Review MTB Vintage Haro Extreme, Talkshow, Inspiration, Touring. Upgrade 15juta!H4R4M. Racun Sepeda

Review MTB Vintage Haro Extreme, Talkshow, Inspiration, Touring. Upgrade 15juta!H4R4M. Racun Sepeda

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh , see you again on the bike story channel, the channel that talks about the twists and turns of bicycles. Today I want to have a special guest who has this . This is the owner of the extreme Haro Haro bicycle. So, how about tomorrow, let's listen to the story directly. Wow, this purple color is busy. Am I just busy, Bro, if I'm on a bicycle, I mean, I 'm just looking for shampoo . Okay, we often talk about how, How did you get it today, why is this, omg, that's different from fever 26, right? the average stem is straight to Federal Suzuki, so why did you choose this? Um, it's like I'm sorry I had a Federal before Since the circumcision cave was small, then I tried to wake up for real. It's

been a long time, the positive potential can't be opened, it's really race, Ak In the end, I just went to the store , okay, the traffic jam, my mouth is a bit unique, yes, because on average, if you find it in Sudirman Sudirman, it's rare, yes, it's feminine. this is the furthest, yes, the furthest I go to the Cileungsi area, like that, the waterfall is not in the rice fields, it's in the area, that is, OK , the cave that you make soap operas on CRT TV is anything, the landscape is really cool. It's there, but from the convenience of this bicycle What's certain is that the bandori is strong because it's chromoly, and then tomorrow it's going to be a superhero BMX . It's important that it's comfortable, so comfortable to wear, now, friends, the story is that the bike is comfortable, so whatever the bike is comfortable, first, if you want your bike, you don't have a brand, but spare parts that are capable of eye-catching the color is green red orange Why Dome has Tom ah I don't know I 'm green because at that time I got red right away, so what's the name Gocap I went home so I looked for the color Caca cave in the pantry that was so good it matched what the other colors were called Yes, black and green, coincidentally, the orange color is brave, there is an error, in fact GTA is the same, so we have already gone up, so what's the name of this paint place, it doesn't seem right, I made the sticker, who goes that way. At the same time, I'm using the trackbelt so that it's a bit strong. That's the chat for this.

I used a trackpad and after this, I made a little embossing, but if it's okay, we'll cover the bike later, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe emp3http you Well, we also want to know, friends, bicycle stories are usually the ones whose names I have reviewed the problem of the cost of the price of this bicycle in angg What's the secret for your own Komboy, what if you've totally finished with the bike you're currently using. How much does it cost to let my thread friends also become Oh, so it's like this, the price is like this, you know, ah, if the price is relatively soya, GTA is called building So sometimes I actually buy it. So, actually, it looks like the price is right away, but if you build it from a frame like that, it seems like it's hard to count, isn't it, because it keeps changing, so the mohini is replaced again, so change it again. My questions are like this, how much did it cost you to play around -going around waiting for a sensor of that type I don't know the price I don't know I can't count actually it's already difficult to get the result how many million Dom aha how much Hi, did you really wake up like this, have you ever used it and changed it again? the part, yes, I've used it before, I even bought Fremitus guys, the bike again at that time and then moved it, actually it's a spare It's like that and I don't like the other frame, I 've also used it to make another bike, another cave. Okay, so I don't like it. I changed it again, so finally another print. before and comfortable, it's comfortable, right, because some are custom, yes, I'm annoyed like the group is custom, yes. The seats are custom

, this is leather, so use this, by the way, it's custom, right, you have this, yes, you can refer to it here, like hand grips and seats. This Ombo can be custom hand grips with the seats, yes , the leather is the group in the description, yes, you can contact this directly. Can we promote it too ? The range is 15, yes, that's around that much. I believe my friend told me about 15 million bicycles, but the problem is, what's the matter with UAS, so this is Rita's friend, the 15 million bike, with four already Bought it and then replaced it again, bought it again, and this is the end result, it doesn't turn into 15 million or not. Has anyone ever replaced ducks? Don't you, are you satisfied with the price, do you regret it, I don't regret it, because some of my friends have grown a lot of Arok That's Raru, so what's up, Demons are good, all kinds of things are like that, because our group is like that, but what are we playing on Retro bikes? This is for reference , friends, that it's not always expensive money, what is the idea of ​​being identified with Ah , this is crazy expensive, but satisfaction is much more Nafa, so my satisfaction, which is called a hobby panacea, doesn't know the price, so my friends can eh do you count, do you actually count, what concept do you want so that it doesn't go to waste, but yes, it's called a hobby, it will definitely be bought again, it will upgrade and upgrade What happened to Ombo Widya, the emphasis was on Asri. This concept used to be, just because I know what the process is, just listen to it, don't go through the process . Yes, there are foxes, there must be, but this is om hi, when you are building, there is still hopelessness because At this time, it's actually the effect of the concept, yes, when the effect was like that, so I entered when I copied it, it continued to be different again, boom, so I met this friend, I think it's the most comfortable, and there's sporty.

