Shopping at the flea market in the beautiful french countryside | Antique hunting | France Vlog

Shopping at the flea market in the beautiful french countryside | Antique hunting | France Vlog

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This is a continuation of the last issue. We are staying in the countryside in the south of France We are going today to a flea market in a small town in the south of France. And we are going to see the flea market and the antique shops in the city First we go to a small flea market Aya, here we come.

It's a flea market under a blue sky. It's a small flea market. But it's very fun. It feels local. If you look here, there's nothing (laughter) The parking lot was bigger (laughter) Let's just go! Let's go! It's windy! Ah! There is a small Tisanière! That's very unusual. It's a small flea market, but there are some nice things.

How about this one? It's nice. Ah! Is this luneville? Cups are so rare! It's true. Hi, may I touch it? Sure, sure. Oh, it's not like luneville. It's true! But it's cute! I like it. Do you want to buy it? Yes, I like it.

Madam, how much is this? It's 2 euros. I'll buy it for 2 euros. Madam, this one, please. Where is this tableware from? This is Strasbourg (a city in northeastern France) This is handmade in Strasbourg. I see!

Thank you Madame! Bye! That was quick! It's true. You got it early. You have various patterns painted in the middle. It's nice. It's a picture of princesses.

This is good. They are pretty. Is this on a horse? I don't know. Oh, it is a bottle in the shape of a horse. Interesting. In the beginning, did they contain whiskey or something else? I see! Scotch or...

They sell tires too! Ah! Oars for boats are for sale... Ah, that's lovely! What about this tableware, it doesn't look that old It looks new. There's another bottle here. This one is the same! What is the same? This is the same as this series. It's true! Cute, but a little different from my taste! This series is gorgeous, too.

This one is pretty, too. Which one is it? This one. It's true. Oh! It's cool. What is it?

I like bottles, so my eyes are drawn to it. Is it a bottle? It's cool, beautiful green color. True. 3 euros. OK! How is this used? This had an aperitif in it. You can use whatever you want, water, wine, whatever you want to put in it.

You can use liquor! Liquor! I see! For example. It's lovely... but there's nowhere to put it anymore. I don't know why, but I am attracted to it. Mash is not that attracted to it. Then I'll stop.

It's an empty bottle, so maybe I'll save it for my own bottle of alcohol like this. Mash is more interested in what this is. What is this? This is a steamer. I see. This is put on a gas stove or frying pan, fill it with water, light it on fire, and use it as a lid Looks great! This is another empty bottle of liquor just like the one you just saw.

This is the same kind of bottle as before. It's true. Yes, it's true! Is it the one in Strasbourg? Isn't it the same? It's different. It's not the same! That's a mustard container. That's a mustard shaker. It's similar, but it's not the same as the Strasbourg cup you just mentioned.

No, it's not. It's lovely! Nice... Aya likes boxes, so you are attracted to them! This is a normal box.

Is this a box that contained alcohol? Is this a box of cigars? It is nice. Would you like to buy it? I think it is good. I collect seals and this looks like a good box to put them in! These two look good. Madam! How much is this? This is 3 euros, this is 1 euro, all together it's 4 euros. Four euros! Shall I buy it? What is this? This one had tobacco in it. It's pretty. Cigarillos are... little cigarettes. 100% HAVANE is a tobacco quality thing (HAVANE is the banana leaf of the Cuban tobacco leaf) Thank you! My family was a farmer.

What is that? This is a tool for vegetables. I tried to guess, but I didn't guess it (laughter) This is a tool for cutting asparagus. I see! Here we lay out the asparagus and cut the roots. Make them all the same length. This tool was made by my grandfather And this is a slightly more up-to-date tool This is not what we made You can move this here to adjust the length of the asparagus as you like And then we cut it here. How do you put the asparagus in? Is it here in the round? Put it in the round here.

See, you can also open it up here. That's convenient. That would be good! That's good. Thank you! Bye, bye, bye.

Nice candelabra. Do you like it? Oh! Look at that, very classic and cool. Is it a cookbook? Yes, it is. Wow! The light is glaring in the reflection! (Laughter) This book is a classic and very nice! I want to collect these books someday.

This is good. Oh, it's a hook. You can use it to repair vintage clothes. True. I'll buy this one. That's 0.50 euros. Thank you! Good bye.

I was able to buy it for 0.50 euros. It's a very small flea market, so it was over quickly (laughs). Let's head to the next one. Antique and recycle store found on the way to the next one Looks like an antique shop. I would like to have a shelf someday where I can display plates like this. Indeed! Oh, Saucière sells them. It's true! It's in very beautiful condition.

That's 20 euros. It's big. It's a full-length mirror for 160 euros. Wow! They are all lovely! That's more than 100 euros. The candlesticks are nice. So this is how you put it on the wall.

