Sar-e-Rah Episode 2 | 11th February 2023 (English Subtitles) | ARY Digital

Sar-e-Rah Episode 2 | 11th February 2023 (English Subtitles) | ARY Digital

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listen! is this your taxi? yes, its my taxi can you please drop me to my house? At Clifton block 5 I will, come heartiest congratulations! is this your first baby? this is not my baby who are you? And whose baby you've stolen? you don't seem to be that kind of a person. I haven't stolen I've taken it after doing a complete legal process from the hospital I'm a doctor, doctor Muzna I... I want to become her mother but... but what? But now I think, that I haven't done right. I can't take her home as well because there... Take me to a departmental store I want to buy milk for her. Can't you see she is crying?

don't be crazy, take the baby to her mother. She needs her mother's milk how can you become someone else child's mother? I'm not crazy! She had left her on her own She didn't wanted to give birth to her as well. She was asking me again and again to kill the baby before its birth and... Do you want to do all the investigation right now? Can't you see she is crying as she is hungry. Drive the car

listen hold her I'm coming in 2 minutes Oh God, don't know what is this story. I hope I won't get into any problem wait a minute let me quickly prepare her milk hold it give her to me. one minute, hold it give her to me come here you go you are so nice. Thank you! don't know what I would have done if you wouldn't be there listen to me & drop her to her mother I don't know where does she live she went after leaving her in the hospital so what will you do now? right now I have to buy a baby cot for her, as I cannot take her along with me like this do one thing, take me to a mall then? then don't know then I will think what needs to be done don't worry I will pay you for the taxi till the time I will keep it engaged I'm not thinking that I'm a well educated girl, a doctor. I've taken the baby's custody after signing all the legal documents from the hospital I won't let you or myself get into any police case if you don't trust me, then check my bag. It contains all the papers there is no need of it we have two hours after two hours we have to feed her again so lets buy her essentials quickly the way you are doing this in such an expert manner, it seems that you are a mother of 2 to 3 children I'm not a mother of even one I've been listening to the taunts from the past 6 years and I'm waiting to become a mother maybe, these taunts & wait has made me a mother come on lets do the payment & sit in a cafe its the time for her feed what happen? eat who are you? what do you mean? this baby's mother had left her to die and you let me fix her! granny, where are you going? Listen to me, granny! leave me, at least let me talk to her you could have sat at home at least for a month after giving birth to the baby how old is she? oh! I think she is just a week old oh madam! can't you come to do the shopping after a month of giving birth? granny, what are you doing? lets go let me talk to her oh madam, if you will take such a small baby out of the house then an evil eye can effect it don't you have a mother or a mother in law at your house to make you understand? the mother of this baby has died her granny has also died, and the woman who is feeding her she is a doctor! and if she will not feed the baby then the baby will also die. Do you want the baby to die?

Sorry, I am really sorry. Granny, what are you doing? Lets go there is a limit of everything leave it, it doesn't matter most of the people in our society are like her they see, judge & say I am amazed, don't you feel angry? because I've been dealing with the same kind of a woman in my house from the past 6 years who? your mother in law? same to same how will you take the baby home in the presence of such a mother in law? I don't know that's why I am sitting here with the baby who are you, tell me what is your story I want to know tell me there is no story No, I want to know. I mean by thinking what... you know how your mother in law is, you cannot take her home.

