Prone to Landslide Road to The MOST Beautiful BEACH in Flores [S2-E15]

Prone to Landslide Road to The MOST Beautiful BEACH in Flores  [S2-E15]

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Go up a bit on the hill side, the landslide is a bit scary. Look at this! Beautiful... Good morning everybody and welcome back here in Moni on the island of Flores. This morning we already woke up at 4 am and we hiked up to Kelimutu. A beautiful mountain with 3 lakes. If you haven´t watched the video, check it up here.

And today, we will ride to Maumere. I´m going to show you on the map. So, we are here in Moni and we will just follow the main road up to Maumere It´s a pretty short distance and somewhere around here we wanna check out some beaches. It supposed to be beautiful.

You ready, baby girl? > I am. Lets go, it´s hot. > Yes. Thank you, home stay. I forgot your name but thank you so much.

The name is here. Rice fields guest house. Thank you so much. For your hospitality and your pretty good fried rice.

In the morning, important breakfast. We are ready to move on from Moni in Kelimutu. We have a nice memory here. > Yeah, amazing. We met a bunch of cool people, another travelers.

Shout out. You guys, thank you for accompany and welcoming us when we got here. > Yeah, wished you safe travel. Yeah, amazing. Good luck with your travel, I know you guys still have a long way to go like us. And hopefully one day we will meet again. > That would be cool. And yeah, we are heading to Merauke, I mean Maumere today.

Yeah, I´m trying to get a head of my self. I´m sorry. We´re going to Maumere today, it´s on the north shore. We are closer to the south shore now. But it´s a short distance, on the map, if we´re going there non stop. It´s about two, two and a half hours. But, we do wanna stop in this beautiful beach, It´s called Koka Beach. So yeah, meanwhile you guys enjoying this beautiful scenery here. I hope you guys enjoying our video.

And, OnTheRoadAgain. Bye Kelimutu, Wonderful, Beautiful mountain lake. > Yeah, amazing. You guys definitely have to check out our last video before this one. I´m sure Natalie has put it somewhere right there earlier today. Yeah check it out, and if you guys are making a trip to Flores, It´s a must see place. Yeah, definitely. And, try to go there early in the morning. Because the sunrise view was amazing.

But now, we are moving to the next one. Maumere, we are coming. So far, Flores has not disappoint us at all. It´s beautiful. Even just to ride around. The nature is still real here. It´s amazing. And the people in Flores, my god they are so nice. They love to smile. It´s amazing. > Yeah, lovely people here.

They always give you a smile. Look at that. See, more smiles on the road. Yeah, the landslide is kinda scary though. Everywhere. Each time we go up a bit on the hill side. The land slide, It´s a bit scary. Look at this.

I´m not lying, right. Look at this, rocks like this is sliding down from the top is scary. Ya! Don´t stop at the mountain side. Or don´t stop on the cliff side, cus maybe that one is gonna go down.

Stop on the middle of the road. The road is empty. Look at this.. > No... No traffic. > Bad advice. Maybe that´s Kelimutu, or that one. I think is that one, I think is that one. So pretty.

The valley here is insane. > Amazing huh?? The turns... It´s amazing. > Yeah.. so cool. Wow yeah, so much nature here. > It´s endless from one side to the other. And for sure a lot and lot and lot of volcano and mountain ranges. I´m curious how many volcanoes there are. > I thought we were told it was 14.

My God, the landslide is crazy, Jesus! I´m glad we didn´t pass through here when it happened. Scare the ( ) out of me. This one too. > Oh yeah. This one too, babe.

Looks like it´s not that old, huh. Nope, they´re still working on it. Trying to break the stones into pieces so they could move it. > Crazy. We´re getting closer to the beach now, I could feel the sea breeze.

The warm sea breeze. Watch out, bad road. Could you check my back pack. It jumped on my back.

Wow... Natalie is jumping now. It´s great. Smashed on my back, before. Bad road. > Oh, shoot.

