Reacting To Anti-Gay Content Because I'm Gay - #11

Reacting To Anti-Gay Content Because I'm Gay - #11

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- Come to my tour, it's really cool. You won't drool over my cool tour. My tour will be fun. Maybe we'll have a drum. No we won't.

My tour will be grand. You will see me in a handstand. No you won't. My tour will be, hee hee, top three you've ever seen, so come with me today to my tour-y, okay.

Buy tickets, okay? (upbeat music) Gay. (all screaming) You already know what I'm doing, right? Like, I don't have to explain myself. We can just get into this. Y'all saw the marathon video I uploaded like a month ago. Thank you guys for watching that. This is now like part 12, so nothing new, nothing different.

We exist and they're mad about it. For the people that are new, hi, hi, hey! Hi, my name's Mac, I am a homosexual, non-professional at it, here to analyze people's reactions to that and their small-minded excuses of why is should be oppressed. Basically, that's it.

I'm expecting at least one video of a straight, white man going on a rant about how he thinks he's now oppressed because some random stranger on the internet yelled at him for a second. At least one video that showcases a sad child. You know they love sad children in their propaganda. Sad and confused kids, love them. Do you want your kid to grow up sad and confused? No? Then don't let them be gay.

And at least one cartoon that's saying some stupid shit. Okay? Okay. Deal? Deal.

I said send me some anti-gay shit, and y'all sent me some anti-gay shit really fast. Y'all were ready. Got my wine, got some time. (laughs) And I also got a tour, if you want to check that out. Coming to multiple cities. Please come. Please buy a ticket, please. Please, please, like, please.

Flag of the feminazi. Oh joy. Oh, it's titled Heterophobic. Oh. Girl, he we go. He just started. He just started, I'm already getting my wishes? Look at him. Straight white man, middle aged.

I can tell, I can tell. And he is about to say some shit. Like, if he's just inventing it, girl. - I am a straight, white male. - Okay.

Check. Here we go. - Living in a world of heterophobic- - Okay. - Homo-fascism. - Okay.

- We need more diversity and more tolerance, which sounds great, until you realize that this applies to everyone except me. - What? What do you mean it applies to everyone except you? I mean, you're probably gonna explain it, but like, girl, it still applies to everyone. We need more inclusion, we need more diversity, that's us telling y'all, hey, can we be included and be diverse in this narrative? When you as a straight, white man have been the leader of the entire narrative and people want to include other people into it, you're not being excluded, girl. We're just filling in more holes, you know what I mean? You're not being excluded, y'all led the shit. We're just including ourselves.

We want to make some tables too. It's such a weird narrative to say straight white people are being excluded out of diversity from the people that they have been excluding for centuries. Straight people can't really be excluded, y'all.

You can't. We really can't do it. Just 'cause people are including narratives of other people doesn't mean you're getting excluded, it just means you can't be stomping around like we don't exist anymore. Come on. What else you gonna say? - As an alpha male, if I talk about- (ominous music) - Y'all can't be springing that word out on me! Y'all already know how I feel! Not the alpha male, girl. Girl, not the alpha male. This man self-titled himself an alpha male. You already know the level of bullshit we are about to cross over, and the video is also nine minutes long and I'm only 30 seconds in! Come on, alpha male, tell me shit I obviously don't know.

Tell me some recycled shit and then pat yourself on the back for it. - If I talk about women, I'm sexist. If I talk about gay men, I'm homophobic. - How are you talking about women and gay men? Is this video about to be, as a straight white alpha male, I deserve the right to talk about anyone any way I want to. No one can tell me who and who I am, 'cause I'm an alpha male, I can do whatever I want. If I call you a queen, then you can't be mad at it and you can't call me a bitch.

Girl, you could just cry sometimes. - And if I don't pander to the illogical delusions of the masses, I'm a bad person. - Illogical delusions of the masses. Oh, not a maverick. The majority of the world, they're just delusional.

I'm the right one. I'm an alpha male. Okay, we just got to hear the words him being oppressed and then we're sold, okay girl? I will drink this entire bottle in one swig. (laughs) If you say illogical delusion of the masses and you believe you're right in that, girl, I think you're just on the wrong side of history. - Let's roll things back a little and start at the beginning. - Okay, the beginning. - One of the pillars of philosophy- - Okay. - Is that it's universal. Basically that means the same set of rules must apply to everyone.

If someone tells you that it's immoral for Ron to steal from Ben, but it's okay for Ben to steal from Ron, it's bullshit. If someone tells you that vanilla ice cream is wonderful and chocolate ice cream- - This motherfucker is reading a script. There's nothing bad with that, I'm just saying, man.

