Shocked by this ENGLISH GARDEN CENTRE (Germans in Britain)

Shocked by this ENGLISH GARDEN CENTRE (Germans in Britain)

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Okay, they have jewellery. Yeah, in a garden  centre. In a garden centre. Now that looks   amazing, doesn't it? Ger, German. Look! Yeah.  Don't you love that? Okay, that's actually the   golf course - yes - isn't it? They do have flowers  and plants of course. Yes, not just dinosaurs.   There's the pet cafe. The pet place. I love it. My  guess on the menu there's probably a full English   dog breakfast. Today we're visiting Bents Garden  Centre in Warrington here in Cheshire. I mean   garden centre sounds very boring. It does but I  watched the reaction video on our friend's channel  

'The Natasha & Debbie Show'. I was gobsmacked. I  said to Jörg we need to come here. Yes she told me   to come. I haven't seen the video so I'm - very  open-minded. Very open-minded. So let's see how   it is. I think it will will be amazing. It's been  awarded best garden centre in the UK so we need to   find out more. Let's go. It's Sunday morning 15  minutes past 9 and we said it will be very empty  

but people are going inside so you said they are  hungry. Yes because you told me something about   restaurants here. Six restaurants. I can't believe  it. So I think the shop itself it's not officially   open but it's open for browsing so people will  go to have breakfast we think. Yeah. We will   have breakfast as well but later. Yeah. We'll  check it out. We'll check it out. So exciting   because we don't have that in Germany. Not like  that. No. I'm really excited. In Germany garden   centres are really boring because they're just  plants. [Music] Okay, we don't really know where  

to start. These are faux flowers I think. Yeah.  I don't know I think we we spotted them on one   of our very first, uh, holidays in the UK. Yeah  yeah. Ducks. They are so cute, aren't they? Very   quirky. Here are a few of the Easter things but  I think probably just a small selection. I love this. My goodness. You can buy everything. Very pastelly.

Yeah. I think somewhere in our  house we have eggs that we've had   for 30 years. They look somewhat like  this. Not that colourful though. Yeah   not that pastelly. I know where they  are. In the attic room. In the attic.   In one of the cupboards. Yes - because I always - rearrange things. Rearrange from left to right.   Look at this. How about that? You know I should  should get that. You know why? Why? Because every   day when I when - you eat carrots - when I'm at  work I'm eating carrots. One carrot a day. Well,  

you need to try. No, I won't. Now Mother's Day  here in the UK is March 10th which is about   2 months earlier than in the in Germany. It's  always very early here. Yeah because in Germany   it's this year May the 12th. Yeah, 2 months.  So you find lots of things for Moms of course.  

Very pink. Here's one of the restaurants.  This is the Fresh Approach. I think that's   for when you want to have breakfast. Here.  Fresh Approach. It is and it seems huge. Yeah. Mother's Day things. Here you have some furniture. Garden furniture. I don't know where to start. Do you just want  to go around and see - yeah - what they have?  But it's very lovely centre. It's very  clean. I like it. What do you think?  

Yeah. See, here's the next, Caffé Nel Verde. That's still closed. Yeah. Or is is though?  There the people over there. There's also a   pet restaurant so you can come bring your  dog and enjoy a meal. Yeah so you've got,   and now my guess on the menu there's probably  a full English dog breakfast. I wouldn't be   surprised. So in front of us is the food  hall. Do you want to go there? Not now.   Later on. Okay. Otherwise I get, I'm getting  too hungry. Okay. Yeah because we haven't had  

breakfast yet. Lots of garden tools. And that's  so popular worldwide. Weber barbecue grills. All the accessories. Weber accessories.  My sisters both of them have a Weber,   Weber barbecue grill. We don't. We don't.  Well, these ones would be too big for our  

patio anyway. See that would be something more  appropriate for our space. Something like that.   Not like a Weber barbecue. That would still  work but we have something anyway. Yeah. Okay,   here is a huge section with clothes.  Look. Rieker. Isn't Rieker German as   well? That's a German brand too.  See so shoes. Lots of clothes

actually. I don't know if you know  the brand Seasalt Cornwall. They do   have a lot of nice things. Yeah. That's actually gorgeous.

Okay, what what do they have over there?  Jewellery? Okay, they have jewellery. Yeah,   in a garden centre. In a garden centre. I mean  okay when you're working in the garden you   should look nice. Well. Yeah when the sun is  shining so you need sunglasses yeah. You do.   Yeah. And nice jewellery so you look nice.  Which I never wear. I don't wear jewellery.   No no. See here. They do have a um they do  have a selection of um Barbour items. [Music]

Sweets. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. I  have to get you an Easter egg this year. Well,   I have to get you one as well. Gold bunny.  This one. I deserve a big one. Of course.   These are so I don't know. So how  many grams? This is 14.99 and is,   I'm not wearing my glasses. Tt's 360g. Yeah. So  that's three chocolate bars. These are always very   good. Yeah. I feel that Lindt since having moved  to the UK becomes more and more popular. Yeah it

does. Okay, here you you have everything  for for the barbecue. Yeah. Sausages. What   I don't like is I'm not I I'm not mad about  marshmallows so yeah. American style. Oh   the American style probably are good. The  big ones. They are just too sweet. If you   roast them they probably just  - ah more Easter things here. love Kinder chocolate. Yeah.

