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Rhodos - Trauminsel in der griechischen Ägäis | WDR Reisen

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Beautiful Rhodes. Let's go. Finally on the water. The Greek island has long been on sun-seeking tourists set. We make a round trip and show you the most beautiful places between Rhodes Town in the north and Prasonisi in the south. Where to find fairytale settings to relax? And ancient monuments, that give us the roots of our own culture? We also explore the tourist centres. And show you, where nature in Rhodes is alive and full of magic.

Fun and exercise must not be missing on holiday. Those who seek adventure, no problem. There's a lot of that here, too. * Music * Rhodes is ideally suited for all, which increase the comfort of a package holiday.

But you can also easily make individual excursions. We want the island explore on your own. Welcome to Rhodes. Subtitle: WDR mediagroup GmbH on behalf of the WDR Our journey begins in a Bathing bay in the north-east of the island. * Music * Ah, feet in the water and now here such a nice frappé.

Or say Frappé ligáki the Greeks when he is smaller. I love that, that's with Instant powder and ice poured on, then add milk. The epitome of the Greek way of life. Mh, cold and refreshing. * Music * Feels like over 40°.

Really hot today on Rhodes. In these famous grottos here the goddess Lindia was worshipped. Later, the Athena built a shrine upstairs. And then you have the Holy Mary revered in the village, woman power here. * Music * We are...

...here, Lindos. The many visitors come mainly because of the spectacular Acropolis to Lindos, to which we will also climb up. But it is also fun, through the intricate old town to stroll. It's a maze here. Nice.

Nice and cool. In Lindos the houses are as on many Greek islands whitewashed for heat and to repel vermin. But the stone mosaics, that you see everywhere, give the place something special. Our ascent to the Acropolis has begun, past cafés and many souvenir shops. Something you see everywhere, are pictures of donkeys.

The 4-legged residents have joined the Tourist resort chosen as symbol. Donkeys used in agriculture were used, were in Greece a sign of wealth. When in the 1970s the tourists flocked to Rhodes, the donkeys of Lindos a new job. Since then they have been dragging the tourists the 350 steps up to the Acropolis. The donkey drivers earn well and say, that they treat their animals well. But when you consider that donkey only 20% of their weight, i.e. 40 kg,

should wear, adults must the ride to the top of the mountain perhaps reconsider. * Music * Let's not ride now, we walk ourselves. Such soft beautiful big ears. Such a great face. Yes.

Lindos is a very old place, where probably already people settled 4,000 years ago. The natural castle hill offered a good overview and could be defended in the best possible way. Buildings from different eras are built on top of each other.

The steps are from antiquity, the Walls behind it from the Middle Ages. The archaeologists have a lot to do here. The Acropolis of Lindos has always been a place of pilgrimage. In ancient times there was a temple in honour of Athena and one for Hercules. During the Crusades The Order of St John has established itself here. a fort was built.

* Music * Not far from here there is a bay, in which the apostle Paul landed is said to have been when he visited Rhodes. The fact that he was once on the island is in the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible. * Music * Do you have anything special found here? Anything surprising? - Yes, quite a lot. It was a special moment, when we had unusual coins have found. Because they have proven that the Acropolis not only a sanctuary but also as a kind of exchange office functioned. There were coins from other islands around us.

Because people bought here Offerings to the goddess. That's how their money came here. What about all the other things from antiquity? Can you still find something there today? We found a lot in the village.

The residents have the stones of the sanctuaries continues to be used. These were finished stones. You have them brought down with donkeys and built their houses with it. Nice and cool in here.

Hello. - Hello. Welcome to the Captain's House. Oh, you speak English. - I do my best. But that is a very special house.

Yes, it is, it is the oldest house in Lindos. A real captain's house. So here in the 17th century a rich captain used to.

The exterior facade is in the Moorish style. The living and sleeping area is a hodgepodge with furnishings from all over the Mediterranean. A captain came a long way and brought many riches from his extensive travels.

From the high above attached windows the women could see far out to sea look out for their husbands. The Captain's House in Lindos is a private museum, where the objects not according to scientific criteria are exhibited. In the courtyard in front of it operates the owner family runs a bar. Traditionally, the houses are on our islands From the mother passed on to the daughter.

That way, the families were secure, even if the father was killed at sea. So this is an island of women and a city of women? This house has belonged to 150 years of my wife's family. * Music * Do you want a drink? - Absolutely. Something fresh. Do you have any orange juice? - Sure. The oranges are from here, so extra fresh. - Perfect.

Good idea. - Jamas, as we say here. The tourists here are always in a hurry. You come in the morning with a ship to and want visit the whole island. They usually come all the way to the Acropolis early because it is too hot later.

