Sandy Goat Meat Feast in Africa vA 105

Sandy Goat Meat Feast in Africa  vA 105

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Mityana, Uganda - And what's that you're doing? - Ah? Camera. - Camera. - Morning, my friends. That's what I'm doing. Because I make content. Ready to go, I think. Let's go.

Bye-bye. - Bye. - Bye-bye. - Thank you very much! Yeah. Thank you. - Bye-bye. - Safe journey. - Thank you, thank you. Bye-bye. Let's go, guys, from Mityana today. And we go to Mubende. Halfway to Fort Portal from Kampala.

It's so good to be back on the road. I love this African countryside. Bye-bye. - Yes. - You are going? - Yes, I'm going. - Okay. - There's an animal here. - Let me just remove it. - Okay, thank you. - Okay. We'll meet again. - Yeah. We shall meet again. - Okay. - Goodbye. - Until when? - Until when? I don't know.

- How are you? - Hello. Hello. - Hi. - Hello. And we are on the main road. Going to school. So today, it's 80 kilometers of ups and downs. Like yesterday. To Mubende. Let's go. Hello.

A bit of a dirt road. - Hello. - Hello. Hello. - Yeah.

- Hello. - Daddy, I'm hungry. - You have food in your hand. - Ah? What? - You have food in your hand. - You are doing a bicycle exercise.

- We are doing exercises. - Hello. Exercise? - Yeah. - You do exercise. Good. - Where are you going? - I'm going to Cape Town. - Uncle, we are hungry. You are going to Kasese? - Yes, Kasese. - Uncle, we are hungry. - You're hungry? You already have food in your hands. - You are going to Kasese. - Yes, Kasese. A bit of a dirt road.

Yeah. - Hello. - Hello. - Hey. Stop, stop. - Stop, stop. - Yeah. - Hello. - Yeah. - Hey. - Hi, hi, hi. - Hello. - Hello.

- Hi. - Hi, hi. Hi, mzungu. - Hi, mzungu. - Hi. - Hello. - Hey. - Go, go, go. - And we overtake an Islamic caravan. Guys, look at that. Oh my god, the horns! Hello, hello.

You are beautiful. That's the beautiful... I love this... I was waiting for that for such a long time. The horns. Wow! That's majestic. - How are you? - Hello, hello. How are you? Good, good, good. - ...okay. - Hey, man. - Yeah.

Yeah. - Yes. - What are you...? - I'm riding. - You go. You go slowly, slowly. - Slowly, slowly? - Yeah. - Okay. Camera, camera. - How are you? How are you? - Good, good. I'm good, I'm good. Yeah. - Yeah. - A small filming session. So I arrive in a city, a small city.

Let's see if I can find some food here. It's lunchtime, so it's perfect. - Hey. - Hello. - What? - Watch it. - So this man doesn't like his cows to be filmed. That's very funny.

Hello. - Hey. - Why don't you stand up? - Hello. Stand up? Yeah, I can stand up. Yeah. Look at these beautiful fruits. Uganda is a fruit paradise. Hello. Look at those beautiful pineapples. Hello.

Wow. - Hey. - Mzungu. - Mzungu. Yes. - How are you? - I'm good, I'm good. - Stop here, stop here, stop here. - No, no. Stop.

No, no. I continue, I continue. - Hey. - Hey, man. Hello. - Hello, hello. - Hello, hello. Ah, there's meat here. Maybe, I should stop. - Hey, man.

- But do you have a table and...? But do you have a place to sit somewhere? What is this? - Goat meat. - Ah? - Goat meat. - What animal? What is it? - It's goat. - Goat? Ah no, but it's... No, it's okay. No.

Let's go check the other ones, because in this one, the meat looked a bit old. - Thank you very much for touring... - Hello. - ...Uganda. - Ah? - This is a kiganda. - Oh. - Yeah. - Goat's meat. Goat's meat. - Fresh. - What do you have? - Goat's meat. 2,000. - Goat's meat? - 2,000 ($0.5).

Goat's meat. - 2,000 each? - Yeah, goat's meat. - 2,000. A Coke. - Okay, but... Can I sit somewhere? - Yes, you come sit. Come and sit. - Come and sit. - Come and sit. - This is what? - This is too...

Those are the same. - Same? - Boss. - Oh my god. - Goat meat. - I'm surrounded. - Goat meat. - Yes. But wait, wait. I need to sit somewhere. I cannot... - You come. You come. You come. - Sit here, sit here. Yeah, here. Sit here, sit here, sit here. - Oh, I can sit here. - Yeah, yeah.

Ribs. You take this one. Goat's meat. - Goat's meat. - Yeah. - This one is good? - It's good. - Good, good. And this one... Yeah, that one's all right. - Okay. Okay. - Yeah. - I'll take this.

- Cover? - Can you remove this? Yes, please. How much...? - 2k. - 2k. Do you have cold...? Do you have colder? - Cold. Yes. - You have more cold, please.

