Prince Harry leaked his own scandals & I know why (deep dive into his book, Spare)

Prince Harry leaked his own scandals & I know why  (deep dive into his book, Spare)

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this feels like Harry's  reputational suicide mission.  there's a really big thing missing from this  book. the absence of it is kind of deafening. morning. Harry's book was released at midnight  and you know what that means, don't you? it means  

coffee montage, picking the perfect comfy  reading outfit and off to the supermarket,   which has just opened and we're going to hope  that it's not sold out by the time I get there. [music] I wanted to address why I am reading the new  memoir by Prince Harry. the first is just a   fundamental belief of mine which is: no read-ey,  no opinioney. consider the source material or stop   talking about it. and I would very much like  to talk about it so there's not really any way  

out of this. it's me and you harry. and even  though I might not strike you as somebody who   is particularly royalist, I am a citizen of the  UK and therefore the future of the royal family   very much does concern me. I don't understand why  people think that it wouldn't. both symbolically,   when it comes to inherited power, how in the  future we are going to start Reckoning with our   past, and we're in a cost of living crisis and  they've got quite a lot of the freaking money.   as I've talked about on the channel before I'll  leave some links below. the queen has just died.  

and she was honestly probably the last figurehead  that could publicly balance the contradictions   of having a monarchy in the modern day. not  least because the very idea of the monarchy,   whatever your political persuasion, probably  contradicts everything you were taught about   what is right growing up as a child. if you  grew up religious you were probably taught:   God has no favorites. and if you were brought up  atheist you were probably taught: nobody should   force you to live under their religion. and  perhaps this is a phenomenon you can relate   to if you're from another country but perhaps not.  but in Britain it's just a fundamental part of our   psyche. like it's hard to get out. I was brought  to the gates of Buckingham Palace at a very young  

age. I remember participating in lots of Jubilee  parties, Street parties, royal wedding parties,   the whole the whole shebang. and as I've grown  older and I've read more about it and I've   learned more about the history of it I have  to defer to the ‘you're wrong about’ podcast   and describe it as ‘a very expensive kind of  misery’. I don't believe anybody's having fun   here. Prince Harry fascinates me because he's  the first person to freaking admit it. I have   been trying to avoid some of the Spanish spoilers  and speculations on the internet. but I haven't   been completely immune. but I am excited to  start this book and if you're not planning to  

read this book… read it for you. give you an  Insight. let you know my thoughts. let's go. right I'm on page 179 and before I go into my  review so far of the book let's go to the real   review that actually matters: vegan babybell… yay  or nay? pray for me folks. alas, earwax. something   that hasn't come up earwax for me just yet is  the book. like some might be loath to say it,   but I'm actually having a really good time. he  has worked with a Ghostwriter, which is very  

normal for Memoirs. I actually think that it's a  better use of everything it's time because people   who are famous for reasons that aren't writing  aren't generally gonna write very enjoyable books   so having a Ghostwriter to like … structure a  narrative, pull out what's interesting, form a   sentence properly… I think it's only fair on the  readers if I'm honest. so it's actually written   really really well, we're not even a quarter of  the way through. Diana has already died. Harry's   done all of school, he is about 18. the queen  mother is on her way out. and in that respect I   am also really relieved about the pacing, because  some Memoirs you spend like half of the book in   their childhood which they barely remember anyway  and it's generally quite boring. so I'm feeling   hopeful about the pace. I've also laughed a little  bit at certain sections. particularly this bit  

where he talks about how his dad is really like  has this big reverence for Shakespeare and does   speeches all over the country about how people  should read Shakespeare and he always felt a   guilt for not being able to get into it. but  then he talks about opening Hamlet and says:   ‘lonely Prince obsessed with dead parent? watches  remaining parent fall in love with dead parent   usurper? I slammed it shut. no thank you.’ which  can only be fair play. the title, if you haven't   cottoned on is a reference to this phrase ‘the  heir and the spare’. the heir to the throne and   the one that would succeed him if anything happens  to the heir. like the spare part. and I thought  

that was just like a funny title and also maybe a  bit funny because to go spare is to struggle with   your mental health which is something Harry  has talked about a lot extensively in radio   interviews and stuff. so I thought it was funny,  but turns out massively not funny. massively the   actual nickname that both his mum, his dad, his  grandpa and even the queen herself called him.   they literally called him the spare. ‘there was  no judgment about it but there was no ambiguity.  

