Seychelles Islands BBQ Experience

Seychelles Islands BBQ Experience

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It's a very beautiful viewpoint. When I got here, I couldn't find the difference between the sea and the sky. They both have the same light blue color. Good Morning! We're staying at the Mahé island, Actually, We came back to the Mahé island today, This is our day five of staying here. And I must tell you that, We came to see a beautiful place early in the morning today. As you can see, The whole place is surrounded by trees, And they are very huge trees.

You can hear the birds chirp. There's no one here, It's a very peaceful place. This is the Mission Lounge of the Mahé Island. Earlier, it was known as the Venn's Town. It is a destination in Seychelles which has a tremendous historical value, You can see the ruins of old buildings, their walls, bricks, and everything if you visit here. You can witness how they created them in the past.

Most of them have become ruins by now. And the other special thing is that, In 1972, Queen Elizabeth II had tea at this Mission Lounge premise. At the first viewpoint we went, We couldn't find the difference between the sea and the sky in that view.

I mean, It was so blue, so beautiful, And surrounded by the sea. You can also see the coastal area from that viewpoint. If you visit Mahé, And if you want to see a beautiful view from an amazing viewpoint, You must come to the Mission Lounge. Let's take a walk inside and see. You wouldn't want to leave this place, As I mentioned, It's so calm here. There are so many ancient trees here.

Okay then, Let's take a walk. Like I said before, I'm at the place where Queen Elizabeth II drank tea. From this viewpoint, I can see the whole coastline of this side of the Mahé island.

And it's a very beautiful view. As you can see, the sea and the sky are the same color. It's so beautiful, The water in the sea does not even move. This is a very beautiful viewpoint. We came to the La Misere viewpoint, It has a beautiful city view like this, Along with the port.

A beautiful view like this could be seen from here. And with that, If you can see the small mountain over there, We wish to go there before we leave. We have a beautiful view like this here, isn't it Elina? Tell them to look. Look over there.

It started raining today, You might see some red roofs over there, It's an artificial island. And that artificial island has both houses and hotels there. The port is behind me, It started raining in the morning when we were on our way, And now it's drizzling again, Our next stop is Spicy Gardens, Let's go there and see how it looks. This place has many trees that Sri Lankans are familiar with, Starting from coconut, It has nutmegs, cinnamons, alocasia, And the normal things that we see in our backyards, Like banana trees, roosters, avacados, pomelos, limes All these things are here. And it's so beautiful. This is a place that is worth to visit.

The red color one is rude; He came to attack you. Put your hand and see. It'll attack you. Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden, Is a famous spice garden located on the Mahé Island of Seychelles. Covered by a local forestry, This 35-hectare garden is earmarked for the cultivation of rare spice-producing plants. As we walked through this park, We saw many kinds of fruits, And spices have been cultivated here.

Not just that, This garden also provides residence for various flowers, birds, and giant tortoises as well. If you dedicate two hours of your time, Not only you can explore this garden, but also enjoy the fragrance of the spice-producing trees. We have an authentic Seychelles lunch today, This restaurant is located inside the Ja The Juwa Garden, And we're going to have these for our lunch today. First of all, we have, And this is my favourite, In Sri Lankan terms, it looks like a pickle of ambarellas.

And then we have papaya, Along with bananas, coconuts, and tuna. We love to eat tuna and have been eating them since we arrived. We have a chicken curry here, And this curry is a mix of potatoes and carrots.

Finally, We have a dhal curry and white rice. All these are Kasun's favorites, Aren't they Kasun? Yeah. Shall we eat then? Let's eat. Let's eat and see.

Also, They offered us a juice when we got here. And the most special thing is, All these foods were made by two Sri Lankan chefs, right? Oh, Yes. The chef was a Sri Lankan, But he made authentic Seychelles foods for us. Let's eat and see. Welcome to L'Escale Resort! This is our room for today. This is our bathroom.

Look, This is our bathroom. Here it is. Look at these Seashells. Look, Seashells are everywhere.

Mom, You show them. I'll explain. Okay. Okay then, Tell them. We have a dustbin here, And we have this too.