Then why you've brought her from the hospital? you could have dropped her to some orphanage or... hi! how are you? where were you? What were you doing? I was in the kitchen, making food I hope you have put the right amount of salt today if it will be more like yesterday, then mom will scold you like always she taunts me, why don't you say anything to her? come on, you know she is a hypertension patient salt is not good for her besides, don't take her words seriously the problem is that I am a doctor I can clearly differentiate between hypertension symptoms & mother in law symptoms again your doctor practice has started! why don't you talk to me by looking into my eyes? whenever you are home, why do you keep yourself behind the laptop screen or mobile? I am making an important presentation have you got your tests done? please don't start that again what is this? I've got my tests done from a new laboratory for a second opinion I'm perfectly fine, Amir Amir! why don't you realize my agony? your mother, your sisters in law, all of your family's aunts asks me the same question, "when am I giving birth to a baby?" tell me yourself, what answer shall I give to them? everyone doesn't ask the questions from you only they ask me hundreds of questions & I do reply them I am also tolerating all of this along with you you don't have an idea other women continuously taunts & make the life a living hell of a woman who cannot become a mother 4 years! I've been listening to these taunts since 4 years a husband & a wife are friends before becoming a husband & wife I'm your friend won't you trust your friend? I love you I walk with you so confidently then why do you ignore me? I'm asking you to get these simple tests done there is no fault in you maybe I will never be able to give you a child you can become a mother but.. maybe I can never become a father but you are my wife my friend my hide & my secret keeper that's why you will never tell this to anyone so sister, Zain is in which class? by the grace of God, he is in 3rd standard Okay yes yes very nice sister, tell me something for him as he cries the entire night really! why? why do you cry? No! don't touch him watch him from a distance Come on, get up.. lets sit over there keep it there please take these kebabs sister Muzna, please tell me some medicine for Zain. As he doesn't eats & irritates me a lot while eating do one thing... enough! her practice is never ending! instead of asking her about the medicines give her some as we are craving for the baby oh mom! you've already got so many grand children its fine if one of your child doesn't have a baby how is it fine? All of you go back to your house then my house becomes so empty & desolate and my son's life too a house doesn't looks like a house without children don't know what was that bad time when this problem got onto our head let me bring the desert was it important to discuss all of this in front of everyone? yes! it was important its been 4 years that you are married if she cannot give a baby then ask her to tell me, so that we can do your second marriage if she won't give birth to a baby, then how will your name & your family's name will be carried forward its useless to argue with you, what shall I explain you! sister, please pass me the kebabs she has made you stubborn like her you find your mother's correct words wrong I'm telling you clearly, in fact I am telling you in front of all! if I didn't get the good news within a few months then believe me, I will do your second marriage its quite late night don't you want to sleep? you go, I'm coming I'm sorry there is no need to say sorry start preparations for your second marriage what are you talking about? I can't even think of it Muzna, I love you I really love you a lot are you telling the truth? do you love me a lot? yes, of-course then listen to me consult a good doctor & start your treatment Amir, everything is possible in the era of medical science that we are living in infertility is curable now please everything will be fine we will have our family & home I won't be able to do all this Amir, no matter how much time it takes. A year or two

I won't say anything to anyone, I will quietly listen to everyone's taunts but please! at least give me a hope that one day everything will be fine you don't know how painful it is for me its not painful at all physically you have taken it on your nerves this male ego of yours is not letting you accept the fact that you could have any such disease Amir look God has provided the cure for every ailment at least start the treatment trust God & me God willing everything will be fine Okay I will think about it promise? as I said I will think, don't take promises ok, wait I want to discuss something else tell me start your practice again you get bored while sitting at home you will get something to do and your mother? she won't agree she will stop you as well but you start your practice come, its quite late night nowadays dad's stomach is upset so make curd rice for him and keep the salt very less his lunch shall be served in his room at 1 PM, because after that he has to take his medicines. Ok? yes madam, ok and yes! do take out the meat from the freezer at 2 PM. I will come around 3 PM & will cook the food myself will you go to the job daily? don't ask my questions! get out! greetings mom! what are the greetings for? and tell me one thing what have you taught Amir? you aren't doing any job, sit at home peacefully today is my first day at the hospital pray for me that I can do the work in a good manner tell me one thing what kind of scarcity are we facing in this house that you need to do the job? you eat very well, wear very well but you haven't given us a single happiness in return do you want to humiliate us by doing a job! I'm a doctor, mom I've been sitting in the house since past 4 years don't you think its injustice? injustice! injustice with whom! mom, at least go out & see there are lines of patients in the government & welfare hospitals if I will be able to help few patients then its their betterment and.. my doctor's practice will also be continued wow! you want to serve the world by putting your husband & family's life at stake nothing as such will happen! peacefully sit at home sorry mom! I cannot sit at home & hear your taunts anymore I'm a doctor the patients need me and I need their prayers therefore..