I was summoned to provide backup, distraction,  diversion and if necessary a spare part. a kidney   perhaps. blood transfusion. a speck of bone  marrow. it was all made explicitly clear to   me from the start of life's journey and regularly  enforced thereafter.’ sounds damaging. and also   quite ‘never let me go’. but he doesn't seem like…  he's is kind of just like… that was just the way   it was. I wasn't jealous. I knew my place in  the hierarchy. like for example Charles and  

William aren't ever ever allowed to travel in the  same airplane because you can't lose the heir to   the throne and the heir heir to the throne at the  same time. you see? but nobody cared where Harry   flew. Harry was allowed to fly anywhere because  ultimately it didn't really matter if he died.   the really gutting part is that um… he talks about  not really believing that Diana was dead for like   some years. he believed that because she'd always  talked about wanting to disappear, to not be here  

anymore that she'd literally just faked her own  death and she was in hiding somewhere and she was   gonna come out after a while. so the emotions that  he felt at her funeral weren't of what he believed   to be actual grief, but the grief that parents at  some point do die and imagine what would happen if   she did die. ‘“it would be so unbearably tragic” I  thought “if it were actually true”’. he definitely   doesn't shy away from all of the aspects of his  massive massive privilege. but as we've discussed   before on the channel, if you believe in decency /  are a socialist you don't believe that money is a   trade-in for abuse. you don't give somebody money  against their will and then say we're allowed to  

do whatever we want to you and you can't complain  because you're rich. there's also like a very   present empathy for the people in his family that  can't show affection. and he talks about like ways   that they tried to show affection without hugging  him or touching him at all. and how he like does   recognize those things but the fact that literally  no like… nobody… his dad didn't even hug him when   his mum died. like not once. and another thing  that shattered for me is this idea that Harry and   William were like, you know, in it together bros.  according to this and like I can imagine older  

siblings doing this… this isn't like a sadistic,  unheard of teenage boy move. but William did just…   he insisted for most of their teenage years that  they didn't know each other and he like wouldn't   interact with him. It was only in like their later  teens they actually started talking. it's all food   for thought at this point. however, I do have  things to do. so I've downloaded the audiobook  

on xigxag which is… some people asked me if you  don't want to use Audible what should you use..   xigxag is my favorite audiobook app. let's  listen because I need to make some curtains. [music] okay, it's day two of reading ‘spare’ and I  actually have had three massive Revelations   overnight. before I tell you what they  are I just want to say that in general   I would review this book so far as PFS. PFS.  pretty f*****g sad. he is communicating what   happened to him quite.. I wouldn't call it  casually… but he isn't over indulging his  

own emotions or egging it up.. I think. which  may be part of the like… chronic illness of   the Royals that they just have to bite everything  back, but also might just be a way of just being   like.. ‘here's the things that happened.’ but  there are some things that happen but I'm like:   Harry… that's PF… PFS. pretty f*****g sad.  like he talks about going to Paris and asking   a taxi driver to drive him through the tunnel  where his mum died at exactly 65 miles an hour   because that's the speed that she was traveling  when she had the crash. and he like.. the..   the driver is a bit like ‘I don't know  if you want to do that dude.’ he's like:   ‘no I need to do it.’ and he makes him do it a  couple of times and that is the first moment where  

he stops referring to Diana as somebody who has  disappeared, but somebody who has died. because   it was only when he became an adult and he went  through that tunnel that he realized that nobody   could survive hitting that kind of wall. and that  is like a paragraph and… and I just had to put   down the book and be like: f**k me. I also think  it's interesting because I am younger than Harry,   as many of you watching will also be and because  I wasn't really like a massive reader of the   tabloids at age 10. I didn't really realize all  of the s**t that they were doing to him when he   was under 18. let's just say it was a lot. and  uh… I kind of think it should be illegal. they'd  

