Shocking Day - The POLLUTION is REAL in South East Sulawesi | Motor Touring INDONESIA [S2-E37]

Shocking Day - The POLLUTION is REAL in South East Sulawesi | Motor Touring INDONESIA  [S2-E37]

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It's a massive industry here  that is blocking the main road. And a tanker that is split by two  and sank in there. Good morning everybody and welcome back here. We are in the area Morowali. In hotel Dua Putra in Sulawesi and  today it's time to move on. Yesterday, we were hanging out with the Blanksack for the whole evening and now we want to go to Kendari. We are in this area here and our  plan is just to go down to Kendari.

Good morning everybody. We are in Morowali now, heading to Kendari.  It was a long night again for us hanging out. Check it out, you guys. We have gray minions, they're not... oh this is the actual minion blue and  yellow.

Just kidding. These people are working in the nickel mine.  But not the same one like the one in Sorowako. This one is owned by whatever company, I think the head company is from China.  Yeah, they look different. The city itself where the factories are in, it looks so different with Sorowako. It's a lot more crowded  here and it's really really dirty.

And then if you could see in the background there in the mountains, that's the mining area... it's really really polluted there. Like, it`s a completely different world between Veil and this company here. I don't know why, because if they regulate the same rules and everything, this place could be really beautiful as well, just like Sorowako.

And as a result, the traffic is pretty bad. And from all of the stories that we got from the guys from last night, the traffic could get really nasty here. Because the factory and the mine workers get off at the same time and then the road is too narrow for everybody to go out. So yeah, that's kind of like one of our  thoughts from us about this city here. Maybe the company could help them,  like to enlarge the road or something so... Because this is still the national road, right.

Like they are interrupting the travel from other people, so I don't think that's cool. Look at, it's really populated here and all  of them are working from that Mining Company. Endless of them... the minions. Yeah, thousands of people.

It's a massive industry here, that is blocking the main road. > Crazy! How is this? How do they even get the license for this? They should dig a tunnel here  for them to use it themselves... it's a public Road! Look how much the road got destroyed here. Just for the benefit of their company, it`s crazy! Look, like that that bridge, it makes  a lot of sense for them to use.

But they're still using the  main road too, doesn't make sense. And the air quality, the coal over there, it`s disgusting. So much different between the standard at Veil in Sorowako and this one here. > Yeah, Sorowako was so amazing! Crazy! Owned by Chinese. > Yeah.

One is Brazilian owned and the other one is Chinese owned.... so different! Look at this! How!? How is this even possible? Endless... > Yeah, my eyes are burning right now. And look at these motorcycles inside here. And a tanker that is split  by two and he sank in there!! Oh my god, what a [ __ ] area here. So here's my take, right, like there is another massive mining companie up in Sorowako Yeah, it`s so sad to see that noone cares about the people here.

Because we could clearly see the good example in Sorowako. It`s amazing, how they... Not a single dusty place in Sorowako.  You could drink the water from their Lake! Like here, I don't even want to  put my feet on the water here.

How? Like yeah, the question is how? Yes, because we know, they could do it better. Yeah, how is this happen, right? This company here still got permission, meanwhile  if the government want to check out the place in Sorowako, they could help the local people to live better here by giving the permission to mine this area to the same company in Sorowako. But instead, they give it to a different company, that destroyed the whole area. And not taking care of the ecosystem anymore! Because this is clearly a hazard for  all of the citizens that live here. Look at the garbage, the broken road  everywhere... we did not see this in Sorowako. What we saw was a beautiful area... > Sorowako was the best clean example of what we have seen in whole Indonesia.

Yeah, Sorowako should be a model city or  a model Village everywhere in Indonesia. Yay, we are at the ocean... > ... again. And not populated. Because the previous one was not appealing.

We want to look for a Mountain Road,   but it's impossible here. Because the whole area here on our right belongs to mining companies. So no chance for us to go through this area. Yeah, the only one was Seba Seba from yesterday. Straight? > Yeah, those two are a private road.

There's a celebration here or something? Can we go? > Yeah, just stay, I think... What is going on? What? Oh, it`s a wedding! Oh that's the Newlywed. That's really cool! > Yeah. That`s a wedding celebration here.

Oh, that's the future groom there. Which one? > The one in the Middle with the umbrella. I think they're going to pick up the future wife. Yeah, he's really happy getting married. > Yeah.

Alright. That's really cool... I'm going to get married, I'm going to make a big traffic here! A lot of palm tree plantations. > Yeah, it`s starting again.

