Princess Goes' Michael C. Hall, Peter Yanowitz & Matt Katz-Bohen On "Come Of Age," Touring & More

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[Music] about true cash now  with their Bell draw Blitz   get ready to listen to your favorite art artists [Music] Michael Peter Matt  a pleasure to be speaking   with all three of you we'll throw  the first one at Peter we'll say   how did this band come together because it's  three people who have a lot of credits who are   very busy and it's not every day that you have  a band with three people who have a lot going on oh first of all thanks for having us um yeah  we came together it was one of those weird   accidents in the universe we we uh we're all  a part of the Hedwig show on Broadway uh which   a friend of ours wrote and uh Mike and I got  to be in the band together um as drummer and   singer in this fictional band and we have we're  having a good time and we became friends and we   shared a lot of rides back home back downtown  from the theater and listened to a lot of   music that we love Bob Dylan and and heavier stuff  and we just maintained our friendship and Matt and   I Matt was also part of the production and we went  on the headweek tour together and we had such a   good time just hanging out all over the country  we got back to New York we started making music   instrumental music and just for fun we were  just having a good time and uh we really enjoyed   hanging out and one night Mike heard a few of the  jams we've been playing and he noticed we didn't   have any vocals and just casually was like Hey if  you guys ever need vocals on this and we were like   yeah and he uh showed up and started singing on  our jams and there was no even in the beginning   there was no thought of what we were doing or  what it was heading towards but we just kept   doing that and and getting great results and  that's kind of we were paying attention and we   just were like holy [ __ ] there's something here  and we just kept doing it and doing it and that's   been going on now for about five years I mean it  kind of happened to us more than we happened to   it you know right now Michael the first question  I have is I've I've just heard you called Mike a   few times is it a graduation level that once you  get to know Michael C Hall you become Mike to them   um there's no formal ceremony and uh I never take  issue with anybody calling me Mike even if it's   right away it's sort of a dealer's choice but yeah  you know my mom called me my mic called me Mike   these guys call me Mike you can call me Mike  okay well Mike as a follow-up to what I was just   hearing from Peter among your credits was Lazarus  which was famously Bowie's last situation his last   major production I got to know Henry hay a bit who  worked on that as well now did you have to hide   all these years that you were a singer musician  because obviously when you take the subway in New   York City for years and years we just saw your  face but we didn't know hey that guy is a singer   um I mean I wasn't actively hiding it I  just uh I I mean my first my first like   big gig as an actor was uh playing the MC  and Cabaret on Broadway and so you know I   did use the singing uh as an actor in musicals  and stuff like that but yeah as far as as far   as a singing in a band or in anything in that  Universe it just never kind of went that way um   I think the first really legitimate band that I  ever got in front was the band and Hedwig which   um gave me a sense of what that felt like and  uh sort of was like a boot camp in doing that um   every night for for several months and um but yeah  I mean it's something I I've always I've always uh I mean I've taken breaks from it but I've always  done a good amount of singing um I just never uh   never did it in this context you know and  and and you know because I'm not really uh   an instrumentalist or whatever I mean there  are plenty of people who front bands who don't   play an instrument but I just never I'd  never uh thought it was in the cards you   know I mean I I guess I or but it was in  the cards it just didn't get dealt until   later right well Matt not to leave you out  of this uh your credits also oppressive   because besides Hedwig besides princess  goes they include Blondie Cindy Lauper   Etc now are you primarily a keyboardist  or did you default become the keyboardist um yeah I would say it felt like a default but  now I'm not sure I just sort of exist in another   regions really wherever those are um I started  on keyboard and then uh I was like man I want to   rock I want to play guitar man wow and um and then  I gradually came back to keyboard and that's but   you know I played bass and Princess a lot and  guitar and guitar you know Peter was like just   pick up that basement it's so it's so fun it was  great when you said that you wanted to rock now   where did that start because I find that if you're  let's say you're over the age of 40 like myself it   was Van Halen and kiss and then if you were under  40 but 32 to 40 was probably Nirvana and then 32   to this is Green Day where does the rocking  start for