Between 2 and 4 it is really very hot here. Hardly anyone wants be in the sun. This can be seen as a hot tip.

Because when the day tourists are gone, it's wonderfully quiet down by the sea. And now, finally, beach. * Music * Tomorrow we're going out on the water. From Lindos on the east coast we drive to the rougher west side.

There you can, with a bit of luck See dolphins up close. Attention country bumpkins, from above it still looks harmless. But as soon as you out of the harbour, is only the crew of the ship really relaxed.

It goes up and down quite a bit on the waves. That's a gnarly exit. Everyone is clawing their way in. Savvas says only here, where you can get out of out of the harbour, it's crass, after that it gets quieter. But that is right at the beginning something for the hard-bitten.

So really intense. The only way to do that is to hold on. * Music * It is always a huge experience. There they are. - They jump there, it's great. That's just great, ah.

That the dolphins swim here, has a reason: There is a fish farm here, from the fodder there there's always something in it for them. The aquaculture facility here belongs Savvas, the owner of the boat. He explains to me, that it makes the basins nature-friendly and sustainably managed. We are subject here very strict conditions. The quality of the fish and the water quality are checked every 3 months. Thanks to the stable ecosystem here our fish are healthy, so that we do not use antibiotics or other medicines need to use.

Savvas also has his fish farm developed as a tourist attraction. You can see here in the rearing tank swim with the shoals. * Music * What an experience. But so many fish in one place in a confined space. Can this be good for the environment? On the other hand aquaculture helps many people to to a delicious fish meal.

It is an eternal weighing and it is not to find a solution quickly. It is especially when you are part of this whole issue will, if you swim in and this complex subject matter. Not easy. The fish here get 2.5 t of fish feed daily, a little less in winter.

We continue to the island of Alimia, 7 km west of Rhodes. In the Middle Ages, Alimia was part of a Chain of intelligence bases. When pirates or enemy fleets appeared on the horizon, the Knights of St John set fire to a beacon. That was part of a well-planned signal chain, in which numerous islands participated.

So news could even reach the Greek mainland. But on Alimia there is no fresh water. That is why the island never permanently settled.

* Music * These are former soldiers' quarters of the German Navy from the Second World War. * Music * Back to Rhodes. Latin students know the Aesop fable from the braggart, who pretends to be in Rhodes to have jumped particularly far. His counterpart suddenly tells him, hic Rhodus, hic salta.

"This is Rhodes, jump." * Music * Brave, isn't it? So slowly you can increase and then up and up. Oh, man, everybody down. * Music * Elpida Hatziioannou-Idé visits the Rhodes Phaeton Ranch, where the last representatives of a Rhodian horse breed live. An association on the island collects Donations for their care.

There is only one employee, old Giorgos. This is Diagora. (Elpida) The others are already waiting for you. This breed, the Rhodian horse, lived for thousands of years in the mountains of the island. 11 animals are still here.

They are small and narrow, but were in the past very suitable as working ponies. My father and grandfather had these little horses back then. I grew up with them. I am glad that I'm with them again. In the past, with these horses we tilled the fields and brought the harvest home. The horses stood on the mountain.

When we needed them, we took her. We had no machines, no cars. We have everything with the horses.

Hey, little guy. You're so handsome. Visitors are at the Phaeton Ranch always welcome. Especially when they a few carrots or apples for the small horses. Elpida is a passionate about horses and has himself a ranch in Rhodes.

You have to be a bit careful, because it can be, when you come here, that maybe some pinch. One should not immediately come here with the children, say, sweet ponies, and get close. So some of them pinch too. The 11 horses that are with Giorgos are too few, to start a conservation breeding. If no fresh genetic material from other specimens of this breed comes to it, it will become extinct with these animals here.

The association is also looking for other Islands after similar mini-horses, around the herd to increase it after all. * Music * Elpidas Ranch lies in the interior of the country, 30 km southwest of Archangelos. * Music * We have a group here, that goes to the monastery.

With the horses? - Exactly. You're in, aren't you? - When you have a horse that is patient. I can ride a bit, but not for a long time. Maisy is such a sweetie. A real love.

She has given birth to 3 foals, is a super mum. You can't tell by looking at her, but she is already 22 years old. Please don't throw me down, Maisy. - Not today.

Riding facilities there are many in Rhodes. Short trips to the beach, to the picnic or to a remote mountain village. Even several hours of or full day rides.

We ride on an afternoon tour to a traditional Greek Orthodox monastery. Most in the group can ride pretty well. But that is not a condition. * Music * Elpida tells me about the legendary Butterfly Valley, that one should visit, if between May and September is on Rhodes. It lies about 40 km north of Laerma.