I hate when people try to bring in philosophy to counterbalance their complete ignorance. Some philosopher out there made this one theory and wrote this one book, so now that is my excuse of why I want to call you a queen. - If I tell you that I enjoy sticking my dick in consensual vagina, I must live and let live, not be hypocritical by being okay with a gay man who enjoys shoving his dick up the consenting poop pipe of another man. Everyone gets to do whatever they want, as long as it's consensual, and I will fight for everyone's right to do so, even if I'm completely disgusted by what they're doing.

- Where are we going? (laughs) - If one person has the freedom to like something, then other people must be equally free to hate that same thing. - What? So you want the freedom to hate me? Girl, go ahead, but I'm gonna hate you back. I don't know, where are we going with this? I should be allowed to hate you and call you a queen, but I'm an alpha male, so you can't do shit. I'm telling you, this is where it's going.

How dare you hate me for hating you? That's not allowed, that's not my philosophy. Girl, that's your philosophy. Last time I checked, I don't got to follow your philosophy, okay? I'm literally named after a philosopher, girl, come on. - Wikipedia defines- - Not Wikipedia. (laughs) I keep on pausing it every two seconds.

- Wikipedia defines homophobia, a range of negative attitudes towards homosexuality, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. - Glad you could read that. - Okay. I am absolutely disgusted by guy on guy sex. - Great, glad we got there. Almost three minutes in, now we're finally, okay. Yeah, we figured that out way earlier.

- However, I'm turned on by girl on girl sex. - Okay. Where are we going? (laughs) Did I have to know you jerk off to lesbian porn, sir? Did I have to know that? Where is this video taking us? Did you really tell me some philosophy shit to tell me that you jerk off to some lesbian bullshit? You know, like, a lot of lesbian porn isn't actually how lesbians have sex. I've learned, I've learned. I've been told. I don't watch. I don't watch. (laughs)

But I've been told. Also love his little laugh in the beginning, girl. Like, where are we going? Where are we going? - Which, if we're keeping score, could make me be seen as homo-neutral. - What? (laughs) Okay, okay, okay, okay, why am I leaving? Homo-neutral, because your hormones. Bitch, okay. Homo-neutral, homo-neutral. (stammering) I can't even talk! You just admitted the thing that we've always been talking about, the things that lesbians themselves are so annoyed of, bisexual women, pansexual women, that these homophobic men will be like, oh, well I like looking at girls making out so I'm not that homophobic.

But you're still gonna call me a queen, right? Here I thought that maybe you might have been going somewhere for a brief second, but you just called yourself homo-neutral. You went down philosophy paths, girl, just to come up and make up your own word. Girl, come on, straight white man. I am attracted to girls making out, so, like, I'm homo-neutral! - They say that if a straight man enjoys watching girl on girl sex- - Yes. - He is sexually objectifying women. - Yes.

- Which makes him bad as a person. - I mean, kind of, yeah. - Sometimes the only way to win a game is to tell the idiot who made the rules that you're not playing. - I'm very much guessing this man is single.

I don't want to sound mean, but I'm very much guessing that. You're into women making out? Great. Are you also into giving women rights? Over their own bodies? If not, then sir, yes, you are 100% objectifying women. There's no conversation about it. - You shouldn't care what I think about what you do. - If you've made your opinions known, I'm gonna make my opinions about your opinions known.

If you didn't want that, then don't make your opinions known, point blank, period. That's how it's always fucking been. People love making their opinions known, but then get upset when other people make their opinions known about their opinions. Why did you think that you were, like, above the idea of having people have opinions on your opinions? Like, why do you think that? You shouldn't care what I think. Okay, but I should care, because the way you think and a lot of people like you think have been resulting in the dehumanization and the taking away of rights of people like me, because of how I think. - If you get to do whatever you want- - We haven't been able to.

We have not been able to do what we want. Have you not been paying attention? Sure, you have the right to say I'm disgusting, sir. Go ahead and say it, you already did. But I also have the right to say fuck you back, right? I have a voice. You can't handle the heat, get out of the fucking kitchen. Not you making a video crying because people have opinions on your opinions.