Where can we take a wash? Look, You can take a wash here. Where's the mirror? Where's our mirror? Can you show us our room view? Okay. Okay, Let's go. What is our room view? This is our first time having a room view like this. The room view.

This is our room view. Here it is. Wow, It's so beautiful. Looking red over there is the artificial island, All the apartments and private hotels are located there.

This is the hotel we're staying in for two nights, isn't it Kasun? Elina said that she wanted to say something. Give the mic to her. Wait till I put the mic on her. This is our table, And this is the sofa, This is the chair we have in our room, And this is for the coffee making, Oh, Is this the coffee maker? Yes. Wow, How does it work? Look how it works. Can you make Mom a coffee in the evening? Yes.

Okay, Thank you. And this is my bed. We have these here.

Kiwis. Yes. We also have bananas, oranges, and flowers.

Flowers? That's leaves. This is the cupboard. The wardrobe. Our bags. A light turns on as we open its doors, right? Yes. Our bags are here.

Dad, Why there's a light turning on as we open the doors? Otherwise, We can't see inside. What do we have here? A safety locker. There's a safety locker here.

Dad, Can't we take anything from it when it's locked? No. Why? We can put our valuables in there and lock it. This is the current bill. The current bill? Yes. It's not a current bill, It's here to turn the lights on and off. We can turn the lights off or on.

Up here, we have the AC controls. This is your bed. Our bed? Yes. Where's your bed? It's over there.

Say bye to your friends. Bye guys. Bye guys. Say, "Welcome to Seychelles". Oh, We forgot to say that.

Welcome to, Bangladesh. No, Say, "Welcome to Seychelles". Welcome to, Seychelles.

We came to the pool during a beautiful sunset time. We chose the best time to come here. This is the best time, There are several yachts parked here, Here, Give me your hand. It's warm. Isn't it comfy? Elina is over there.

Oh, They turned the lights on. We saw some beautiful mountains behind this hotel, There are some dark clouds over there. But it's deep here, okay. This is our day six here, The time is about 8.30 a.m. now, We did an early check-in around 2 p.m. yesterday, So we had some time to rest.

Now, where are we going today? Today, we have full day tour planned, First, we're going to the Eden Island, Which is right in front of us. It's an artificial island, And from there, We're going to another island on a glass boat. We can watch corals there and do some snorkeling, And we have so many explorations to do on the island. So, Let's see what happens on that island. We're going to have our breakfast now, Ricky will be here in a short while to pick us up. Ricky is the one who took care of us for the past few days, So, Let's see what happens today.

We're at the Eden Island right now, We need to get to our boat, We got late because they couldn't serve the breakfast on time, So, Let's hurry up. Yay, Good! Very good. Good job! We're going to get on our boat now, Here, That's our boat over there.

Everybody good? Yes, All good. Nice, Nice. So, on my left here, This is Haleem. Haleem, Pretty boy. Not me, Not me.

He got married. Can you see? Married? No. So, He's gonna be your chef, your guide, and your capitán for the day.

All in one. You name it, I do it. So basically, We want to start with some viewing on this side, It's gonna take us around 10-15 minutes to reach the marine park, Where we supposed to be going. So, we're going to start with some viewing to check visibility, If it's a nice visibility, Then we do one snorkeling. So, that comes to everybody who knows how to swim. Swimming good? Yeah, he can swim, yeah. All right, nice.

Because we don't know any swimming. I don't know swimming for sure. So, If you jump inside, don't expect me to come. Okay? I can watch you go down, But I'm not going there. So, ladies and gentlemen, On the way up, We won't be able to talk a little bit, because of the noise of the engine, But when we reach inside the park, Then we will explain about the islands and the activities we're gonna be doing.

You ready? Okay, ready, let's go. They're ready; let's go find some sharks, bro. Let's go feed our friends. We have arrived at another beautiful island in Seychelles.

This island is called the Long Island. The island over there is called the Round Island, Because it is round. Our lunch is getting arranged over there, We're going to have BBQ for our lunch today, And while our lunch is getting ready, We can go anywhere on this island. It's so beautiful, There are some mountains over there, We can also walk to the other island through this beach. We're going to have our lunch in the wooden hut behind me, We can keep all our stuff there and go anywhere for a walk.