you right exactly I I'm sort of in   between I was like um you know the hair metal like  head bangers ball MTV you know poison Guns and   Roses Metallica all that stuff I saw Billy Idol  last night in Brooklyn and that guy rocks yeah   Steve Stevens on Victoria wow Steve Schneider on  guitar Schneider exactly Steve Stevens Schneider   yeah when when you're Jewish you're growing  up um oh man I wish I were cool like these   people and then you realize that everybody's  secretly Jewish in hair metal but that's not   the point uh the point is that your musical  influences have that rock end but then also   when we watch the videos of Princess go I  hear coincidentally I'm wearing a Peter hook   shirt not planned but I hear more of a new order  kind of influence does that come more from Mike I don't know yeah we all we all have that love of  that Manchester scene and um you know but that's   cool that you hear that you know you're saying on  the new videos that you've seen or just in general   like between blur and really all the videos  I hear a it's the kind of thing where I don't   consider New Order dance music I consider it well  produced layered poppy yet meaningful stuff that   can be on in the background yet you can hear all  the meaning in that if that description kind of   makes any sense but I do hear the Manchester sound  uh so that is also an influence besides hair metal   absolutely yeah I think you know coming up in the  late 90s in New York in the early 2000s there was   the massive Resurgence of the Manchester South  with Joy Division and yeah yeah DJing Joy Division   and New Order clothes people would be dancing  to those songs so I think that also affected   certainly my my DNA I mean um because yeah like  you said growing up listening to Joy Division   is one thing but then going to a club and people  are actually dancing to and it's like oh this is   really you know this music inspired me to  my life sure now throwing it back to Mike   here looking at the upcoming tour dates there's a  gig in Brooklyn next week then there's Manchester   which we were just talking about in Germany the  Netherlands and Belgium when did you realize hey   I don't want this to just be a studio project but  I want to take this on the road with Francisco's   I mean it's it's like Peter's dead I mean I think  we just keep showing up and and and hopefully   uh people show up where we show up you know  it's like we we played that first gig because we   we found that we'd written some songs and um  wanted to share them Beyond just that room that   Peter and matter in and um yeah we've we've found  people to help us out to book us some gigs we got   uh hooked up with a with a with a booking agent  over there who who's been able to line stuff up   for us um this is the second time we've gone over  there and um you know we we we're excited about   the music we believe in it and um if if there are  people that help us uh line up uh the chance to   play we'll play anywhere you know and um and I  do feel like you know fans fans over in the UK   and in Europe more broadly are are really really  great there's a real love of live music there   um a lot of great you know small clubs and  um and I mean it's a it's an amazing thing   to go and share something that's so sort of  personal and intimate with a room full of   strangers and a totally strange place the it's  a beautiful feeling and um but uh yeah I mean   we I don't think we ever have sat down that  um okay what next or what's our what's our   uh what's our Target you know what's it's just um  we've just sort of been able to continue to show   up for it as it's evolved and um yeah yeah  it's very impressive the venues that you're   playing in the UK these are not just little tiny  clubs these are respectable great venues so when   you have a gig at the Manchester Academy or the  globe or the O2 Institute that kind of a thing   what should we expect and I don't know if this  question goes to Peter but what should we expect   because a lot of bands go well we just have one  or two albums so you're going to hear most of   those two albums in a cover in this case is it  like a 60-minute show a 90-minute show any idea   yeah this tour uh I think we're  scheduled to do 90 minutes and uh   yeah you know what to expect we we like to you  know build on what we do in here live and and   see where we can take it you know I I think a  lot of uh you know we have different sides of   the band we like to cross genres on our records  and so I think our shows hopefully are curated   where we can kind of pay respect to all the  the styles that we like and uh you know I   don't know our audience has been audiences all  around here in the states and over there have   been really lovely and just receptive so it's  kind of a Love Fest Vibe you know I don't know   it just it feels like I don't know we we seem to  really take a lot of energy from it so yeah just   that exchange of energy we hope it it's always  there and we just hope we keep making new fans   cool now follow-up question to you your credits  include morning wood there was two morning Woods   there was