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good morning everyone today is another day on  the beautiful island of santorini and today we're   gonna go on a hike to a spot called oya so when  we came here to santorini we were we were torn   between staying in fiera where we stayed right now  and oh yeah because a lot of people say that oya   is a lot nicer but pharaoh was the capital and  we ended up deciding just to stay here instead   just to avoid any confusion the correct  pronunciation of the place that we're visiting   is called ear we only found out the correct  pronunciation the day after film in this video   so in the last video we walked down that way  if you watch that video and today we're gonna   be walking over that way i think it's about  three hours right yeah three three hours hike   but according to what we heard it's not uphill  it's gonna be down here so i hope it's not   very difficult yeah so only this part is uphill  here and then i think after that village there   it's all downhill also be able to  check out that rock there skyross rock   and we're still not sure if we're gonna be able to  do the hike because we're feeling a bit ill right   had a bit more too much to drink today we're a bit  hungover but we still want to enjoy it because you   know this place is so beautiful and yeah we'll try  to make our best yeah yeah we said just one more   drink about 10 different times and if you've said  that 10 different times you're already screwed   yeah so we'll start the hike and if we  can't do it we'll just go to the road and   get the bus because you can get a bus there  i think it's only like 20 25 minutes overall so yes i don't think you can go wrong with any place  that you choose to stay here in santorini along   the coast anyway along this big coast because  it's pretty much the same as fear isn't it yeah   here is uh higher but i mean the views are  amazing just just as the same as there and   probably oil would be the same too with beautiful  views yeah people say the views are even nicer   there so we'll see but yeah this is just the  same as fiera really just uh a lot more quieter   there's more uh cruise ships today compared to  the last video i think last video there's just   one big one now there's like three three big  ones there yeah look at those for some views i think this is actually more impressive than  walking around fiera just because of how high   we are yeah yeah i don't know everything  is amazing inside to choose which is best so that right there is the skyross rock we're  not going to walk all the way over to it because   we can't really be bothered walking all the way  back up yeah that's absolutely miles away so   we're gonna have to walk all the way on that  cliff there it's gonna take a while it seems   and that rock used to be like a fortified village  apparently there was a settlement there so that's   one of like the oldest settlements and there are  there are like ruins there the base of some of   the buildings so we were wondering why did they  build all these villages so high on the rocks   because there are parts of santorini that are  way lower and it was basically because of defense   so in the past there used to be loads of  pirates around here in the mediterranean   and many times uh they invaded  here they would get the locals   as slaves i think they'd even get the women  and sell them off to many other countries so   yeah pretty gruesome but at least living up here  there was a bit more uh protection and yeah they   probably had time to at least try and escape  they could see the pirates coming down there do wow look at these places then jump in yeah there's  just so many like walking around here today just   made us realize just how many hotels there  are in santorini it's crazy pretty much all   the buildings are hotels where do the locals  live because everything that we see is a hotel   yeah maybe in the center center of the island  yeah mostly even that they're infinitely cool   just everything here there's hotels i don't think  any of them are houses in this place man carol   we're gonna we're gonna make it over there  ah i'm not sure kyle just wants to get a bus   yeah and go back to my room oh not tawaya  no just kidding i want to go there oh check   out these accommodations guys it's like  cave accommodations with pools inside   like an artificial cave i don't think that's a  real rock and now we pretty much left all the   main villages so yeah i think there's just a  cliff walk all the way around man it's just so   impressive though i know i keep raving about this  place in the videos though but it really is just   incredible to see in person i never imagined it  would have been this good seriously so i think   the main thing is that like in pictures and  videos you can't really grasp like the height   no but once you are here you see it and it's just  mind-blowing yeah it's funny because like while we   are walking like every day we hear people wow wow  like everybody is mind blown by this place that's   why it's still good to go to touristy places we  do like a lot of off the beaten path stuff as well   but there is a reason why place is a touristy as  well and that's because this place is spectacular so so far the trail isn't that bad at all even  for two hungover people carol's still here   half of carol is here yeah half a cow check this  out now so now we can see both sides of the island   so you can see the other side just seems to  be more like farmland i think that's what   it is so you don't see like any villages just  a few buildings scattered around look at that   too there's just a church here in the middle of  nowhere it's like basically nothing around here   man beautiful shade of blue yeah everything's  beautiful here yeah greece is beautiful   guys check it out dog squad yeah just all these  dogs just knocked out what are these guys doing   up here in the middle of nowhere  on the trail they're all together   oh they're so cute guardians of the church  they're friendly doug no he looks worried that's a cute one and that is a  bunch of lazy dogs right there so we're not too far away now so that last part  there was pretty uphill because we dropped all the   way down there it's like a slow uphill so it's not  like super steep or anything so now over there you   can see that village that we're in before with  the with the rock there it's quite a long way   still it's like it's going to take like 30 minutes  40 minutes still quite a bit to go and this part's   cool look at this yet again another chapel in the  middle of nowhere this time like a nice pink one got a cool yellow building over there as well so  we've pretty much arrived now and it took about   two hours and 50 minutes to get here so yeah  we did pretty good on the time we didn't walk   fast we even like stopped a few times so so far  in the beginning it looks pretty much the same   as like fiera and the other places that we pass  through appearance-wise it's pretty much identical   another vlogger maybe we appeared in this vlog  yeah we're famous now the collab but i think so   far it looks quieter here oh much quieter yeah  but let's see how it is in the center maybe   there