Riding FIRST CLASS On Japan's Bullet Train Worth It? (Shinkansen)

Riding FIRST CLASS On Japan's Bullet Train  Worth It? (Shinkansen)

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good morning everyone here from katsu where  we filmed our last video the magical onon   town this place this ended up being one of our  favorites in Japan so far just a really unusual   unique place and right now we're heading to the  bus station cuz we're going to be heading back   to Tokyo in this video we're going to get on  the bullet train but first we have to go to a   city nearby called kuui Za we're about to get  a bus from here to kuua and then we'll get on   the bullet train we're going to be traveling  in first class too on it so that's something   that we've never done before and then we'll be  filming a bit of Tokyo some other places that we   haven't seen and I think the cherry blossom  season is supposed to be starting properly   now so hopefully we get to see that properly in  Tokyo too it's a bit noisy cuz we're all rolling   our luggage I'm definitely glad that we decided  to buy these bags we used to not have roll bags   but way less tiring and we will be leaving the  snow now cuz in Tokyo I think it's around 25° C   a massive difference the last time we were in  Tokyo I think it was just around 8 9° so yeah   huge difference that's why the cherry blossom  starting [Music] now hello uh Express is 6 bus   1020 we pay on the bus the buy now okay how many  people uh four express the express yeah yeah four   okay how much is it 8,960 I can pay with this all  right thank you one two three 4 one people one okay okay thank you yes I think the guy said  it's not guaranteed that you'll get a place on   the bus so it's best to queue up first we're  getting on the 10201 it seems like that bus   over there goes straight to Tokyo but it'll  be a lot quicker getting on the bullet train [Music] so we're just looking for the ticket counter  I think we have to print off the bullet train   tickets I think we just got to scan the QR code  so the ticket for the first class is is going   to be around $62 that is with a booking fee from  cluke but we've been using this app quite a lot   cuz the sites are kind of confusing here yeah  for us uh foreigners and it's since it's our   first time in Japan we are not very used to  the the system of Transportation in general   so it's a bit confusing I was checking the  The Local website for the tickets but it was   a bit confusing so we just thought it would  be easier to use cluk and it was really easy   and straightforward also to get the tickets here  at the station and this place looks really nice   too kizawa A lot of people stay here can see  the ski slopes back there the ski lifs I think   they also have the onson around here there's a  nice waterfall so yeah we saw a lot of tourists   staying here if we had known maybe we would  have spent a day or two here as well [Music]   so I think the ones with green car are the first  class ones where do we put our bags at top yeah   quite a lot of space you can shove that one up  there dad so before we could even sit down it's   already off they're very on time in in Japan  loads of leg room too me and Carol are pretty   tall I can almost stretch my legs entirely the  hook yeah it's just kind of like a plane really   do some laptop work I think you can charge it  right almost like a bed yeah good sleep too   good you all right back there very comfortable  yeah I'm thinking already that this is the most   comfortable Trin that we've been on I wish it  was like this in airplanes so I could actually   sleep yeah it would be a big difference you can  never sleep on airplanes pretty much because it's   just too bad the seeds nowadays but this one  is really good the only problem is that it's   just 1 hour and 14 minutes so not enough time  to sleep we need to go on a longer ride yeah [Music]   so from what we read the first class is supposed  to be even quieter and smoother compared to the   other carriages yeah it's very quiet we have to  speak like this we are the only ones that are   speaking here Japan is very quiet uh normally  like every day but here is another level think   we're arriving at another station now don't  know where we are and there is Wi-Fi and   the I was able to connect just fine it's  working and the speed is good I think too   yeah cuz some trains they say they offer Wi-Fi  not in Japan in other countries and then they   don't but the Wi-Fi here is available on all  uh fairs not just the the first glass one I   also noticed that there's a light here so if  you click that think it's like a reading light   and we got a little cup holder I suppose this is  somewhere that you can put things to so I forgot   to make mention that this ride is going to take  around an hour and 12 minutes I think by car it   would be 2 hours and 30 minutes and by a bus it  would be even longer and on this line I think   it goes 260 kmph Max but on some other lines  I think they can reach like 320 a lot faster f