The Greek name for Butterfly Valley is Petaloudes. On a walk thousands of copies of a encounter a rare butterfly species. This is a Russian bear.

It also exists elsewhere in Europe, but not so numerous. It is attracted by the resinous smell of the oriental Amber tree, but also by the cool microclimate in the valley. * Music * Dimitri, who runs the taverna in The farm is managed by the 3rd generation, has the impression that the Butterflies are becoming fewer and fewer. He can even say, what that could be. The butterflies have always existed here in the valley.

I grew up with them. They are, how shall I put it, something like my family. That's why I want to protect them. I made a brochure, around the visitors of the valley to sensitise that they do not disturb the butterflies. If they are constantly flushed out they lose a lot of energy.

And when in September the mating season is coming, they multiply not so good anymore. Then next year again be fewer butterflies in the valley. The mistress of the kitchen is Eleni. She has her cooking skills matched to the dishes, which the foreign visitors know well. I am here in the valley, since I was 19.

We have another woman here, that helps us. But I make all the preparations for cooking, e.g. for macaroni, Moussaka and the Greek Bolognese. The moussaka is considered as a culinary insider tip here. It is made with minced lamb, Aubergines and cinnamon made.

Our traditional moussaka. Very tasty. The area around the mountain village Laerma, through which we ride, consists of extensive forests, Grain fields, Vineyards and olive groves. After just under 3 h we have achieved our goal. * (bells chiming) To our surprise we receive gifts as visitors. Tea and souma.

Souma is very tasty. - That's nice. Souma is a liquor? - Yes. This kind of mosaic again.

This time with religious significance. The mosaic here means, we are all in the same boat. And Christ is our captain. Courageously ahead.

2 peacocks are pictured. Come inside. There we have many things from the Byzantine period. As in the Catholic churches place the people also in the Greek Orthodox Faith candles on. When you come into the church, you light the candle.

It is a symbol for something. With her flame it illuminates the darkness. And so it shall also illuminate our lives. It is intended for our fellow human beings melt away. * Music * According to legend, Father Nektario explains to us, came a seriously ill Byzantine Princess more than 1,000 years ago to this place to die.

But the archangel Michael appeared and gave her strength. In thanksgiving, this monastery was built and dedicated to the Archangel. An organ can be found in of the monastery church of Thari does not.

In the Orthodox tradition the God-given human Voice as the only suitable Instrument to praise the Lord. (sings in Greek) Thari Monastery stood empty for a long time. Since the 1990s, the following people have lived here a monastic community again. Here you can get tea and consecrated bread. Artos. (Elpida) Artos. So, thank you. - Here you go. - Thank you. Oh.

This is basil. With us, you put the girls a posy behind the ear, when a festival is celebrated. I.e. then, these are the, the party, so to speak. * Music * We have a choice: ride back or travel by car.

Elpida and I are taking the car. * Music * In Laerma there are more houses than people. Because the mountain village once had around 1,000 inhabitants. When agriculture was no longer enough, many moved away. But one came here and founded a ranch in 2006. Because even as a child I always had anything to do with horses, a horse ran across my path or I to the horse.

Buff. - Yes, bam. It had gone bam, then I said, the poor little animal, I'll have to take care of it. And then the idea started that you could could open a ranch here. I always had a Desire to have a farm.

Preferably also with one or two horses, but to build a real ranch, that was rather a wishful thought in the back of my mind. What I probably would not have done in Germany. It just happened here.

And later I met my husband. First the horse, then the man, also a variation. Elpida cares like the Greeks a distinctive hospitality. We will invited to the barbecue evening. Most important place is Elpida's husband Thakis.

Cool drink. Cheers. The evening wind is now blowing in your face. It already smells so great. - Mmm. Say, knows your husband, your husband, the priest we met? Yeah, sure, he trusted us. He married you? The dignified one with the long beard? Yes, the one with the great voice.

I'm actually there with friends, with horses we rode high into the chapel. There my husband has dutifully waited at the chapel. As it should be. - In the heat. And then he trusted you there? What's his name? Fr... - ...Nectario. That's quite an apparition. That's a great person.

It's on Facebook, where you can would not even think of a monk. And to inspire people, he gets his picture taken, when he's giving blood or something. And then he has his sheep, who then say, I'll do that too.

Little by little more friends arrive. Hey, what are you doing here? All right? Ilias, nice to meet you. This is a riding student of mine. But that's how it was. - It doesn't look like it. Now he has more motorbikes and windsurfing up their sleeves.