also like in his later life actually hit him with  the cameras to try and get him to react and attack   them so that they could sue him or get a picture.  and like the actual physical violence of the press   was just like something I knew but I didn't know.  you know what I mean? okay let's get on to the   three big revelations. the first one is to do with  why this book even exists in the first place. now  

aside from the money argument because I just want  to like not even really entertain that as a real   argument. I've heard people say it and I think  it's absolutely wild how much money everybody else   has made of his Royal status and his life. none  of which he consented to. and if you're on the   left I really hope you're still holding consent  as something close to one of the morals that you   will defend. but also the fact that like so many  people in the royal family have released Memoirs   without this kind of fanfare and attack. like  Prince Charles himself has done it. Diana did it.   loads of people have done it and and also there’s  many other members of the royal family that own   vast amounts of land and bring in the money from  that British land that I think should probably be   um… I don't know… owned by the people. but Harry's  actually like written something. he's done.. he's   done a thing. is it only passive income that we're  okay with the Royals bringing in? like active  

income? no thank you. he worked for it. I don't  think so. but anyway, why he did this book bar the   money which I welcome him getting because honestly  the security costs that he now has to incur   because of his non-consensual status to protect  his family… I imagine they're quite high. and I   imagine they probably are about 100-200 million  pounds. I don't think he's spending it on shoes,  

I'm not being funny. but anyway apart from  that this is very different to the Netflix   documentary in that it is very distinctly  Harry's thoughts and Harry's story. and   more about his time interacting within the Royal  system. interacting with the Press, interacting  

with the Army before he meets Megan. Megan turns  up about here. so in the last third. page 267   to be precise. so while the Netflix documentary  focused on colonialism, the treatment of Megan,   their love story, how they met, why they'd like to  take a step back. this is definitely more covering   him and that makes more sense to me. also even if  it was identical information like we know that not   everybody watches Netflix and not everybody reads  books, so I think that if you're trying to dispel   misinformation. like… cover all your bases. crack  on. the second thing was... from the Snippets   that I've seen in the news some of them are a bit  TMI. like i’m like…. why would you… why would you  

say that Harry? why would you share that? and  there's lots of stuff in it that maybe people   will be like: ‘I don't want to know that.’ like  how he lost his virginity, which is only like   literally five lines long by the way. he doesn't  indulge. like… it's a funny story but whatever.   he talks about getting frostbite on his penis.  but also like.. does serve a purpose because he   talks about how he couldn't go and see a doctor  about it because he was scared that the doctors,   as they have previously in royalty's life, sold  that story to the press about his wiener. I'm   an adult, it's not funny that Prince Harry got  frostbite on his dick. but I realized that the  

reason he's saying all this random stuff that  happened in his life and being really honest   about his drug use and stuff, which again the  drug use…. why is that shocking us that anybody   rich in the UK is taking cocaine? like that's not…  I'm sure that half of the conservative MP’s have   had cocaine or currently having cocaine right now  over the thought of Harry speaking his own mind.   anyway. what I realized is this is Prince  Harry's ‘Eight Mile’ moment. it's the rap at   the end of the film where Eminem is like: look,  I am a bum. I do live in a trailer with my mum. ‘This guy ain’t no m***********g MC, i know everything he’s got to say against me’.

and that last line that's like: now tell these  m***********s something they don't know about   me. far from I think this being like a way for  Harry to try and get back in the Limelight,   I feel like this is his last hurrah.  this is his last like… here’s literally   everything you've ever wondered about me,  everything they've said, all the corrections,   all of the ones where they're like yeah  you actually did get that right. all of   the information you've ever wanted to extract  from me. here it all is. is that okay? here's   the source material so you never have to look  for another reliable source about me and my   personal experiences ever again. which again,  makes more sense to me now. it makes sense. it   makes sense. number three though. and there's…  this is the big one. there's a really big thing  