- A good one. - Ah, more cold. Okay, great. - Yes. - Thank you. Okay. You always wonder why I make an advertisement for Coca-Cola all the time.

It's not because I like them — it's because this is perfect for energy for my bike. You can put it... Okay. Okay. Thank you. - Yeah. - Do you have a plate or...? No, you don't have. - Plate? Yeah, yes, yes. A plate. - Yes. Because otherwise, I have to put it on the ground.

Oh, great. Yes. - Fantastic. Yes. Yeah, put this. Yeah. Great. Thank you very much! - Yes. - Oh, very good. Good goat meat. A bit sandy. Very good. (Talking about me) - Good selfie. - Hm? - Take a good selfie of us. - Selfie? - Yeah. - Get some meat. - It's okay. Thank you. It's good. I love goat meat.

- How fast can you ride it? - On the flat, it goes to 20. - 20 what? - Kilometers per hour. - Per hour? - 18-20. - Then how do you survive the coldness and sunshine? - It's okay. Sunshine — I put sunscreen on.

Coldness — I just put more clothes on, also. It's not cold here. In Africa, it's not cold. - Electric or manual? - It's electric. Yeah. - It's electric. - Yes. - Now you're going to Cape Town? - Yes. But today, Mubende.

- Sleep in a hotel or sleep in a tent? - I have a tent, but most of the time, I sleep in a hotel. It's safer in the hotel. Yeah. - Too many mosquitoes. - Too many mosquitoes. Yes. That's true. Yeah. - How do you avoid that — too many mosquitoes? - I have a repellent, or otherwise, in the evening, I put on long pants or...

- Does this bike have an engine? - Hm? - Does this have an engine? - It has an engine. Yes. - Originally from where? - From France. - From France? - Yes. - Welcome to Uganda. - Thank you very much! - France. - Boss, boss. - Ah? - I thought that you were disabled. You fooled me or what? - Ah. You thought... Yeah, many people think I'm disabled. Yeah, yeah. Here. - Why don't you introduce it to Uganda? Why? - Because it's not the business I want to do, because I don't think many people would buy it in Uganda. - It doesn't disturb you.

- Hm? - traffic police doesn't disturb you. - The what? - Police officers. - No, they don't disturb me. No. In Uganda, no problem. No. - In other countries? - In Egypt, a big problem. The police. Yeah. - Big problem? - In Egypt. - In Egypt. - But in... No. In other countries, I never had issues. Here they never stopped me, actually.

In Kenya, in Ethiopia, they stopped me a little bit, but... In Sudan also. But they don't cause problems. And here they don't even stop me. - So, my friend, you are insured on the road because of this bike or you are personally insured? - I'm insured personally. Yeah. - Even the bike. - Ah? - Even the bike? - No, the bike is... The bike is not...

Originally, I insured it, but now I don't insure it because the conditions are... Thank you. - Yeah. Does this have a radio? - Ah? - Does it have a radio? - Radio? No, I don't have radio in it. No. I just watch the landscape. - I want to be your friend. - You want to be my friend. - Your communication. - Ah? - Yeah, phone number. - Phone number. - Yeah. - Okay. - Do you have a Ugandan phone number?

- I have a Ugandan phone number. Yeah. - It's good for me. I will call you when you reach Mubende. - Okay. - Fort Portal. Yeah, I will call. - Okay. Yes. - Yeah. - You don't need that one. You need [imitates a sound].

- Yeah. Well, this is good. Yeah. - Who can hear that? - This is good. Yeah. - Yeah, I want to come to France. What should I do? - You want to come to France? - Yes. - You should get a visa then. But I don't know how... I know it's complicated. Yeah. - You send me an invitation. - Ah? - Invitation that you are inviting me. Because we are friends. - Yeah, but that's not enough. Yeah.

Coz you have to show that you have a job. You have to show that you have a certain amount of money in the bank. I don't know what they ask for exactly, but having an invitation is not enough.

Yeah. - Happy New Year! - Thank you. Happy New Year to you too! I need to pay for the food. This is enough for all the meat and the Coke, no? - Yeah. - It's okay. Keep the change. Okay, I guess I need to leave. And I'll finish my Coke later.

- Hello, mzungu. - How many sticks did you buy? - Ah? - You got how many sticks? - Seven I bought. - Seven? - Seven, yes. - Okay, okay, okay. - Yes, and a soda. Yeah. - Okay, okay, okay. - Yeah. It's okay. He didn't overcharge me too much. - Ugandan meat. - Yeah. Yeah. It's good. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. You were honest. Yeah. - Yeah. - Let me just store the Coke first.

Okay. Let's go, guys. - Okay. Okay, safe journey. Now you're starting a journey. - Ah? - You are starting the journey. - Yeah, I'm starting the journey again. - A lunch from where? - A lunch from here. - You asked if we could... Eh, it was right now. - This was my lunch. Yes.