Okay, I need to move on, girl. I've been recording this for a second. Mister alpha male feels like because he's straight-up not telling me I can't stick a dick up someone's ass means that I cannot be saying that his thoughts that that's disgusting are disgusting and dangerous, am I not allowed to have thoughts about your thoughts, sir? This is a mindset from people that have never had to look outside of themself before, people who are so surprised that other people are placing opinions on your opinions after you just placed opinions on other people's opinions in this video. How dare people showcase their freedom of thought about your freedom of thought? Oh my god, where does it end? What's this? Policy my past high school implemented. Let's see. Sexual identity policy. Catholic High School is committed to providing a safe environment that allows students to develop and prosper academically, physically, and spiritually, according to our rules only, not spiritually according to yours, fuck you.

Consistent with Roman Catholic teachings and principles affirming that the body reveals each person as male or female and that the harmonious integration of a person's sexual identity with his or her sex is an expression of the inner unity and reality of the human person made body and soul by God. What the fuck did they just say? That sounds like a bunch of Scrabble words, girl. In fulfillment of these religious truths...

Okay, religious truths? You mean the truths y'all just decided were true, you know? Y'all looked away from a lot of other truths, but okay. We won't get into that. Roman Catholic educational environment shall reflect a relation to persons including name and pronoun usage, access to facilities and overnight accommodations, that is respectful of and consistent with each person's God-given sexual identity. God didn't give that, girl. Last time I checked, these words were human made, okay.

And biological sex at birth. What about intersex people? They exist. They exist. I love how this conversation keeps on happening, completely excluding an entire population of people who were born, you know, more than one, you know, girl? Recognizing that each person is created in the image and likeness of God, are you sure? Ensures that dignity is safeguarded and safe environments are fostered. Girl, this doesn't sound safe.

Forcing people into a box that they have obviously continuously rejected isn't safe, girl. That makes you feel safe, but that makes everyone else feel like shit. I like how they say the pronoun use situation, but this entire passage has been so gender neutral. Like, go ahead, girls, progressiveness.

Progressive oppression. Behavior and expressions of a person's sexual identity within the school's environment that are inconsistent with these principles and/or which cause disruption or confusion regarding Roman Catholic teachings on human sexuality are prohibited. And that is on, what? Religion trying to control people. (laughs)

You can only think how we think. You're only allowed to express yourself how we want you to express yourself. Why? Because we say so. Did God say that? We don't know, but here's a book written by us, written by us, that we use as an excuse to tell you that's what he said, yes! Stay strong, no, stay strong.

We're living in a time where previous generations are really, really trying to hold onto stupid shit that many of us in our generations have known have been problems for our society for a while. To them, it wasn't a problem. It was a sign of control, a form of control that they had never actually really been able to control, but one they feel like they've controlled, so they're constantly going to implement things to feel like they're controlling it. They can't really control. You can't control my wanting to suck dick, sir. Like, I'm sorry, I get it. Like, oh, you got a policy.

But girl, I'm gonna want to. I'm gonna be looking, okay? I'm gonna be searching on the internet. What's this? (ominous music) - Faggot. - Honestly, queen shit. Honestly, how am I just seeing this? Why have I not used this as a meme? Hold on! I never really watched "Jersey Shore".

I don't even watch it nowadays, girl. Queen of calling people that word. I've been saying it all day. Mississippi anti-gay tourism video? Oh, it's a Funny or Die video. Okay, okay, okay.

- We're Mississippi. - Hi, Mississippi. - [Narrator] We're proud of our Southern values, magnolia trees, and hot days. - Okay. - [Narrator] Now, thanks to Governor Bryant, we have an oppressive law to match our oppressive heat. - Great. - Here, you can march to the beat of your own drum, as long as that beat hearkens back to 1888. - Yep.

- [Narrator] Visit one of our soul food restaurants and swallow your sense of humanity. Toast to being the state with the third highest teen pregnancy rate. - Ooh! - [Narrator] Come dance your heart out without the fear of a gay man or lesbian showing you up. Paddle your way through semantics that justify discrimination.

Explore nature with your nuclear family while explaining to your kids why being different is bad and why sex is scary. - (laughs) And why sex is scary! Okay, this is funny. - [Narrator] Walk amongst mansions previously inhabited by slaveowners.

- Yep. - And now inhabited by bigots. - Yep. - Explore our vast collection of books before we burn them all. - Before we burn them all. Let's talk about fucking book burning. I thought we were all taking the same history classes throughout the years, I really thought that.

I was in my Los Angeles bubble. Every single time we've learned in the history class that there was book burnings, that was usually, like, the wrong side of history, and the fact that people are still actively doing that today in this country baffles me. The fucking internet exists, girl.