the other one is going to race instead I once bought a bicycle to put this bike in, this happened I used it again, that's right, because what's the proof of buying two here, I bought new bikes , so I finally bought it because ah didn't go into this, we'll take the bike that keeps it in That's how the money was used. Yes, I've been looking for it, it's like I want it, I'm too lazy , I found the right one in terms of settings and what he expected, lol H ai Oh yes, I was thinking, for example, what is the role of a drug like this, what do you wipe it with, Goblin, try the 700, what's the name, finally, I tried to use something more advanced. Ah, that's right, or is the child about 57.5, use it like that, because it's front and back

It's hard for me to enter, that's right, which one is like that , yes, this is it, Wtb is like that, yes, I was beaten and beaten at night when I saw this bike , it's really weird, yeah. Ah, this is actually what it's called, what's the name of it, is it torn ? I have n't found this until now but this is a very kind of bicycle, because I was setting it up. This bike and the chat is also good, but what do you want to do? It's just like that, I guess harmaji first, let's go to the pan. Arya still has

friends . The story is that he has Minions and it's funny just to buy cigarettes and buy rice uduk in the morning. Yes. you can share your stories, sometimes there are people who say, my bike is bad, I don't want to hang out with other friends, so if you're anticipating how to make it or sweets want to start a bicycle, it doesn't have to be expensive right away, that's true, there are many caves I think I met a community in Depok and all sorts of things. I met each other and talked like that, and then she saw my bicycle. It's not that expensive. I don't think it's expensive. That's how we make

our process, that's why I don't know how much it is for sure . Don't look at that here, Mas 2, the process is the process, but that's the fact, because you don't know, there are a lot of real items Yes, it's also not an endorsement, the effect of people like that using mine goes into the environment and then we share what you have with each other. Okay, just use it. Then if you need it, how many groups do I use from my friends, that's how it is actually So what? Sometimes we don't have to play with the community , we don't have to play with this prestige, which is no longer comfortable, it's immediately comfortable. But sometimes there are people whose names are different when we want to start cycling, so there are those who are wary. Why is this so toxic again? That's the poison, in case I prefer people to start cycling first, so that there will be more cyclists, yes, we're just prestige . Yes, it's like that, right, so later on, people who ride bicycles will not be more interested because they see their friends' bicycles that's good. Meanwhile, our finances are different, i.e. Om is not necessarily physically the same as strong. Ah, yes, from a physical point of view, sometimes people feel inferior first, like me, gu e I hate that if we physically use caves, did I say that it takes knee energy, yes, write a book or not, maybe if you've often asked yourself to do it up high, push me if I'm the strongest, right, Kyuhyun, if I'm looking for the one It's weak. Huh, look at the same time, really, Lex is a grasstrack bike. Our endurance, if

we go often, it takes a long time to get used to it, because basically, this is what that person is when he just buys a Slam, for example, he wants to buy a Federal frame, right, you know. Federal is FC, actually there are many who don't have SC, but from an authentic point of view , it's like that, sometimes your bike isn't Federal, so tomorrow, he won't want to anymore, he can even give up hope, it's already in the Gabriel game, that's right now. It's been a bit like this, so on average, paryadi have already bought it, there is a gang that is ready to come to have a Federal PIN, so the price is high. Turns out it doesn't work like that because what the name may have been in a different plan, yes, but I mean, like Naja for disciplined sports, OK, so for friends, you don't have to be prestige, just start wondering if there's an advertisement, just start it, Hai Na Ho, the stories about the bikes It's interesting that when it's more, Om is there or not, it's like you don't have money, but you really want it. Finally, you defend yourself in debt. Well, this is what happens a lot in society, like that, he doesn't have any, but how do you defend his aurat, Om. Don't do it. don't do anything, don't usually drink tea, if you want to ride a bike, just buy a premium