But he learned to ride with me, also had his own horses. I've known you since you were eight. - Really? We know each other, since you were eight, right? - Yeah. Do you speak English, German? (Iliad) English is better. Motocross and surfing. - Motocross, windsurfing and horse riding.

Horse Riding we had here, but Windsurfing also sounds exciting. Where do you do that? - In Prasonisi. Do you also teach people? - No.

I can teach you something, though, if you like. - Really? But I'm not good at it. I'm looking forward to giving it a try. - Sure, with pleasure. * Music * The longer you watch, the more it makes you want to try it. * Music * Okay, is that already the professional equipment? Or is that for beginners? This is not for beginners, but a little smaller. But you can cope with it.

Behind are the kitesurfers and here the windsurfers? Look how crazy. Crazy people here. That's Prasonisi, everyone has fun. Where is Turkey? There? - Yes, somewhere there. So I don't want to get there.

With luck, you'll get as far as Crete. - Also a beautiful island. * Music * I surf, I surf all alone! * Music * I did it, it was so cool. That moment when you realise, it goes, it drives. It was great. That was a great feeling. * Music * And what have we got nothing of yet seen? From the island's capital.

The town of Rhodes on the north coast was founded in 408 BC. Today it has 51,000 inhabitants, 2 ports, an old town and a new town. * Music * Despite carefree holiday mood one should look at the bill especially in the restaurants around the seahorse fountain take a closer look before paying. And yet one may Do not skip Rhodes Town, when you go on holiday on the island.

Elpida shows me in the world famous old town the most interesting corners and roads. And this is the famous Ritterstraße. That's where the knights used to be came down from the ship, with their horses ran up or walked. Now hold on tight, ours for a film as well. We had a film there, "Schliemann and Sophia" with Heino Ferch. That's when it was all blocked, then we are from below by carriage up to about halfway up.

They had to gallop on this floor, there they have Get rubber horseshoes. It was an exciting thing. Pushed up here? - Yes. We also made 3 crosses there. That was quite an operation. The knights in question, after whom the street is named, are those of the Order of St John. From 1309 they had here their headquarters and gave the city of Rhodes a heyday.

They built churches and hospices during their 200-year reign, promoted trade and fortified the city against attackers. Because the Ottomans and other Muslims were in the eastern Mediterranean dangerous opponents at the time. Actually the entire old town of Rhodes one big fortress complex. Its ring-shaped wall, which extends to the port is still available.

The Ritterstraße leads from there to the Grand Master's Palace, the then headquarters of the Order. Today it houses a museum. In the 14th century The Johanniter had of defensible and compassionate Monks to knights ready for battle on behalf of of the Catholic Church. Every year in May and June this past becomes at the Medieval Festival alive in Rhodes Town. Anyone can join in and dress up.

The Knights with the Cross of St John The 15th century. 2 sieges by the Turks. When the Ottomans but came back again in 1522, they won the war and took the island. The St John Ambulance cleared the island and founded in 1530 on Malta a new headquarters, which is why they are called Maltese today.

Is that Turkey back there? - Yes, that is Turkey. There you see the Taurus Mountains. In winter sometimes such a clear view, you mean, you can touch them, and there's a lot of snow.

Some buildings from the time of Turkish rule are preserved to this day. The Italians arrived in 1912, destroyed many Muslim houses and restored some testimonies Christian rule. After the Second World War Rhodes fell to Greece. At last, the entire old town listed as a historical monument. Of course there are also today an interesting market there.

Here, in addition to the spices mainly coffee is sold. The inhabitants of Rhodes have only during the Ottoman occupation. It smells good too. We roast here ourselves. The machine is from 1940 and still does.

Turkish and Greek Mocha is actually the same thing. Nevertheless, the Greeks would never a Turkish coffee, but always order a Greek one. * Music * The Mandraki Harbour, where we are now, was the war port of the Knights of St. John.

Today here lie private yachts and sailboats. But from here also start the excursion boats to Lindos and to bathing tours on the east coast. Look, Tamina, there are Elafos and Elafina. The stag and the hind? - Exactly.

The heraldic animals, eh? - These are the heraldic animals of Rhodes. This is mainly from the Oracle of Delphi. They once gave us the tip, so for the Greeks, so to speak, that you can see a few deer here, so Fallow deer is what this actually is, here so that the go after the snakes. In former times it was called here the Snake Island.

True, it is the island of the sun, but there were many snakes here. The hind before she gives birth, does those within a radius of 1 km flatten everything that their fawn could become dangerous. The legend says, that the deer were taken, to flatten the snakes here? Yes, and that was a huge success. You very rarely see Snakes here.

Here? - Yes. This is Mama Sophia, you can eat well there. Hello, all good? Jasas. - Sophia. - Sophia, beautiful name. (speaks Greek) Good. Such a nice place here. I would like to do it that way, we say any price, and then she brings what she wants.