It's just performative shit at this point now. Like, get over yourself. Y'all are so dramatic. Girl, Kindle exists. (laughs) I didn't like gay people, is this that cartoon? Oh my god, is this that cartoon? I quickly became homophobic. I have only seen the meme, I have never seen this full video. I am actually excited. What's the story, kid?

Why were you homophobic? What happened? (laughs) - [Narrator] I grew up in Queens, New York. I witnessed quite a number of homophobic incidents, and because of that, I became acclimatized to it all. - Okay. - At that time, being gay was seen as a big no.

- Yeah. - It was seen as wrong. - It still is. It still is to some people, you know? We can't switch the narrative to, oh, now everyone's accepting gays, because not everyone's accepting gays.

Don't let the people that aren't accepting gays think that, because then they're gonna go harder, and then suddenly I can't walk outside anymore, you know what I mean? We haven't 180-ed completely, girl. I wish, I wish we'd 180-ed. - [Narrator] Being exposed to all the hate towards the gay community, I quickly became homophobic. - There it is! There it is! (laughs) I quickly became homophobic! Me too. - [Narrator] Hating on gay people became part of my lifestyle. - Okay. - [Narrator] There was a point in my life where I developed such a hated for gays, I could not comprehend the fact that a man could have feelings for another man in the way I could have feelings for a woman.

- You see? Because hatred is taught. (spooky distorted music) Okay. - I had a guy friend I often hung out with, and this one time we were playing handball.

- Did y'all become lovers? - And I noticed he started touching and complimenting me. As the game progressed, it became overbearing for me and I felt violated. I told him to stop, and he started to play aggressively, but later touched me again. - Oh no, that's assault. - [Narrator] I asked if he was gay and insulted him and told him to quit touching me. He laughed and told me he had feelings for me and proceeded to touch my stomach.

- Oh no, whoa, where are we going, girl? I don't agree with that. If you said stop, then they're supposed to stop, girl. Consent's important. Is he about to gay bash? What's happening? Oh no, where are we going? - I punched him. - Oh no. - [Narrator] Pushed him into the wall, and swung him headfirst into the street. - Oh no. - [Narrator] I remember breaking his glasses and gashing his face.

I then started high school with an antisocial mindset. The school bullies quickly picked up on that, and I became a target for them. They would call me gay and yell derogatory terms like queen and stupid fairy. - Yes, me. - [Narrator] Not long after, I started college, and felt like this was my chance to break out of my shell. - I really want him to come out to be gay. Did he come out to be gay? Is he gay? Is he sucking dick on fucking Castro Street, girl? Come on, girl. - A few months later,

I joined theater class. - Here we go! - [Narrator] When I was there, I was exposed to- - Not me being problematic! Theater class, that's where it starts! That's where you become friends with gays. - [Narrator] So at first, I was hesitant. I was still scared of gay people and confused. - Not you joining a theater class and then being afraid of gays. Girl, where do you think we go? Where do you think we prosper? Have you seen a Broadway show, girl? We're all up in that. - As time went by

and we worked together I started to become more open-minded. My first close friend I made was gay. He was super kind. - Hey! - [Narrator] And he made me feel like family.

- Yes! - It was almost surreal. - It was me. - I had a gay friend. - Why is that part not a meme? I had a gay friend! - [Narrator] All of this made me think back to the days of me being immature and inconsiderate of people's feelings.

The hate I had wasn't me, it was just a byproduct of what was around me. - Period. 'Cause hated is taught. (spooky distorted music) People naturally don't give a shit. When you tell them they have to give a shit and they hate it by AKA saying something is disgusting when a large portion of the population does it, that causes a ripple effect that then affects people and could get people killed, okay, alpha male? Kirk Cameron says homosexuality is unnatural. True, girl. True, it's unnatural because it's ethereal. It's because it's godlike.

It's because it's descended from the heavens. Have I seen this before? I feel like I've seen this man's face before. At the same time, they all look the same at one point. Basically, I'm a straight lesbian. I'm a lesbian who only likes men but enjoys the lesbian aesthetic. Okay, so that's, like, I'm guessing you have a TikTok.

The military's having trouble reaching its recruiting goals. I wonder why, probably because a lot of people don't want to go to war. I don't want to hold an AK-47, a sniper rifle.

I'm good. People aren't recruiting to the military because it's become very apparent that they don't treat veterans as well as they try to advertise they're going to treat veterans in this country. Maybe people don't want to join the military because people realized the weight of mental issues that come from joining the military do not counterbalance anything the military offers. PTSD isn't being catered to as much as it should and the medical billings that ex-military people are getting are going through the fucking yazoo. Maybe people don't want to join the military because there's been a lot of veterans who, after the military, are completely dirt-ass broke because this government doesn't give a shit about anybody.

