Shocking (Night) Life in Africa's Most Expensive City (Senegal, Dakar )

Shocking (Night) Life in Africa's Most Expensive City (Senegal, Dakar )

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You can see clubs everywhere, vehicles are standing at midnight 2 o'clock! I had never expected, I will get to see a nightlife like this in Senegal! So we have to go up! I got to know one more shocking news! There is no space. I am standing on the gate! If I don't hold anything I will fall! I am able to see all the popular brands from India! Hey guys welcome back to a new VLOG my name is Torvashu. Currently I am in West African country Senegal country capital Dakar. In the previous video, You have seen I have stayed in Local Senegal baba house.

I have come to Dakar main downtown. My current host is from India. Currently it's 2 in the afternoon I am going out to explore Dakar with locals. I am alone in the house, now my host is not in the house he has gone out on work.

In Senegal especially in Dakar there are more Indians. After coming here I got to know there is a large Indian community in Senegal. I have left the house. Dakar is located on Atlantic Ocean coast. The temperature currently here is 30 to 35 degree Celsius. As soon as I sweat a lot.

Local is waiting for me one kilometre from here I am going to his location now. I have come out of the house this is the main road! This is a very busy road! Vehicles keep moving here all the time. This country has a very luxurious vehicles and they move very fast in this road! The area where I used to stay before that area was not well developed! It was in outskirts! This area is in the centre and it's very well developed. It's very sunny here you can see a super market behind me, It's a very big Supermarket you can't even imagine All the products from around the world you can find it in this store. There are many Indian products also.! The owner of the supermarket is an Indian I took this shirt from the same supermarkets yesterday for $9 There are more than 50 employees in the store and I am sure more than half are Indians.

This is public transport in Dakar! In the City Centre of Dakar, you get to see Audi, BMW and many more! Luxurious cars are common here. France had ruled in many West African countries. Dakar was the second capital of French after Saint Louie.

Sainte Louie is in Senegal, in the border of Mauritania. French African federation was over 65 years. Saint Louis was capital for 7 years.

Dakar was capital of French Africa for 68 years. Till the federation collapsed. The population of this country is 15 million. 10% of people stay in the centre of Dakar around 1.5 million. There are many ATMs in Dakar I have withdrawn some currency.

I was not charged extra for that. Hello bro how are you? I am very good! Aap bahut lambe ho.! Yeh He is Kalhi who is a local here. Are you from Dakar? Yes I am from Dakar. Dakar.

It is pronounced as DAKAR. Thank you so much for coming. No problem in that. I am going to take local transport bus there is no local mototaxi here There are four wheeler taxi and it is very expensive. There is also a Decathlon here.

Yesterday I had went to Decathlon from local bus. I had paid 100CFA it’s around 12INR. This bus? Yes. Local bus has come I don't know whether I can operate the camera inside the bus let me see. Local bus is very crowded. I have taken the ticket it's 100CFA its 12INR.

Taxi is very expensive and public transport is very cheap! The bus is Very crowded there is no place to sit. He got place to sit. Kithna door he yahan se? Sirf 5 Mins 5mins? Okay [African language] We just got down from the bus we are still in the centre of Dakar, it is very develop and is still being developed.

It will be a fully developed city in another 10 years. We can see skyscraper everywhere! The monument which you are seeing is African Renaissance Monument. This is the tallest statue in the whole Africa. Ye pure diniya mebhi one of the largest statue he.

There are many steps to go up. This statue is very big. Is very hard to go up! It is also known as iconic statue of Senegal. There are many stairs. It was a very small statue when observed from the road but when we came near its very big you can't even imagine! Looks like I am standing in front of a monster! After 50 years of getting Independence from France that is in 2010. This statue was inaugurated! When it was inaugurated all the head from 19 countries were present! This statue is made by a North Korean company! It is said that this statue is designed and made by a North Korean company! Senegal is one of the most stable political country! Neighbouring countries like Mauritania, Guinea and Mali! Military group was formed lot of time in those countries! Senegal is a country where not even one time military group is formed! Senegal has never taken war against its neighbouring country! You might have heard the singer name Akon.

He is a very popular singer. He is from Senegal let's ask Kalhi about that singer. Akon? Yes Akon is great artist from Senegal! Great artist and singer. Senegal ki log pround he kya? Ha ham log pround hain. Kyounki usne hamara country ka nam roushan kiya I have heard that Akon has adopted some villages in Senegal and Mali, that he gives free water and electricity. Vo sacj he kya? Ahh okay In Senegal Not in Senegal but he wanted to do that project.