up [Music] [Music]   so we've arrived at Tokyo  Station and it is real warm here   as we were expecting it is feeling around 25°  man look at that train though looks super slick   I don't think I've ever actually seen one with  a nose that long it was a good ride wasn't it   yeah yeah various moves and silence just like we  expected really yeah so on the way to KATU we got   like the second class and we wanted to compare  I think this one is around $15 more per person   but it is way more comfortable but it is a short  ride though but the seats were like not as comfy   not as thick you didn't have as much room but if  you're on the budget I think the second class is   still great yeah cuz I think uh what we see here  in Japan like all the transportation that we have   taken so far are really good and just just really  good in general so if you're on a budget just go   for the cheaper one so Japan is kind of famous  for its amazing trains when we went back from   Nico to Tokyo we got this kind of new one called  space share X that looks super futuristic and   even the carriage that we were in it was like  a bar or a cafe had sofas things like that so   yeah just really amazing trains throughout Japan  and now we back in the organized chaos of Tokyo   always hard to walk around so we had to get on  another Metro and we come to shimbashi station   well that's where we've gotten off anyway we're  going to be staying around here looks pretty   cool kind of laid back for for Tokyo a bit less  people it'll probably be another cool place at   night with all the Billboards and signs litting  up we'll check it out at night pretty cool how   you can go from a place like KATU to here in  just a short distance yeah just two different   sceneries well I said short distance it's not  short distance short time it is pretty far [Music] away I suppose it's a bit like sumida the  part that we were staying in last time   over there there weren't that many people  around really kind of more of a residential   place not in front of the station though that  place look pretty cool seem to have a few bars   there bar streets all right this is us Hotel  wink so it's a pretty simple place it's $162   per night and I think it's that expensive cuz  we're right in the cherry blossom season once   again just like the prices were high last  time we were in Tokyo but yeah this place   is extra tiny and this is the view seems to  be Apartments maybe some office blocks back   there pretty decent size TV compared to the  the small room got some food delivery stuff   might do that today and it does include breakfast  though in that price and then small little old   bathroom wow look at that bathtub that might  be one of the smallest bathtubs ever [Music] so now we're going for a walk around the area  that we're staying and we just found out that   we're right next to the Tokyo Tower so we're  going to go close to that that's like one of the   famous landmarks of Tokyo yeah definitely liking  this neighborhood though just really laidback   nice Parks yeah so I guess this is actually a  pretty important Temple complex so many people   come in here so the main building that you're  seeing over there it's called a Hondo the main   hall another benefit of this place is that you  also have the cherry blossoms now we're finally   starting to bloom looking really beautiful yeah so  you can check like forecasts online where it tells   you the peak days I think it's going to be in  about 2 or 3 days here so we're going to be here   in Japan during the peak it's going to look a lot  more impressive I see one over there too [Music] [Music]   so I don't think you have to pay to go in here  out of all the temples that we've been here in   Japan I think it was only the ones in Nico  that we had to pay those were like a UNESCO   world heritage site though so maybe that's  why yeah so it's definitely looking like a   great area to stay in and we knew absolutely  nothing about it really so interested to see   how the night life is later as well since  the places look pretty cool really nice and   peaceful beautiful here this place like  a zen garden really it is the Zen Garden [Music] so we're going to see if it's possible to  go up the Tokyo Tower now don't know if you   needed a reservation we didn't make one since  we were even planning to come here might be   a huge queue it is a Sunday today also man that  thing is Big got the British double deer bus why not no idea what this thing is the Lemon  the lemon mobile yeah I don't know what   it is so the top deck was fully booked  I think they only had a time slot for   like in two hours time but we're going to  the main deck that is still 150 M that's   1,200 per person W what's that like uh  the old Tokyo really cool I'd love to   have seen that that so I think the top deck  would be 100 m even higher but it's a lot [Music] smaller all right just need to find a empty  window yeah maybe this side yeah we're   already pretty high up would have definitely  been cool to see it from the