the one that was on Capitol Records  and then there was the one we mentioned hair   metal before there was one that TNT singer Tony  harnell had which morning wood were you part of   oh that was most definitely the Capitol  Records one uh yeah never heard this other   one I've never heard of it either but you know  I know there were a couple morning Woods when   we first started there was one in Austin Texas  I think it was an all-girl and all girl Bandit   you know we honestly had to reach out to them and  pay them to change their name because once we got   to Capital we we had to solve you know figure that  out but uh yeah I mean it's you know it's a great   name I mean it was kind of a double-edged name  for us it was it fit what we felt like was our   vision but it also sort of I think allowed people  to not take us seriously all the time you know   and maybe it also even steered the course of our  music a little bit in what we what our songs were   about in in a way that wasn't really necessary  because we really just wanted to rock and but   whatever it was a great time what did the other  band change their name to oh yeah good one uh   hey I'm boner I would imagine they do  that in the USA you know that that UK   band thing how they're the Charlotte ends  everywhere in the world's UK in the states   yeah morning with UK well it's Morning Glory over  there right that's what they call morning wood   it's morning glory and then yeah we found out all  these other words for Morningwood all over the the   world there is a different word in every language  for it so Matt a random question for you here   being that you've worked with blondie for so long  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Glenn   Matlock is there a nicer person that you don't  think would be a nice person than Glenn Matlock um he is yeah he he shocks he shocks your  perceptions because you think he's gonna   be this snotty lab Brash bratty Punk and then he  shows up and he's got like you know his little T   and he's sort of offering you you know some tea  and dressed in a nice three-piece um Professor   suit yeah we call him professor because that's his  whole heart well uh I think that that reminds you   of how in in movies wrestling MMA the people that  come across as being the main people on screen are   generally the most relaxed people because they've  nothing to prove so Mike is it different for you   your approach in singing where nobody's expecting  you to be a certain way that you can finally   express yourself and be yourself in Princess goes  um yeah I guess you know as an actor you're you're   um you're interpreting and doing your best to  embody someone else's um words and uh in this   case it it's my your words than our music and so  yeah so it yeah it's very different um and there's   the freedom in that and a there's something about  the experience of Performing that that's more um immediate uh less filtered  you know you know sort of like revealing yourself through something  else you're just like there it is um though you know when we get to the point where  we're playing our song live I mean sometimes in   the midst of the song comes man I love this song  who wrote this song oh it was we wrote this talk   you know it it sort of once you start to give  it away it doesn't belong to you in the same   way you know you just kind of like allowing it to  you're the yeah you're the thing it goes through right I guess I mean like ultimately you know  it doesn't feel that different like if you   really own the words you're saying as an actor  or really oh I don't know I don't know no I do   know what you're saying right there because the  script is given to you unless you were a writer   producer or director or or on a set where they  let you improvise freely and change things up   in this case this is your art these are your  words but the second you hear people singing   them back at you you go wait are these mine  not necessarily they can sing it back that   makes sense yeah my my last question is going  to go to all three of you uh and one at a time   we'll start with Peter on this come of age is the  new record and it's out in a couple of weeks I   assume there was no influence by Damn Yankees  coming of age but come of age is the record   when a lot of artists finish a new record  they go I am done with writing I'm not going   to write anything else and other artists go  well no we have leftovers I write every day   Etc so for you when do you think the next  album will be will there be another album   will there be an EP or are you just one album  One release at a time good question yeah we're um I mean we're definitely hoping that there's  another round of you know you never know what   with anything you know unless it's right in front  of you um so yeah we have high hopes to just keep   making music and writing this wave of creativity  together as long as we can you know as long as   everyone feels like we have something to say  um so yeah it'll be interesting you know we we   have been writing non-stop you know for the last  five years I think this last year we've kind of   taken a