Schwierigste Pass Straße? In Georgien mit dem Reiserad | Fahrrad Weltreise Nr. 77

Schwierigste Pass Straße? In Georgien mit dem Reiserad | Fahrrad Weltreise Nr. 77

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After reaching the highest inhabited village in Europe, we want to go even higher, and cross one of the most difficult mountain pass roads in Georgia And then it starts raining again Dani: Moooooow It's standing right in front of our tent Oh, chubby moo cow, you heh? Do you like that? She is pushing up, super strong We're being escorted by the Doggo Gang All three of them are sitting upstairs and making sure that Melli (hehe) isn't a cow that is coming through here Sometimes we feel like cows Now it's still possible, now it's maybe like, um, 10 percent (gradient) But there where the people walk... it's more than 20 (percent gradient). There we definitely have to push, probably for two people with one bike I'm really excited to see how we're going to do this Take out the garbage now, as always We always put that on the back and then always take everything away - of course Yes, exactly. Oh, by the way: that's a toilet house over there You shit straight into the ehm... into the river

You can only do this in stages Oh God And stop, oh god And this is what it looks like These rocks But apart from the torture, a nice view Now it's up to the pass Good luck Mini Ah, that's hard Have a look down there - far left at the bottom - what is now in the center of the picture, that's where we were, there we camped It's a height difference of 300 meters, to about, I would say, at most 2 kilometers It was not more than 2 kilometers, I'd say Wow And there it goes on and on In the ruts here We cross the Zagari Pass, which is over 2,600 meters It is the highest crossing between Mestia in the west and Lentechi in the south of Georgia The mountains around us are over 4,000 meters high, and the view is simply gigantic The road on which we cycle cannot really be called a road At an altitude of more than 700 meters we fight our way over many stones and rubble Together with rain, this is of course a great off-road fun We push through, yes, through stuff like that all the time That's... That's at least 30 centimeters This is our street: consisting of holes and grooves And? Can you feel the pain? I would also like to sit on the sofa There is still a bit of glacial ice here So, only, no idea, 5 kilometers or so left 90 meters of altitude left And there in front of us, the white stuff... is snow! In July! It's my birthday in a few days. My 30th And ehm, yeah awesome, hahaha, now I'll see snow on my birthday soon So close to the birthday. Crazy, huh?

By the way, it was 4°C here last night, that was comparatively warm So up here it's 18°C ​​in the shade today And we're also really happy that the sun isn't pounding, that's really great Fairly cloudy We're at a glacial foothill And that's where glacial water comes out from below We're going over there right now We are on and in the glacier Crazy It's really steaming up there Humidity condenses in the air and forms fog, because the water is so cold. It's almost 0°C cold water It's at freezing point right now Really awesome Then the glacier melts. It's all washed away here under the ice and it's also really dirty, because it's now Winter is over, cars drive through all day And it's usually nice and pure white, but well, it doesn't matter We're going to have a snowball fight now If you can even touch it, if it's ice at all Try it Too hard Melli: So, no snowball fight today Dani: Nah, no snowball fight So, it's a bit like (laughs), the snow on the side of the road that is always swept together in winter time, but much tighter. The color is very similar like this So now it's still going on. Of course we're not there yet. Ha ha ha ha Oh my God And the (mountain) one in front of us, is 4,547 meters Can't believe it, huh? We'll take a closer look at that in a moment And how could it be different: of course it has to rain... Otherwise it's no fun up here, of course Maybe a little more hail, then...

then it is complete. Then we really have fun We're up! 1,650 meters or something And now it's going down again. But unfortunately it's raining here and that's why we can't fly the drone anymore Because they over there (points to the mountains behind the fog) are 4,000 meters high Bummer And we can't wait either, because we're so hungry. Yes, crap Actually we wanted to eat up here, but in the sunshine, and everything is wet now. And that's why we're going downhill.