first, the debts, if you can't, if you can't build a genre, so we'll update it later, hopefully I'll use it together often, play the kazim workshop, it's good, right Om borrow it Wait a minute, if you want leftovers, I'm left behind. I just want to get rid of Endi's bike, hey, it's okay, and here it is, omg, it's quiet right now. Hey, what are you hoping for seed I am okay before that we want to order coffee first so wait a moment okay for the lounge Hey there, brother again, the story is that the bicycle becomes a fish again as a rearview mirror, so how do you let you know that the ghost bike isn't lonely too Hey the info so it doesn't run out so often -often Posts for sure social media censorship am I Hi, I'm United with friends, good names, what's wrong, some Aceh is rare because of checks but it was hot, I had to do it yesterday, just because I checked , Yes, I've been to the party, don't ever date hahaha no Farma, bro, I'm waiting in Sawangan, the climb is mandatory. Oh, I almost used it, don't force it, the heat, I'm 60 and over. What's the Kalibanteng breakfast? What's the most important thing, then, so it

's only the same with old friends, it's good to make content too so you're invited Hi, but you've never invited me bro because I was invited to talk to you on your cellphone If you invite you far away, I'm afraid to share it's the latest one The rim is like that and some of my friends are also using Federal, so I've been around Java, the link, the answer is amazing. How many days, Wow, it took four months, if the problem was sent, the answer is that it's ironic now that selling the bike is selling Mrs. Many who sincerely sell underwater are used by naughty traders, their names are traders. Yes, naturally, we want to profit by taking advantage of a situation like this, it's ironic, so what if you think it's a phenomenon, yes , there were indeed many bicycles yesterday. Many houses have been laid off too, like me, yes, now we are ugly . No projects go back and forth like that, it's like if you know now what's called Wes, it's good. That's a shame. Don't use old-fashioned bicycles. Okay, so what's the name,

Jakarta is already too late So dense. What's the name of driving with a motorbike or car, so it's a bicycle in my opinion? one of the alternatives for people to stay healthy and reduce pollution, so keep cycling like that, at least if for example your friend is starting to get weak, yes, in my opinion, you shouldn't be so weak, read on, take us this weekend often. The green ones are right, just eat breakfast. That's why I'm even looking for breakfast. Look for evidence that if I go to the city, it's full, if you take a bicycle, for example, the facilities provided by the government regarding bicycles in my opinion are still lacking or more, where is it? Jakarta, maybe it's okay, so soft, I have several areas, everything to the point, but in our satellite area, including our own area, Depok. That

's what you live in a messy way for bicycles, sin won't fry, it will be comfortable here when localos enter the village. So some are really not enough, actually, yes, but like in Bali, I want to be very comfortable cycling there, gi It's been hit differently, but in Jakarta, the traces are minimally slashed, yes, because the used ones that are sold for support are not very minimal . Who knows, the government will further improve the facilities. Yes, whatever it is, in terms of safety , these cyclists must be considered so that they are like in other cities. Or in other countries , it's because our love for bicycles is good enough, don't let it go down again, is there a good recommendation, that's not too far away, the place you usually touch touring in Bogor is for friends. So that he doesn't get bored, for example, when he walks around the complex, it's occasional loading, it doesn't matter. Namrud lolium loading, either at the beginning of loading or at the end of loading, it's forbidden on Wednesdays, so help with his pants 11.6 I see. That's right, but there's nothing

wrong with loading, right? We're like this, I'm in health, it's not you, it's just that I keep sweating, okay? But when you're Khan, you keep loading, lol You're sweating there too, it's really fun, loading is a problem, in my opinion, the most important thing is that you 're happy and comfortable. You can enjoy cycling, but right now there are extreme incidents. Even because of his prestige, he ended up being a jerk and he even died. Eh, but for those of you who He's still alive and being questioned, actually he's because of pomo's prestige Loading How come he can't climb So what's that, don't I tell some people it's loading on Wednesday, don't tell me I'm crazy too, you're breaking the rules, there's a button that's gone, it's illegal, so rare Om sometimes We have a mouth, right? Everyone's name is different, everyone's heart is different. Actually, he