missing from this book so far. the absence  of it is kind of deafening. no prince Andrew.   he mentions lots of his other relatives: Auntie,  great auntie. stuff like that. he mentions all of   that. no prince Andrew anywhere. and don't you  think that's PFI… pretty f*****g interesting. [Music] I finished it. oh my f*****g god. I can't believe you've done this. um… Harry went  in harder than I could ever have predicted. and   not in the ways that you would imagine. right?  this is what… I feel like I need to pace. this  

feels like a kind of pacing situation. here's  the thing. there are some absurd moments of   things… of reactions he got from his family that  aren't told in an elaborately emotional way. it   doesn't truly feel like he's trying to like… lay  it on thick, you know? but there are some really   absurd moments. and if you haven't met a British  Posh person well… it's just next level. but what  

I mean to say is the behavior is inexcusable but  not unbelievable. you know? and it's not even like   a tell-all where he's like: my dad’s a b*****d, my  evil stepmom's a witch. he's literally just like:   here's a string of events that were incredibly  confusing and made it seem impossible or like   I couldn't reason with the institution. here's  all the ways I wish it could have worked out.   he doesn't even make any in-depth like..  seething guesses as to why they acted that   way. although there are some clues that make me  feel like none of them are entirely evil. and he   certainly doesn't paint them as evil, but they  are incredibly damaged, incredibly unemotionally   intelligent and potentially in a cult themselves.  um… does Harry call the royal family a death cult?  

um… yeah. actually explicitly. but in a more  musing like… this whole family is based around   death. who dies. why. who we've killed. who gets  killed within the family because we're unwilling   to protect them. this is a death cult. it's an  organization where one of the main party themes   is death. let me… you just got… you've got  to hear this passage. I'm sorry. I feel like   I'm the drunken friend at the end of the party  that won't let you leave because I've started   ranting about my topic of choice. but consent is  important, you are free to go. but you you really  

should hear this. okay… ‘maybe money sits at the  heart of every controversy about the monarchy.   Britain has long had trouble making up its mind.  many support the crown but many also feel anxious   about the cost. that anxiety is increased  by the fact that the cost is unknowable.  

it depends on who's crunching the numbers. does  the crown cost taxpayers? yes. does it also pay a   fortune to government in coffers. also yes. does  the crown generate tourism income that benefit   all? of course. Does it also rest upon lands  obtained and secured when the system was unjust   and wealth was generated by exploited workers  and thuggery, annexation and enslaved people?’   I've just written … i’ve written below it:  ‘comrade Harry!’ I can't believe he's gone   this far a I f*****g love it. his penis may  have frostbite but there is nothing wrong with   his balls. okay. he also acknowledges several  times that this is a really absurd situation  

and that he has like conditional access to this  privilege, but privilege nonetheless. basically   at the end he tried to repair it all. was like:  hey, we want to be in but we can't be fully in   because the Press are literally threatening our  lives all the time. but he talks about trying to   explain the devastation of being financially cut  off by the royal family. and why that is absurd   but also that he costed his security costs just  for his family because they have been reported   on by the Press so much that their security the  threat level is the same as the queen. can I just  

talk about …. compared to all of the rest of the  family it's only him and Megan that have the same   terror threat level as the queen. so it would cost  him about six million pounds minimum just to make   sure that none of his young family die. he wasn't  as asking for the title or any fancy funds or even   maintenance funds. he was literally just asking  for security. he just said: ‘I pleaded for the   continuation of the same armed police protection  I'd had and needed since birth. I'd never been  

allowed to go anywhere without three armed  bodyguards.’ it's the mention of the birth for me.   it's that he didn't choose this, he can't fund it  himself. and this is where things started really…   like I was sweating. I'm getting second hand  sweat for King Charles III. Jesus Christ,   man. I hope you've got whiskey. ‘I recognize the  absurdity. a man in his mid-30s being financially   cut off by his father. but pa wasn't merely my  father. he was my boss, my banker, my controller,   keeper of the purse strings throughout my adult  life. cutting me off therefore meant firing me  