People often do that here, don't they? That's what people often do, that they say, I have 30 euros, bring me some mezze. For this money? - Yes. Let's do it this way. - Yeah, I'm totally happy. Since we are just talking about the have spoken about port decorations, There was still the 6th of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Colossus of Rhodes is said to have stood here.

Broad-legged down by the harbour, to guard the entrance. According to legend the giant statue an offering to the sun god Helios, the patron saint of the island. He had the Rhodians before the occupation by a hostile power saved. 30 m it shall allegedly have been high.

He was often painted, the colossus, but never at the time, when he really existed. Oh, my, my, my. That's what.

Kali orexi. - "Kali orexi" means "bon appétit"? Enjoy your meal, kali orexi. Can I give you something? How does one proceed now? First he said, means bon appétit? - Kali orexi. And how to proceed usually in Greek, everyone takes what they want.

One does not necessarily serve the others. - But everyone takes themselves. Then we do the on the Greek tour. Halloumi.

Halloumi is the baked cheese? - Like bubble gum cheese. I think, there's beef in it. What is it called? - Stifado, perhaps. Stifado. What's that? This is sea urchin salad. Sea urchin salad. - Sea urchin.

I have never in my life. It's cold, isn't it? - Mmm. It's a bit algaey in between, a bit like oysters, but it tastes like the sea. Salty, mild.

It doesn't taste extremely iodiney. Rhodes. - Rhodes. Jamas, the island of the sun. - Exactly. Mm, we're good, huh? I love that. Great. * Music * We went a little way into the mountains driven. And what do we find?

A hotel in the alpine style. Italians have the house as a holiday domicile built for their officers. The island was from 1912 until the end of the Second World War occupied by the Italian army.

Hello, have you been in there? I noticed, I'll try German, and poof, where did you come from? From Saxony. - Zwickau. Where the Trabant comes from. Ever been to Rhodes? I don't. - Me many years ago with my parents. Even though I was already here, it's been so many years, there are always New things to discover. The best way is by car. - On your own.

I do the same. - There you can Stop where you like. The small chapel or tavern. Very good. also recommended doing it that way. Take care. - Bye.

The Elafos Hotel has made its The charm of yesteryear has been preserved, when in 2006, after a thorough renovation was reopened. Everything that was newly made, seems as if it comes from the past. Also a little Italian charm has been preserved. One is proud on the history of the house.

In the 1950s took over the Greek Tourist Office the hotel. Once upon a time sports hotel for a while. Cycling races passed by here, even winter sports was here at an altitude of 780 m. Speaking of Italian charm. The espresso machine here has a very Italian feel to it.

But one serves the little black one with honey. A special of the house, that tourists on an excursion come by, feel free to try it out. In the surroundings there are many hiking trails.

In the past, people were there on the road with their donkeys. There are no donkeys today, but hiking is good. One can Download the maps in an app and follow the routes. Who around the hotel would like to go hiking, but can also take a tour book with a hiking guide.

You can get lost here not anyway. * Music * Such a small part can be taken anywhere. Now here in Rhodes in the forest.... ...bang, into the hammock. Oh, and whoosh.... ...a small moment of happiness. Delightful.

Is forest bathing. * (chirping) It chirps so loudly, and the wind blows so lightly. Here I stay.

Enough rest, now we go with Nikos on the search after the symbolic animal of Rhodes. Remember the deer in the port of Rhodes Town. There is a lot of deer on Rhodes. The question is, will we see one? Here. Here, that would probably already be... Is that deer poop? - It could could also be from a goat.

True. Hare is perhaps a bit big. - Hare certainly not. The deer, let's be realistic, crush the snakes? Now is better, your eyes see. They want to protect their little ones.

With their hooves they can do that. But the old peasant wisdom is, that the smell from the antlers can drive away snakes. Because they already realise... - ...that there are deer around. Are there still snakes now? - No more toxic ones. Something's moving. A deer?

Nope, definitely goat. And what is that? Deer bones? No, more like goat, says Nikos. Deer are easier to find at water points. Do you think we can still get there? But what the hell.

If you keep your eyes open in the forest you always find something. Of course, in the rainy season you can even find mushrooms on the Profitis Ilias mountain, where we are. So there's something for every season. Even if you don't see any deer, it is beautiful. - Exactly. Goats are nice animals too. Look, see here? That is one way.

Yes. However, it must be said, Overall, the number of deer is decreasing on Rhodes. Too many forest fires and car accidents. This is the typical resin, with which the Greek Retsina wine aromatised. Nikos, I've got something else.