's not strong enough, but because he's slowed down, how do you install sexpedia, loading here, that's what happens . like this, we're alone, when we're not strong when we're here, don't worry, don't mind, don't listen to me what do people say again, it's up to prestige, yes, yes, until the prestige of joining the river because you are a pillar of your body or not, so enjoy what you have, enjoy what you can do . I also have a lot of community, because it's ironic, on one hand, they want to ride a bike, it's happy, but in the end, their lives are at stake. The faces of their idols or their mate are good, right ? Actually, they're happy because they get together, but yeah, because people's mouths aren't strong, it's loading time . when you ride a bicycle, you just smoke cigarettes Hehehe, no, I don't think so , actually, a lot of people want to ride a bike, there's no time, if you have time, you can ride a bike, especially if you're thinking about loading or not, don't do that. What's important is that there's time You can ride a bicycle, what did the person say, yes, Ahmad's size is ready, Omg , if at the peak of the weekend there are many, like bicycles a. indeed, his bicycle

is specifically for Garut, Jero, offroad, dad, on mountain or Downhill, sometimes in Riung Gunung, they turn, but in the euphoria, the bicycle that was defended yesterday was fat, the bicycle for Downhill was boosted on the asphalt road. It's forbidden, you and Solo, the sick island, Hello, Hi, what are the melodies of the Koran? What are you doing? I 'm tired already, yes, I ordered a lot of applications, yo Tibet, when I went to Cileungsi, did you lose the rice fields, didn't you go missing, took two cars, three issues together, the two of me don't need to be shy if it's not pot Well, yes, that's it, our order has arrived, yes, okay, thank you Om, while drinking, Nikita wasn't in the inbox, so we can't name the cafe, so we're just taking a ride. Try the owner, if watch the video, please endorse it, how do I make the place even more famous ? g is like a scourge Om, so you don't have to be the one who's always shy, if you're not strong or maybe even others come back , you say, Om, we're loading, of course, everyone is following right, this is true because there's no one with the motor in there The sponsor is even silent, maybe not. Diang loading. Nadia wants it all, but not all of it, I mean I want it. Wow , if someone sponsors loading, here's the one that was damaged when the bike fell, there's a friend who keeps making fun of it, just like that. So you don't have to be ashamed, omg , if you want to load it, you'll be sure to follow it later. Try going home alone to

the continent's racing exhaust. Say it fast. The problem is, it's the peturing guys, that's a different concept, isn't it the same as he wants to be alone, doesn't come home -go home, just let him stay the same distance, okay ? Just don't force it, but it's om kids. The distant boss is the same, especially if we want to go to the mountain, so to the bathhouse, how about it, omg, it's good if you think completely what you feel before and even after the bike is different, it's not different, I'm sure, because the one I 'm sure the atmosphere is different, so you go on a long journey, OK ? That's how it goes, the roads are like this . Good, I didn't find Waterfall. I want to use it. I'm now watching the video on a motorbike. I'm looking at them, I'm like that. So just enjoy it, so it's really true. we haven't met