Not in Senegal? He has done that in Guinea. Guinea? Neighbouring country? He wanted to do that here, but our authorities did not let him to do. After that he went to Guinea and did it there. I have heard it in Mali also.

Yes has done that in Mali also Had another big project for Senegal ‘Akon city’ Akon city? It's a big city he wanted to build in Senegal outside Dakar! Outside of Dakar.! He wanted to build everything Hospital, School etc. A complete modern city! Yes a very modern. What do you want to say about Kabhi? Kabhi lame.

Ohh okay... He is another big International superstar. Is he from Senegal? Yes.

We are proud of him. These people like Akon, Kabhy Lame makes country famous. Many people didn't new Senegal, thanks to them! Because of them because many people don't know about this country. Yes definitely. Recently he was awarded the most followed tik toker in the world! You might have seen Kabhy Lame in social media, Never speaks a word but teases popular life hack! He is from Senegal but he stays in Italy.

This is the local taxi in yellow and black colour. Can we sit? Ok There is no public bus from this place we have to walk for a while. So we have taken this taxi. The city is very beautiful compared to Africa with few people see in social media. This city is very developed with the Bit of European architecture! In the previous video you had what should less developed area of Dakar, In this video you are watching completely developed video of Dakar! You get to see tall buildings everywhere! These buildings are so beautiful and the place is very neat and clean. I had paid 100CFA for public transport and now i have paid 2500CFA The road here is so broad, Parking spaces are also given! Mali also has the same flag but there is no star in between If you remove the star that is the flag of Mali! Definitely So Khalil what do you do? I am a language teacher I teach French and English.

Accha aap french aur englishh padate ho? Apko kithna languages bolna ata he? I can speak 4 languages English, French Bosnian and polish Okay Ye kounsa building he? Ministry of Foreign Affairs Okay There are some artistic markets! Are they artistic market? Yeah There are handmade and wood made items! There are local structures face masks and many more! This is crocodile leather. By seeing only we get to know this is a crocodile leather. This belt is made from the leather of snake. Namaste Namaste Namaste India and Senegal friends. There is a local Supermarket here, I want to buy water I am feeling thirsty! I have taken half litre water this area is very expensive compared to other parts of Dakar! Because this is in Centre this half litre water bottle costed me 150CFA! It is $0.36 I have to go to Embassy tomorrow I have taken the print of my hotel here only! One page print out cost 200CFA which is $0.61

As per report in 2022 darker is the most expensive city in the whole of Africa! Cost of living in Dakar is high compared to other parts of Africa! Higher than Morocco, Egypt and other countries. Can you believe? Can you image? It costed me for 5 km 61 cents per Kilometre. I also got to know one more shocking news! There is also a Tram in Dakar which has started this year a few months back! It is a tram station and it is so beautiful! Train looks like Morocco’s bullet train.

You can call me Tram or electric Train! It operates inside the metropolitan city of Dakar. Metropolitan city of Darker is very big the whole country is 35% stay in the metropolitan city. This city is very contrast. If you go outside the centre of the city you get to see many poor people and the city is underdeveloped. In the centre of the city everything is developed and it's very expensive! The correct pronunciation is Dakar! Next day I am continuing this video from yesterday now in 11 in the morning! I have to have my breakfast and go to Embassy! I am going to Gambia tomorrow I already have the visa. After Gambia, I am going to Guinea Bissau which is another country.

I have already applied for the visa for Guinea-Bissau. I have to get the visa today, if I get the visa will tell you the details. Let's have our breakfast and then leave to Embassy. I have done corn and cheese it tastes very good since I have added Maggi tastemaker. I also have strawberry flavoured milk.

I am going out, Embassy is 15 km from my house. I did not get the bus, bus frequency is half an hour! He was going so he stopped the car I don't know whether a taxi person is or not! They are going to the same destination where I am going they have asked me to give 2000 CFA! You are going to Barmos? We can see Atlantic Ocean this is African countries Main Land last point towards west! I am in the embassy area this area name is Mermoz. There are many embassies of different countries and I have got my visa for Guinea-Bissau. Visa for Guinea-Bissau costed me 45000Cfa which is $67.

Did not take any documents from me that just took my photo I filled an application form and it was done. It is a very weird visa normally you get visa printed from the computer. But here I got the visa from typewriter. When I went inside the sticker was put inside typewriter, She wrote my name in typewriter, She took out the print out and paste it on my passport. I am going to an Indian store now. After Senegal the other countries are very small but the visa for the countries are expensive.