A small picnic is always the best. - In the forest. Is he holding us? - Let's see. It holds. - It holds. Look, these little particles.

Do you know them? - Of course. What are they called? - This is, a selection, I see. This is always the dough and it will be filled.

Times with cheese, times with cheese and ham. This is with little sausages. - Sausages. What is hidden here? - Cheese and mint. They always work, the small particles. Good size.

Yes, that is, a full stomach.... There is in Greek, when you're hungry... Or what was that again? No, a hungry bear, who does not dance.

A hungry bear that doesn't dance? - He doesn't dance. Must get something to eat. This is how we eat, so that we can move on. We still have much to discover here in Rhodes. Now I remember, the particles are called tiropitakia.

Best to buy them in the morning still warm at the bakery. * Music * In and around Embonas, wine, Olives and meat produced. Of course one also lives here from the tourists who come to the village, because in high summer it's not so hot up here. * Music * But here not only foreign visitors. Many residents from the east coast from Rhodes come at the weekends to Nikos Maroullakis, to party and chow down. His family runs the restaurant in the 3rd generation.

There is lamb and goat from the charcoal grill, Souflaki skewers or special sausages. Nikos has a secret recipe. This delicious food here I'm trying now. This is goat. This is a grilled sausage with pork and beef.

And this is liver. Now I'll try to eat that. Here, the Greek way with...

....der Hand. And dessert afterwards Greek style. Greek coffee? Medium sweet, ah. Thank you. Now it's time for the Greek coffee.

And the Greek sweet pastries. I'll try them like a good boy with knife and fork, because I can do that too. Mh. Also always very hot. So a bit mealy, delicious. That only happens in Greece.

Well fortified you can look around a bit more. Off to the shopping mile from Embonas. Everything the tourist needs.

Thank you. * Music * Totally beautiful. * Music * In some places you just have to stop and go in.

The small church has a touching origin story. It is full of frescoes, that tell this story. A man from Byzantium Administrative officer came to Rhodes. Shortly afterwards his 3 children died of the plague.

The whole family is depicted on frescoes. Her clothes and jewellery indicate that they are made of of today's Turkey have originated and must have been very rich. That is how this little church was built. * Music * When the chapel at the beginning of the 20th century threatened to collapse, the Italian Occupiers a new dome. Rhodes has via a well-developed network of national roads, on which you can move forward quickly. One goes once around the island along the coast.

We drive through the centre of the island to the north to a special facility, the Kallithea Baths. Hippocrates, the famous physician of Greek antiquity, described the healing properties of the springs. The fabulously beautiful building, that we enter, goes back to the Italian occupiers in the 1920s.

Kallithea Spa. * Music * After the Second World War the Therme almost completely destroyed and fell into disrepair. Only recently the reconstruction began. Although the 6 sulphurous Sources that flowed before the war, have dried up today.

In 2007, the building complex was reopened for visitors. * Music * Even if the thermal water no longer exists, you can swim here very well in the bay next door. Quite chic and classy it is here.

Beach holiday in luxury edition. * Music * In the midday heat there's not much going on here. Also a tip, if you want to have your peace. * Music * Hey, hello. Perfect temperature. * Music * What a contrast.

We are in Faliraki, 10 minutes further south by car. There used to be a fishing village here. In the 1970s the first hotel complexes were built.

Today come summer per 2,000 inhabitants around 30,000 tourists every day. * Music * The bed castles here are no feast for the eyes. But as an individual holidaymaker you can use the place, in order to explore the island. There are also smaller guesthouses away from the centre.

And tourist entertainment there is no doubt here. How did it all start in Rhodes? Before the Second World War it was the Italian occupiers, who started, Develop Rhodes into a holiday island. They opened hotels especially in the north around Rhodes Town. The rest of the island remained rural and sleepy. That changed, than in the 1970s the charter planes headed for the island. Packed with guests from England, Germany, Scandinavia.

Mass tourism had begun. Earlier than elsewhere in Greece. Intergenerational brought the visitors their holiday memories home with you.

And Udo Jürgens sang in 1974 from the Greek wine, and opened in Germany the corresponding restaurants with gyros and souflaki skewers, that you knew from your holidays. * Music * And Rhodes? Many of the old houses and taverns near the beach had to make way for large hotel complexes. The locals on Greece's 1st holiday island lost their coastal beaches and gained jobs. Today, many complain that the low-cost package tourism with full board and all-inclusive only little profit for the private companies based in the area.

* Music * Astronomy Café. Hello. Ready at any time? Shall we go? I am so curious. Straight to the sun god in front.

My God, that's right over the water. We are at the Hipparchos Astronomy Café, a privately run astropark with observatory. Here there are devices for Celestial observation and timekeeping.