without redundancy pay and casting me into a  void after a lifetime of service. moreover,   after a lifetime of rendering me otherwise  unemployable.’ workers rights! even for Harry!   because he has a point. he has not only just been  working since he was 18. since he was literally   a baby going to these Royal engagements,  doling out both physical and emotional labor   etc… he said ‘I felt fattened for the slaughter.’  fattened for the slaughter. ‘suckled like a veal   calf.’ ‘I never asked to be financially dependent  on pa, I've been forced into this surreal state,   this unending Truman Show in which I almost  never carried money, never owned a car,   never carried a house key. ‘sponge’, the papers  called me. but there's a big difference between  

being a sponge and being prohibited from learning  Independence. after Decades of being rigorously   and systematically infantilized I was now  absurdly abandoned, mocked for being immature,   for not standing on my own two feet.’ and look…  the thoughts of The Truman Show came up for me as   well. it was interesting that he mentioned that.  me and you Harry, we’re the same. but The Truman   Show thing… it does feel like the coverage that  I have… have unwittingly seen on Twitter from the   tabloids is genuinely almost like ‘you're ruining  the show. Truman, you can't leave the show!   think about all the people who work on the show.’  another really interesting thing that I genuinely   did not think he would do was admit that he's not  a Christian and he doesn't believe in God. he said  

‘you won't catch me praying. I do find a comfort  in the still silence’ and he sounds like very   respectful of religion but he made it very clear  that he doesn't pray and has never… like that's…   that's not him. and that's doubly interesting and  maybe if you're not from the UK this isn't clear   to you because the whole premise of the monarchy  is based on the Christian faith. it's based on the   status of it as a Christian country, despite not  everyone here being Christian. it baffles me that   we can leave the European Union with 52 percent  but when less than 45 percent of the country are   Christian… well that's fine. we'll just… we'll  just bow to our overlords. you know? anyway,   I found the relationship between Harry and  William to be really believable in that it sounds   complicated, turbulent, intimate yet distant.  Harry doesn't attack his character at all,  

he just lays out some scenarios that happened. but  at the end of the day like he says: ‘Royal Fame   was fancy captivity’ and I genuinely feel like the  behavior of the royal family as reported by Harry   does feel to me a little like when people leave  religious cults. everybody else not only feels   resentment that they might be leaving, but is also  kind of triggered because it makes them feel like   they couldn't leave or the revelation that they  might have been able to leave at other points in   their life makes them resentful and angry. the  idea that… what, we're allowed to leave? no,   that can't be true because then all of my misery  will have been pointless. such expensive misery!   for example with the cult thing… Harry says: ‘pa  allowed that journalists were…’ and this is in   quotes, ‘“scum of the earth”. his phrase, but…  there was always a but with him when it came to   the Press because he hated their hate but oh, how  he loved their love.’ there are several occasions  

here that I'm guessing have like, to avoid any  other lawsuits or libel, significant evidence   or at least well documented evidence that Charles  and Camilla's press office were behind a lot of   the plants and a lot of the leaks. like there's  some stuff that is inarguably only possible to   have been done by Charles and Camilla's people.  and that does follow with literally everything   I've ever read about the royal family is that  the reputation of the next Monarch is protected   against all else. because the reputation of the  next Monarch… well without that there may not be   a monarchy going forward. you see? so other people  can be sacrificed at the altar of that including  

William and Kate. like they've planted loads of  stories about William and Kate apparently because   of that. but anyway, the Big Revelation for me  came on page 396. please turn to it in your hymn   books. this is his dad and William. ‘they asked  about my hacking lawsuit. they hadn't asked about   Meg, but they were keen to know how my lawsuit was  going because it directly affected them. “still   ongoing.” “suicide mission” pa mumbled. “maybe,  but it's worth it.”’ and again.. I'm like… right…  