There is also no shelter. We had hoped so. Usually there is something like a summit cross And in Georgia, many churches have a shelter near churches, but not here, they don't We'll go on until we find something So things are really damn deep Melli: What? Dani: These puddles are super deep Melli: (laughs) Yes He he he he, keep going Well, the road is better over here Much better Luckily Better having a shitty uphill but good downhill These are the ones that normally come up here: Four-wheel 4x4, and fully loaded, and in the warmth with an auxiliary heating etc So, I'm gonna put my gloves on, 'cause it's real, ehm anything but warm It's really chilly Your fingers will freeze away So I weigh more right now, much more because I carry all of Melli's stuff, because otherwise she wouldn't get up the mountain And now I'm driving a... (Sentence not finished). I estimate that at 65-70 kilos (luggage) because I don't have any water at the moment Yes, more like 65, I have hardly any water with me at the moment, and the food is slowly running out (Sentence from before: I ride here with a) 65-kilo bike, touring bike, down the mountain This is not... This has nothing to do with gravel roads here, this is...

No idea, this is a mountain bike trail Wow, it's fun You have to get up, lean forward a little, and then simply speed over the ideal line We have to catch up with Melli But all that is also destroying the material, so you have to be a bit careful Otherwise you'll wreck your bike It's not built for stuff like that So the down side is way better than the other, right? There are a lot fewer holes here, no river in between at all, here these ruts ... This street is like a German dirt road No, not that either. That's bad So we just said. We are very happy that we have already practiced in Bulgaria, to cycle in these conditions Because as a rookie, it will totally knock you out here, no chance (laughs) Well, that's when others burst into tears, I'm sure Just think of the way up - that alone was...

I'm glad we already had that shit already, and that we also know our own limits That we know, okay, something like that is fine and we can do that today, or we just can't do that in one day Mini has become a real off-road talent here So, what great thing do we have here: a river Yes, that's fun (In mountain bike gear, we have that??) Let's go Why don't you drive? Do you want to get cold feet? Mini always prefers to walk through something like that Sometimes she might be right, but I'm so... I don't like cold feet. And that's why I'm just cycling now So, let's hope everything goes smoothly. First gear Oh weeee, uff uff uff, yes So tip for you: The tip is: let yourself roll in, to the deepest point, and then start pedaling immediately Dani: Do we eat here? Melli: Yes Dani: Do you like it here? Melli: No, but I don't think that in the village... Dani: Okay, then we'll eat here So, Mini, what are you doing? Tell our viewers on the couch. Oh that was cheeky

Cutting tomatoes (stabs them) (Dani makes killer noises, both laugh) Melli: I can't take it anymore, I'm so hungry, ey Yes exactly, it's now 3 o'clock Melli: Honestly? Dani: Yes, quarter past three. And we have done, um really hard shit today. Over 850 meters in altitude before lunch Now we'll have bamboozled bread along with the rest of Kassler stuff, tomatoes, and so onKassler = smoked pork And of course we'll have a Chacha first. It gets a little bad after a while Dani: Cheers to our summit expedition Melli: Yes, yes Dani: Holy shit Melli: Then let's make a toast (and remain silent???), like the Georgians Dani: Yes, well, Georgians sometimes make toasts, but then don't drink anything... that's it When you go to Georgia, or in general to the Russian area: People toast and then turn set the glass aside. And that was it

And if you don't check that at the beginning, you'll drink all the time and always think to yourself, "Hey, why am I so drunken and the others aren't?" Luckily we knew, and so... Well, the bottom line is: you make toasts, but you don't always toast. Uh, the other way round Melli: You don't always drink Exactly, but now, Cheers: on our super cool trip around the world, on our great lunch, that the tent is not so wet tonight and that we continue to travel safely around the world გაუმარჯოს Gaumarjos = Cheers Melli: Exactly, my wordsDani: This time it's not that bad It was worse yesterday It's tasting really well now Is it? Melli: Is there water inside? Dani: (laughs) Hehe, no Or we've gotten so used to the chacha...