I'm sorry what do you mean? after marriage, a girl should take care of her husband & her husband's family's needs don't you get it? are you happy now? very much I should have started this job long time ago yes, but mom is quite unhappy by your job she was never happy with me I can only pray that she shall accept me with the bottom of her heart and she shall start living happily with me its quite strange, you were her choice and she knew it that you wanted to become a doctor don't know why I think this has become a fashion in Pakistan bring a doctor daughter in law & make her sit at home do you know, how important a single seat is of a medical college? every passing out student should do a job they should serve their people & country you think this way because you don't need money otherwise, majority of the people become a doctor in order to make money who does not like money? and there isn't any big reality or power than money after some time, I would also like to open my private clinic to earn some money but along with that I will also do the job in the welfare hospital anyways, I am happy to know that your stress has lessened thank you! and I really mean it if you wouldn't have taken a stand for me in front of your mom then I wouldn't have been able to stand in front of her ever what is this? its an appointment for Thursday at 4 PM Amir, he is such a good doctor please meet him for once I had told you not to force me in this matter you don't know how complicated it is for me to discuss it with someone whether its a doctor, but it will be painful for me doctor Mubbashir is quite a senior & friendly doctor please meet him for once if you don't find it right then don't go to him next time please, for my sake I will think I wanted to come along with you but... Ok, as I said I will think shall I bring ice cream for you? ice cream in such a cold weather? we can have it sometimes sometimes its good to have it she is my daughter in law, I've brought her along so that she can meet you greetings!* I told her, there is a very nice doctor at the hospital & due to her medicines my stomach ache is completely fine mother prays for you day & night thank you so much! So tell me, are you taking the medicines regularly? yes, I am taking the medicines regularly mom, why don't you give the korma (curry) that you've brought for sister Muzna oh yes! my korma (curry) is famous in my entire family I thought to make you taste it as well what was the need to do this formality? its not any formality. I've seen it myself, everyone goes to have lunch in the lunch time and you also go for lunch, right? yes, I do my lunch but there was no need of it oh dear, but I've brought it with so much of love at least take one morsel No, not right now as I'm on the duty close it now, I will eat it in the lunch time Ok fine dear, as you wish Ok show me these medicines, the ones you were taking before by the way, you get quite free with the patients. Don't give them so much of leniency

No, I just talk to everyone with love have you seen the korma (curry), its so oily yes I saw, but when I saw the affection of that simple woman I took it since you've taken it so eat it as well yes I will take few morsels, otherwise next time she won't spare me by asking that how tasty it was and in future, stop being friends to the poor. As it become so difficult to keep them on the track No... its not like that but yes maybe you are right also our profession says that there must be some distance between the doctor & the patients absolutely! here you go, the flat bread is here. Take out the curry, lets taste it

take it pour it Okay then, I will pick you from the hospital around 3:30 PM we will go to the doctor together mom you? do you have any work? you've started to do the job and you are asking my son to visit the doctors! I didn't get you please sit its been a few days that you've started to practice and now you are after my son there is no problem in a man only a woman has a problem. You'll see how I will fix you I will ensure to do my son's second marriage you'll see! its almost 2 years that I'm doing a job neither there is any betterment in my husband from the treatment, nor in my mother in law's attitude now we don't even fight on daily basis but the house environment has changed into a weird silence and in this situation you want to take her home? if God doesn't bless someone with a child, then can't that person raise another person's child by considering their own? I think, there is no more pious & good deed than this but I am not doing this in the greed of beneficence this is my desire I really want to make this child my daughter look, I respect this decision of yours but.. in our society, an alone woman specially a married woman can she take a decision alone? she can fight, convince, appease her family & husband on any matter but she cannot take the decision alone do you think that you can convince your husband, mother in law & your family? and if this is the case then its fine come, I will take you lets go! shall I come along, if you are feeling scared? No its such a weird thing that I am feeling scared while going to my own house you are not doing anything wrong whatever you are doing is right so there is no need to be scared in fact, do it with complete trust & courage Okay? thank you! to meet you in this situation is not less than a blessing you have my number, right? call me whenever you want to by the way, I will wait for your call Okay, I will call all the best you too let me bring your things hello! Amir can you please come home right now yes, right now please Ok please get the things inside what is this drama! whose baby you've brought? mom, please sit for a while I will explain you everything you are taking undue advantage of our leniency who is she? Whose baby you've brought to this house? that's what I am saying, please sit for a while & listen to me peacefully does your stupid husband knows or he is also unaware of it? Amir is coming home right now, I have called him listen to me very carefully if you've brought this baby in this house in order to make her my Amir's child then I won't let this happen don't know whose dirty blood she is! mom, she is the daughter of a poor woman who couldn't raise her and that's why she had left her in the hospital so, is our home an orphanage! what? Amir, see it with your eyes how this girl has repaid us for the tolerance of 6 years don't know whose baby she had brought! Don't know to which poor guy this baby belongs to whether its legal or illegal, God knows Amir, please sit.. I will tell you everything in detail