I get … this… this… do you know what this feels  like? this feels like Harry's reputational suicide   mission. this is his kind of like… look. I'm gonna  set things on fire because I think that it might   be worth it. why would it be worth it you ask?  why didn't he just shut the hell up? well they   have been silent quite a long time. he's talked  about that and how it doesn't work. and also   because I imagine he still cares about the rest  of his family and the children of the rest of his   family. and his children, who he's kind of got out  of it now, but like without releasing something  

that's incredibly honest about the state of things  when it comes to human rights and human rights   violations within the royal family then this this  is going to continue. this is going to continue. okay, after this bit, hi it’s future leena. after  this bit I go on a little bit of a like tangent   about Harry and his time in the Army. and I just  want to consolidate it for you here because one:   I am not the person, not qualified nor would  I attempt to make a long video essay about   the pros and cons of war in the modern age,  but suffice to say I am incredibly anti-war.   I would not like that to be a thing. if there  is any fault in War I don't think it lies with   the soldiers at this point. it very much lies with  the governments and the people who are controlling  

the wars. which is why it is wild to me that  the right-wing tabloids have gripped onto this   part where Harry tells you what his number… his  number of Taliban fighters he killed during his   time of service. this was not surprising to me.  I know that him, as many Royals have before him,   has gone to war. so the idea that he followed  orders and participated in that war in a very   real way isn't surprising to me. but I do want  to say that the context for the things you   might be hearing… so when he's like: oh, I saw  them as chess pieces. he is saying that in the  

context of talking about the kind of rigorous  brainwashing the Army needs to do to convince   humans that it is okay to shoot at each other.  he recognizes that as part of it and he talks   about how he is not proud of that number. it's  not a number that gives him any kind of inner   prowess. what he said didn't surprise me. what did  surprise me is that everybody else was surprised. so what I'm gonna do is… I'm gonna be a…  I'm gonna put my big girl panties on. I'm  

gonna have some food and maybe gonna  have a little sleep. and then we'll   do final thoughts later. okay? okay. Auntie  Leena's gonna have to go and have a lie down. one eternity later.

okay, auntie Leena has been fed. she's been  watered. she's slept. she's had a shower. she's   got a tea in her hand and she's ready to give you  some semi-coherent final thoughts of which I have   many and for that I don't apologize. now this  was obviously, as you can tell by this video,   an incredibly disturbing read delivered in a  really matter-of-fact way. and I think that's   what's most eerie about it. it was disturbing  for me, even though I'm somebody who has read   quite a bit and looked into all of Charles's  treatment of Diana… should we be surprised that   the royal family is still treating people this  way? and may I just remind you that when Diana   was alive people f*****g hated her too. she might  be an untouchable mother Mary now in pop culture  

history but quite recently she was vilified by  the papers and by people probably like you and   me. I realized I had a huge head start in reading  this biography and understanding the emotional   complications because I've watched the TV show One  Tree Hill. is this not, anyone who has read it,   just a remake of seasons one and two of One Tree  Hill? Two Brothers from the same source treated   differently and have a complicated and tumultuous  relationship about that in which they have to both   confront their own mental health. three absurd  bits I have to mention because otherwise I know   the comments will be writhing with people who  are like: why didn't you mention that? the beard   thing. the fact that Prince Harry allegedly had to  ask the queen for permission to keep his beard for   his own wedding even though there's like loads  of Google images that he brought up to be like:   monarchy having beards? not weird. uh… the queen  didn't know that was protocol either so she was  

like: yeah that's fine carry on Harry. and then  William absolutely violently lost it (allegedly,   according to the book) because he wasn't allowed  to keep a beard for his wedding but he never   actually directly asked the queen. he just kind  of like was told that it wasn't the done thing and   he had to shave it off and he was like really  upset about it and he hadn't dealt with those   feelings so instead he got violent. Prince Charles  telling Harry that they didn't have enough money   to also pay for Megan … Megan's life. and he  was like… Harry almost was tempted to say: oh,   she doesn't eat very much you know! the extent to  which they were willing to reject her according   to this and say that the royal family didn't have  enough money to also pay for him to have a wife. I   mean God knows what they would have done if Prince  Harry was gay like Jesus Christ. anyway the third,  