I think in Southeast Sulawesi and also West Sulawesi, there are a lot of palm trees. And maybe in the center of Sulawesi. But it's not as crazy as Sumatra or Borneo yet. Because we can see like a whole forest there in the far. But it's starting, that's a bad sign. 

I need shade but these palm  trees are not giving me shade. Yes, it`s super hot here. Ah this one is nice.... are they good?

You see like there's a dust cloud there. And it`s not settling too, it`s so weird. Maybe they're like destroying  their Forest for more palm trees. Palm trees everywhere. And then they just opened this land here. Soon it`s gonna be palm trees too.

There's supposed to be a gas station in 500 meters from here. We shall see if it's gonna be the third gas station, that is out of gas, because the locals are buying it with Canisters. And then sell it again on the street for 50 % more. We shall see... like for example on my right, right there. Close to the gas station. Oh my God,  even across from them, they are selling it.

Oh, there are people. > There are people, for the first time. Yay. Wow, what a surprise. Uh, a shady Bridge. Uh, scary as..

Oh my god! Where is Google leading us to, this road is so broken. Google is leading us into... Into a problem. > No. Google is trying to smuggle us in.

Oh my God, these cars have to go through this road? Uh, this car is way too low. Yeah maybe the road is messed up there, that's why everybody's going through here. Maybe the main road is messed up or something. > No, there would be much more traffic. It`s a big city. If this is the only way going into Kendari, then there would be a lot more traffic. Yes, this is a lot of traffic, babe. You haven`t made a left yet. The traffic is not that crazy. > Yeah, but this is a lot and a lot of people, you know. It doesn't make sense.

And everybody's going through here, it  doesn't make sense, you know what I mean? Maybe not many people are going out  because of this. Off-roading into Kendari. It's harder to go through here than through Seba Seba. > No. Careful, the truck is ready to spill.

Look at this you guys. This is 3.40 PM. 3.40 PM and it lookes like this on the right side. Like you see all of the pollution there coming out from all of the factories around here. This is 3.30 PM, all right? And that  side, you could see how bright that is.   Like a bit in the far, away from the factories.  Hold on, one second. You're gonna see it.

Like there, it's bright. You could see the blue  sky, but it's way far there. But if you see to the right side, the pollution is amazing here. Like unbelievable. It turns like 3.40 PM into 6 PM right now. It's crazy! And we're like, what? 43 minutes away from Kendari. 27 kilometers away. How do the people live like this? Like how? How  do the government give a license for them to work here, the factories.

Imagine how bad is the water way here. How much pollution is in there? Like all the waste is going there. And then all the garbage here on the side of the road.   Oh my God! Like kids are living here. Food, I'm  not gonna touch my finger into that food.

Look at that garbage, like piling up everywhere  and then they are expecting me to eat? Ah, the minions are out. It`s crazy! Oh my God. Oh yeah, a suspension bridge for bikes. Hopefully this thing will hold. This is a big river too. Hopefully  this thing will hold. We shall see. Uuh, so cool.

Yeah, I was told that there was a raft.  For crossing a river. I didn't know that they built this. Because I was told from people yesterday.

That's such a shortcut, otherwise it's  gonna be an hour and a half longer. I`m glad, there is no big traffic. And the suspension bridge is really good though. Not  even shaking a bit and I think that's quite new.  Because everybody that was telling me... it means  that they have not went to Kendari for a long long time. Because they told me that we're gonna need to take a raft. > Oh yeah?

Yeah, that's a raft there. Now we're only 22 minutes instead of like almost two hours away. A nice, I like that.

It's on the right side here. Oh Nilam Homestay, it`s this one. Lets check it out. They have a store right next to it too.

And we found a place to stay for tonight. Today was a pretty sad ride. Like, the way was full of palm trees and  the pollution is crazy! I`m going to show you on the map where we drove through.

We started in Morowali and followed the main road. Total Trip down to Kendari is   around almost 300 kilometers. And yeah it was really sad because there were a lot of palm trees there.

And then the Chinese owned mining, nickel mine...  The pollution is insane! That`s our checkered flag. So yeah, this road trip today was not that amazing. But it's still an eye-opening. Because we could clearly see the difference between Sorowako and down here, going in direction to Kendari. The difference is insane.

Like in Sorowako, they have a lot of rules and safety first and they take care of their environment and down here is totally the opposite. Yeah, I hope it will get better one day. And that's it for today. I  still hope you guys like our today's video!  If you did, then give us a thumbs up and subscribe  down below and then, see you in the next video!

2022-11-26 11:55

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