anyone who can appreciate bicycles too Om so maybe he only has money but he can't feel the pleasure of riding bicycles like that because money doesn't necessarily guarantee comfort and happiness, you really only have 15 million, you finally got to make maybe 15 million Bro, maybe more Hahaha, don't be afraid, but the term is different, but for bicycles, if it's a hobby, we'll defend it until In the end, Kostik hit him so he shook the invitation but thank God, because of his intention, he didn't see prestige because of his donations, thank you very much, he smiled, so if you go back to the bike when you start, what is this when Covita Jato has actually tried it before, uh Yes, recently if it's called, it's spread of it, yes, if it's really started or yes, yellow, the bicycle is built, especially if this bike is objective, yes, if it's a bicycle spare part, I've been on the bike for a long time, so I called, this is just the internship cover . Also, if there is one area here, there is good fun, Hey, especially to the bathhouse that was listed yesterday At the end of the day, where did I go near Curug Putri Kencana, there were only three colors, I wanted it if the bikes were busy, so it's fun to share happiness, it's crowded like this . The way to enjoy it is different, if I especially prefer it, I'm Curug, you mix Depok, there's a flash of Depok , that's also what the children's discotheque is called. Still, Rawa Geni stylesheet, okay, we gather a lot and often hang out here too Qodir Rodalink It's a gathering because Margonda is here, so the clock often invites us for what it's called, guys, Palm, if that's the case, sponsor Hi, I don't think I know, maybe there are clubs, Aditya, maybe Hey, Kefir Rodalink, I think that's strange, the coffee just arrived Gowa, thank you So that's the picture okay thank you Ma'am, the sticky one you're smoking while drinking, it's okay, haven't you eaten fried rice yet? what's more, thank God it's closed Huh, I beg your channel, I want to open a really good one. Cafe that's why I have the content. Come on, subscribe, like, just watch, don't skip this concept , so it's neater, so now I'm closing more and even just restoring the same Just repaint the plan, I hope but write down Joko clear glue Yes If you say it's complete, if it's already blue, it's definitely going to be fun to buy a Go-Jek Go - Jek There are many, after all, it's a scam, right? It does n't hurt to share tips. Have you ever been cheated when you bought something

online that suddenly did n't come after Eid? at Tokopedia, yes, you are so Hi, if I buy a bicycle from, for example, from broadcom, that's how it is, Dhuhur what if it's really me I want to look for the shop, where is that until he can enter, so I installed it first for them to display it until we are exactly one because we want tomorrow I won't have a seat when the track is next to it Try to imagine, because even though that's the hope in this bicycle world Hi, personally, in the community, maybe even from the government, I really hope that the facilities for bicycles are more than now. It's like abroad. His work was owned by the government. In the past, motorized vehicles are starting to decrease, so it's comfortable to ride. Everyone is already using bicycles . Starting to not feel at home in Jabodetabek, actually, that's how it is, duh , it's so stuffy, Mom, when I came out, I was hit by an angkot, I didn't use Kapuk. So, you rode a motorbike to

Solo , back to Depok, it was sick, it felt like the body. In Jakarta, it was like that, yes, but the mouth is not only that, one soul is one k I guess what should be called facilities for the community, especially with disabilities , we are in Jakarta in Depok in Bogor in Bekasi, yes, even in South Tangerang, it's still more disabled, so it's like I kicked that person out, I think it's a shame, I'm sorry. I'm blind, but still blocking the tree, whatever, in my opinion, it's still not enough to do something but I can't afford it . Use it, I hope that your aspirations will be heard by Hi, what are the relevant divisions for this bike to continue to develop ? wherever you meet my bike, it's like the theme of a bicycle, even if it's a motorbike or a motorbike I still have to be prepared , I guess if I live in Indonesia, what do I need, motor vehicles and others, but I will still ride a bicycle for my friends who have Ghost bikes, I 'm bored. Then, if the season where your friends are on bicycles, give me a bicycle, leave Minnie Mouse's true condition in a Coffee Street, how come if you don't have income, is that right ? What's the follow-up, the land that saw Apar owns a bicycle Then you love Canadian bicycles, people say that there are those who mock the cyclists saying why are bicycles tired of being carried by fish, where is a hint for people who say that, it's okay, that's what I mean Lu Feel it for yourself . What are the other likes, maybe if I usually respect each other, just respect the teachings , just come with a statement, you don't have to be rude I'm the one who likes bicycles, if you can, you all try that, see you later, that's for sure what you're playing again Okay, so we don't have to make a statement that makes us lazy, we respect ourselves God willing, Armen will be someone else, OK, that's it the second, now the third, Nyong from the hope for the community. What is it for the community whose members are the leaders, what else should we do, do events or Gobar go as far as this if the two communities are like that ? Yes, just make up a crowd, don't do that, it's free, it's free, if there is a community, it has social, the infection is fake. Make it for bicycles or for the environment. If