little bit of a break to get this record  together and finish it and get it all all the art   and videos going so it'll be interesting when we  pick back up that and we're we're more in like   getting ready to perform mode so it's a different  headspace and um but you know I think going into   perform mode and playing these shows this year  and maybe even for the next couple years like   we'll probably learn something about where we want  to go for the next record and and maybe we'll get   some inspiration that we won't even realize on the  road or just at these shows of what kind of music   you know is in us for the next round whether it's  like you know we have a very quiet side of the   band where we can do you know really mellow  acoustic-y stuff and we have a lot of ideas   sitting in this computer here that that speak to  that and we also have a heavy heavier side that we   touch on on some of our records but you  know we all love to rock and you know   you know I was just saying we at the beginning  of the pandemic we had uh booked some time at uh   the ranch famous Rancho De La Luna in the Palm  Desert with Dave catching the the desert rock   group we were going to go do a week with him  and we had to cancel it because of kovid and   we would love to revisit that someday and  that that would have been a whole different   thing for us and I think I think we're not we've  we've played a lot of our music in this room and   recorded it and rehearsed in this room but I feel  like we're look you know that's one of the reasons   we shortened our name we want princess to be able  to go anywhere musically physically we might make   a studio album with a different producer next  time rather than self-producing which we've done   on our first three records I don't know that we we  don't know but we're gonna go for it we're gonna   see what what what is what is available before us  you know and by the way I love that you're another   owitz I gotta just shout out to the owitz's um  that's really [ __ ] cool uh and well Gwyneth   Paltrow was a Paltrow wits uh I think until the  grandfather and then they took off the you know   the it's and you know goop happens but anyway uh  you've been to Rancho that's in El Paso right no   that's uh Sonic Ranch Rancho De La Luna is in  the Palm Desert I think so in California yeah   well kind of like the desert rock scene you know  you know hatching game catching yeah Queens of   the Stone Age date catching but Eagles of death  death metal yes all the Josh Comey adjacent kind   of stuff and yes uh Matt does that answer from  Peter reflect where your head is at as well that   it's take it as it comes we're writing a lot we're  inspired we'll see where it is it is all going and   the princess goes short in version of the name  was a smart move or did I create dissension where are you located Long Beach Long  Island New York any of you ever been here   uh yeah yeah yeah like this is one of those towns  where all the bands hang out but no one tells one   another that they're here so like when I'm talking  to Albert Hammond Jr he's like oh yeah my my wife   was an au pair there and you're like wait what  everything happens here but no one wants to talk   about it but uh yeah anyway as we were saying  Matt this is the secret of fulcrum of the New   York music scene it's Long Island's along Long  Beach Long Island no no one tells anyone they're   from Long Island they just say from New York City  it happens oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah it's like   I went to school and bought and sort of not like  that it's in the neighborhood Jason which is yeah   um I think we have a lot of material and I'm  excited to work on it and as Peter once said   he feels happier when he's working on a new  song or some new music or something and I think   that's true for me too I feel really good when I'm  feeling creative especially with this band because   we're you know we we're not um yeah there's  nothing really stifling going on so so it's pretty   exciting you know to mine the material that's  there and look toward the future all the game   cool and the last word goes to you Mike because  I graduated that I can call you Mike and not just   Michael uh yeah more to come can I call you dare  yeah um I think uh yeah I mean I definitely think   there's more to come there's more there to be you  know there there are already things in different   different states of realization or completion  and uh like Peter said there are different   sort of aspects of what we've been up  to that maybe would lend themselves to   different releases but uh yeah I don't know  exactly what form it'll take but but uh yeah and   there's no yeah there's nothing better than than  feeling like you're on the case of some new thing   you know writing it's like a being in a flow State  you know well congratulations on come of age I   mean congratulations in advance because it's still  out in a couple weeks but big tour ahead really   looking forward to everything that's to come  from all of you and thank you for your time today

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