So, Let's go and see how our lunch is being prepared. These guys are so fun, Even on the boat, they were joking, playing songs, They are so fun, so happening, So, Let's go and see. Welcome to the Seychelles Islands.

Our food is here, It has bread, Is this dhal? A dhal curry and rice. It also has a salad with carrots. We can't eat carrots in Sri Lanka these days. We have carrots here, Along with chicken, fish, It also has banana something. Tell us what we have here.

Look, it has banana, Bread. It has bread, Carrots, rice. It has carrots and rice, And look, It also has this. It's a Barbecue. Barbecue. Are you going to pick your dad? Are you going to pick your dad? He's over there swimming.

Brother, Peace and love, All the way to Sri Lanka, Thank you. From the Seychelles. We're leaving Michael for you, okay? Thank you very much, Thank you very much. You are leaving this one? Yes.

This one who cannot swim? This one? You cannot even swim. Love, Love. Thank you. Okay, We spent our whole day on a beautiful island until 5.30 p.m.

Today was so much fun, Wasn't it? She says, "Today was so much fun". Hungry? Elina says she's hungry. Let's buy Elina something. Okay? Elina, you good? This is the day seven of our tour, We're going back to Sri Lanka today, But before that, there's a lunch arranged for us today.

Our lunch today is arranged at the Eden Island. So, after having lunch, I think our flight home is around 10 p.m., We thought of, Since we have already checked out from the hotel, So we thought of traveling some more. Let's go.

Where are we going today? Airport! We're going to the airport. And where are we going right now? To have lunch. Hi, how are you? Everything good? Yeah. After having our lunch, we came to the plaza. It is located right next to the restaurant.

This is also a shopping complex where you can buy clothes, jewellery, and stuff. So we came to explore this place. Mom, I want to go there. Come then.

Mom, I want toys. I want toys. Let's see what we have here. Our first stop was the Beau Vallon Beach.

It is a famous beach here among both local and international tourists. Just like our beaches in Sri Lanka, This place also has souvenir shops. There's an outdoor gym over here. There are so many things here including small restaurants. On Saturdays and Sundays, Since today is a Saturday, Many locals in Seychelles come here to enjoy their weekend, Some of them are dancing, Some of them are bathing in the sea. Beau Vallon Beach of Seychelles is a place where you can engage in so many activities.

Right now, we're at the Victoria Clock Tower. Today is a Saturday, And usually on Saturdays and Sundays, All the shops in Seychelles close around 12:30-1:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday is the family time for most of them. Some of them go to the beach, Some of them go on picnics, Some of them are partying, There are so many activities they do with their families, And it's so happening here on Saturdays and Sundays. These roads get so busy during weekdays, But as you can see, It's so free here today, Compared to weekdays.

So, we came to visit this clock tower on our last day here. We're getting ready to say goodbye to Seychelles. Right now, we're at the Seychelles Airport. Thank you for visiting Seychelles. It was nice having you.

Bye-bye, Baka Baka. Say goodbye. Our flight is at 10 p.m. today.

Until then, we can stay at the CPI lounge. The time right now is 5.40 p.m., We still have around 4 hours for our flight, And we didn't know about any of these facilities until we got here.

We came to the airport through that entrance, Then we can put our luggage over there and come to the lounge. Since we still have plenty of time to kill until we check-in. So we can put our baggage over there, And use the lounge until then. To be honest, We came here so tired, We did some traveling in the morning as well. And we checked out from our hotel around 11:00 a.m. Even though Seychelles Airport is a small one, It has some great facilities.

We took a shower as soon as we got here, And it felt so comfortable. It has separate shower rooms, towels, body wash, and everything. And our package also includes free meals, free drinks, and many other facilities. Shall we go inside the lounge now? Let's go. What do you want to say? We have drinks here, There are drinks, We can eat here, And we took a wash, right? We took a wash, What about the play area? There's a play area.

Oh, There's a play area for Elina. Wow. She took the door out. Elina is the only one here today, So Elina gets the whole house to play. That's for all of us. Yeah, It's for us.

It's still warm. It's delicious, isn't it? Yeah. Thank you, sir.

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