you, for example, the community or the head of the community, have a good vision for bicycles, he will definitely be more inclined towards it. How about support or sport the government to make it a facility for bicycles for the disabled. Yes, at least gi That's right, for you, the feet, yes, for public transportation and others, you don't have to build roads and you can only build but not use it well, or we are just perfunctory, there's just that, but we can't even use it . Also, in this community, it's often called, we share alms and continue with ways to share it with other people, what's that? Hey, Tom, is it only just yesterday, now it's getting quiet, does it have to be more consistent ? For example, there is a community, so that's good, the infection is social . You're sick. What do you do with the community number, it's the same for the environment, am if you want someone to do that, we'll do it like that, right? We're doing different things . Bro, yes, there must be someone like that who is still doing that and so and so, keep doing it, even if what was stopped, maybe you can join Ma, the committee is still on the Pioneer Road, but it also affects you, friends, if for example we continue touring to tourist attractions in the village, what is right is Om Boy saying that the social effect is, let's ask someone who has a snack, finish it, see even the village can be famous, so no, the term is not only limited to touring, but what we do is useful for other people. Hi, if you are in this community, yes, I hope to be able to continue to

promote local tourism, especially those inside so that you can recognize local tourism from bicycles. So, let's smile, these are the tips, right, we are bad cyclists to be toured, right, if we see it's dirty, yes, it's dirty from visitors, Kang or the manager, or what is it? In the first place, everything is like that, if the regulations are correct , the review will be reviewed because if we go to Curug that way There's a lot of trash like that. So we're a scourge too, especially when we go to Waterfall tours. When we go to the waterfall, there's a

lot of garbage coming out of the stomach or maybe the manager, so we don't have to do anything, okay? It's okay, actually, for locals, not everything is free, that's right, you might see it in the Bogor area mostly. Yes, you enter one area. You pay for the Lupinkaiser route. You have to pay another Rp. 25,000. For example, you pay again and then there are too many massage stalls. buat itu lagi gue bilang kan saudara impactnya ya bukan sosial media menurut mereka itu social impact untuk Hai kemasyarakat lokalnya ternyata tidak gitu ya mereka buatnya begitu mengkajinya kurang banget beda kalau misalnya lu jujur nih ya gua kemarin di Bali gitu pas Pinjem duitnya terus buka air terjun gitu ya lu bayar cuma sekali Selesai dari tempatnya bersih ya tempatnya bersih karena Lu sadar diri ini ini saat lo masuk lu sepi gitu ya terus apa nih ada Waru cuma satu dia yang menjaga juga biaya membersihkan juga dan kita sadar kita nggak mungkin motornya tepat itu jadi buat para pengelola juga minta kerjasamanya juga jangan hanya ini jangan cuma begini terus juga buat para pengunjung pesepeda ya kerjasama juga Apa susahnya gitu buang sampah gue udah dari pemerintahnya juga support untuk diadain tuh tempat-tempat sampah tekan petunjuk-petunjuk nya dimana harus buang sampahnya supaya lebih nyaman ya jadi sepedaan itu banyak bro enggak hanya kita Hai sebatas hobi atau kita hanya sebatas ya gue saja tapi imbas dari apa yang kita lakukan itu juga bisa bermanfaat buat semua uh ya Oke nih udah sore gini aja teman-teman semoga cerita ini bisa menginspirasi ya buat semuanya ada kebaikan-kebaikan yang kita bisa ambil gitu bisa jadi contoh yang Baiklah kita ambil yang baik biar tetap semangat bersepeda dari tomboy ada yang bisa paint mu mungkin biar sepeda naik lagi Harganya jadi gue sebagai pedag ang juga Cuan yang pasti terus Gowes pake sepeda lu Sayang udah ngebangun udah beli sepeda gitu terus dari pakai Buatlah raga minimal uh berkeringat sedikit aja seminggu dua kali atau tiga kali juga gak masalah yang penting Lo pakai sepeda Lulu sepertinya terseram olahraga buku sepeda modding sekalipun gitu ya Workout mau apa namanya maut lo mencret terjun naik gunung dan segala macem sama itu jaga lingkungan sama kalaupun usaha yaitu ada harus ada sosial infeksi buat merupakan Oke nih menginspirasi banget sih Bodoh menit lagi nih jadi kita review sepeda social impact nya kebaikan inspirasi Banyak deh pokoknya Jadi intinya sambil ngopi jangan lupa ngopi nih ngopi sama di-like subscribe jangan Escape loh oleh Sekian dari saya saksikan terus di channel cerita sepeda channel yang mengulas tentang lika-liku sepeda hai oke bye tengok semoga sukses mereka selalu Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Waalaikum salam

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