How about that Easter bunny? That's cute. A  Bailey's Easter egg. I haven't seen them last   year. No. They seem to be new. A Guinness Easter  egg. A Guinness Easter egg. My goodness. It's   a ruby ball. Yeah. Look. Dark chocolate ruby  ball. That's 14.99 as well. I bet that's good   as well. The Ferrero Rocher golden Easter  egg. Well, that's a classic. The very big

bunny. See, I don't really like the taste of  alcohol but I do love Bailey's. Let me give   you an idea. Maybe that or that one. You  could get that for me. I don't know if you   like salted caramel. I do. I do. Cookies or  biscuits. Very sweet. They look sweet. Yes.   Very very sweet. So here's the food hall.  We changed our minds. We want to check out  

the food hall. That's a cute packaging. Yeah.  And from afar - a Westie - from afar I thought   that's like for dogs. A treat for dogs but it's  not. No because that can't be for - oh yeah,   that's true. I really like the packaging.  That's beautiful. Okay, have a look

here. Now that looks amazing, doesn't it? Glazed   strawberry cheesecake. And this here  lemon meringue. The strawberry tart,   that's something that would be very popular in  Germany because we love our fruit cakes. [Music]

The food hall is incredible. What do you  think Jörg? Yeah, yeah. Lots of food. Yeah,   yeah. No more words. So that's the butchers.  It's incredible. I'm speechless, honestly.   Okay. German German German. Look. Yeah. Don't  you love that? The Tegernseer Hell? That's a   good one. Yes. I mean they're all good look.  Look, they even got Kölsch. Oh my goodness   Jörg. And they got so they've got three  different kinds of Kölsch - yes - which is   unusual. Yes. Look here. Lagerbier.  Spaten Münchner Hell. Löwenbräu.

Ohh. Oh my goodness. Okay, that's Belgian  beer. But now you you know where to come   if you really fancy a lovely beer. What, well,  one thing they don't have. The your favourite,   the, Rothaus? No, they don't have it but Jörg  really loves the - yeah - Münchner. So Jörg is   going to get some beer. German beer. One bottle  of Tegernseer Hell. Yeah. Okay. Some Kölsch. So   that's what you find in in the Cologne area.  It's a very Regional beer. Just one bottle as  

well? Yes. Okay. And then - Schlösser Alt.  Yeah. That's what you - also a regional   beer from Düsseldorf. where we lived. Yes,  where we lived. And I'm going to get two of   them. Okay. So I think if you fancy German  beer you can't go wrong with any of them,   come to this place. This here is Tapas Bar.  It's incredible. But also - wine. Yeah. Here  

a cook shop and a children's boutique. I'm  shocked. Yeah. In a positive way of course. [Music] Okay, we found this and it's so funny. Yeah. I  think it makes such a great present. Yes, it's   really funny. Have a hoppy birthday. Old fart.  Yeah. I love that. Grandad, you're brilliant.   Secret snacker. Story teller. That's amazing. I  mean we really love Mary Berry but I had no idea  

that she had like a range here. No, never heard  about it. So we're obviously in the cook shop now. I love the mugs. It's actually quite nice. Very very timeless.  Yeah. See. No idea that she had a range. I   think these are quite cute with the dogs.  That's cute. We should get one for your dad.  

Yes because he has Lotta now He's into dogs  now. Well, he's always been into dogs. All of us. I can't believe that we didn't know  about this garden centre in inverted   commas because - it's not a garden garden.  It's just huge. It's so much more. Garden,   home and - you can spend all day here. Yeah.  I think my sister would love that place. Oh that's fun. Yeah, that's quite fun as well. [Music] Okay, we're not going to browse in  here although I think they might have some   amazing toys. You can see this is a paradise  for children. Yeah Mama. So this is a map of  