and I don't want to use the word favorite because  favorite feels like a weird word to say here,   but my most um… memorable anecdote uh… is  William. I can't even say without laughing.   um… William trying to ban Harry from doing charity  engagements on the continent of Africa because he   said that Africa was ‘his thing.’ anyway. look  I'm not here to defend the core inside values   of a person I've never met. that would frankly  be absurd. and I am aware that the times that   I was punching the air a little bit reading  this could lead me down the road of like: oh,   I am team Harry. he's my king. he's the person  I'm supporting. and that would be falling into   the trap that I'm criticizing which is: we don't  know these people. there is nothing they can do  

to earn their place because they were born into  it. and frankly it doesn't matter if they are   nice or nasty people. the power they've had is  unelected, unearned and frankly absurd. it sounds   like finally one person who was randomly handed  that power through the random allocation of DNA   has started to realize that. is he the king  of anti-racism? absolutely not. could he have   gone further in this book um… like spiritually  yes. especially when it comes to colonialism,   but maybe legally no. like there's lots of stuff  in this book that I'm like… maybe you wanted to  

say more and it really f*****g sounds like you  believe it. um… but I would also ledger that this   book is published in the UK and therefore like  libelous British laws apply differently to the UK   than they do to like, say the US where the Netflix  documentary came out. it’s worth noting that the   Netflix documentary they had afua hirsch and David  olusoga who talked quite pointedly, sharply and   directly about the… frankly… the mick that the  British royal family have taken when it comes to   colonialism in other countries. that is something  that Harry has put his name to with Megan and has   overseen. it's something.. it's probably less  than what he could do. Agreed. but honestly I   had a very low bar. more than I was expecting.  because I have learned to expect nothing from   the royal family growing up in Britain. if  your attitude to this book is: look, I can't  

be assed. I don't really care about the Royals.  whatever. that's okay. you don't have to have an   opinion about Prince Harry releasing a biography,  especially if you don't live in Britain or some   part of the Commonwealth or a formerly colonized  country. although the list of countries that were   exempt from that are frankly dwindling. but what  I would say is that you cannot have a big opinion   about this book and not read it. I can't engage  with you. I can't interact with you if you don't   want to read it. because we wouldn't get anywhere.  the reason that we're in this mess, not just this  

modern mess but this historical mess of even..  even having a monarchy, which by the way only   started in 1066 so quite new in terms of how old  England is. the whole reason we're in this mess is   because we didn't used to have access to Source  materials and now we do we're unwilling to read   them. I would really urge you to ask yourself,  as I often have to on many other topics and   maybe before I have had to ask myself about this  topic in particular, I'm not exempt from this.   but you have to ask yourself whether the opinions  that you hold about this book are your opinions,   ones that you have formed consciously, or have  you outsourced them somehow? are they actually   opinions that you've heard and you are repeating.  and of those opinions I would ask you how do those  

opinions sound to the people around you in your RL  (real life) who have been on the receiving end of   both physical and mental abuse as Harry says that  he has. and frankly it would be a weird thing to   lie about. what are you saying to those people who  may not yet have shared their stories with you or   you know them but you think that it doesn't relate  to Harry in any way? are you saying to them:   shut up, we don't want to hear any more about it.  no need to air your dirty laundry in public. or   perhaps even somebody in your life that  struggles with mental health or maybe   you're internally saying it to yourself: boohoo,  you've got luxury therefore you can't talk about   your mental health in public. really? or maybe  you’re on the other end of the spectrum. maybe  

you're on the thing that's like look, the royal  family are important to me. they're harmless.   they've been here forever. they work really hard.  I can't believe that Harry is disparaging them in   this way. and to that I would say: what is mildly  comforting for you, the presence of a unelected,  

Christian, historically supremacist family might  be comforting for you. this idea that there is a   constant in our country that isn't the government.  that same presence is deeply unsettling for lots   and lots of other people who have just as much  a claim to being British as you do, belong here   just as much as you do. whether that is to do with  race and colonialism or maybe it's to do with the   people on the sharp receiving end of this cost  of living crisis. the people who were told that   God made them high and lowly. the rich man in his  castle, the poor man at his gate. God I hate that  

hymn. I f*****g hate that hymn. that this is the  way it's supposed to be. that they don't deserve   basic needs because these people have essential  luxuries. it unsettles me, as somebody who's just   a f*****g voter. the way that Prince Charles has  allegedly tampered with the Democratic process,  