Maybe people don't want to join the military because of that, girl. I'd rather go out and get a job than go into a field where I might come out traumatized and dirt poor. But I served my country, right? I served my country.

What else, what else? What else y'all sending me? I see y'all keep on sending me photos of my channel. Once again, y'all ain't funny. Y'all ain't slick! Okay, I know I'm a homophobe. Like, duh. PetSmart manager stands up to Kari Lake supporter, kicks him out of the store for harassing employees over a pride flag.

- [Schmidt] I'm just curious, what is that flag? - I think it's a pride flag. - Take it down, please. - For what purpose? - Because it offends me. - Oh, come now. Because it offends me! - [Schmidt] That stuff is satanic, we can't have that. - Is it the same guy that was harassing fucking Target? Oh my god. - Excuse me. What is that flag right there? - I don't even want to watch this.

Don't use the Bible to harass people like this, because even doing something like this is against the Bible. Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, in the same book you use to push your agenda, to bother people for accepting homosexuality, in the same fucking book, it tells you to calm the hell down. This man going into stores purposely bothering employees because they have pride flags and him trying to use the Bible as an example to do that showcases that he doesn't actually know the Bible. He's just trying to get fucking clicks. Girl, you're going to hell with the rest of us.

Come on, let's party. For then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven! They care so much about the Bible, girl. They should know that. It's almost as if religion is just a shield to protect their biases. (laughs) Some things in the Bible they just decided not to pay attention to, but the other things, they decided to use it as a way to give people shit. Once again, someone sent a picture of my face.

You know what? What if I just became a homophobe? What if I want to be the first one? There's been so many of those gay people on the internet that have turned into, like, completely religious Christian anti-gay people. I know y'all are trying to make a joke. I know y'all are trying to make a joke, but push me enough, girl, and watch what happens. Make me start thinking, girl, I might starting thinking. What the fuck is this? Same sex marriage just won't fly.

Jesus Christ. Not fucking wings, bitch. Whoever made this thought they were doing something, girl. This man runs my country, please help. Oh, Brazilian president? Oh yeah, I've heard. I've heard some news about him. Bolsonaro says reporter has a homosexual face.

What? Girl, girl, girl, what? (Bolsonaro speaking Portuguese) - What? Known for his controversial comments, from rude jokes about rape to black and indigenous Brazilians, he's said in the past he'd prefer a straight son and that homosexuality is caused by a lack of beating. Mr. Brazilian President, some of us like to be spanked. (laughs)

I was spanked as a child. I will say that straight-up. I was spanked as a child, still a raging homosexual. I don't know what happened. I'm gonna end it here. I've been recording for like an hour.

At the end of the day, people who have never had to think outside of their own selves are going to have a problem thinking outside of their own selves. They're going to sit here and try to point out so many hypocrisies, while completely overlooking the own hypocrisies of themselves because their narrative has been the normal for so long. Their hypocrisies have been the normal for so long.

Nothing's normal, no one's perfect, but to use the basic idea of hypocrisy as the excuse to take away the rights from another human being is stupid, because hypocrisy is in everything, and to use religion as a way to treat another human being with disrespect, I don't even want to entertain it anymore. Be yourself, be you. People are gonna villainize us regardless because they have nothing else to do and it gets them clicks. What if they were to take rights from us. Sure, they won that. Will they be satisfied, will they be fulfilled? No, because throughout all of history, these exact same people have found something and some person, some reason, some scapegoat to focus all of their negative and their hatred and their uncomfortable energy towards, and then try to blame those people for why they feel so terrible about their own selves.

You can take rights from everyone you want, but at the end of the day, that's not going to fix why you're so miserable, girl. That's a you problem. They take away our rights, they're still gonna find somebody else to attack. It's never going to end.

Don't let their mental play get to you, because all they want to do is control somebody, as we've seen in this country. They really, really, really just want to control us. Taking people's rights away left and right just because they want to, just because they feel like they can, just because they want to know they can, basically, girl.

Shout out to ifelixx_ and Veronic and a bunch of numbers for retweeting my last tweet on Twitter, my last video, oh my god. Comment down below, have you ever become quickly homophobic? I don't know. What's your favorite quote from Snooki? I don't know what to tell you guys to comment. I'm gonna just go. Come to my tour, it'll be fun.

You can win some money, probably. Not all of you. Not all of you. Only like a few of you, don't be crazy. But anyways, my name is Mac. Don't forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe. Bye!

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