the top though   but we're pretty much higher than a lot of the  buildings anyway so that was the temple that   we were at just now and we walk from over  there we're staying around there somewhere   there's also this other Park that I think  we're going to walk through on the way back [Music] [Music]   and I forgot to mention that the top deck is 3,000  yen so it is quite a lot more so this Tower was   built in 1958 and as you probably noticed it  was based on the I4 Tower but this Tower is   333 M high it's 30 m taller than the eiel tower we  also went up there uh last year in Paris [Music] [Music]   pretty nice that everyone does the little  picnics yeah like the Gathering friends and   family together the Sunday picnic and a great  little Park too with the tower like that well   very calm and quiet if you would yeah if it was  in Brazil it would be like music people shouting   usually when we go to big cities uh there's  just a few touristic areas but in Tokyo it   seems that everywhere that you go like there  are so many places to stay and just so many   touristic attractions it's such a big city with  such a big variety of things to do it's really   really cool yeah we definitely need to come  back again see more different things different [Music] neighborhoods so we're going to check out  shimbashi now at night see the night life like I   mentioned before I wanted to see it all Len up and  it is liten up right now it's around 700 p.m. and   I found online that there is a cool Buy area like  where the real nighti is so I think we'll walk   through there don't know if we're going to drink  as much as the other time in Tokyo no I'm very   tired I won't be drinking that much not tonight  might have one or two though one or two sometimes   turns into 10 so this is the part that I really  wanted to come to that I had no idea was here   look at this amazing looking street so this up  there is actually the rail track that we were on   today and underneath you have all these bars it's  kind of like arches I don't know what you call   these but look at those cool bars and it goes all  the way down so completely different to what we   saw the last night out in Tokyo how cool is that  very cool now very nice yeah especially that red   one back there what is it a Cap Fuel Hotel yeah we  have many in Tokyo but not many where you come out   and you right on this road so I think Tokyo might  be the first place that I actually prefer walking   around at night than during the day even though  during the day is awesome too but just at night   really goes another level so I think we are going  to drink and eat somewhere just got to choose   a place got a billion to billion options it's  definitely like a more mellow version of Shinjuku   that area kabuku more chilled out it's early  though still maybe towards like 11 it gets real busy so we ended up coming to  that first Arch that we saw   under the rail track the one with the  Red Lanterns really cool on the inside   more Red Lanterns too all right cheers to  Japan Japan tokkyo to Tokyo yeah so me and   Dad are going with the Sephora again Japan's  oldest bear I didn't even know that since 1876   and M and Carol Soo not Japanese Korean Apple  flavor not Apple grap oh great okay [Music] [Music] yeah so as I mentioned two drinks ended up being  more I think I ended up sharing four of those big   bottles with my dad but I'm pretty good yeah  and I think you guys had 20 chicken SK skers   or lamp skewers yeah 20 we ate a lot I think the  bill overall was like 17,000 probably the most   expensive bill so far here in Japan I probably  have a problem if um if I lived in Tokyo cuz   I'd want to come to these places all the time  end up drinking too much so this looks like   another cool street that we haven't been down yet  yeah this is probably the best bar street so far   super CR hello so one thing that I haven't  mentioned so far here in Japan is that they   have zero tipping culture you're not expected  to tip anywhere and we actually have a friend   that's from Japan and she just said it's weird  if you try and tip here and in some cases they   might even find it offensive if you try and give  them extra money so I think now worldwide in a   lot of countries um yeah in is kind of accepted  and even expected in a lot of countries that we   go but yeah Japan is not one of those country so  yeah you basically just tip nowhere that you go   now we're back in the quiet part again literally  just walk like 2 minutes and everything becomes   quite aome so I'll probably close this video out  now and this will be our last video from Tokyo   on this trip but it's already a city that we can  see that we could easily come back we left a lot   of things out there's just so many places that  you can visit but we're only like halfway through   our Japan trip so there's still many videos coming  here from Japan even though we've already done so   much already so if you like this video just drop  a like as 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