Riding some of the least traveled mountain roads, in November | Printre munți, în noiembrie

Riding some of the least traveled mountain roads, in November  | Printre munți, în noiembrie

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OMG! Look at how many dogs are here! What are you doing with them?? Hello everyone! And welcome to my YouTube channel My name is Dan Today it's a Sunday, in the middle of November And I ride towards Tismana monastery where I've never been before although I live in Craiova, in Oltenia I've never been to Tismana monastery But I will go today And I wanted to go there because until there in this area, the Targu Jiu area there are 4 roads going north very twisted which go into the mountain, so to say I want to ride 3 of them because the 4th one it's the one going through the Sohodol's gorge and I've been there before, I'll link a video here but on the other three I have never been One of them leads to a TB sanatorium and it's twisted and very beautiful, I think And the other two... One is the one leading to Tismana, and the other one... I think it would be also a road along a watercourse but we will go there and see Now there are 12 degrees Celsius but it feels more like 8 degrees When I woke up at 8 in the morning, there were 3 degrees When I left Craiova at 10 o'clock there were 8 degrees Now the dashboard shows there are 12 degrees But it feels so cold... This man let me pass! Thank you! I closed all my vents I have the inside liner on I have my winter Gore-Tex gloves because it's cold The temperature will go up later, to 15 degrees but maybe you noticed: the 15 degrees of November are not like the 15 degrees of May it feels so cold that even the stones are freezing Let's ride and I'll film later, when I will have something to show you But now: LET'S GOOO! I don't know how well you can see, but there is quite a lot of fog Until now we should be able to see the mountains on the left I hope it will clear up later This way the trip would not be only about riding but also about landscapes I ride towards this mountain The climb and the twisties begins from Suseni The navigation says there ar about 12 km left I can spot something there in the middle of that mountain I don't know if you can see it on the camera I don't know if it's there; we will see Yeah! It's like I thought: it's there. I can also see a church. I see that until the hospital there are 4 km left Attention! Steep climb! Road sector with dangerous curves! OMG!!! We are here! There is a church here also. I will eat something too In this beautiful spot I will have a snack Just to enjoy this view and have a break I can't wait to rest for a bit and then carry on.

Manastirea Sfantul Ilie Saint Elias Monastery I'll film the descent also because it's very beatiful At some point I'll change the direction I'll take a left turn through a village You'll see And I'll take a left here Wow! How cool! The asphalt here it's perfect! I ride towards Runcu But I won't enter Sohodolului's gorge I'll ride further and there will be another curved road there. You'll see a map And I want to go on that road If I can remember correctly, it leads to a dam and a lake We'll see... Sohodolului's gorge on the right; we will go left And now I took a right turn on DN67D (national road) towards Baia de Arama. This is Sohodol river But in 8 km we'll take another right turn and we will have another 12 km until the dam Let's take a right here towards Topesti Let's go to Topesti 12 km to the marker I put on the map I put it there for it to take me to the end of the road actually So if there will be 12 km of winding road, it will be great And we enter Gureni. As I can recall it's here where the road would began

To Vaja Lake I've never been here before Looks promising, no? Olsea Peak! What was it? Let's turn around! Olsea Peak - 34 km Arcanu Peak - 23 km Vaja Lake - 8 km Clocotis Lake - 4 km How cool is that? How come I didn't know about this road?? The road is paved with concrete It's not in a pristine condition but it's good enough So cool! It's cold here! Very cold! Access on the dam is not permitted No photos! No fishing! Basically everything fun is prohibited! :) And Vaja lake, it says there that is 4 km away; But the navigation says it's only 750 m further According to Google maps now I'm not on any road But I see you can continue. Let's see 'till when and where I didn't see anyone since I exited the village. Nobody... OK! So I saw a touristic sign saying that in 8 km there will be a guest house There was another road down there. I don't know if you can see it now but I stayed on the right side one As I was saying, according to Google there is no road here But CaliMoto shows this road continuing Probably until the guest house I'm curious if it climbs at all Now we are at 560 m altitude Down there is another lake (Vaja Lake) We find ourselves on Bistrita's banks. I saw it on the map. This beautiful water that I kept riding by is called Bistrita Totally unexpected!! The paved road is gone Now there is a dirt or maybe well compacted gravel road the pension house Pastravarului Maybe it's for sale... :) The right one is a private property road an this left one is...

the one with those peaks I reached the paved road again I think it's for the hydropower plant It goes to the dam I didn't see an "access denied" sign So! I reached a ... ... again a junction On the paved road: Oslea Peak and Arcanu Peak And through here: Oslea Peak and Campusel And some Habitat thing that I don't know what it is That's it! It's now 4:20 PM Actually... it's 3:20 PM It's 3:20 PM. At 5:30 PM it will be dark. I'll try to reach the main street And from there to see how it will take for me to reach Tismana and then to reach home Because I wouldn't want to ride in the dark I mean It will be great to reach home in daytime but if not, at least to ride at little as possible in the dark And based on this I'll decide what to do But it's so beautiful here Also dangerous if a cliff would fall down According to the navigation I still have 20 km left until Tismana It's now 3:50 PM at 5:30 PM it will be dark, I think I can make a run for it I am sorry that I did not fully explore this roads And I am sorry that I have to rush to Tismana. But I will come again

It's not the end of the world You can't do much when the day is short and you want to ride in daylight and it's cold also... You can't explore forever I just passed the monastery! See? You can tell I never went there before. I asked a local and he said that this road goes until Petrosani and at one point it will turn into a forest road I'll continue here for a bit, then I'll go back to the monastery to film it and that will be it for today. OMG!!! Look at how many dogs are here! What are you doing with them?? Look, there is the forest road. Yeah! So yeah! I'll turn around. Maybe next summer, if that man said I will reach Petrosani Next summer I'll go to Petrosani through here Let's turn around (*** the noise comes from stuff in the top-case) It is under renovation OK! That was it for today! Now I will go home.

If you liked the video, hit Like, Share, Subscribe, Comment and hit the bell And I would be very grateful I am sorry that the monastery is being renovated And that I didn't see it as beautiful as I heard it was This only means that I just need to come again Until next time, Ciao, Ciao!

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