Is this a bed? It's a part of a bet. Excellent, I have never seen it before. As before, I am with my friends Nami and Yuko! This pot is nice and inexpensive. The spout reminds me a little of an elephant's nose. This is also nice. Is this also a wine basket? This one is 12 euros. What would you use this for? Maybe an egg carton. Can I use it for wine or bread? That basket is very popular. This one? There are quite a few people looking for it.

But 12 euros is a bit expensive? It's not cheap. Nami found it. It's lovely. This plate is indeed pretty. My friend found it for me. Thank you. I'm having trouble with this one too... This one is good too... Then I'm worried about the duck in the back. This way.

Ehhhhh... I like that vase. That's 8 euros. What do you think? That's cool. That's cool, but a little...

It looks a little bit like it would be at Grandpa's house. It sure looks like something you'd use when you go to your grandfather's house. The silver work place is very cool. Is there anything a little more feminine with this kind of silver work...

Ah! Here it is! There it is! That's very pretty! That's very pretty, isn't that good? Oh, is it a little cracked? But it's cute. Is this a single flower vase? Is it a glass? I don't think it's a glass. I think this bottle is better for a single flower vase. But you have those at home, are they the same? ! A little different but similar. But this one is nice, I think it's good! It's 2 euros and it's good. I think it could make a great gift, so buy this one! Let's get this one! This one looks a little delicate, like a wine glass, and it's going to break.

I got a plate and a vase... ♪ Next we head to the cute little town of Montclus! Here we are at the flea market in a very cute little town! Very pretty! I'm looking forward to it! Looks like we're about to meet some nice plates! Let's find a bargain! It's like a summer festival! It's true. Ah! There's a cute stuffed bear. There's a funny cow trinket box. It's true. The glasses are cute too. The cloth is good. Now you know a little bit about how to use it. That's true.

That's good. That's the thing that grabs ice and sugar. I see! Ice and sugar... Lovely! This is the shape of a dog's hand.

Shall I ask the price? Shall I ask this with you? That would be good too. But would you use this...? I think it would be nice to have it, but... It is 10 euros for 2 pieces. It looks like 10 euros for 2 pieces. It might be a little bit high. Yes. Ah! Look at this! A soap container, a big water container and a vessel. Nice set up! It's a little cracked, will it break? This looks like it's sold as a set.

This is so gorgeous. Fabulous! So this is what a flea market in a country town in the south of France looks like. It's a little bit different from Paris, and a lot more fun. It's like a mix of things from different countries.

It's fun to see the different shapes of dishes in the north and the south. Here's another good one. It's true! I like this pattern better. Nice. There are a lot of this set. Look at this design, it's like a well being watered. It looks like a well designed by luneville. How would you use...

Oh, this is interesting. This is lovely! What is this for? Is it not a wine glass? Wouldn't it be nice to display a small flower? Certainly nice, but is it a wine glass? A basket. Lots of plates.

A plate with a rose pattern. Aya is looking at the cloth. The embroidery is original. It's true. What is this... Ah! Look at this! This is for making a phone call... Type the alphabet... What is this? (Laughter) I don't know.

Do we put the phone here? Ah! Look, it's a big knife and fork. It's true. Oh, that's a hook for attaching a key. No, isn't that used to tie ropes together? (Laughter) Ah! I see! (Laughs) Surely it's too big to put a key on this one... (Laughs) Is this cutlery too? Oh, they are all that. Ah! I have a book of cat pictures for sale. Hello Aya, there is a 1 euro corner. True.

I've been eyeing bottles lately. Aya, I like bottles lately. Ah! That scale is wonderful. Look, there's a duck balanced in the middle of the forehead. Mash also likes this kind of watch.

Will it work? I don't know. Is it good just for interior decoration? Yes. This is beautiful. It's amber. Nice. It's a crystal in the shape of a swan. Is it a salt shaker? The light is beautiful.

It's beautiful. What is this for? Like alcohol... do you use it? But it's pretty. I don't know if you can get dirt here, but it's nice to have it on display. I think it's good.

Would you like to buy it? It's nice. Madam, how much is this? Three euros! For one? Or two? Oh! That's good. OK, I'll have this one! I bought a small glass this time! They were beautiful.

The light was on your side! If today had been cloudy, I wouldn't have bought it... I wouldn't have bought it... Now, continuing... This is 8 euros for the set. That's cheap! Really. Ah! This is nice! Oh! Mash likes pretty things! What was it used to hold? Soap? Cute! Yes, it is! I was surprised Mash likes it, since it's a feminine motif! It looks a bit like Marimekko! Is it? (Laughs) What do you think? I think Mash is very pretty. I'm not that attracted to it.