Bents - because it's so huge - yes - that  you need a map. You definitely need one.   We're probably going to the Fresh Approach for  breakfast and we haven't even been outside. No. So   after breakfast that's what we're going to tackle.  The outside area. This place is insane. It's very big. This is the breakfast menu and  we just have a look. I think I'm   going for the omelette breakfast. Yeah.  You too? Yeah. So we just got our, well,   it's a very huge breakfast. Breakfast  yes, it's like breakfast and breakfast  

and lunch. Exactly. Now, omelette - yeah -  mushrooms, bacon and a sausage - a sausage   and tomatoes. Same for me. I feel bad. I feel  a little bit bad because the breakfast is so big. We have the most glorious  weather right now. Look at this. So Jörg, see you can eat here as  well. Yeah. The Lakeside bar. Yeah. Play area for children. Well - yeah -  or some, uh, grownups too. Yeah. We should,  

see so there's the what's that called the  with the dinosaurs? Jurassic - Jurassic   Park - Jurassic Cove, uh - Golf and Café. Look,  that dinosaur is moving. Let's go there. They   do have flowers and plants of course. Yes, not  just dinosaurs. So we're going to have a look   there as well. It's amazing. That van sells  fish and ships. See, Jurassic Cove Golf and Café. Okay, that's actually the golf course,   isn't it? Yes, Yeah in Germany in  Germany we call it Minigolf. Minigolf.

It's so fun. So that dinosaur here on the  right is moving. It's not moving now. Stop   looking at me. No, I think it moves when  you - when you play. When you play. I see. Climbing roses. Are they David Austen roses  or? No no. No. But do you know what I need?   what we need? Rose feed. Yeah. Yeah. Probably  inside. Yes something we should check. We have a wonderful yellow orangey climbing rose from  David Austen. It looks absolutely divine.  

I can't wait for it to to be in full  bloom again. These look nice too. Yeah. You can hear the dinosaurs. Sheds. And lots of roses. Yes. So  I mean just look here. The greenhouse. Yeah,   how big it is. The sheer scale of  this place is absolutely incredible. [Music] You can hear the dog. I think I know why. There's  the Pet Café. The Pet Place and the Pet Café.

Let's see if we can can get a glimpse inside.  I don't know. Okay, we went inside the Pet   Place. We just had to. Maybe we find  something for my dad. I love it. Okay,   the café is over there as you can hear. Yeah with  dogs. I love that. Well, pets. You you could even  

you could bring your cat. Yeah. Did you spot  something here? Look. Okay, well, that's huge.   Yeah but when Lotta has grown up and look, it  comes in different sizes. But that's too big.   Yeah but as I said it comes in different sizes.  Yes. So. Very fashionable. Very colourful. Yeah.   So that she doesn't get lost. No my dad bought her  something. That's yellow. Very, it's very, well,   you can see it from afar. Look Barbour. Yeah. So.  That's cute. For a Sunday so that she can walk  

in style. More elegant. Yeah, more elegant. Yes  although I must say which one would you prefer?   The classic one for Lotta because she's a  girl. She's a girl. Look at this. What's   that? My goodness. Is that a jumper? Yeah, yeah.  Easter egg for dogs. Yeah. Dog safe. Cocoa free. Gluten free. Let's see what it contains. Fake news  treat bag. Oh that's nice. Dog light.  

Never take a misstep. Light up light up name tag. See. Oh my goodness. For dogs. Well. Look. For  your min woofins. An iced - would you buy that   for your dog? No. I wouldn't. I think it's still  contains sugar. We had to look at the at the  

Easter egg so no. It's so cute in there. Yeah.  Yeah, all the little dogs. And the big ones. And   the big ones. It's such a difference compared  to Germany. We always find that the UK is so   dog friendly. Yes, they're pet friendly. Not just  dogs. They are. I think you can bring dogs to some  

places in Germany but it's not the same like here.  No. And in that place I found it, I've never seen   anything anything like it. People were shopping  and just could bring their dogs. So cute. Yeah,   you can spend the whole day here. Yeah. Send your  little ones to the Jurassic Coast yeah - Jurassic   Coast - to to Jurassic Cove yeah, your husband  to have a tea and then you can shop plants. No,   the husband can go buy beer and wine.  Yeah or to the fish and chips. Now let's  

check out the greenhouse. So feed your husband,  entertain your children and then buy plants. They look as if painted. You know. How  pretty is this? It looks like a piece   [Music] of art. Yeah. Does it have a scent to it? Can  you. No. It looks like I don't know. [Music] Here's a wrap station. That's  so great. And everything, yeah,  

that you need for wrapping of course. And  so so many cards. Birthday cards, friendship cards. This place just doesn't end, does it? I love this. See. Christening Day Cards.

I just love it. Okay, we spent about 5 hours here. Yeah and I  believe you can spend far more time. Yes yes.   So we filmed just I don't know just a little  bit because it would be far too much. The  

the scale of this place is incredible. We are  floored. It's shockingly big. We we yes we are   completely floored. And we also can't believe  that we didn't know about it. No. We we have   to thank Natasha and Debbie because they  made this reaction video and we said okay,   we will go here or we will come here. Yeah. If you  are in the area - and I think it's worth a visit.  

Absolutely. So if you are in the area make sure to  visit. It's incredible. And thank you so much for   watching. As always we'll see you again very soon  soon until next time. Bye. Bye. Bye bye. Bye. Bye.

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