And if you want to see what poor cyclists are eating Melli: We are not poor, we are rich in experience Dani: No, that still needs to be stirred Yes, exactly (answer to Melli's comment) So, we're super rich Just not financially (laughs). But we doesn't need that either Look, um, where did I stop? I wanted to tell you what's in there This is quite simply a power package: So, this is Kassler (smoked pork), sunflower oil, because we don't have any more olive oil, a bunch of tahini, salt and pepper Melli: Tomatoes Dani: Yes, exactly, and tomatoes. So that's pretty much pure fat and taste as well. Because you need fat, you really need a lot of fat. And we're already losing weight.

And you can see how Melli is losing weight right now at this moment Melli: I'm so hungry Dani: Exactly Melli: Faster, faster, faster Mmmh, oh that tastes great Melli: Yes, that's good The greasier, the better Yes, and again through the glacier But this time it's a swamp glacier First gear, Mini, just drive through it Just don't stop OK, screwed up Okay Aff, uff, aff, uff Mmh, goes, goes, goes well, aha Please drive on, I'm coming Okay Uh, mud. Please, please, please, yes, okay Very good, Mini Uargh Yes, we made it, hey? Wow, are these the 4.000 m high mountains? And we're driving down here on the nastiest ground Ah, like this, chasing Melli, Uiiiiii Ah awesome Wow that thing is 8 meters high? At least. That's awesome Unfortunately, everything is always lost on the wide angle in terms of heights, distances and such Ah crazy But it's fun here Melli has to push again here Super, Mini I take the one on the left, it might work there. Driving a steep wall like that Huuuiiiiii And it's getting really cold here all of a sudden, isn't it? Melli: Imagine we would have had to go through that earlier, through this Kneipp pool (??) Great shit! It's pouring rain And the ground is softening A mud party! I'm curious to see in how many kilometers we'll hit asphalt. I estimate that there are still 20-30 km to go. Pretty sure.

We drive through riverbeds Yes, it's really getting worse here It was still really good at the top, so I was really positively surprised. But it's really getting worse It's still 10 kilometers to the next town, on a ground like this here in the pouring rain. uuuuh What's up, Mini? Hey, careful! Daniel: What was that? Melli: Burst tire Dani: Wait a minute Dani: What are you doing, huh? Melli: Ouch ouch, I have cramps everywhere Yes, we have now decided to move in here We thought about it for a long time because it's not water proof everywhere But better than nothing Nevermind, here are a lot of nails, so you can hang everything up to dry And yes, unfortunately all our Topeak bags are not sealed Melli: Nah, one bag is waterproof. Dani: One bag from Topeak, the rest unfortunately not at all Dani: Everything is leakingMelli: Just like the Vaude bags, just like the tent Melli: Well, somehow nothing is sealed Dani: Yes, somehow nothing is waterproof Dani: We are also beginning to go mental (German expression when you start to "leak" in your head = madness begins) Melli: I don't know either...

Ehm, the worst thing is actually the tent Well, we hung everything up here, it's super cool, with a clothesline, and that's what it looks like from the inside And to make matters worse, what else is there? Ah, the stove, it's leaking. That really sucks because we tried to fix it. It just leaks, the petrol comes out and you can't do anything with it anymore. And then we tried to glue it yesterday, but new spots have now appeared that are leaking. Well...

Yes, the whole thing is pretty life-threatening, to handle with a gas cooker that is leaking If there's a fire at the wrong end, it'll go bang Exactly, that's why we don't do it anymore So it doesn't work anymore, I tried to - but no chance, forget it Now we're just starving here. We still have some food left, but as off-road and self-supporters that we are, and now there is a huge chunk of new investment coming our way, in terms of cooker, tent, new bags and so on The problem is, we have food with us, but you can't eat potatoes raw Exactly, you can even die from it, from raw potatoes Yes, we could (cook), but not with this cooker Dani: Now we're starving We've still got some dried fruit and we're off to the next village in the morning Even though it was exhausting and we just weren't lucky with the weather, this stage challenged us again, but it was also a lot of fun If you want to know where we have been with our touring bikes, or you want to follow our route, you will find our original GPX data for download in the video description We would be happy if you like to support us with our equipment, This can be done, for example, via Paypal or a membership You can find more information about this in the video description Thank you very much and see you next time to a new mud fight video in the high Caucasus

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