Okay, let's go. - Okay, okay. - Can I go backwards, please? Thank you. - Okay. - So you see, that's the reverse. I push with my legs. - I pull you. I push you. - It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. - Yeah. - Okay. - Okay. - Goodbye. - Goodbye. - You too. - Bye-bye. - Wow. - Let's go, guys. That was a nice lunch break. I'm just gonna go a little bit further to just finish, have some snacks and finish my Coke, because there were too many people.

I could not clean my teeth and drink my Coke peacefully here. Okay, bye-bye. - Bye, bye, bye. - But actually, that's good. I like it when people surround me and when... There are so many people around. Yeah, that's the real Africa for me. Yeah, the other side of Uganda was not like this: it was much more shy.

And here people are joyful and very expressive again. Hello. Hello. - Hello. - Hi, how are you? - So 35 kilometers left for today, and this region is definitely one of the friendliest I've come across. - Are you the one I saw TikTok. - Yes, I think so. Yeah. - Yeah. Let me take a pic with you. - Okay. TikTok. Everyone watches TikTok.

- You're from where? - France. - Oh, on this one? - Yes. - Okay. See you. - See you. Okay. - Thank you. - Hello. - Hey. Forestry checkpoint. Interesting. And a bit of meat.

Hello. - Hello. - How are you? - I'm okay. How are you? - Good, good, good. People are so friendly: everyone is cheering me on the road — it's awesome. I thought Kenyans were the friendliest, but Ugandans are definitely competing with Kenyans to be the friendliest people. I'm good, I'm good. How are you?

And they don't ask for money here in this region. Look at this beautiful lawn. Oh my god. Wow! Let's cross the road. Look at these horns. Unbelievable. Wow.

Beautiful. Hello, hello. Wow, those cows are awesome, man. I've dreamt of these cows since I saw the... A long time ago, a very long time ago, I saw The Last King of Scotland, an awesome movie with Forest Whitaker, an awesome actor, playing Idi Amin.

The infamous dictator that kind of destroyed Uganda. But in this movie, you can see a lot of those cows. That's when I discovered those cows with huge, gigantic horns, and here I am. Hello, hello. I mean destroyed Uganda. Well, Idi Amin destroyed the economy of Uganda.

He did not... And he killed so many people. Hello. Hello. Oh, he has a big, big knife. Oh my god. Pumping, pumping. - Hi.

- Hello. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hello. Hello. - Yes.

- Hello. Look at that. Hello. Awesome. Hello. - Hello. - Hello. Hello. And we arrive in Mubende, guys. Yes.

After a beautiful day, lovely day on the road. There's even the Rotary Club here. Mubende 0.2. Hey.

Hello. So I guess it's this way. Hello. - How are you doing? - I'm good, I'm good. - Is that also a bicycle? - It's a bicycle. Yes.

- Sure? - Yes, sure. Yeah. - Hello. - Hello. - How are you? - Good, good. I'm good. Hello. - Yeah. - Hello. Pork joints. Nice.

- Hey. - Hello. Hello. - Hello, man. You have made it. - Yes. I made it. Yes. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Oh my god. Oh, I'm dead. But that was a beautiful day, guys. Hi, how are you? - You're welcome. - Thank you. - You're from very far?

- Yes, I'm from very far with this. Yeah. - With this? - Yes. - Really? - Yes. - Can I take some pics? - Yeah, you can take pictures. Yeah. - Wow. Wow. You're most welcome at Joyce. - Thank you very much! You work here, I guess, then. - Yeah. - Do you have rooms? - Yes, I have. - How much is it? - 100,000, 150,000, and 200,000. - Okay, can I see for 100,000 ($26) first? - Okay.

I think everyone looks at you. - Everyone looks at me all the time. That's for sure. Yeah. - Can I show you then a double? - How much is double? - 150,000.

- Okay, you can show me both. Yeah, 100,000 and 150,000. Nice. - This is 100,000. - This is 100,000. - Yes. - Okay. Oh, it looks nice. The mosquito net goes down or... - No. - Oh, it's around there. Okay.

- Yeah. - Oh, you pull it. Okay. Nice. Okay. That looks good. There's hot water and electricity, I guess. - Yeah, this is for hot water. - Okay, great. And actually, I took the double room, guys. Look at that. I have a nice bathtub. Water is getting heated. It's very clean.

Look at this tiny sink. And I have much more space. So that's why I took the double room. And I have a super-sized, super big bed. And as you see, there is a nice sofa with the Bible. Look at this. Look at this desk to work. I've never seen... That's the smallest desk I've ever seen.

And also, I have a much better view. Look at that, guys. How do you open this window? Look at that, guys. A nice view of the rain shower coming.

So that's it. I reached Mubende. I'm so happy. It's such a beautiful day today. See you for... So I'm halfway to Fort Portal. See you for the next adventures. Ciao, guys.

2024-03-30 23:48

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