I want at least two! And this one on the side is adorable! Do you want to use it? This one is also good Good! This is also good because it's all here. It's lovely. Very beautiful! Can you tell what knife and fork this is for? This is for fruit. Is that right? So this is not for meat... Because usually in France they didn't eat fruit with their hands. They cut it with a knife and fork and eat it. Really? Yes, it is. That was a long time ago? Yes.

These knives and forks are for fruit. That's right! It's a very characteristic French culture! So we have plates, glasses, cutlery, etc., that are dedicated to each This is for fruit, but there are others. There are special knives, forks, and plates dedicated to them: for pastries, small spoons for cafes, forks for escargot, for fish, for meat, for cheese, and so on. It is the same with wine glasses. Just like there are different glasses for white wine, for red wine, and so on. This is really a feature of the French diet. The food was made to fit according to what you eat. This is an aperitif glass Here is a bag, and...

What is the collection here? Lots of little things. Lots of Saucière and not so patterned dishes. A lot of white and simple things. It's brownish (sepia) stuff! I really do. Excellent! I still think it's better when it's all in a series.

Ah! Look at that! It's a cute little silver place! There are a lot of them. There are some crystals, too. I have never seen this. It's a pretty shape. I think it would go well with Sarreguemines' Agreste series. I think it will fit. I see it over here too! It's true, it's simple.

Lots of small stuff up there too... Wow! Look at this desk... adorable! I want to have tea in the morning with this! Put it on the terrace...! I want this! I don't have a terrace.

Very nice...! I don't have a terrace, but... Very nice...! It is very rare. Size is just right for 2 people. Octagonal. Look at this one. You have jars of sugar and salt.

Look at the bottom It's cute. Look, there's something here that looks like a coat of arms. Can we have MashAya here? LOL That would be nice. What should I put in? That's good, too. Tea...

Tea leaves? Tea bags, yes. You can put tea leaves in them. This is good I like the couple feeling, but not that sweet. You've seen almost all of them. What do you want to do? Now, Mash has been looking through the camera the whole time, so we're going to look at a lot of things with real eyes.

I'm going to collect things I'm interested in and things I want Let's put them here! I've already put some of them down (laughs) Let's pick and choose as we place them here! Then let's go! Thank you for watching so far. Next time, we will see what Mash and Aya will be purchasing and introduce their purchases... Good bye! See you next time!

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