And a sundial, where you can be the pointer yourself. Here, the feet. - This is a living sundial. To right month, time shows. - No shit. But plus 1 h because it is summer time.

This is called a living sundial, because you make them alive through our body. Living sundial, I am the pointer and can see, what time is it when I to the right point. That's right, quarter past 9, after 10, then, perfect. And all that on the island of the sun god. Everything has to do with the sun, life too. - Perfect.

In this building the telescope stands, with which one can look into space. The heart. Hach, giant apparatuses. Stergos, who comes from Austria, is proud, that with your telescope not only the moon, but recently can also look at the sun. Exciting, now I have the sun already fully in view. Where can you look inside? There you can see through, there you can see the sun with a crosshair.

It looks like a blood moon. One can use different colour filters. Unbelievable. Here are dimensions. Yes, you look into the sun, but you have to be careful.

Not somehow and always with someone, where knows his way around, and always with filters that are tested. Now you may go through see through the large telescope. There you see the sun big.

I see the sun. How many times enlarged? This is a small enlargement, about 60 times. But that is impressive. Image-filling. This is the bay below the café.

She once Stergos's grandfather. But then it was taken over by the Greek State the actor Anthony Quinn given, because he was shooting a film here. And Stergos' family was awarded the property on the mountain.

* Music * From Faliraki tomorrow we will go on a Tour into the jungle of Rhodes. In the forests around Archangelos one should take a special hike can experience. (sings) Okay, here's our Porsche from Stuttgart. It's off to a good start here. Let's see what else is to come. Our guide is called Nikos and is, well, let's just say, somehow still in the late 60s.

We get flowers in our hair. (Nikos) Different day today. (woman) You there? - No, you there.

You are the best person for the space over here. Nikos Papas is here born in the area, he says. He feels as a child of the jungle. And that's what he wants to show us. So, the journey is over in one piece. I'm looking forward to the next part.

The area around Archangelos looks very natural and is not yet very much shaped by tourism. Nikos, however, has learned its lesson and switches on his ghetto blaster the sirtaki to get us in the Greek mood. We all have to laugh. I think that's deliberate.

Ah, put your feet like that. Okay, great. She already knows how to walk here, and can teach you. Hoi, oi, oi. We hear to the sounds of nature.

Water. * Music * So beautifully refreshing. Compared to the temperatures on the beaches below this is felt here at least 10° less. Lovely, really.

That's when the first one takes a bath. Also strongly recommended. Myrrh. Yes, one of the three gifts, offered to Jesus. You remember? Smells like perfume.

Rub that and then smell. Mh, you can do that try it out for yourself, please. Do a bit like this, a bit more like this. - Like this? Oh beautiful, a little resinous smell. Beautiful. Pame? - Pame.

"Let's go" is what it means. * Music * It's called stream walking, what we do here. The great thing is, you have no idea where you are. We are inside the earth, above us this huge bamboo forest, somewhere the goats. Let's see where we come out.

Now that's crass. Good that there are there are no more poisonous snakes. At least I think so.

End of the line, that's Nikos' pond. His natural sanctuary, which he built on every hike to its guests. * Music * This is a gift from Nikos. Every guest may take something from here. It's exciting.

At first I thought, Oh, God, what is this? But Nikos managed to get the people fully out of everyday life, with this crazyness in a whole new world. Then you dive in here and realise, with what heart and soul he is on the road. How he knows everything, how he considered every corner and always has new ideas.

In the end you have made a little journey, has had a great experience. And realises that everything here is made with a lot of love. I am really excited. The town has its name from the Archangel Michael.

He is also dedicated the central church. Tours can be made from here, e.g. to the Butterfly Valley, that we already know. The sea is several hundred metres away from the city centre. Archangelos is a typical small Greek town, in which tourism has not yet has gained the upper hand. The Church of the Archangel in the city centre looks older than she is.

The Turks began, to build it in 1845. Without the tower. Because that has a Byzantine church does not. The bell tower was built by the Italian occupiers added. * Music * The old village centre is well preserved.

Typical here, the small courtyards with their box-shaped dwellings, in which it is mostly there is only one room. They are no longer in demand today. Because life in such a small space is for the Greek youth not attractive. When you enter such a one-room house, it appears like a museum, in which the lives of the previous generations is preserved. We are at the home of Haristoula, who has a visit from her friend. She has lived here since birth.

Very nice of her to show us, how to be in a such a one-room house. In here are dresses and tablecloths. Here too. The same.

We slept up here. As a bride and groom, the first night. And the first time after the wedding.