Some country Visa is $60 and some has more than $120. I am waiting for the bus some buses are coming and there are some standing buses. As far as I know bus number 3 goes to my area.

There are many vehicles on the road but no one are honking. You rarely get to see honking. Does bus number three stop here? I got my bus within 5 minutes I did not wait for more time. The bus is very crowded where I can sit? Let's see There is no place to sit, I am standing on the gate! They might take 100 or 200CFA! I will give whatever they ask! They have taken 200 CFA! There is no place to stand also the bus is shaking very much if I don't hold my hand I will fall! Where will you stand my brother? Literally I don't have any space! That is why local taxi charges 2000 and local bus charges 200. Almost the 10 times. After taking the bus I have come to a local area which is a bit far from my place I am going to an Indian shop somebody has given me address.

Currently I am standing in one of the Indian market in Senegal, he is the owner Deepak. How are you Deepak Brother? Where are you from India? I am from Ajmer Rajasthan. Oh okay I can see all the local brands from India There are Haldiram's Namkeen.

There is Dabur meswak toothpaste. There is also Patanjali toothpaste and Himalaya products. There are many Indian brand Papad, chips and rice There are different type of Rices. You get to see many Indian masala products . Meat masala, sambar masala. There are many varieties in dal Baidyanath There are many Indian Product.

You also get Pooja items Doopbatti and agarbatti There are also some god stickers! If you stay as an Indian here you get all the products. Price is also not much expensive it's just 1.5 or twice the amount. There is also a Panipuri product which is ready to eat. Yes sir ready to eat.

How many months have you Senegal? Around 8 months And in Africa? More than 12 years You are in Africa from more than 12 years Which country were you in before coming to Senegal? I was in Guinea. Congo, Liberia… You are from Western Central Africa? I am taking Indian Products first time outside the India I have taken to namkeen packets and this dal. I have also taken this ready to eat Bhel Puri.

I just have to mix and it. This is Knorr soup. It costed me around 5000 CFA. Welcome back again to the video now it's 12:00 in the night Now my Indian host is here. He never come to the house he comes for 2 minutes in the morning he has given the entire house for me. So where are you from India? I am from Gujarat.

How many years have you been in Senegal? I have spent five years in Senegal. Ah okay. Were you alone or with family? I was with my family. Now the family has gone to India? Okay What are the plans after 12 now? Let's go out and see the nightlife of Senegal. Amith is taking me to see the night life of Dakar. Let's see how the experience goes! So let's leave now Yes lets go.

Its 12:00 in the night and this is his vehicle BMW. Let's see where he takes us in this vehicle Where were you before coming to Senegal? I was in Benin and Nigeria So you are in Africa from very long time Yes I have been from more than 7 years Ahh okay We are going to road where we can observe more nightlife It is called Almadi here in the local language.! There are more than 15 Nightclubs! 15 to 20 nightclubs? It's very near...

It's all in same area. How many night clubs are there in Dakar? I guess it's around 30. In the whole city of Dakar there are more than 30 night clubs. So here dance and parties are normal? Yes it’s normal. Is it more on weekends? It will be more on weekends but since today is Monday we might not get to see more! Its 12:00 in the night and the roads are empty! I saw the roads here are very well developed. Here in Dakar, there is also a Casino! It operates through out the day it's very vibrant night life Casino, Cap Vert it’s written there! So in this area there are many nightclubs? Yes it spread throughout the road! There are nightclubs where ever you see lights! Since today is Monday many night clubs are closed! This is closed.

So all the nightclub will be open on the weekends! I guess 50% of the night clubs will be open now Monday and Tuesday only 20% will be open! We have read to an area in Dakar where we can see more night clubs! This club will be open for 24 hours! It's still 12 in the night after 2 o'clock publics will come! Yes public will come after 2Am!! He is my friend. Ah okay These all are alcohol You see every brand! There are alcohols around the world I don't know the names! Alcohol sir common here people drink is it? Yes local also drink There is no problem as such? And it is easily available! You get alcohol in supermarket! Cheers!! Music is being played loudly and people have started to come, we are drinking Red Bull! The music was very loud! We reached here at 12:30 and now it is 3. Now it is 3:15 the club was full around 2 o'clock! Many cars has been parked on the road! I had never thought Senegal would have a nightlife like this! Clubs are there on both the sides Clubs are on both the sides and vehicles are standing in mid night 2 o'clock. You can see! Till what time will this party go on? Till 5:00 in the morning

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