Lovely. It really has a feeling of having been used. There's a lot missing in some places. This place looks new. Let's take a look at this one too. Look at this one! Lots of cans of oil for sale! That's 10 euros a piece. That's a lot of money. Isn't this a chair used in a beauty salon? It's true! It's a good old beauty parlor chair.

You can wash your head. It's wonderful. It's interesting. The picture of this poster is very nice. It is a good picture. It says "Marche". There is a glass. This is a candle held by Mary. Does Mary turn around? It doesn't turn (laughs). We are done here too, aren't we? That was less than I thought it would be. I like the cocottes. There are a lot of them...

I would like to have the grain mashing equipment over there. Why? (Laughter) Sometimes I want to powder sugar, so I want to use it for that. (Laughter) Is that it? (Laughter) Is that it? Oh! This candlestick is very unusual. It shakes. Where is it? It shakes here. It's strange.

Aya, here is a wine etiquette for sale! Ah! This is wonderful! This is wonderful! This is wonderful! I have this one too, you should buy it. Buy it! Monsieur, how much is this? All of them? Yes, or how much is each one? All? 50 euros. One? One is a euro! OK I often use it to write thank you notes. Very nice.

Can I buy a lot? Go ahead, (laughter) I'll buy a lot? (Laughter) I picked it out in my dreams. 80 euros. Was this one euro? 5 euros... You said earlier that the total was 50 euros? So if you buy them all, it's 50 euros? Yes, but if you buy them in pieces, they are 5 euros each, so 80 euros. So shall I buy them all for 50 euros? All for 50 euros, right? Yes, if you want them all, 50 euros. OK, I'll take it all then... OK.

Thank you, Monsieur! The current flow is probably a video. If I buy all of them, it's 50 euros, but if I choose, it's 80 euros, so I bought all of them (laughs) That was a big haul at the end (laughs) That was very nice! I think I could walk away from the sale like this... (laughter) It's true... (laughter) I think this etiquette is a really rare thing. I'll show you the details later. Now I am very, very happy!!!! My friend is nodding behind me... (Laughs) Thank you! Let's go then! Yay~! Finally, we had a big haul! We'll give you a taste of the city in our next video... ♪

Last stop was a recycle store at the entrance to the city! Ah! This is nice. Lovely. The size and shape are just right. I think it's very nice. Ten euros is cheap! And there's a lot of stuff here for 1 euro, and it's cheap! It's true. Aya! There are a lot of plates here.

Wow, 5 euros is cheap for such a decent dish! Cheap... Look at this set! I see patterns like this all the time. Lovely. I like this one. It's nice. This is similar to what we had in that house. True. It says "France. Wow! So that's 1.5 euros!

It's gorgeous, but it's cheap! Nice. Big cup One cup is 5 euros, 25 euros if you buy all cups. A pot is 10 euros, all the small plates are 25 euros! This brand is Royal Copenhagen This dish is very solid. I'll take this plate over here.

I don't have these at home. Was it 30 euros? It was 25 euros! 25 euros is cheap. Do you want to buy? I want to buy it. Isn't 25 euros cheap? I think it is cheap.

Can you attach it to the house? I think you can put it on. But the madam said that this crystal alone is worth I see. This one often sells for a lot. This sells for a lot of money. But I like this chandelier itself because it is pretty. I think it has a string in it so you can put it on. I think it could probably go... I'm a little afraid to hang it with this because I think it's very... (laughter)

It's good to have a professional reinforce it. True. But it's very nice. I think it's lovely. What do you think? It's my favorite chandelier I've ever seen. If it doesn't work, we can think about it again later.

I can take just this part and sell it. That's an expensive item, so you could do that too! I bought it (laughs) I was very happy to finally buy the chandelier. I would like to introduce this purchase after this. Here are the items I purchased this time A nice rhombus shaped plate. The illustrations on the four corners are lovely. St Amand Pottery kiln born in the early 18th century in St Amand, northern France. Very pretty cup with flower painting I think he is drawing "handmade in Strasbourg" Is the first line his name? Can someone please tell me if you know what it is? Two small beautiful glasses There was a small crack. I did not notice it when I bought them.

Glass vase for single flower Hooks for clothes etc...would go with Aya's vintage clothes. Cigarette case Just thinking about what to put inside is fun! Etiquette (label) of various wines This is my favorite item that Aya was most excited about in this purchase. Paper lovers will love it. !!!! Last is the chandelier ♪ You see them sold only with glass ornaments, but these glass ornaments alone are quite expensive! Beautiful detailing, my favorite. The size is just right and the price was reasonable, so it was a good purchase I would like to clean this chandelier, check the electrical wiring and install it in my room in the future! We were very satisfied with our visit to the flea market in the south of France, as we had a different kind of harvest. Next time, we will continue the Vlog in the south of France... Thank you for watching.

Good bye. See you next time.

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