Roomtour | Beautiful antique house in the countryside of France | Opened a small flea market | Vlog

Roomtour | Beautiful antique house in the countryside of  France | Opened a small flea market | Vlog

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We are staying in the countryside in the south of France We are staying with a French friend of our friend Nami The house was built over 100 years ago and is very beautiful with furniture and interiors that have been handed down from generation to generation! The house across the street is even older. It's no longer an antique house. The garden is filled with flowers and trees. You can hear the birds singing and feel peaceful just walking around. In the old days, silk was made here from silkworms. This pulley is a remnant of those days.

Cow? Horse? This is an apparatus that was pulled by an ox or a horse First of all, breakfast This time we came to the South of France with our friends Nami and Yuko Antique plates at home The kitchen is also decorated with the homeowner's collection, which is very nice! Beautiful place to cook food! The fun part of traveling with friends is preparing food together! Friends drinking coffee Mash and Aya drink tea as usual Mash and Aya are having tea as usual. It was very delicious. Breakfast starts with beautiful light, plates and kitchen We longed for a breakfast like this, so we are happy in the morning! Why are egg stands so cute? It's lovely. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Later we will join Nami's online flea market! Nami is a local Paris buyer for the Japanese company EFFIE She frequently live-streams Paris walks on's Instagram. And this time, Nami will hold an online sales event of antique plates and accessories she collected via live-streaming on Instagram. MashAya also participated there♪ Lovely, Aya, how do you like it? It's great.

Too nice!!! All I can say is great!!!! They are wonderful plates. Yes, I love the way you have done it. And these flowers are so beautiful! They look great with the plates. Nami's collection of plates is truly amazing. They are on a different level! It's wonderful! We have strawberries... Yes, we do... ☆ Yes, we do. The baskets are lovely. Baskets are very suitable for this atmosphere. There is a big tree behind and grass and flowers below. This situation is very nice.

I would love to hold a flea market in such a nice place in the future. Yes, I would. Great job Aya, you have a nice dress on! Hello. I look like a shopkeeper. Yes, I am. Excellent. I really like the oval shaped dish in this one.

Yes, I do. I like this one too. And I think this plate is very nice. Who will buy it this time? I'm looking forward to it. I hope everyone likes the plates... We had a great time delivering this event with a group of antique lovers.... It would be nice to have an online flea market.

You can check's Instagram if you want to see more online flea markets in the future. Flea market in the garden of a country house in the south of France. It was a dreamlike view of the world and we were very happy... Now let's take a room tour of your lovely home! Open the big door and you'll find a nice entrance to start with! We were allowed to see the room on the right Aya, very nice room. It's fantastic!!! Lovely. What room is this?

Is it a study? Or is it a parlor? A guest room? Look at the tiles below. Beautiful! This is a tile that has been used for a long time. Yes, it is. The homeowner said that because it's tile, he thinks it's been in use for 100 years and it's still beautiful. The light is beautiful and relaxing. It's nice that there are pictures and paintings in various places. The old bookshelves, shelves and chairs are very warm and inviting.

This is the window glass of the bathroom door. It is very beautiful. Can you see it, everybody? It is very beautiful. It's a traditional design of glass.

How is it made? Is it made by pouring glass into a mold? What do you think? Here is a Lunéville vase? Vase? There is a Lunéville vase or a vase? A single-flower vase? Or an object? Is it a vase? The top seems to be removed. There is a small hole in the top. The staircase is decorated with the same series of paintings It's wonderful to see the unity! The second floor is also wonderful. The floors here are fabulous too!!! Is this a dresser? What do you think? Is it a dressing table? It's nice. I admire it. It is a wonderful room.  It's like a hotel, Mash and Aya are staying in this room There is also a desk of our choice that we want. It's wonderful!

Is this also a vanity table?  What is it? It's a nice drawer. It has a nice mirror. Yes, it is. It is nice. Was this style of furniture common in the past? The bottom shelf is good for clothes. The handles are nice too. This must have been a fireplace, right? It looks like it's still being used as a fireplace. I love the detailing on this chair. Nice.

How was this desk used before? We were delusional. The last one is the living room. On the left is the living room, and on the right is the kitchen.

And it is wonderful! It's a nice collection. Those dishes are beautiful! So this is how you display your dishes on the wall.  Some of the plates you found at the flea market would have been displayed like this. I often see plates with marks of metal fittings. That's right. So they are attached to the wall with metal fittings like this.

I want to take this home with me lol It was a very nice house with several other rooms. Anyway, the ceiling is so high and open compared to Japan. Resting in the garden Cute cat came to greet me... Now let's start preparing for the evening meal. We bought fresh vegetables from a nearby farmer.

We have dinner in the garden. Traditional Camargue cuisine Gardiane de taureau (Braised bull in red wine) A beautiful table with tableware, desk and chairs from home... When dinner was ready, the cat came too. Let's eat. Asparagus looks delicious. Subtitle Very tasty. It's good.

Did you just boil them in salted water? Yes, I boiled them for about 5 minutes. Does it taste different? Yes, it tastes better. And the vegetables are freshly picked in the morning. Mash has a funny look on his face lol It is a nice scene. The wine is very good. This is bought at a butcher shop. Yes, it is. This is gardiane de taureau (braised bull in red wine) from a neighborhood butcher shop that the landlord here has been eating for generations.

I like that very much! I would like to include beef in red wine, but this region is famous for its taureau (bulls, such as fighting bulls). This dish is made by stewing the tureau in the red wine of this region. So the meat is tougher than normal beef. It is stewed until it becomes tender, and it is a local dish of this region. It is delicious. It's delicious. ♪

It is a good balance. What? The meat is not too soft, just the right texture. Male meat can be very stringy, but this one is tender! And it tastes great, too. It's an excellent product. You can feel the meatiness. It has a strong flavor. Turn the skin over and eat the pulp attached to the end of it.

How do you eat artichokes? This one? This one is a little small. The edges are scraped off with the teeth. Yes, you can eat that. You can eat that too.

Yes, you can eat that. This one? You can eat that with vinegar dressing. It's really just a little bit. Aya looks surprised. So this is how you eat! Interesting.

Delicious, isn't it? Delicious, isn't it? It tastes a little bit like sweet potato. It tastes savory. It is a strange way of eating. It is interesting. We have never had it in Japan.

In the relaxing air we enjoyed a delicious dinner! That's it for this video. Next time, we've been on a flea market tour of the countryside in the south of France We got a lot of great stuff, and we hope you enjoy the next one! Thank you for watching! See you next time!

2022-05-21 19:13

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