will be busy as well still got the rooftops  with little pools everywhere though and big pools i think that's one of the old windmills right yeah  where are the the things oh the blades or whatever   yeah it's been converted into a place  to stay there's a few windmills around   here that i can see another one there i  think they've all been converted though another thing we forgot to mention as well is  fiera has the main bus station so you can get   to pretty much everywhere in just one bus right  yeah from here you can get to the other towns but   you need to uh change the bus inferior yeah yeah  so probably if you don't have a car or anything   uh fairer probably a bit better right more  convenient yeah yeah i think so because the bus   is also like super frequent no sometimes you have  to wait for half an hour or an hour or more yeah   it really depends but i think if you don't  have a car maybe theater is better probably i guess this is the famous shot or something yeah  i think yeah everyone lined up you got a good   view of all the buildings yeah carol i have to  take back what i said about it being not as busy   i think it's pretty much the the same actually  feels like more even yeah maybe this area because   it's very narrow narrow and everybody's stopping  to take pictures so you have to walk like this   avoiding the pictures of the other people dodge  the people yeah so i think that back there is the   castle and that's like a really popular  sunset spot probably check it out later on   there's supposed to be an area where you can  swim around here at bay so yeah that's where   we're heading right now trying to find it in the  maze lost in the maze yeah even with google maps   you can't find your way around these places  wait this way where is the bay it's down here   i think so oh yeah i think it is it's that  one down there just need to find the stairs i can't expect to see these guys  around here big horses yeah big horses   one thing certain it's not gonna be  very fun walking back up here later on   and i think we're gonna have a lunch down here  as well there's some restaurants down there   i don't see anyone swimming we wanted to swim  you see anyone swimming no you'll have to see   if there's a place where you can enter ah so this  area looks real nice so just loads of restaurants   everywhere so we got a lot of choices seems pretty  laid back down here as well that water looks extra   beautiful as well the color wasn't like that  at the beaches check this out here the octopus drying or something i don't know what they're  doing hello she said to go through the restaurant   and there's like some uh hello i think there's  like some cliffs on the other side where we   can swim kind of funny walking through a  restaurant though invading the restaurant wow look at this spot maybe we  need to eat here right on the ocean okay i think the cold dip is gonna be the  hangover cure yes i'm very excited for that   really it's beautiful the color down there  though so that's one of the other islands   that were separated by the volcanic eruption a  couple thousand years ago some buildings on that   one as well so i think all the islands have  uh some buildings some people live in there   i need to work out where we can enter i don't  know if you can just go in here seems a bit rough ah finally mission accomplished we already know this is  going to be pretty cold yeah   no way really to put your feet  i think it's deep enough to jump i can't tell how deep it is just go for it girl that's the best way to go  and not smoothly straight in   it gets nice though better than  the heat this is refreshing refreshing cow too refreshing man it sure awesome swimming  with those views of the   villages up there and we walked all  the way from over there what a place so so we found a great spot here still in amodi bay  so right now we just got the stardust i think   that's for free it was just included bread what  was this like salsa or something yeah it's so   i don't know what it is but it's good it's  good and the other one is good as well with   the garlic yeah this spot was great as well i  didn't realize there'd have a so many restaurants   like this on the front pretty much every building  is a restaurant isn't it the whole season so we   ended up going for the fish the fresh fish this  is a sea bass they let you uh decide which fish   you wanted inside and it's 57 euros overall  and that's for two people also has this as   well yeah so we were in the mood for some fish  here in greece and it should be sunset soon very   cloudy though so i don't know how that's going  to be sometimes the clouds make it better though so we're making our way up now gonna head to the  bus station it does look like we're gonna get   a bit of a sunset yeah carol you're saying about  the windmill oh yeah there's one yeah that's cool   and look at the castle there just people lined  up probably won't go there actually with all   the people pretty much the same viewers  here anyway could just hang around here that's funny right because in like fiera there's  only a few people right yeah because i think over   there you have more spots but here since it's  like curved so i don't know it's more like yeah all the way down at all so i would say though that  the views of the village is probably nicer than   fiera because like carol said it kind of like  small and bends around so you get better views   it wasn't much of a sunset was there today  we didn't see the touchdown but it's still   beautiful but imagine being on those boats where  you have to pay like 120 dollars per person   and then you don't see it i wouldn't  like to be there today yeah all the   other days we had sunsets every  day right like good ones only today so we're back at our apartment now we just got a  bus and that was one euro 60 which was the same   price that we paid to go to kamari down south the  beach there so maybe a lot of the bus trips around   here are around that price and we ended up walking  around goya for a bit longer and yeah i think it   did win us over overall we do think there is  better than fairer it just seems to be like more   cozy i don't know just seemed a bit nicer and we  also like the fact that you can swim there and the   bay was really nice there is a port though here  in fera that we didn't go down to i don't know   if you can swim there possibly you can't so yeah  i'm not sure maybe someone can comment if they   know if you can swim in the old port of fera and  we just absolutely love santorini as you could see   and we're already thinking about coming back here  next year there's a lot more to do there's so many   other areas that we haven't seen we haven't really  done that much really and tomorrow morning we're   heading to another island called milos we're  getting the ferry there and yeah we'll probably   film that to show how the ferry travel is since  that's one of the main ways that people go between   the islands so that'll be the next video coming up  if you like this one just drop a like to support   us subscribe like see more videos like this follow  us on instagram and we'll see in the next one you

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