Later we slept downstairs. It was cosier by the fireplace. They were many years together. Here was the fireplace. Now I put things in there too.

Immediately we get offered something to eat. Haristoula rarely gets visitors any more. Your children and grandchildren have moved far away. I have the house to one of my granddaughters, that's the tradition with us. She has promised to renovate, re-plaster it, because everything is so old. But I don't know what they will do when I die.

* Music * This is another one of those places, where you have to make a stop. A fish restaurant. The village actually consists only from a tavern, a chapel and a piece of beach. Next to the harbour entrance lies a shipwreck, a popular diving spot.

Fishing is not allowed there, but the fishermen of Plimmiri have their territories further out anyway. There are fewer and fewer professional fishermen. In the past, 200 kg of fish a day were not uncommon. Today the fishermen have to go further away from their former fishing grounds, to get anything at all into the net.

On the other hand work in the tourism industry was increasingly lucrative. Nikolas has for himself found a solution. He still fishes himself, Small quantities for own use and the market in Archangelos. But he also drives out to sea with tourists, to show them how to fish. Fishing Cruises, Fishing trips, are his real business. * Music * Here there are not so many fish any more, it is in the last few years become much less.

They don't go online like that any more, as if they had become smarter. My son said to me, when he was five, Dad, what are you doing? Life as a fisherman is not a good life. But I need the sea. When my boat is in the harbour, I am not well. But as soon as I go out, everything is fine again. Markus, comm.

Markus is a seagull, that accompanies him and according to Nikolas listens to her name. He recognises them by a spot behind the left eye. * Music * Probably the straight from there. I'll ask. Jasas. - Kalimera. Kalimera.

Would you like to eat fresh fish? Do you speak German? - A little bit. Have you noticed that speak german? Can you tell? You can tell. Do they all come from the sea here? - Everything, every morning. Fresh fish every morning. It is not self-evident, that you do that. What are all these things? This is flounder fish. A big flounder.

These are the very flat ones. This is small grouper and a large grouper. This is little octopus. - Oh yes. Yes, exactly. I saw them outside.

They hang outside over the clothesline. Why? That the liquid comes away. - That they dry? For 2 days stays on the sun and is ready to grill. Then it's barbecue? - Is best. How do you speak German so well? - Because I live in Germany.

Where? - Bremen, Hamburg. - Bremen. Beautiful, in northern Germany. - Yes. This is only with lemon? - Only with lemon, nothing else. Kali orexi, Now I'll try this.

Out of the water here and then dried and then grilled. Mh, it's still hot. Mh. When you see him like that, you'd rather not eat, but when you eat it, he eats delicious, mega fine. Yes, good taste. Jamas. - Jamas. Thank you very much, it's delicious.

When you drink it at home, it is not the same. But here it is the drink, and immediately so, ah. * Music * Finally we drive another 30 km further to Lardos. A hotspot around water sports. So, Roland. - Tamina.

That already looks very after ready for take-off. - Yes, we are. We do now a speedboat tour. Have fun. - Thank you. Hammer-clear water, I think that's so great. Ferryman, fetch over. - Exactly.

Thank you. Welcome aboard. - I'm glad. Off we go onto the water. * Music * Egg, egg, egg, that's going pretty fast. A bit like the motorway, only different. Roland used to have a hotel in the Ore Mountains.

Since 2007 lives and works in Rhodes. So about 40 km/h, if you have the to the car, times four. 40 km/h. Wow, gross.

How much horsepower does the thing have? - That's 220 hp. * Music * Our destination is this rock, which marks a special place. There used to be a volcano here, Roland explains to me. Lowest point on the journey, in the middle of the bay, is about 500 m, then the island comes up. And behind it we descend to 4,750 m. That is the very deep point here.

Yes, second lowest point in the Mediterranean Sea. We are on the earth plate, there is the island. The other earth plate comes from there. I'll show you the edge in a minute, where it goes down. - Okay. It's great that you can get so close.

That is really fantastic. Look at the water. This is the last piece of rock, the next step is at 1,200 m.

And then it goes down to 4,700. - No. This is the spot, where the continental plates come together? - Exactly. And it goes that deep? - Mmm. Oh, God. Awesome.

At this point of the Mediterranean let's start slowly, to say goodbye to Rhodes. But Roland has another Highlight ready in the bay. A blue lagoon into which you can just have to jump in. It is only accessible from the water. Yay! Isn't that wonderfully clear, Radiant blue water here in the blue lagoon? All the time we had beautiful weather.

There are many Mediterranean islands, who claim to be, to be the island of the sun. But in Rhodes it's really true. And then these incredibly hospitable people. The delicious food, great. I say yes, until the next time. * Music * Copyright WDR 2022

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