Too late, huh. > Way too late, babe. Is this Koka beach. Gonna make a right, right there babe. > Where. Here, where the kids are out. Owh, we have to turn around? Is Koka beach that way? > Yes.

Thank you. Uft, the road... Shall I go to the right, yes I´m going to the right. There is a homestay, babe. Eco homestay Ricky.

That´s a school, huh? > Junior high, yeah. It´s 1 o´clock? Yeah, 1:08. They just got out. Ow, that´s a gate. We gotta pay for it.

Hello, sir. > Excuse me sir, for entrance to the beach is 10k per vehicle. 10k per bike. Thank you, ma´am.

Is there any food down at the beach? > Yes, there is. Okay, lets go. Good bye and thank you. I hope we don´t need to walk far. > Oh yeah. We should´ve asked then. Don´t tell me we gotta pay again I´ll be pissed. Oh no, it´s not here.

Are you kidding me, we´re paying again? > No, we don´t. we paid already. Gotta pay for parking. > We already paid up front. Yeah, here is parking. Up front is entrance. To clean up plastic garbage and for convenience. How much is for parking? > 10k per vehicle. Another 10k per vehicle? We´re here already.

Are you guys going to camp? > No, just visiting. I just didn´t expect after paying up in the front and have to pay again here. No rules yet, so it´s personal rules because its private owned land. Time for coconut. And then, check this out. Beautiful place.

Beach Koka. It´s a snorkling place, and from the warung. His Grandma, she found this place. Her graveyard is right there. Beautiful.... I would love to take off my boots and take a swim here.

Nice place, beautiful. Beautiful place. They offer fish here, so lets go and check it out.

How do you want it? > I don´t know. Is this Spanish macarel? > Yes. What fish is this? > Same, this is Spanish macarel. It´s the tail. It´s long. Yeah, this one is big. What fish do you want? Which one is good for grill? > Barracuda. How much is Barracuda per kilo? We serve it per head, it´s complete with soup, rice and etc.

Food.. Thank you. Vegetables, fish, rice, sauce and soup. Crackers. And we have some bananas too.

Enjoy. Beautiful Koka Beach. Bye. And we are full.

Owh, the food was so good. > Yup. Fish fillet. Barracuda.

Grilled Barracuda. It´s really good. And then we so the sailors that we met in Kelimutu. We met them again here and they´re doing spear fishing now. Really cool..

Sailors. Now we are up to Maumere. It´s still 50 KMs from here, an hour and 40 minutes. We´re trying to get there before it´s dark like always.

What time is it? > Now is 3 P.M. We have a lot of time. By any chance you guys know what trees are these? They are like everywhere in here. It´s really colorful. What was the sound? I have to check my back pack afterwards.

Back pack is still good. > Maybe bungee cord snapped. Sounded like it. We can check it on the main road. After eating and sitting down there is no go for me. I´m fine. I ate so much more than you.

So, if you´re going to Koka. You have to pay here, 10k to pass this road. And then you have to pay another 10k inside. But the place is really beautiful. Maybe in the future, they could charge 20k up front. So it wont be confusing for everybody. And then, they know how many people are going in. You know, they could just split the money. Instead of like, paying here 10k and then paying inside 10k. It´s really confusing for me.

And they have solid food and the coconut was really cheap, actually. Right side? > Yeah, make a right side, baby. Do you wanna check your bag? What is the name? > Mathilda.

Oh there, Mathilda. Here huh? Oh no, no. > Next to it. Is this safe for our bikes? Hello hello, and we are in Maumere. Was a beautiful day, again. It was amazing ride through the mountains, I´m going to show you on the map where we drove through. We started in Moni and we followed the coastal, the main road to Koka beach. Somewhere around here.

And then, up to Maumere. That´s our checkered flag. I really hope you like the video. If you did, give us a big like and subscribe down below and then see you in the next video.

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