the way the royal family are able to manipulate  the media in a way that means that we very rarely   hear the truth. this could not be the truth.  it very… it really could. it could not be the   truth. but it wouldn't be any more untrue than the  stuff than the rest of the stuff that's coming out   of the palace. and I frankly think I'm gonna get  closer to the truth if I hear both sides of the   story. when it comes to talking about the royal  family, to quote a very high literary source,   ‘we can't go over it. we can't go under it. we  have to go through it.’ the idea that Harry is  

allowed to turn around and withdraw his consent  from being part of this absolute circus that   doesn't allow him and his family to be safe. and  if you want to debate whether like… oh yeah it's   just sticks and stones may break my bones, words  will never hurt me. one, don't say that to the man   who dated Caroline Flack. and also it is a really  big threat because of the press coverage that they   have got. maybe you haven't seen it all because it  wasn't aimed at you and that's okay. but because   of that press coverage their security risk is  as high as the Queens was. it's higher than any   of the other members of the royal family. and  maybe you've missed the news in the past five,  

six, seven years but MPS do get stabbed. that's  a thing that happens. to say that that isn't a   real threat is you gaslighting Prince Harry to  be honest. like the idea that these are just   words and he shouldn't read the papers when  he's getting really explicit death threats,   when he had to have snipers at his wedding. that's  wild. what I'm saying is they are trying to tell   you, and Harry is trying to contradict them, that  what Prince Harry has done in the past five years   is the biggest thing that is happening to the  monarchy right now. and I can tell you for free   it's not. it's the woeful lack of discussion in  this book, he does mention at the end by the way.   he says like: why are they worried about me as a  threat to the royal family rather than my my uncle   who has been accused of all these sexual assaults?  I'm gonna leave some links below. if you haven't  

really looked into the prince Andrew saga and  what's going on with that and the fact that the   queen paid millions of pounds of taxpayers money  to shut up somebody who allegedly was ‘making   it up’. on some level, even if he's completely  innocent, which I honestly am not qualified to   say but from what has come out I highly f*****g  doubt. even if he's innocent do you not believe   that as an equal member of society he deserves  to go to trial on the evidence alone? like the   fact that he doesn't even have to stand trial… if  we had a professional, hearty media landscape in   the UK that is all the papers would be filled  with. think about what it's being filled with  

instead and why. in the words of Cady Heron:  ‘when you get bit by a snake you do have to   suck the poison out.’ I don't know if Harry will  be successful in doing that, but I think he's   given it a really f*****g good go. it's also worth  noting that if you're thinking about reading it,   he talks about having big struggles with attention  span and focus and actually all of the chapters   kind of lean towards it being friendly for other  people who feel that way. so like the chapters are  

really tiny. in the audiobook they're like one or  two or five minutes long. it's quite digestible. I   have done a video about ghost writers before. I'll  leave that up there where I talk about it. but the   fact that… disparaging him on the fact that he  worked with a ghost writer is like absurd. he's   doing a favor to the public by doing that, making  it so readable. and I do think the ghost writer   did a great job because there are some wonderfully  literary formed sentences in here, even the ones   about frozen dicks. for that I applaud him. in  the comments you can tell me what you feel about  

Harry's biography. I'm always open to changing  my mind and I'd love to hear it, although as   you know if you haven't read the book I will take  your opinion a little bit less seriously. but if   you don't want to talk about that in the comments  I would love to hear in an ideal world what would   you do with Buckingham Palace? what purpose would  it serve if it didn't serve the unelected elite?   what would you do with it if it came into public  hands? I would love to know your cheerful thoughts   about that below. thank you so much for watching.  this video was made possible by the Gumption Club   who tipped me per video to make sure these videos  keep happening because God only knows there's no   way any brand would sponsor this video. if you'd  like to watch more videos from my channel it is   here. please subscribe if you'd like to see me  again. but even if you didn't and you never want  

to see my face again because you do not agree with  anything I've said I hope you remain respectful   in the comments and thinking for yourself.  thank you so much for watching. frog snog out.

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