why are you standing quietly? say something! mom, please go from here... I will talk to her I've told you everything, Amir if God has to bless us with a child then he will but I think that.. God has given her to me I want to make her my daughter are you mad! this cannot happen! why it cannot happen? I didn't had an idea that because of my inability to become a father, you will slap me in such a manner Amir! I can't think of it! I am just requesting that we should adopt this baby who is she! whose baby she is! We don't know anything about her and you are asking me to make her my daughter she is the baby of a human, Amir helpless, God forsaken & homeless why don't you think like this that God is giving us a chance to raise this baby oh please! don't utter such filmy dialogues in front of me I don't have that much courage to answer people enough! I don't want to listen anything this baby cannot stay in this house go & leave the baby from where you have brought her. That's it! she cannot live here! No I cannot do this I want to make this baby my daughter Fine you can make her your daughter but she won't become my daughter and you cannot stay here as well I don't want to talk on this topic anymore I don't understand why you've given her so much of leniency have any girl did a job in our family? you have three sisters in law, two sisters & uncountable female cousins but everyone is sitting in the house with peace & respect only she is special! explain it to me! Why she is hovering on your head! you haven't sent any message or call, I was feeling anxious I knew about my mother in law but Amir has also refused to keep her at home so what will you do now? be thankful that your father has gone to Raiwand if he had been here then he would have destroyed everything you know how he is! he is quite particular about color, caste, & blood I'm telling you clearly, oust the baby from here right away and if she doesn't agree, then oust her too at least she can stay here for a night, right? I will leave her tomorrow one doesn't gets paradise under their feet, by bringing someone else's baby you can only get it by giving birth to your own baby and tomorrow means tomorrow, early morning mom is right tomorrow means tomorrow, early morning oh God! I will try to deliver her to her mother oh God, I pray that I find her and she shall hug her baby my chest is bursting while praying about it but maybe this is better for her, & for me as well and if this couldn't happen then my God please give me strength for adherence only adherence what are you going to do now? I want to go to the address that her mother has mentioned in the hospital papers I would like to try to unite her with her mother for the last time if she had to accept her, then she wouldn't have left her like this yes but there is a possibility that her mother's motherhood shows some love after seeing her greetings! greetings to you too! is this Razia's house? who Razia? she is short heighted girl of wheatish color, of age almost 25 to 26 years she had mentioned this address look! my wife's name is Salma & she is not at home tell me what is the case? three days ago Razia had given birth to this baby & then don't know where has she gone I... I've come to give her the baby back to her haven't you gone mad! whose baby you've brought here! we are having difficulty in raising our kids here and who is Razia? Who gave you my house address? quietly get out of here, otherwise I will file a report in the police how are you talking? Did we misbehave with you? we have just asked where is your family, let us meet your wife & children have you gone mad? Why shall I make you meet my daughters? Come on, get out! what new business you women have started! If I see you in this neighborhood ever, then nobody will be worse than me! behave yourself you are misbehaving! get out! now? take me to Gulshan who is there? my mother's house what will you do by going there? Shifa's mother had left her and... I've left Amir's house for the sake of Shifa nice name Shifa be quick! and leave from here as soon as possible Okay, but where you do have to go? we have to go Johar, rest I will tell you on the way be quick listen! yes will there be your friend's sisters or other girls at your friend's house? it will be just you & few of my friends just me! no other girl will be there? excuse me! yes are you Rameen? do you know me? yes I have... you are social media star, right? I saw your viral video

you are more beautiful than the video

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